The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem

Chapter One: The Rogue's Embrace

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Sven Falk – Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

An owl hooted.

Despite the hour, the streets of Az bustled with activity. The entire city had come awake thanks to the uproar. My shoulders itched as I ushered my women through the crowd. I felt exposed, naked, watched. Zizthithana and her last followers were dead, her attempt to recover the amulet failed, but someone was bound to recognize us.

To report to Prince Meinard where his wayward daughter Ava went and that two of his fugitives, my sister Kora and myself, were with her. He detested the fact she fell in love with someone as low as me, my family barely nobles. We were hardly more than trumped up merchants.

The bastard burned down my home, killed my parents and my little sister trying to murder me. Only chance saved Kora and me. For the last year, my sister and I plotted our vengeance on him. Now everything had spiraled out of control.

“Just walk natural,” I said, my arm around the trembling Nathalie. My youngest sex slave, a girl of fourteen, trembled beside me, her golden pigtails sweeping about her shoulders. She performed well during the fight, helping to get Princess Ava's unconscious body to safety along with another of my sex slaves, the busty Greta. “It'll be fine.”

“Yes, Master,” Nathalie said, her voice tight.

“We belong here,” Kora said. My sister walked on the other side of me, her blonde hair gathered in a pair of braids that feel down the back of her pink robes. Those marked her as a Radiant of Rithi, what the followers of the Goddess of Art called a priestess. The robes clung to her, the fabric almost diaphanous, hinting at her lush body. She had the pale skin of a Zeutchian milkmaid, her eyes bright blue in the passing torchlight. “We'll be fine.”

“Fine,” Princess Ava nodded. She strode on my right, her hand holding Nathalie's. Ava had a slimmer build, her hair a strawberry blonde that fell about her regal, youthful features. She had an intelligent quality about her when she was serious, an almost scholarly air that would melt away into wicked passion in private. “Just keep your head raised, Nathalie.”

“Yes, Mistress Ava.”

“People are going to notice us, Master,” yowled my first sex slave, the lamia scampering before me.

She never wore clothing despite the chill in the spring night air. Her tawny, cat-like tail swept behind her, thrusting out where her spine met the curves of her rump. She had matching, triangular ears thrusting out of her lustrous mane of tawny hair that spilled about her slender shoulders. I rescued her from her Shizhuthian master, a terrible human who served the Zizthithana. In doing so, I came across the ruby amulet about my sister's neck, the artifact that landed us in this mess. What started as a simple raid to disrupt Prince Meinard's alliance with the naga turned worse when we liberated the phylactery, a device that holds a soul, of the Biomancer Vebrin.

I shuddered even thinking of that monstrous warlock unleashed on the world again.

“I stand out, Master,” Zanyia continued. She threw a look over her shoulder at me, her tail swishing faster. “I mean, look at how cute I am.”

I arched an eyebrow at her.

She gave me a toothy grin and purred. Her race had many cat-like features.

“She is cute,” Aingeal said from above. My faerie-wife—yes, I had a faerie-wife, a sister-wife, and I was betrothed to Princess Ava—flew above us, her magic keeping herself invisible. Pink hair and matching butterfly wings drew notice. Fairies were not common. They lived in their own world sequestered away from ours. When they did appear, it was usually to play pranks from the shadows, not to walk openly through one of the largest cities in the world.

“We are heading to the Temple of Rithi,” Ealaín said. “Unusual beings who possess artistic beauty congregate there. A lamia will not be thought unusual.”

Ealaín would know about being unusual. The demigoddess marched behind us in her armor, the metal clinking. She had skin blacker than any human, a true midnight, while her hair was snow-white, it wasn't from age—her youth was apparent. Her citrine eyes gave her a striking visage, almost glowing surrounded by the dark skin of her face.

“Once we arrive, we shall have shelter for the night,” the aoi si continued.

“Word will get out,” I muttered. “We fought an ogre. No hiding that.”

“And you were running around naked fighting a naga, Master,” Zanyia said, her voice full of delight. Zizthithana was her ultimate owner, giving her to her last master as a present. Her tail swished with vicious glee. “Ooh, I wish I could have seen you chop off her head.”

“It was so scary,” Nathalie said.

“Uh-huh,” Greta moaned. She walked behind Ava, almost clutching at the princess's skirt. Originally, she was Ava's bedmaid, but Zanyia inducted her as my third sex slave. I had no say in the matter. Apparently, a man just had to accept it when a girl declared herself his slave. I couldn't even order them be free, though they would do anything else for me. “You were so amazing, Master.”

“Mmm, I bet you were, brother mine,” purred my sister, a husky tone to her voice.

My dick throbbed. The fight was exhilarating. Fighting the naga and then the ogre had set my blood on fire. I lived for new risks. New adventures. I had a restless spirit. I dragged my poor sister with me. She should be in a place like Az creating the art she devoted herself to instead of following after me.

I had to let her go. I swore an oath to her Goddess. The moment we destroyed that amulet...

I didn't want to think about that. I just wanted to enjoy my sister for as long as I could. I wanted to make every incestuous memory I could for as long as I could. My dick ached in my leather pants for her beauty.

“I'll show you, sister dear,” I told her, putting my arm around her shoulder and pulling her tight. “As soon as we are in the temple, I'll demonstrate my prowess.”

She gave me a smoky look, her blue eyes trembling with her love and passion. She planted a hot kiss on my lips. I savored the forbidden delight. Custom said brother and sisters couldn't love each other. I didn't care.

I loved her. And I had to give her up.

Kora furrowed her brow. “Is something wrong, Sven?”

“Nothing, sister dear,” I said, putting on a smile. “Just impatient to get to our rooms at the temple.”

“There it is!” Zanyia hissed. “We're almost there! Then Master can fuck his sister! I love watching that.”

“Me, too,” Nathalie said.

“You just like licking up all his cum out of her pussy,” Ava said. She grinned at the younger girl, that serious expression melting off the princess's face. “So do I. It's so naughty.”

Nathalie nodded her head in agreement.

“Mmm, it is,” Kora sighed, leaning against me.

Since arriving in Az a week ago, we were known to the followers of Rithi. They gave us shelter and called upon their Goddess to heal us of a terrible poison. It was during that miracle that I made my deal with Rithi: our lives in exchange for setting my sister free to explore her art.

After a brief talk with Glimmer Kolman, we were escorted through the sleeping temple to the same quarters we occupied before we moved out to a boarding house near the University. We needed a place closer to where we spent the last week researching how to destroy the phylactery.

“May Rithi's inspiration bless you tonight,” Kolman said, bowing as he closed the doors behind us.

“She's inspiring something in us,” Zanyia giggled. “Wet pussies and Master's hard cock!”

“Mmm, yes,” Kora purred, her hand sliding down to squeeze my cock.

Aingeal smiled as her illusion melted away, revealing her busty form leaning against the wall, nipples pierced by gold rings. Her pink hair framed her hungry face, her body willowy and bountiful. A hairless pussy gleamed with her excitement. “Slaves, strip my husband now. My sister-in-law needs his cock in her.”

“So badly,” Kora moaned as she gave my dick a squeeze. “I need to make sure that naga didn't break your dick after you fucked her.”

“Distracted her,” I said as Greta, Nathalie, and Zanyia went to work on the lacings holding on my leather jerkin, pants, and boots. Like all races birthed from the God of Lust, nagas were driven by sex.

“Right, brother mine,” Kora said, amusement on her lips. She shook her head, her hands opening her robes and revealing her tattooed body.

I shuddered at the sight of her round breasts, ignoring the amulet dangling between them. Her left tit was entwined by a vine covered in pink flowers. Matching tattoos entwined up her right arm, her left leg, and spilling around her shaved pubic mound towards her pussy. Each one represented her rank in her church's hierarchy and her mastery over one of the arts.

She tugged on her pink, upswept nipples. Her breasts jiggled when she released them, a moan rising from her throat. I groaned, my dick throbbing. It bounced free of my pants as the slaves ripped them down. Kora sauntered to the bed, her entire body moving with a dancer's grace, every movement deliberate, calibrated to make my dick throb and ache.

She reached the bed, crawling on it, her rump swaying. Her right, shaved slit peeked between her thighs. The flowers adorning her left leg seemed to ripple and beckon, almost alive. I groaned, a naughty hand stroking my dick as I watched her. She reached the head of the bed and rolled over onto her back, body spread out and open.


“I'm waiting, brother mine.”

“Gods, you are a woman, sister dear.”

Ava giggled. “How did you fail to notice?” The princess, also naked, slid onto the bed. She had a petite body, her breasts small and conical, topped by dusky nipples. Strawberry-blonde locks spilled off her shoulder as she reached out and seized my sister's left breast. “Could you not have noticed these lovely mounds.”

“Mmm, maybe,” Kora moaned then shuddered as Ava leaned down and licked the pink nipple.

“Gods, you both are so delicious,” I moaned, stepping out of my leather pants, my balls aching. I had to love my sister, to enjoy her tonight. To pretend I would get to enjoy her forever.

“Aren't they?” Aingeal asked. My faerie-wife—Zanyia tricked Aingeal into declaring herself my woman three times when we first met; a faerie was bound to any promise they make thrice—settled down on Kora's right. Aingeal seized my sister's other tit, squeezing it. “Mmm, Ava has the right idea.”

“She is a princess,” Greta said, standing up before me and smiling. “Enjoy your sister, Master.”

I gave the busty, sixteen-year-old slave a hot kiss on the lips. She quivered, her bodice pressing into my naked chest. I would have kept kissing her, and exploring all her charms, but my sister let out a wanton moan. Aingeal sucked on her other nipple. The three of the women I loved playing with each other.

“Go and please your sister, Master,” Zanyia moaned. My lamia sex-slave rubbed her cheeks against my dick. “Before I become naughty and suck on your hard cock. I'd make you cum so hard. And that would be wicked of me.”

“So wicked,” I groaned, my heart thudding in my chest.

My sex slaves turned their attention to Ealaín in her armor. I heard leather straps rasp and metal jangle as I approached the bed, my eyes fixed on the sapphic delight before me. Ava and Aingeal's hair, strawberry and pink, spilled over my sister's flesh. The princess and the faerie stroked Kora's belly, their hands sliding down to her pubic mound.

To her pussy.

“Yes, yes, brother mine,” Kora whimpered, “come and feast. Show me your skill. Master my pussy.”

I licked my lips, staring at her shaved folds. With her legs spread wide, her outer labia parted to reveal her glistening, inner depths. The pink beckoned, that soft, feminine hue that made my cock ache to penetrate her.

But I had to love her first. I had to lick her, please her, make her moan and quiver on my mouth. I slid onto the bed, my cock swaying hard between my thighs, aching to fuck my sister. I grasped her thighs, feeling the warmth of her.

She quivered and moaned. Aingeal and Ava sucked so hard. They pleasured my sister's nipples, celebrating our victory tonight. We survived Zizthithana's forces. We defeated all her agents. One less foe to worry about.

Kora's tangy delight filled my nose. That delicious, wonderful scent sent such a heady rush through me. I groaned, licking my lips as I lowered my face. My hands reached her inner thigh, caressing her silken flesh.

“Brother mine!” she gasped as I took my first lick through her incestuous flesh. “Oh, Gods, yes.” “Pater's cock, but you taste good,” I groaned. “As good as Slata's hairy cunt.”

“So am I goddess, brother mine?”

“My goddess,” I panted and then buried my face into her pussy.

She whimpered as her silken, wet folds caressed my lips and cheeks. I nuzzled into her shaved pussy while my tongue attacked her flesh. I explored her crevasses, teasing her, drinking in her tangy, forbidden cream. She squeezed her thighs about my head, trembling.

The bed creaked as we pleasured my sister. Ava and Aingeal sucked louder, the faerie's pink butterfly wings fluttering as they thrust from her back. Her pillowy tits rubbed against her knees, her body bent over to love my sister's nub.

“Oh, Gods, you three spoil me,” gasped Kora, her hips undulating, grinding her pussy against my hungry mouth, smearing that tangy cream across my face.

I licked through her folds. I feasted on her, devouring every drop of her I could. My tongue thrust into her depths, fluttering through her. She gasped and moaned, her fingers digging into Ava and Aingeal's hair. She cradled them to her breasts, reveling in their hungry sucking.

Kora's juices flowed. Her body trembled. My hands slid beneath her rump, squeezing her butt-cheeks. I gripped her as I feasted, rubbing my face into her cunt, letting her feel my whiskered cheeks. She gasped and moaned, staining me with her passion.

“Oh, Rithi's inspiring art and delicate fingers!” she groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes, brother mine! I'm going to cum on your mouth.”

Aingeal's mouth popped off my sister's nipple. The faerie pinched the wet, pink nub as she glanced at me. Her purple eyes smoldered as she moaned, “Drench his face, Kora. Just gush all over our husband's mouth.”

“Yes!” Kora whimpered.

My tongue flicked up to her clit. I squeezed her rump hard as I fluttered my tongue against it. I assaulted it, making her squirm and moan. She bucked, her breasts jiggling, the right one shaking more as Aingeal twisted and manipulated my sister's nipple. I knew my sister. Knew how close she was to erupting.

I sucked hard on her clit.

She cried out. her entire body spasmed. Tangy cream flooded out around my chin, anointing my face and filling the air with her heavenly perfume. I savored it, her asscheeks clenching beneath my hands as she orgasmed.

I made my sister cum. My dick throbbed so hard.

I didn't relent. I sucked and nibbled on her clit. I teased her. I gave her pleasure. I held every moment, wanting to make her pleasure last and last. Her pussy juices flooded my mouth. I drank down the incestuous ambrosia. I never wanted to stop.

But she had other ideas.

“I need you in me, brother mine! Please, please, I need your hard cock fucking me!”

“You heard her, my husband,” Aingeal said, a wicked grin on her lips. “You need to give your sister that hard cock.”

Ava's mouth popped off my sister's left nipple. “Yes, yes, Sven. Don't deny her. Your sister needs this. It's so hard denying what you crave.”

It was. But I would have to give Kora up. Though not tonight. Tonight, I loved her.

Kora's hands reached out and grasped me. She stroked my dick, her fingers so hot, and guided me down to her pussy. Ava rolled onto her back beside us. Aingeal's wings fluttered. She drifted off the bed, her wings almost more for show than to explain how she could just hover into the air and move over to land on Ava.

I groaned at the heat of my dick rubbing against Kora's shaved pussy. I leaned over my sister, staring into her eyes. They shone back up at me, such a naughty glint in them. She licked her lips, arching her eyebrows.

“Well, brother mine?” she purred, pressing the tip of my dick an inch into her welcoming cunt.

“Just making you squirm, sister dear.”

“Oh, just fuck her,” Ava moaned before she pulled Aingeal's pussy down to her hungry lips. The pair feasted on each other, making such sweet sounds.

“You heard the princess's royal decry, brother mine. Fuck me.”

“Yes!” I growled.

I thrust forward into her hot, silky depths. I shuddered at the friction of sinking into my sister's incestuous sheath. Her flesh embraced my cock. I kissed her hard, letting her taste her tangy passion as I savored being in her forbidden snatch.

I crushed her breasts to my chest, feeling her trembling beneath me. Her thighs locked about my waist. Her body moved and undulated, working herself against me. She groaned and whimpered, her tongue dueling with mine as we made love.

Ava and Aingeal's naughty licking and moans washed over us as I pumped my cock in and out of my sister's tight tunnel. The pleasure flowed up my dick, shooting to my balls. They grew thick and heavy with my passion. I reveled in this moment.

I wanted it to last forever.

Kora's fingers dug into my back as she moved beneath me. Her hips undulated, stirring about my cock, driving me wild with her rapture. I trembled, drinking in the delicious feel of her. She squeezed and clenched about me, massaging my dick, building the pressure in my balls.

She wanted my cum. I wanted to give it to her. The bed creaked as I drove harder and harder into her. I filled her to the hilt. She bucked and shuddered beneath me. Her fingernails clawed my back as she groaned out her passion.

I broke our kiss. “Sister dear!”

“Yes, yes, brother mine!” she groaned, her blue eyes so wide, so expressive. Her passion shone through her. “Oh, gods, yes. This... This is what I need! What I crave! Pater's magnificent cock, I'm going to cum!”

“Good,” I groaned, thrusting harder. “Milk my dick, sister dear. You want every drop of my cum spurting into you.”

“Every drop!”

I slammed into her, my balls thwacking into her taint. She groaned, her thighs tightening about my waist. Her hips undulated, stirring that delicious flesh about my dick. The silky stimulation surged rapture through me.

Then she gasped. Her blue eyes widened. Her pussy spasmed about my shaft. I drove into her cumming flesh, feeling the ripples of her ecstasy convulsing through her. She shuddered beneath me, her nipples rubbing into my chest as she gasped and moaned.

“Cum in me, brother mine!” She locked her glassy eyes on me. “Spill your seed in me! I need it!”

“Yes!” I growled, driving my cock to the hilt in her pussy. Her incestuous flesh sucked at me. I groaned, my balls tensing. “Sister dear!”

Cum erupted from my cock. Hot spurts fired, flooding over and over into her. I groaned, shuddering atop her, the pleasure rippling through my body. It filled my mind, stars dancing through my vision as I stared down at her beautiful face.

I lost myself in her gaze. I held onto this rapturous moment, my cum pulsing into her massaging depths. She quivered beneath me, crying out with me. We were united. One flesh, brother and sister melded together. I never wanted to let go.

But I had to.

My orgasm crashed.

I slumped over her. She mewled beneath me, trembling, holding me to her. Her pussy's spasms slowed, died. Her eyes fluttered. She smiled and kissed me, her lips so soft, so loving. I held her, savoring her.

Hating the day I had to let her go.

To be continued...

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