The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Chapter Six: Dark Passion

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Sven Falk

I woke up into darkness to an owl's soft hooting, my women around me. I frowned, not sure why I came awake. It was still night or early morning. I should be asleep. I felt like I needed more but... Something didn't quite feel right. I sat up. Zanyia had slid off of me at some point and now lay in a tangled mess of limbs with Greta. Nathalie was hugged by Kora with Ava and Aingeal beyond them and...

Ealaín wasn't in bed.

I spotted her more as a shadow than seeing her, a form darker than the wall she leaned against. She was almost a black nimbus, and it was impossible to say where she ended and the wall began save for her head framed by that bright-white hair and her citrine eyes.

They almost glowed yellow in the dark, two orbs fixed on me.

I shifted down the bed, careful not to wake my women. My feet planted on the cold stones. The temperature dropped away from the bed, not kept warm by all the female bodies in close proximity. I ignored it as I stood and padded to her.

The closer I got, the more her shape resolved out of the darkness. Her breasts were large and soft, her body curvy and feminine. She didn't have her cock summoned, her legs rising up to that delicious V, the cleft of her pussy cloaked by darkness.

“Does it bother you that I have a cock?” she asked, her words almost startling in the near silence.

I leaned against the wall beside her, bracing my left forearm on it. I leaned in at her, my right hand cupping a breast. Before the naga's ogre attacked us, I felt something shift between us. She was always cold to me, remote, only showing my sister any affection. It was like that until Kora insisted Ealaín should share my bed.

Then she thawed.

“You don't always have it,” I said, squeezing her breast. “Right now... you look female enough.”

She shiverd while her eyes slid past me to the bed. Too my sister.

My stomach tightened. “I will let her go,” I whispered. “I gave my vow to your mother. You don't have to worry that I'll let Kora, or the rest of my women, die out of selfishness.”

She looked down. “I know.”

Her words were tight. I felt her body quivering. A tension spread through her, everything about her going rigid. I frowned, wondering at this strange reaction shuddering through the strong warrior. She was fearless, fighting in armor with an ax in one hand and a war hammer in the other. So where did this trembling weakness come—

Her head lifted up and her lips found mine. I froze, caught off-guard by her sudden kiss, thoughts banished by her passion. By her arms wrapping about my neck. She pulled me tight against her. I felt the pillowy softness of her large tits against my chest, her nipples hard.

I responded like I would to any woman showing such passion.

I kissed her hard, pinning her to the wall. That bold confidence suffused her again. Whatever timidity had assaulted her vanished as she hooked her right arm about my neck, holding me tight to her while her left shoved between our bodies and found my hardening cock.

She guided me to her hairless pussy. The hot kiss of her feminine flesh made my dick ache and throb. I groaned as I rammed into her. She gasped into the kiss, her cunt clenching down hard on my dick, welcoming it in.

We kissed hard, our tongues dancing as I buried to the hilt in her. I rejoiced at the aoi si's snatch wrapped about me. She groaned, almost a battle cry, into my mouth as her hips moved. She stirred her cunt around my dick as I drew back and hammered into her cunt again.

And again.

I pounded her against the wall. I didn't hold back. She stirred such a passion in me. Every plunge into her hot cunt had me trembling. Groaning. My toes curled into the cold stone as my leg muscles bunched and flexed. I put my all into giving this warrior-woman what she craved.

She broke the kiss, moaning, “Sven!”

“Yes!” I growled. “You love my cock in you!”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned. “Rithi's inspiring art, yes! Pound me! Make me cum on this dick!”

Her citrine eyes shone in the dark right before me. They brimmed with such need. I responded, giving her what she craved. I plowed my cock into her. I rammed into her so hard. I plunged into her, filling her up to the hilt. She whimpered against me, her cunt squeezing down so hard on me.

I welcomed every plunged into her depths, her hot flesh bathing me in her heat. She massaged my cock, bringing me closer and closer to erupting into her. I claimed her lips again, savaging her with my passion.

She whimpered into my mouth. I savored her kiss, devouring her lips as I fucked her with all my might. I slammed my dick into her, every stroke bringing me closer and closer to erupting. My balls swung and slapped into her, growing harder and harder.

Then she bucked against me. Her hot flesh convulsed about my dick. She squealed into my mouth as her passion surged hot through her. I shuddered, burying into her spasming flesh. She welcomed my cock, hungry for my cum.

I broke the kiss. “Ealaín!”

“Yes, yes, Sven!” she whimpered. “Make me yours!”

I thrust so hard into her, staring into her citrine eyes, seeing that passion she gave my sister. I groaned as I plunged into her. I was falling into her depths, losing myself to them as the ache swelled at the tip of my cock and—

I wrenched my gaze away. I couldn't fall in love with her. I'd lose her with Kora. “Take it!” I snarled instead. “You want it! Need it! Slut!”

“Yes, yes!” she gasped, hugging me tight, her pussy massaging my dick.

My cum erupted into her depths. I groaned as I flooded her snatch with blast after blast of rapture. Her pussy welcomed it, spasmed about my shaft. She moaned, her mouth kissing at my neck, so hot, so brimming with her excitement.

“Oh, Sven, yes,” she moaned as my pleasure peaked in me.

Rapture buzzed through my veins as I leaned against her, panting. I felt her feminine curves, savored the way she trembled against me. I breathed in her scent. Gods, what a woman. Even if she could grow her clit into something extra, right now she was all female.

“That was beautiful, brother mine,” Kora said, my sister hugging me from behind. “I'm so glad you two are loving each other now.”

I closed my eyes. Gods, why did this have to be so hard? Why did Rithi have to demanded such a price?

I pushed those thoughts away. Nothing good would come dwelling on those. I had to give my sister up. Trying to find a way to outsmart a Goddess would only get all those she healed with her miracle—Aingeal, Nathalie, Zanyia, Kora—killed, living me to survive with the guilt. I believed Rithi would to it.

“We should get some more sleep,” I said. “It'll be morning soon.”


Kora Falk

“We could have slept longer,” Ava complained, the princess's face drawn. She yawned, the sound mixing with the drifting hoots of an owl.

“You were fucking as late into the night as my brother,” I told her as I strode beside her. I felt the weight of the amulet around my neck. I wanted it destroyed so badly. “And he's not complaining. Look at him.”

Sven marched ahead in his black leathers, Ealaín walking at his side. I smiled, a giddy thrill washing through me. Sven was falling in love with her, and she was returning his affection. Soon, we would have an even closer harem. The others loved Ealaín's cock, and they would grow to love her, too.

My muse was wonderful.

“He's just being strong because he's a man,” Ava groaned. “We're women. We can complain and act spoiled.”

“Do you want Sven to carry you?” I asked as an owl hooted over the bustle of the street.

“Would he?” Ava asked. “Sven, my beloved, would you carry me.”

“Nope,” Sven answered. “I'm not helping you act spoiled.”

“What if it's not an act, Master?” Zanyia asked. The lamia walked upright, unusual for her, at Sven's other side. Her ass was bright red still, a few spots of bruising discoloring the center. I itched to heal her with my divine magic.

But she wouldn't be happy. She enjoyed being disciplined.

“What if she's just spoiled?” The catgirl's ears twitched. “Then would you carry her.”

“But she said it's an act,” Sven said, something playful in his voice. “She has to just be tired from the walk.”

“You're so cruel,” Ava moaned. “After all I did for you last night. All the pleasure I gave you.”

“If I carry you,then I have to carry my sister and Aingeal and Nathalie and Greta. I'll even have to carry Zanyia.”

“Not strong enough, brother mine?”

“Don't have enough arms, sister dear,” he answered. He threw a look over his shoulder and winked a blue eye at me. “So, to be fair, I can't carry any of you.”

“We could have a rotation system,” suggested Greta. “Excluding Mistress Aingeal of course.”

“Me!” the invisible faerie flying above us gasped. “That's not fair.”

“You can fly,” Ava said. “It sounds fair to me.”

“Ava!” the faerie gasped. “After everything we shared last night, you would deny me.”

“I want to be carried more often!”

I smiled at that, loving the smile crossing Ava's lips. Some of the wariness faded from her. She walked with her back straight. “She's right, Aingeal,” I said. “The rest of us can be carried more if you're excluded.”

“That's not fair! Flying is hard work.”

“Is it?” Sven asked. “I mean, you just kind of float around. How do you even fly?”

“By sheer force of personality,” Aingeal answered. “The world just accepts the reality that I can fly and arranges for it to happen.”

“So no effort on your part,” he said, nodding his head.

Aingeal let out a frustrated moan that had the rest of the women, save Ealaín, laughing. We drew looks from the others of Az walking the streets in the early morning. My own steps felt lighter and some of the lingering exhaustion from yesterday, and last night's lovemaking, melting from me.

Even Sven was laughing, his shoulders shaking. I smiled at my brother sharing in our fun. His wild mane of gold hair danced about his shoulders. I wanted to run my fingers through it, caressing it. I wanted to kiss him. Love him.

“There is the temple,” Ealaín said, her words cutting through the mirth.

The Temple to Krab was a small structure, lacking the fancy ornamentation of the others we passed on the walk from Rithi's. Pater had a massive complex, complete with towering statues of his fatherly beneficence, built in his honor, and the temple-prostitutes of Slata had erected a magnificence palace in which to worship their goddess. Even Saphique's temple had impressive columns shaped like lovely women locked in lesbian passion.

Krab's temple appeared so plain. So, drab. Austere. It looked like a craftsman's shop, built of the same marble as the others, but a quarter their size. The columns that held up its porches' roofs were utilitarian, no design or carvings to them. It looked well-built but so boring.

“I expected more,” Zanyia said. “Does Az not care about Krab.”

“It is a city of education,” Sven said. “You should see Biaute's temple. And Luben's is striking with its black and white marble. And that's not counting the University of Az that is dedicated to Cnawen, Rithi, and Lagu. But Krab... He's a God who builds things. It's not the rich who patron his priests, but the laborers.

“So it's not surprising his priests can't afford anything as lavish as Pater's temple or even Gewin.”

We climbed up the few steps to reach the entrance and... A stone door lay shut. I blinked at that. What temple wasn't open for people to enter and worship. No acolyte waited to greet. I frowned as Sven formed a fist and pounded with the flat of his hand. Hard.

A dull thud echoed from inside.

“Do you need an appointment?” Aingeal asked.

I jumped. She stood right beside me even though I couldn't see her.

“I don't know,” Ava said. She moved up beside Sven. The princess, wearing a blue dress that clung to her petite frame, pressed her hand against it. “I can... feel something in there. Something needing to be filled and—”

Stone ground. The door creaked open revealing a blurry-eyed young woman with skin that possessed a faint hue of blue, her vibrant-red hair falling in a tangled mess about her face. Her eyes, an intense ruby, flicked around us, peering through the glass lenses of the silver-wired spectacles perched on her nose. Her unusual coloring marked her as a Valyan, traveling far from the southwest to serve here.

“What?” she asked then yawned, her hand covering her mouth.

My own mouth twitched, wanting to join her. Ava did, sounding cute as she did.

“What do you want?” the young woman, clearly an acolyte, asked. “Don't you know how early it is?”

“That's what I said,” muttered Ava. “We could have slept longer.”

“Yes, you could...” The exhaustion vanished from the young woman's face. Her ruby eyes widened as she stared at Ava.

Then the girl fell to her knees and bowed to Ava, saying, “Masterwork Craft, what an honor to bless our temple with your august presence.”

I blinked. Masterwork Craft?

To be continued...

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