The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Chapter Four: Sex Slaves' Fun

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Sven – Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

“Slam that pussy down his cock,” Nathalie said, her small breasts jiggling as she lay stretched out beside me. “You got Master all hard with your naughty antics.”

“I'm so sorry Master,” the lamia said, looking at me over her shoulder. Her sleek back led down to her tawny tail dancing back and forth. Her reddened ass, proof that I spanked her hard, glowed beneath as she wiggled her hips. Her soaked bush tickled the crown of my cock, stimulating the tip and sending pleasure down to my balls. “It was so bad of me to make you so hard while punishing me for being so bad.”

“Yes, yes,” I growled. “So bad.”

“She's so wicked, Master,” Greta said. Ava's bedmaid lay on my left side, her large breasts pressing into my arm. After a week, she had slipped into her role as my sex slave, following Zanyia and Nathalie's lead. Ava was delighted to see her devoted servant loving me. “Slam that cunt down his cock and ride him!”

She gave Zanyia a quick smack on the rump, bringing a yowling gasp from the Lamia. Her tail bristled for a moment then her back arched. Purring, she slammed her tight cunt down my dick. She engulfed me to the hilt.

I groaned as her hot snatch sank down my dick. Her silky snatch took more and more of my cock until her reddened rump pressed into my groin. Her tail switched across my chest, her tail caressing me. She wiggled, stirring her pussy around my dick. She looked over her shoulder at me, pleasure spilling across her face.

“I am so sorry, Master,” she panted. “Does this help make you feel better.”

“You're not moving,” I groaned, cupping Nathalie's ass and pulling her closer to my right side. “Bad slave,” Nathalie said and gave Zanyia a quick smack on the rump.

The lamia's pussy clenched down hard on my dick. I groaned at that sweet delight. Then she rose up my shaft, squeezing the entire time. Her pussy sucked at my cock. I groaned at the wondrous feel of her cunt.

“That's better, slave!” Nathalie said, her braided pigtail spilling across her cheek as she smacked the lamia again.

“Ride him hard, slave!” Greta added, her pillowy breasts pressing tighter against me as she added her own spank to the lamia's red ass.

“So hard!” Zanyia yowled and slammed her cunt back down my dick.

I shuddered at the hot grip of her snatch sliding up and down my cock. She worked that pussy faster and faster. She bounced, her tail sweeping back and forth, brushing both girls on either side of me, caressing my chest, adding one more delight.


Nathalie giggled after spanking the lamia, making Zanyia's cunt squeeze down so hard. “Faster! Faster! Make Master cum!”

“Yes, yes,” Greta moaned.


“Faster! You were such a bad lamia!”

I groaned as her cunt rode me faster and faster, the two sex slaves smacking her ass over and over. Zanyia's supple back rippled. Her tawny hair danced about her shoulders, her cat-like ears twitching as they thrust above her head. Her purring grew and grew as she pleasured my cock with that tight pussy, making me ache and groan.

Her juices coated my cock, soaking my bush. She grew wetter and wetter as the sex slave rode me, her ass growing redder. The naughty smacks echoed through the bedroom. Nathalie and Greta squirmed beside me, their blue eyes bright, the Zeutchian sex slaves having so much fun.

“Faster!” Nathalie moaned.


“Make our master cum!” groaned Greta.


“You were such a wicked sex slave!” panted Nathalie.


“So bad! Wicked sex slave!”


I groaned with each spanking, loving the feel her pussy squeezing and clenching about my dick as she shuddered. She worked her hips, purrs rising and falling in volume as she pleasured me. My cock ached, the pressure building and building at the tip of my dick.



“Bad sex slave!”

“Naughty lamia!”

“I was so naughty!” yowled Zanyia, her tail thrusting straight out at me. It caressed my chest, spilling back and forth. “So, so naughty, Master! Let my cunt please you! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry for being bad!”

“Make me cum and your forgiven!” I growled, playing along, unable to stop myself. She just felt so good.

The fourteen-year-old Nathalie whimpered, hugging me so tight. “Cum on his dick, slave!”

“Uh-huh!” Greta said, her body moving. Suddenly, her large tits pillowed against my face.

I shuddered as her breasts pressed on my face. I sucked and nibbled on her nub. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked hard on it. My dick throbbed in Zanyia's pussy as I loved the feel of her. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter.

Her silky slide made my balls boil. I groaned about the nub, the ache spreading up to the tip of my cock. Her cunt sucked at my dick as she rose, my balls throbbing, aching to spill my jizz into her and make her howl.

Zanyia slammed her cunt down my dick. “Master!”

Her pussy convulsed about my dick. Her snatch writhed about my cock. Her flesh massaged my shaft. I squeezed my eyes shut as her orgasm washed over my dick. Her juices flooded out, soaking my balls with her passion.

“Yes, yes, Master!” she howled. “Cum in me! Pump me with your cum! I wanted it so badly!”

“Dump your jizz into her, Master,” whimpered Nathalie. “Use her naughty cunt.”

My balls tightened. I sucked so hard on Greta's nub. She groaned, pressing her breasts against my face, her pillowy flesh caressing me. Then my balls unloaded. Pleasure shot through me as my cum spurted through me.

I groaned, my ass clenching as my jizz pumped out of me. Each blast made me groan. Each blast buried my mind in rapture. So much pleasure shot through me. Her pussy milked my cock. I groaned as the wondrous bliss washed through me.

“Oh, Master, yes,” she moaned, her pussy spasming about my dick, drawing out every drop of my cum from my balls.

I panted, a wave of lethargy washing over me. My mouth popped off Greta's nipple. My eyes fluttered. My eyes squeezed shut. I suddenly felt so tired. The long day, the fighting, pulled at me. I closed my eyes, releasing Greta's nipple.

Greta pulled her breasts away from me. I glanced over to see Kora already asleep in Ealaín's arms. My head laid back on the pillow. Zanyia's pussy rose off my cock. My dick popped out of her snatch. It smacked wet against my belly, going soft.

Sleep pulled at me.

“Good night, Master,” Nathalie said, her voice so soft. Then her lips nuzzled on mine, just a quick kiss as she snuggled her lithe, petite body against me. “Love you.”

“Love you,” I told her, giving her a final squeeze.

I surrendered to sleep, my sex slaves snuggled against me, Zanyia draping her petite body on my chest, so light and warm and silky delight.

To be continued...

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