an object lesson


               a scale model of a house

grunting and moaning and twisting around between these two


                      if I read “swagger stick” one more time

   Does the description really fit everyone together?

           .002           how you did the conversation without quotes

    You’re driving too fast. It’s past. It’s gone.

      slowly dissolving in fog and steam


  seemed to ground the more wild aspects

                songs from Black Rider on the radio


jaws of the trap are just starting to

                          Or since you’ve got it, in the box.

              is not so much ripped as creamed

                               has little to do with the sex


            if there is something bad that will happen, it seems pleasure-driven and consequence free              .006

                 Kuckles distending the cotton.

of the leather seat, and gone again

                   .007                        there might be a superfluous “m” in that sentence

     running on the tips of your toes from rock to rock in midstream, I doubt


                  The beat is immense.

                         strange, pale-lipped mouths taking bites from each other    .009

          between the beds and the dresser where the dead television sits kneels

time to get ready for school      .010

       The easement I told you about.          exist primarily to arouse (though stylishly)

      .011           folded gut at the cock lurching up from

healthy, I suppose


an object lesson

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