The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Chapter Forty-Six: Crowning Achievemnt

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Princess Ava – Echur, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My hands smoothed the smooth satin of my blue gown. It hung over the layers of petticoats beneath, giving my figure the shape of a bell, a tight waist that then flared out over my legs. I shivered, my small breasts rising and falling as I struggled to control my nerves. My stomach twisted and churned, reminding me of my morning sickness the last few days.

But I knew this wasn't morning sickness. Today, a month after destroying the amulet, I was being crowned Princess of Kivoneth, ascending my dead father's title and inheriting the war he was losing. There was so much to do after today. I had my family to help me get through that.

“You look perfect, your Highness,” Greta said, wearing her own gown of green satin. It wasn't as fine as mine, but she looked lovely in it, her blonde hair spilling in curls around her youthful face, her large tits about to spill out of the low-cut bodice. “You're going to look so majestic.”

“Yes, she is,” Sven said as he slipped into the room. He looked so roguish in a dark-gray doublet, his blond hair combed back, his blue eyes hungry. His clothing fit him well. He sauntered towards me, his smile wolf-hungry. “Just look at you.”

Sven's presence helped to calm the rippling in my stomach. “You think so. It's not too much?”

“There's a large group out there,” he said. “You need to impress them all.”

“I am aware of that,” I said as he stalked around me. “What are you doing?”

“Just making sure you're ready,” he said.

He stood behind me. I felt him there, a wolf about to pounce on me. A wicked heat washed out of my pussy. I trembled. I looked over my shoulder at him, my strawberry-blonde hair swaying around my face. His smile only grew. A twinkle gleamed in his eye.

“What are you doing, husband?” I asked as his hands grabbed my skirt.

“You look a little nervous,” he said. “While I think you need to glow.”

Greta giggled beside me. “Master, you are going to ruin her dress.”

He drew up the satin skirt. It rustled and shifted over my petticoats. I shivered, the heat growing in my pussy. That molten passion swelled. My hands clenched as he exposed more and more of the lacy petticoats beneath.

“Let me help, Master,” Greta said. She moved up before me, her own skirts swishing, and clutched at the layers of petticoats, lifting them. “She's going to glow.”

“You are such a wicked husband, Sven,” I groaned as they exposed my legs. Then my rump. I found myself bending over anyways, that heat burning in my pussy. My face pressed into Greta's cleavage. I rubbed my face into her soft breasts as my naked ass pressed into Sven's crotch.

I felt his cock tenting his pants. I groaned, rubbing my rump from side to side across his bulge. He groaned, his hands gripped my hips. He humped against me, making me feel so hot. My pussy clenched. Juices leaked down my thighs.

“You are going to ruin my coronation,” I groaned.

“I just want your subjects to see you in your full radiance,” he said, his hand moving for my hip. He shoved down his tight, woolen hose. His naked cock popped out, smacking my rump. I groaned at the feel of his girth.

“Master, make her glow!” Greta said as I kissed at the slopes of her tits. My fingers pulled at the laces of her bodice, opening them up so I could properly bury my face between those large boobs. “She wants it.”

“Just letting her subjects know the real Ava,” Sven said, the tip of his dick sliding down my right butt-cheek. His precum smeared across my flesh. I groaned as he nuzzled it into my bush and found my hot, silky snatch.

He slid his cock up and down my slit. I shuddered and whimpered. Greta's bodice came open. My face nestled between those big breasts. My bedmaid, my submissive wife, groaned as I squeezed her pillowy boobs about my face. I kissed at her inner slopes while I trembled, Sven's cock teasing my pregnant pussy.

Then he thrust into me.

My eyes widened as his cock buried into the depths of my pussy. My cunt clenched down on his dick as the silky friction burned in my nethers. A ripple of heat washed through me as his balls smacked into my clit, his crotch spanking my rump. My skirt and petticoats rustling as I moaned out in delight.

My husband was in me. My prince-consort drew back his cock and then slamming back into me. I shuddered at the pleasure burning in my pussy. Sven fucked into me hard. My cheeks warmed with the pleasure. My nipples tingled in my bodice.

“Ooh, yes, yes, make her glow, Master,” moaned Greta, her hands clutching at my skirts and petticoats, keeping the cloth out of the way so our husband could fuck me.

“I'll make her shine!” Sven groaned. “You're about to be a ruling princess!”

“I am!” I moaned, my hands squeezing into Greta's soft breasts. I rubbed my face back and forth. She smelled so sweet, felt so silky.

My fingers pinched her nipples, twisting them as Sven pumped away at my pussy. His thick dick churned up my pregnant pussy, the rapture rippled through my body. Juices ran down my thighs, flooding out of my cunt.

He grunted as he thrust into me. His crotch smacked into me over and over. His hands gripped my hips as he thrust into me. My cunt squeezed around his dick, massaging him. Waves of delight rippling through me. I whimpered. I groaned.

I loved it.

My husband was with me. Sven was here in Echur. We didn't have to worry about my father. Everything was changing. He would help me rebuild from the rubble my father left behind. I groaned, clenching my cunt around his shaft, giving him as much pleasure as I could.

He saved me from my father. I would be having his child if it wasn't for Sven, used and abused. Now I had joy. With Sven. With our wives. Our sex slaves. It was so wonderful. I sucked at the inner slope of Greta's breasts as the pleasure built and built in the depths of my cunt.

My eyes squeezed shut as I groaned, “Make me explode, Sven! Make me erupt.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Master,” moaned Greta, her voice so sweet. “Love her pussy, Master.”

“Always!” he groaned, his dick plunging so hard into me.

His shaft rammed into me, churning me up. My pleasure built and built. I trembled, drinking in more and more of the rapture of my husband's cock. My cunt squeezed down on him while I moaned into Greta's soft breasts.

His balls smacked my clit. My pussy clenched hard around his dick. The friction increased. That wonderful, silky plunge of his shaft buried into me. His crotch smacked into my ass, pressing me into Greta's tits.

“Slata's hairy cunt, but your pussy is molten, Ava,” Sven groaned, his voice so thick. “You're going to be crowned Princess of Kivoneth with my cum dripping out of you.”

“Good!” I moaned, my heart pounding. The ripples of bliss fluttered out of me. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure burst out of me. It was just so wonderful. It was amazing. “I want that! It'll make me feel so naughty!”

“Yes!” he grunted and buried hard into me.

His balls smacked into my clit. Sparks shot through me. A wave of heat that flowed throughout my flesh. My eyes squeezed shut. Stars burst before my vision. I groaned as the pleasure rippled through my body. I was on the verge of erupting.

Sven's hands squeezed my hips, his grip strong and rough. He held me with such passion. Such possession. I was his princess. His pregnant woman. His dick rammed to the hilt into me. The friction stimulated my flesh.

I gasped into my bedmaid's breasts as the rapture detonated in me.


My pussy convulsed around my husband's plunging dick, massaging him as he thrust in and out of me. He grunted, his hands tightening on my hips. He fucked me even harder as the waves of rapture shot through me.

Stars burst in front of my eyes. I squeezed Greta's breasts. Waves of darkness rippled across my vision. I moaned and groaned. I sucked on Greta's flesh while my pregnant snatch went wild about my husband's cock.

“Gods, your pussy is so hot, Ava!” he groaned. “Pater's mighty cock!”

“Cum in her, Master!” Greta moaned, her voice so throaty. “Anoint her with your seed! She's a princess!”

“My princess!” he growled and buried his dick into me.

His cum fired into my depths. My pregnant snatch welcomed his jizz. My flesh rippled around him, massaging him. I felt every hot spurt of his seed splashing against my inner depths. It spilled around inside of me while my flesh convulsed around his dick.

More pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars washed across my vision. I clung to Greta, swaying. Juices flooded down my thighs as Sven grunted and groaned with every blast. My pleasure peaked as he spilled the last of his seed in me.

“You are going to be amazing,” Sven groaned as he pulled out of me. “You're going to change Zeutch and put an end to the Strife.”

I shivered at his confidence. I wanted to bring peace and security to my country. To build something where the princedoms didn't fight each other. Where they cooperated. A system where no one could become Kaiser. There had to be away.

A union of the princedom... A council...

I lifted my face, my cheeks burning. I shuddered. I felt like I glowed. Cum ran down my thighs as Greta smoothed my skirt. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt so amazing after my orgasm. I could just float away.

The door opened and Kora slipped in wearing her pink robes. It clung to her lush body. I felt so close to her since we were both pregnant with Sven's children, sharing in our morning sickness together. Her blue eyes twinkled as she looked at me.

“Of course you slipped in here and fucked her, brother mine,” she said, amusement tinging her tone.

“Just making my princess glow,” Sven said, offering his arm to me. “Is it time?”

“It's time,” Kora said. “They're all waiting to see the Princess of Kivoneth and her prince-consort.”

“Shame she can't have a bunch of princess-consorts,” Sven said, winking at his sister. “Then I'd have to make you all glow.”

Kora laughed as Sven escorted me. I felt so light I floated out of the room. I glowed as I faced the nobles of Kivoneth. I had no nerves rippling through my stomach at all. Not with Sven at my side. He would help me transform my father's domain and make something magnificent out of it.

To be continued...

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