The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Chapter Nine: A Masterwork Craft

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Kora Falk

“As much fun as this has been, we have to find the information that we seek,” I said as Ealaín rose, her onxy features smeared with my glistening pussy juices.

As always, she gave such wonderful pleasure, just such an inspiration.

“Information?” asked Carsina. Her ruby eyes blinked. “Isn't that what we are doing? Didn't you bring Ava here so she could learn all the different ways she can power crafts and machines with her soul's potential?”

“No,” Ava moaned. “Though it has been eye-opening. I'm really curious about puppeteering. Is that controlling something like a proxy while remaining in my body?”

“Yes,” Carsina said. “Though you won't have the sensory input, but you will move it.” She glanced at the wooden man in the corner. “You could puppeteer that. He is fully anatomically correct. You could enjoy the pleasure of fucking yourself or another.”

“Interesting,” Ava said.

“I'd like to see that,” Sven said.

“It is,” I said, growing a little impatient. I glanced at my brother. He still had Nathalie sucking on his dick, her lips pressed into his bush. “But we have more important business to attend to. We need to find the Altar of Souls.”

Carsina gasped. Her eyes widened as she clasped her hands to her mouth. Her gaze darted around at us. “That?”

“So you know where it is?” Sven asked, his voice tight.

“No, no,” she said. She gave a dismissive laugh. “Of course not. It's a myth. A legend. Nothing more. Those who follow Krab are not ones who indulge in such things. Look to the followers of Rithi if you wish to have...” Her eyes fell on me. “Well, I see you already have turned to Rithi. I am sorry I haven't greeted you, Radiant...?”

“Kora,” I answered.

“You know all about the Altar of Souls,” Sven said, his eyes narrowing. “You're not a very good liar, Carsina.”

The Valyan's bluish cheeks darkened with her blush. Her hands shot down and she hauled up her leather pants, wiggling her hips as she drew them up. “No, no, it's not real. I'm sorry, I can't help you with such... fanciful things.”

Zanyia gasped and stumbled back from Ava, the dildo no longer attached to her body. The princess rose, both toys still stuck in her holes. Her skirt fell down her thighs as she moved around the workbench to Carsina. The journeyman looked down, her fingers fumbling to secure her leather britches.

Ava touched the journeyman's wrist. She froze. The princess leaned in. “But I'm a Masterwork Craft.”

Carsina swallowed.

“I need to know.” Ava pressed her face towards the girl. “I need to find Krab's altar. It's a forge, yes? Where he made the High King's sword and other devices.”

“Legend says it is where he forged the souls of all mortals,” whispered Carsina, “so that the other Gods could craft life freely, if they chose, the way he created Fabrilina, the Clockwork Woman, for Saphique. But it's just a myth.”

“It's not,” Ava pressed. “We know it lays somewhere in the Strifelands. There is a reason that imbuers—Masterwork Crafts—are found the most in Zeutch. This is where Krab spends most of his time because his great forge is here. We need to know. It's vital, Carsina. We need your help to find it.”

“I can't,” the girl whispered. “Not even for you.” She looked at Ava, her face twisted. “But... But... I can talk to my master. Excuse me.”

Carsina darted from Ava and rushed across her workroom. She barreled through the door, her boots smacking on the stones. They dwindled into the distance. I drew in a deep breath, touching the amulet between my breasts.

The phylactery.

I still couldn't believe the Biomancer Vebrin's dark soul lay in such a beautiful stone. It didn't feel cursed or profaned by such evil. It felt so normal. I was so used to wearing it, I often forgot I had it. And then I would feel its weight other times, dragging at my neck. I couldn't wait to be rid of it so Sven and I could focus on our true goal.

Killing Prince Meinard and avenging our family.

“Looks like we'll be getting rid of this so soon,” I said, glancing at my brother.

“Yeah,” he groaned, his head leaning back, his hands clutching Nathalie's pigtails.

Despite the blowjob the fourteen-year-old sex slave so vigorously gave my brother, he didn't sound excited at all.


Sven Falk

Kora frowned at me. I struggled to put on a smile, my dick throbbing in Nathalie's wonderful mouth. The orgasm the girl built in me was already fading. My balls just weren't building up to that eruption of spunk any longer.

But I focused on her sucking mouth, my hips thrusting forward. I slammed my dick down her willing esophagus, my heavy balls smacking into her chin with a heavy thud. I groaned, my hands clenching down on her pigtails.

Kora sauntered to me, her hands squeezing the phylactery through her robes. She stopped before me, her blue eyes searching my face. She licked her lips and pressed her hand on my arm. “Is everything okay, brother mine?”

“Yes, sister dear,” I groaned, hating lying to her. Gods, she was so radiant. I gave her a roguish grin. “Just enjoying Nathalie's sucking mouth. She's doing wonders on my dick.”

“She is enthusiastic,” Kora said, her brow furrowing. Her hand stroked up my bare arm. “Are you sure...? I know that you would rather kill Prince Meinard, but this is important.”

“Very important,” I groaned. “Just...”

She nodded her head. “When we've destroyed the phylactery, brother mine, we'll attend to that bastard.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, fighting the twisting dread in my guts. I would attend to Prince Meinard. Not we. “You're right, sister dear.”

She smiled at me, her hand moving from my arm to Nathalie's head. “You better hurry and cum. Carsina will be back with her master.”

“I could use a touch of inspiration,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in Nathalie's hot mouth. I plunged over and over down her throat, hammering her hard. My sister was so intoxicating. I had another chance to make another memory with her.

She leaned forward. Her hot mouth found mine. I moaned into her lips, savoring the incestuous delight of kissing my younger sister. Our tongues met, stroking each other. She shivered, moaning into it, her hand stroking my whiskered cheek.

My tongue danced with hers, dueling hers. She tasted so sweet against me. I reveled in our taboo passion. My hand swept around her waist, finding her ass through her thin robe. I squeezed her, pulling her close. I loved the feel of my sister against me.

She was so amazing. So wonderful. Damn Rithi for taking her away from me.

With a grunt, I plunged my dick as hard as I could down Nathalie's throat. I pulled on her pigtails. My heavy nuts smacked into her chin. I growled into my sister's hot lips as my cum spurted out of me. I pumped my jizz straight down Nathalie's gullet, flooding the sex slave's belly with my spunk.

Her hands squeezed down on my hip as she moaned about my cock. She teased me, making me ache. I groaned at the hot feel of her. I shuddered as the rapture peaked through me. My eyes squeezed shut as the ecstasy boiled my mind.

“Well, well, well,” a man's voice thundered. “What a collection of wondrous beauties you've gathered for me, Carsina and...” His voice trailed off into a grunt. “Then you spoil it by letting another man in here.”

“Sorry, sir,” the journeyman gasped.

Kora broke my kiss, the pair of us turning to see a tall and broad-shouldered man standing in the entrance to the workshop. Though he was bald and had a thick, white beard, his body still held the strength of a young man, his arms corded with muscles as they folded before the leather vest he wore. His eyes were hard above a bulbous nose.

Then his gaze arrested on Ava.

He marched to my betrothed and cupped her face, peering at her. “Oh, yes, yes, a piece of Krab's work in living form. Almost as impressive as the clockworks.”


“I've never heard of the clockworks,” Ava said. “But I am a... Masterwork Craft.”

“Indeed,” he said. “I heard Princess Ava was one. So, you're after the Vault? Well, I'm not letting you into it.”

“Vault?” Ava asked, glancing over at me, shaking her head, her face furrowing.

“Surely your journeyman told you we are looking for the Altar of Souls, not a vault, uh...?” I said, glancing at him. “I did not catch your name, priest.”

“Priest,” the man snorted. “I labored hard to master the esoteric crafts. I'm no bleating priest wasting my God's time with bloated prayers. I am Master Theophil. And you are, son?”

I hesitated. “Sven Falk.”

He nodded his head. “A man with a certain reputation in Az. One who tried to purloin the royal nursery only to have his family pay for it.”

My hands clenched. “I did not steal Ava!”

“He most certainty did not!” the princess hissed. “I loved him. And my father...” She clamped her jaws shut, her face going scarlet as she trembled in anger.

“You have assembled quite the collection of women about you,” Theophil said, his eyes flicking around at my women. “What possible reason do you need the Altar of Souls to pursue your vendetta with Prince Meinard? Especially since you have his daughter already.”

“Because of this,” my sister said. She pulled the ruby amulet out of her robe. “It's a—”

“A phylactery,” the older man said.

“You can tell just by looking at it?” I asked in shock.

“Of course I can tell,” he grunted. “By the way the ruby is shaped, the precision of its faceted surfaces. And the size of it... Krab's skilled hands, but that is no natural jewel. It was grown to that size through skill and care.”

I gasped at that. “Jewels can be grown?”

“If you have the time, yes,” Carsina answered. “But you would only do that if you needed one of unusual size for a reason. A corundum, like the ruby there, would have taken years to reach that size. Much time was put into creating this. Much labor and care.”

“Yes, it is one powerful construction.” Theophil stomped across the room to us, his eyes fixed on it. He stopped before my sister and seized it from her hand. He lifted it on its golden chain to peer at it up close. After a minute of studying it, he said, his voice tight in awe, “An exquisite piece of craftsmanship. A master made this. One of Krab's finest skilled in the esoteric discipline.” He turned it. “Yes, yes, there's the maker's mark. Master Bezimil. This is four-hundred-years old.” He looked at my sister. “Whose soul is held inside the vessel?”

“The Biomancer Vebrin's,” my sister said her voice clear.

Carsina let out a squeak of shock.

To be continued...

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