The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Chapter Thirteen: A Painful Blow

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Princess Ava – Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My soul poured into the jade beetle I left in my father's study. It was as close as I could get to him. I needed him so badly. That lust surged through me. It filled me with such passion. I missed him so much. I needed him to breed me.

He had to breed me.

I inhabited the proxy. I became the jade beetle and... and...


Sven Falk

“Gods damn,” I groaned, my dick throbbing. Ava had kicked me hard. My balls pulsed with agony to the beat of my heart. I felt the pain all the way up in my stomach. It shot through me. I clenched my fist and snarled, “Las's putrid cum, Ava!”

Greta and Nathalie both bolted up from the side of Ava. The two blonde sex slaves trembled, Greta's large tits bouncing and heaving as her jaw dropped. Nathalie clapped her hands over her mouth, staring at me with trembling eyes.

Ava went limp as I cupped my tender balls, my teeth gritted against the pain. I stared down at the princess as she lay on the journeyman's bed. Her small breasts rose and fell with her slow, measured breath, her eyes closed. I was so confused by what just happened. Why had she freaked out when I tried to penetrate her.

She normally welcomed my cock into her. She never had a problem with fucking me. We made love last night. She rode my cock plenty of times. I took her virginity. She loved bouncing on me hard, working that silky pussy up and down my shaft while she begged for my cock. She was always eager for me to enter her, to breed her. Just now she wanted to have my child, to be my woman.

“Brother mine!” Kora gasped as she threw herself on the bed. She grabbed me. “Are you okay?”

“I'm fine,” I said, shrugging my shoulders and hiding the pain. “She just grazed me. I've taken worst blows to my balls.” It was a lie. Ava planted her foot right squarely on both of them. It hurt so Gods damned much. The pain faded, but torture still stabbed up into my groin while sweat broke out across my forehead.

My nuts felt so tender.

“What happened?” Kora asked, staring down at Ava.

I shook my head, staring down at her. “She was babbling about... about having to be bred by her father.” A dark, bubbling anger swelled through me, fed by the pain pulsing through my nuts. “That she wanted only that Las-damned bastard to... to... fuck her.”

My left hand squeezed hard, muscles bulging in my arms. Why would she want that black-hearted, cock-sucking murderer to breed her? She hated her father. She plotted with us to destroy him. She felt so guilty for what he did to break our betrothal. While trying to kill me, he burned down the house where my little sister and parents slept.

“Why would she want her father to breed her?” Kora asked, her voice growing tight.

Greta let out a whimper.

My eyes shot to her. “What is going on?”

“She... she...” Greta trembled, her large breasts swaying before her. Then she buried her face into her hands, shaking her head with violence.

“Tell me what is going on!” I growled at her. I seized her shoulders in a powerful grip. “Now!”

Greta let out a whimper and shook her head. Her shoulders shook in my hands. Gasping sobs burst from her in between shuddering sniffles. She let out a keening whine, her voice thick from crying as she tried to pull away from me.

My hands tightened on her. I wanted to shake the Las-damned answer from her. She knew something and wasn't telling me. My balls throbbed in pain, feeding the rage surging through me. It demanded I force the answers out of her.

But that wouldn't help. She was shaken. I knew women. I understood them. Shouting at her, raging at her, wouldn't get answers. It would only drive her into more sobs. I beat down that anger, forcing it to join the throbbing pain.

I had to be in control here.

I released her shoulder and, gently, pulled her hands from her face. Tears rolled down her cheeks, her blue eyes swollen. She looked away from me, beads of runny snot beading at her nostrils, bubbling as she sobbed. I cupped her face, lifting her. Her eyes darted around, not wanting to meet mine.

My thumb swept across her smooth cheek, brushing a tear as I leaned over her over the sleeping Ava. “I need to know what's going on, Greta.”

“I... I...” She swallowed, shaking her head in my grip.

“I'm afraid for her.” I leaned forward, staring into her eyes. “I need to know what made her panic. I've never seen her terrified like that. Not even... that night.”


Kora Falk

That night...

Sven's words struck me hard. The memory of that night a year ago assaulted me with such visceral presence. The memories felt so fresh, like it happened just moments ago. I could remember the euphoria of the drink buzzing through my veins as I stumbled home with my brother and Ava. Despite the good feelings the night spent carousing at the tavern had given me, envy surged through me.

My brother strolled with his arm around Ava's shoulder. The princess had such a huge smile on her face, looking so thrilled to be with him. She held him tight, her head leaning on his shoulder. He had a pleased grin on his handsome face, cutting such a fine figure in his tight-fitting shirt, the lacings half-undone to expose his muscular chest. He wore a thick codpiece to draw eyes to his groin.

It made me think of his cock, picturing the few times I'd seen it. I wanted him so badly. This was before Zanyia showed my brother and me that we both had feelings for each other. A year before, I was just a priestess of Rithi who loved her brother and thought nothing could come of it. I believed I could never be in Ava's position.

My brother made a quip that brought a snort of laughter from Ava. Her mirth sang out through the near-empty, late night street of Az. We turned the corner. Despite my envy, I was looking forward to visiting our home. I lived in the temple. I hadn't been home in weeks. I missed seeing our parents and especially our little sister, Katriana.

The harsh orange spilled across the street. It danced and crackled as the flames consumed our house. Great tongues of red leaped into the air. The shock punched me in the guts. I stumbled and grabbed my brother's arm to steady myself.

Our parents... Our sister!

“Katriana!” growled Sven.

“No, no, Father, what have you done?” Ava gasped, clasping hands over her face as she stared at the horror before us.

And then I saw them. The soldiers standing in the street, the fire glinting off the curves of their armor. They stood there watching the house burn. They surrounded it, forming a perimeter. I shook my head, my eyes so wide. There were so many of them and they weren't helping. They were... hindering...

I couldn't believe it. My mind rebelled from the implications. I shook my head, not wanting to believe that the soldiers could have set fire to our house. I was frantic to believe that they were there to help. They must have saved our family but... but... They had their weapons out. They stood facing the fire, looking so grim.

“That Las-damned bastard,” Sven roared, pointing ahead.

That was when I saw Prince Meinard ride into view, coming around the house from the side. He sat astride a massive warhorse, looking resplendent in his armor, his face dark shadows surrounded by his lank, blond hair.

Sven broke away from Ava. His hand ripped his dueling sword from its scabbard. He bellowed with such rage. He pounded down the street. Soldiers turned. Prince Meinard pointed, shouting something. Metal clinked. I could only stand there, still stunned by shock. I didn't know what to do.

Missiles hissed through the air. My brother staggered and collapsed. He hit hard, landing on his face, his body twitching. Another arrow clattered against the road by his limp form, a missile skittering across the pavement, steel point sparking against the flagstones before it came to a rest. Fear clutched at my belly, swallowing the shock that gripped me.

“Brother mine!” I screamed and raced at him.

Something tugged at my sleeve. A blur buzzed past my face, rustling my hair. Archers fired at me. I didn't care. I reached my brother. Blood flowed from a wound on his scalp. A furrow of skin dangled from a wound, his skull exposed. A part of my mind, this strangely calm part of me remote from the gibbering fear, realized the arrow had glanced off his skull and knocked him out.

He needed magic.

Armor jangled.

Soldiers charged.

That calm part of me acted. While fear gripped me, I found my hand slipping between my pink robes as Ava joined me beside Sven. I shoved my fingers between my thighs, rubbing at my pussy. Despite my fear, my juices flowed, my temple training serving me well. I needed my cream to power my magic.

I conjured an illusion.

“Yes, yes, Kora,” Ava gasped nearby as the soldiers charged down the street. “Hide him. Protect him.”

I shook my head, coming out of my memory of that day. My illusions sent the soldiers charging down a side-street chasing a fake version of Sven and me. Ava rushed up to her father, demanding answers. She was so scared and yet she hadn't frozen up. She hadn't panicked despite her father trying to kill the man she loved.

So why had she panicked when Sven tried to enter her now? She'd always welcomed his cock in her at every opportunity. Fear roiled through my guts. I touched Ava and... I frowned. I felt something... An aura. It was faint, almost imperceptible, but it tingled through me. As Sven pleaded with Greta for answers, I turned my head and found the faerie watching from the side of the bed beside Ealaín.

“Aingeal,” I said, my voice tight. “Come here.”

To be continued...

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