The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Chapter Two: Creating Naughty Art

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Kora Falk

I blinked as I kissed my brother. For a moment... right after he finished spurting into me, I thought I saw pain in his eyes. Why? It was fleeting, gone in a moment. I must have just imagined it because that smile on his face, the intensity in his blue eyes. His wild, blond hair draped down his rugged features. I shivered beneath him, feeling his emotions. They almost drowned me.

“Gods, I love you, brother mine,” I moaned. “Always.”

“Always,” he groaned and then rolled off of me. His cock slid to out of my pussy full of his cum.

I opened my mouth to say something when Aingeal unfolded herself off Ava and threw herself on him. A moment later, Ava followed, the two nuzzling up against him. I smiled, watching as the princess and the faerie played with my brother, pressing their bodies against him.

“Inspiring, right?” Ealaín said, the aoi si pulling her naked body away from the sex slaves. Her black body glistened, smeared in pussy juices.

Did the sex slaves just rub their pussies all over her body? Even her nipples had a gleam about them.

“Mmm, it is inspiring,” I said, parting my legs, feeling my brother's cum running out of me. I loved that feeling, delighting in the incestuous thrill of it. “I need to create something beautiful with my muse.”

It wasn't a figure of speech. Ealaín was my muse, sent to me by my Goddess Rithi. Aoi si were her divine daughters, a race of demigoddesses birthed from Rithi's tryst with the hermaphroditic Goddess Henta. Aoi si inspired and protected Rithi's favored creators.

She came to me because of the amulet. I glanced at it between my breasts. I wore it always, the phylactery too important to ever lose. The Biomancer Vebrin could never be restored to life. He could never be allowed to create another monstrosity.

“Beautiful?” Ealaín said, her short, white hair framing that midnight face. Her citrine eyes sparkled as she crawled between my thighs. Her lips kissed at my silky flesh as she moved her head down towards my pussy. “Mmm, I love making beautiful things.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my heart fluttering as she came closer and closer to my pussy. Her lips grazed the vine tattoo on my pubic mound. It marked my proficiency in the sexual arts. It was the most fleeting of all the arts, but one I thoroughly enjoyed practicing.

Her lips kissed around my pubic mound and down the sides of my pussy, nibbling on my plump vulva. Her tongue flicked out, gathering cum and pussy juices staining my flesh. I whimpered, tingles racing to my snatch, my labia quivering, wanting to be touched, to be played with.

She kissed closer and closer to my pussy, smooching my hot vulva. I whimpered, my hands sliding up to cup my breasts. I stroked the vines spiraling around my left tit, my first, making my dedication to Rithi and art. I designed the tattoo myself, inspired by the flowering bower vines my little sister Katriana had loved.

I rubbed my nipples with my thumbs, massaging my pink nubs. Tingles raced down to my pussy, building my anticipation of the aoi si's naughty lips. Her yellow eyes stared up at me, glassy with delight. I shivered as she planted her mouth right over my slit, kissing me, tasting my brother's cum spilling out of me.

“Yes, yes, let's make something beautiful,” I groaned.

“Mmm, yes,” she purred. Then her tongue flicked out.

My back arched as her tongue dragged through the folds of my pussy. A slow drag that stimulated my juicy labia. My inner depths clenched at the sensation. I whimpered, my thumbs pressing down hard on my nipples, caressing them, stimulating them.

Her tongue reached my clit. She circled it, dancing around it. My thighs tightened about her face, feeling the silk of her hair caressing my sensitive flesh. My body felt so alive, my skin drinking in the feel of the sheets beneath me.

“Rithi's inspiring art,” I groaned as she sucked and nibbled on my clit.

Beside me, my brother played with the princess and the faerie, their moans adding such a delicious symphony to accompany the pleasure surging through my body. Ealaín's tongue danced and played with my clit, making me tingle in delight.

Her lips nibbled on my bud while her fingers found the lips of my pussy. She stroked them, sliding up and down my folds. Tingles surged through me. My eyes squeezed shut. I pinched my nipples as she teased me, building up the delight in the depths of my cunt.

Then her lips nuzzled down, passing her finger. Her tongue jammed into my snatch, reaching into my depths to scoop out my brother's jizz. I groaned at the naughty delight, glad she could feast on his cum, that she could devour his passion.

Then I groaned as her finger massaged my clit. She rubbed it in slow circles, showering my snatch in waves of hot delight. My ass clenched and my toes curled. I whimpered, my thumbs pressing my nipples hard into my tits, stimulating them, showering my snatch in more rapture.

“Oh, Rithi's delicate fingers,” I whimpered. “Gods, you know how to make such art, Ealaín. Ooh, yes, yes, you're inspiring me towards my orgasm.”

“Yes, it'll be so beautiful, Mistress,” Nathalie moaned, her voice strained. I could hear the sex slaves playing, too, creating their own art.

“It will,” Ealaín groaned between licks. She jammed her tongue back into the depths of my pussy, swirling around as she searched for more of my brother's jizz.

I gasped, the feel of her tongue gliding through my pussy made me whimper. Every swirl of her tongue drove me closer and closer to my orgasm. I stared down at Ealaín, her black face pressed between my pale thighs, her eyes almost glowing.

She wanted me to cum. She begged for me to explode. I had to bathe her face. I had to shower her in all my passion. I wanted to drench her in my pleasure. I humped against her as she rubbed my clit. I ground my cunt on her hungry mouth, her tongue making me feel so good.

“Oh, Gods, Ealaín,” I moaned. “Just a little more. Keep that tongue swirling through me and... Yes!”

My pleasure surged through me. My moans sang out through the room, mixing with the rest of my family's passion. Waves of rapture washed through me. I groaned and gasped. Delight surged through my body and washed into my mind. It inundated my thoughts with the pleasure.

My wonderful muse inspired such ecstasy in me. I heaved, my hands squeezing my tits. I gasped and groaned as the rapture surged through me. I heaved and bucked, the sheets caressing my back and ass as I squirmed.

“Slata's hairy cunt!” I gasped, my cunt spasming so hard around her probing tongue, my juices bathing her face. “Oh, Ealaín, this is wonderful. You're finally a part of the family!”



I guess I was.

Kora's words made my pussy clench. My clit throbbed and swelled into a girl-dick, thrusting from the folds of my hairless pussy. I shuddered, staring at her, the taste of her tangy pussy mixed with her brother's salty cum lingering on my lips. Had I made the right decision? Was it right for me to advise my mother to break apart their relationship?

Kora found such inspiration with her family, but... But how could she ever make her art if she was in danger? When could she practice her dance and perform them for crowds if she was always traveling? How could she spend time before the canvas and paint something of lasting beauty if she was always following in her brother's wake? The only art she could create reliably was sex.

Beautiful, passionate sex.

Her brother and his harem inspired her to such heights. She drew such joy from it, but...

“I need that cock in me,” Kora moaned, her hands seizing my hair. “I'm so inspired to ride you.”

I smiled at her, juices dripping down my chin as she lifted my head. “Mmm, that's why I am here.”

She pulled me up her body, my heavy tits sliding across her pale flesh. My nipples drank in the silk of her skin, tingles racing to my hard cock and my juicy snatch. A line of my pussy cream ran down my shaft as it nuzzled against her cunt. I kissed her hard, sharing the incestuous mix of her and her brother's fluids.

She moaned, her thighs wrapping about me, our breasts pressed together. I didn't fight her as she rolled her hips. I carried her over on top of me as I stretched out on my back. Her blonde braids fell off her shoulders, spilling around our faces. She squirmed against me, rubbing the hot folds of her pussy on my clit-dick.

With a deft undulating of her hips, moving with the grace of a dancer. I gasped into her lips as the heat of her pussy engulfed my dick. That wonderful sheath slid down my cock, enveloping every inch of it with her passion.

“Rithi's inspiration,” I moaned, breaking the kiss, crying out my mother's name as I slid deep into her pussy.

“Mmm, yes, yes, I am so inspired to dance,” Kora moaned, rising on me.

Her round breasts swayed. She squeezed her snatch around me as she rose up my shaft, her back arching, her stomach flexing. She smiled at me, raising her arms over her head as her hips danced. Her pussy stirred about my cock as she pumped up and down my shaft, stimulating me.

“Gods, yes,” I moaned, my eyes fluttering at the delight she gave me, my pussy clenching, drinking in the hot glide of her cunt.

“Mmm, just be inspired by my pussy,” whimpered Kora, her blue eyes flashing. She worked her snatch faster and faster up and down my cock, her breast bouncing, the amulet sparkling between those lush tits. “And fill me with your passion.”

“Every drop of it!” I gasped, my ovaries growing tight, stimulated by the glide of her cunt.

She groaned louder, her pussy sliding up and down my girl-dick faster and faster. My hermaphroditic appendage throbbed inside of her. Her flesh sucked at it as she rose up my girth, my cunt clenching so hard. Two hard points, my ovaries, drank in the sensations. My cum grew hotter and hotter, coming to a boil.

I wanted to spill into her. I wanted to unleash all my cum into her depths. I wanted to give her all my inspiration. Her pussy felt amazing on my clit-dick. I whimpered, my hands clenching. I didn't want to grab her. I wanted to just appreciate the beauty of her lithe body working up and down my dick.

Her breasts heaved, the ruby adding a splash of color against her pale flesh. Her nipples were so pink and naughty. I loved how she looked, her breasts bouncing and heaving as she worked faster and faster, the amulet swaying between them. She slammed her cunt down my shaft then clenched hard about my girth as she rose up, her pussy sucking at dick.

The pressure increased in my ovaries.

“Gods, yes!” I whimpered.

“Give me your passion,” moaned Kora. “Oh, Ealaín, unleash all your salty inspiration into me. I need it. I'm so close.”

Her pussy felt molten about my dick, the heat bleeding down to my cunt. I whimpered, my ovaries tensing. My hands grabbed the sheets. My eyes fluttered as she worked her cunt up and down my girl-dick. She slammed down it, engulfing me in her wonderful silk. Her hips danced, her entire cunt swirling about my shaft.

“Rithi, yes!” I howled as inspiration exploded through me.

My cum erupted into her. My girl-jizz pumped out of my ovaries and out my shaft. It fired into her pussy. I spilled my seed into her. I gasped and moaned as I pumped so much passion into her. She stared down at me, her blue eyes glassy.

Then her pussy went wild about my dick. She moaned out in wordless passion, a song of such gorgeous rapture. Her cunt convulsed about my shaft. She milked my girl-cock. Her spasming flesh sucked at me, pulling more of my jizz from my ovaries.

“Oh, Gods, Kora,” I moaned. “I love being a part of your family.”

“Yes!” she whimpered, her face contorting in bliss. I understood, rapture bathed my mind in such euphoria “You're a part of it, Ealaín! I Love you!”

“Love you, too!” I moaned, my hands finally moving, cupping her breasts, feeling her plump mounds jiggle as she shuddered.

The amulet brushed my fingers, cold and hard compared to her soft flesh. Once we destroyed that...

Did I make the right decision?

To be continued...

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