The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Priestess's Lie

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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The cloud of insects surged down at me, hungry. The world grew darker, an artificial night falling on me. My skin crawled. My stomach tightened. The swarm came at me from every direction. My tail swished. I had to go somewhere. I didn't want to get devoured but—

Purple sprang around me.

A dome of mystical energy manifested a heartbeat before the insects engulfed my body. The bugs slammed into the shield. A great, angry buzz rumbled around me. It rattled my bones. I shuddered, goosebumps raising across my skin as I watched the insects crawling across the energy barrier. They pressed in on it. The dome rippled and bowed beneath the weight.

I grinned at them, big and toothy. “Take that, bugs! Aingeal just saved my cute ass!”

I couldn't help it. I rolled over onto my hands and knees, I just had enough space to do so, and wiggled my rump at the bugs. I smacked my butt, my tail swishing from side to side. The angry buzz swelled, my ears twitching against the sound.

“Yeah, that's right! Aingeal's a sexy faerie, and she's going to kick your ass!”

The insects burst away from the dome as Princess Ava's feyhound body burst through the swarm of buzzing, angry bugs. They scattered around its wooden body. It landed on the other side, the insects boiling up into the air and forming into a new cloud, almost like a fist hovering in the air.

“Yeah, yeah!” I shouted. “Gods, you have great timing, Mistress Ava and Mistress Aingeal!”

“Aingeal says, 'Your ass is too cute to cute to be eaten,'” Ava said, her voice sounding so weird coming out of the feyhound's wicker mouth. It was so girlish, hardly distorted at all.

“But Mistress Aingeal, you love eating my ass,” I said, grinning.

“This is serious, Zanyia!” Princess Ava shouted.

Before I could answer, a purple ball of energy surged up into the cloud. The insects surged out of the way, scattering before the attack. Some fell broken from the sky, but a few dozen compared to the thousands didn't mean much.

I shivered. They could really, really have killed me. My fingers flexed against the cobblestone. My tail went rigid. I almost died. If those bugs had gotten to me... Who would take care of Master? He needed sex slaves to watch out for him, and he wouldn't claim them on his own. I had to find more submissive girls to love him.

I couldn't do that for my husband if I was eaten by a bunch of dumb bugs.

I curled up on my belly, grateful that I was alive. That Aingeal saved me. I watched the feyhound dart back and forth across the street, firing more balls of purple energy or waves of force, battering and scattering the horde. It split apart, coming at her from every direction. But what could they do to her body? It was made of woven wood. Their bites wouldn't do anything.

I shifted, squirmed. My skin itched again, but not out of fear like before. I wanted to get out of here. I wanted to fight. I yowled and hissed. I needed to be free. I couldn't be caged up. I could do something. I could... could...

“Mistress Aingeal, let me out! Please! I can swat them out of the sky and... and distract them so you can kill them.” Yeah, I could do that. Aingeal's attacks were killing some. It was just... slow process.

“Gods, are you crazy?” Princess Ava demanded before she leaped around. “You almost died. You can't fight this.”

“But... but...” I let out a frustrated yowl.

The purple dome suddenly contracted around me and spread beneath my body. I gasped as it lifted me up from the ground. I shifted around in a ball of purple energy, floating over the street. My head whipped around. What was Aingeal—

My stomach lurched to the right. I gasped as she hurtled the ball down the street, slamming through the insects. I smiled as they buzzed away, streaking in all directions to avoid getting swatted. A few splatted on the outside. A pleased purr rose in my throat. Aingeal had a sense of humor.

I loved it.

The ball of energy dropped me off before the Temple of Krab. It vanished, leaving me shaking my head, lying on my side. I sat up, snapping my head around to gain my bearings. Mistress Ava was right; I needed to find something else to fight.


Kora Falk

I formed another illusion of myself, clutching the amulet. My left hand tightened on the facets of the rubies as my right pointed at the formless, beige mound of ooze. Carsina charged in, wielding the diamond hammer. My fingers painted, controlling the illusion, my pussy juices evaporating off my fingers, consumed by the spell as paint.

“Here!” the illusion shouted, waving the gem. I made it glint, flow red. I had to protect Carsina. The ooze would kill her. She didn't have Ealaín's armor, and the aoi si warrior was having trouble not getting hurt. I couldn't let the poor priestess die.

Not after failing to save poor Master Theophil.

The protrusions writhing to seize Carsina shifted around. The thing let out a loud burble of triumph. A tentacle surged out at my illusion. My hand squeezed down hard on the ruby, the facets biting into my palms. I maneuvered the lie I created. I couldn't let the ooze touch my illusion. It would fall apart.

Only I wasn't fast enough. It sent those tentacles out before and behind it. I ducked beneath one, but the second struck my illusion in the stomach and... grabbed it. It pulled my illusion into its body. I shuddered as I suddenly felt so slimy. It reached beneath my robe, caressing every inch of my skin.

Like I was in him, not my illusion.

What was going on? I stepped back, confused. My illusions shouldn't be solid. I shouldn't be feeling anything. Pain pulsed in my left hand as I shook my head in confusion while Carsina howled in wordless rage, slamming the diamond hammer into the outside of the ooze over and over, the brilliant weapon flaring with light.

Doing nothing to the monster.

The thing writhed, shifted, then it seized Carsina.

“No!” I shouted in shock. “No, no, stop grabbing her!”

The monster writhed. Carsina gasped as the ooze dropped her inches from being pulled into is girth. She scrambled back, her midriff soaked by slime. Her eyes were wide. She glanced at me, her red eyes trembling, almost glowing surrounded by the red of her skin.

“TRICK!” gurgled the ooze. “TRICK! TRICK! TRICK!”

It undulated and writhed, almost like it beat against an invisible fist. It made me shiver. What was going on?


Sven Falk

Metal groaned behind me. I threw a look and—

“Las's putrid cum!” I snarled.

I moved with the shadows. I flowed away from Prince Meinard's massive sword slicing down at me. I felt the air whistling by me as the blade missed me by mere inches. It hit the cobblestones. Sparks burst from it.

I spun out of instinct, ramming my rapier at the dripping torso. The shadowy blade slammed right into the belly, just below the sternum. On a fleshy body, it would have penetrated deep, cutting organs, incapacitating Prince Meinard so I could dispatch him.

The shadowy blade only bent against his metal form.

Bellowing, Prince Meinard pivoted his attack. His sword slashed horizontally at me. I ducked low, slipping into a crouch. Then I flowed with the shadows backward as the iron body leaped off the well and crashed against ground in a mighty clang.

“You scurry like a cockroach,” Prince Meinard growled. “And you think you're worthy enough to touch my daughter.”

“Oh, I've done so much more than touch her,” I said, putting all the cockiness I could into it.

But I needed another plan. How could I deal with this Las-damned iron construct. My weapon couldn't hurt it at all. Frustration boiled through me as Prince Meinard came slashing at me, blade whistling, searching for my blood.

But what?


Princess Ava

“We need something more effective,” I thought to Aingeal. “What's good against bugs?” Aingeal asked me back as she sent Zanyia's ball of energy crashing through the insect swarm, killing another dozen.

“I don't know...” I jumped the feyhound's body to the right as a fist of insects slammed down into the street. A few spilled over us, biting at the wood, gnawing at it. Purple rippled over my proxy's body, battering off the gnawing insects. They didn't do much damage, but if enough nibbles were taken out...

“Moths are attracted to candle flames,” I thought to her. “It burns them up.”

“Nathalie!” Aingeal shouted, my soul jarred by her enthusiasm.

The insects suddenly burst away from us. They charged up the road, flying towards crackling flames and Sven's shadowy form dancing in the street.



I stood there confused as I watched the ooze writhe. Carsina scrambled back while Kora stood shaking her head. I lowered my weapons of light and stopped forming the brilliance I was about to unleash to distract the thing.

Carsina scrambled back, a band of slime coating her leather work clothes. The diamond hammer flashed with light, a momentary flash of crimson reflecting off the ruby clutched in Kora's hand. Was it the hammer? Had it done something to Kora's illusion to make it solid?

“FALSE!” gurgled the ooze, it's rippling body hammering against the constraining force.

Carsina glanced at the hammer, her brow furrowing. Then she gained her feet and yelled again. Maybe her hammer could do something. She reached the beast and slammed her weapon hard against its rippling bulk and...

It was like slapping jelly. It rippled and undulated, but it didn't penetrate. It didn't do any more to the creature than my weapon did. And yet the thing stood there, unable to move, writhing. I charged in, thinking of nothing else I could do but keep attacking. Maybe my ax could hurt it.

Fire roared. Nathalie screamed. She darted past in the corner of my eye, racing for the exit, chased by the flaming centipede. I shuddered, wanting to help her. Maybe... I would be more use fighting something else. Greta still battled the emaciated bear-thing, sweeping water at it

But who would protect Kora?

To be continued...

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