The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Chapter Forty-Six: Pink Cunt

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Princess Ava – Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My feyhound body trembled. My wooden cook throbbed and pulsed in Ealaín's asshole, spurting into her bowels. I shivered, loving cumming with a dick. It was so hot occupying the wicker body of the feyhound and using it as my proxy. It sent such powerful pulses through me. I enjoyed being fucked in my real body, but I also loved doing the plowing.

It was—

A woman screamed outside then cut off.

My ears pricked. I lifted my head, staring at the window.

“What was that?” Kora asked, the blonde sitting up, my bedmaid, Greta, face buried between my sister-wife's thighs, the sex slave's golden-blonde pigtails spilled over Kora's legs. Greta's face smeared with pussy juices and Sven's cum.

“I don't know?” I frowned.

Ealaín's bowels clenched about my dick. Zanyia popped up, her ears twitching. She rolled away from Nathalie, the lamia's flexible body springing into a crotch, her tawny tail swaying with violent twitches as her head cocked.

“What is it?” Sven asked, his voice serious.

“Something big is stomping towards—”

A bellow shook the boarding house. Wood smashed below. Something huge thudded below. People screamed. I ripped out of Ealaín's asshole and bounded off the bed to face the door. Ealaín rolled off of Sven, darting for her ax and war hammer. She snatched up her weapons. Sven was right behind her, cock bouncing wet as he went for his short sword. Greta and Nathalie whimpered, the two girls grabbing each other.

“What in Las's putrid cum is that?” Sven growled as the entire building shook. Heavy steps stomped up the stairs. Someone shouted. A sickening crunch echoed.

“Brother mine?” Kora gasped.

“Get ready,” Sven growled.

“Oh, no,” Zanyia groaned. “I know that stench. It's Gor, the—”

The wall by the door to our room exploded into rubble. A huge hulk barreled into the room, head brushing the ceiling, body a solid mass of muscle covered in waxy-yellow skin. Greasy, black hair fell in ropy strands about a brutish face. It gripped a club in its hand as thick as my waist.

“Ogre!” Sven growled as the club barreled in a sweeping arc before the monster.



I swung my war hammer at the club, not thinking, reacting, kneading to parry the attack. My war hammer hit the massive club to parry it and—

Pain throbbed up my arm. My war hammer flew from my grip. It hissed through the air and smashed into the wall. I threw myself back, the club narrowly missing me. Air rushed in the wake of it. Sven yanked Kora down, the club whistling over her head. Her hair swished over them.

“Rithi's inspiration,” I snarled, flexing my fingers, my naked tits heaving. The ogre's club slammed into the far wall. Plaster shattered, falling off it to expose the inner core of wood.

“Zizthithana sent him!” screamed Zanyia as an onxy skinned woman entered the room after the ogre.

I moved to face the newcomer, a wild look in her face as she shouted orders at the ogre. “Fuck them! Rape them!”

The ogre's brutal cock would ruin the beauty of any woman's pussy. I couldn't allow this woman to direct the brute. I would hack her down, handicapping the monster. I charged at her, breasts heaving before me, my war ax gripped in both hands.

“Rithi's inspiration!” I howled.


Sven Falk

“Ava!” Kora gasped as I threw her off the bed.

Nathalie and Greta huddled on the floor, hugging each other, tears falling down their youthful faces, their naked bodies pressed tight. Ava lay on the bed, helpless, her feyhound body bounding at the ogre, snarling and growling.

“Sven!” Kora shouted. “You have to protect Ava!”

“Right,” I growled. I had to get my all women to safety.

Kora shoved her fingers between her thighs, rubbing at her pussy, gathering her sexual juices to use in her divine magic. The ogre drew back his club to sweep through the room. Anyone hit by that weapon...

“We'll distract him, Master!” Zanyia hissed, leaping on the floor, her tawny hair flying behind her.

I shifted my short sword to my left hand then hefted Ava's body. The princess lay limp in my arm as her feyhound form bounded between the creatures legs. The brute raised a foot and slammed it down to crush her. She leaped clear.

The room shook.

I threw Ava's naked body over my shoulder, gripping her legs to my chest, her arms dangling behind me. “Greta, Nathalie!”

“M-Master?” Nathalie asked, tears falling down her face.

“Come on!” I snarled. “Follow me right now, slave!”

“Y-yes, Master!” she gasped. Her body, trembling, frozen by fear, snapped into action. She pulled Greta to her feet, holding the princess's bedmaid. “Come on, Master needs us to act.”

“M-Master?” Greta gasped, her large breasts swaying as the room shook.

The ogre lunged a hand at Zanyia. My lamia slave leaped out of the way. Ealaín fought an onyx-skinned woman at the edges of the hallway. Kora chanted, praying to her Goddess, creating art. I charged forward, the two scared sex slaves following, Ava swaying over my shoulder. I had to get them clear of the danger. Greta and Nathalie's bare feet padded behind me.

The hulking ogre's club smashed the bed to splinters with a thrust of his club, smashing the remains into the wall and punched through it, opening a gaping hole out onto the boarding rooms' balcony. My bare feet smacked on shattered plastered and splintered wood. I burst out into the ruins of the hallway. Bodies lay broken and battered amid the rubble, guests caught up in the chaos of the monster's assault.

“Come on!” I shouted, my heart pounding. The exhilarating chill fired through me. I felt so alive. Sex and danger... They both had a similar rush. A similar excitement. I should be terrified. My women were in danger, and yet...

And yet there was a fight. There was danger. There was...

This was why Rithi wanted me to end my relationship with Kora. To get her away from the chaos of adventure. From the danger of fighting brutal monsters like that ogre. Through the roaring battle-passion, fear twisted through me for Kora and Zanyia fighting the ogre. Distracting it while I protected our vulnerable women.

I had to get back to the fight. I had to get Ava, Greta, and Nathalie to safety then protect my other women.

I reached the stairs, runners shattered by the weight of the ogre. More people huddling below, peering up as they sat in the rubble. They looked lost, bewildered, many wearing dressing gowns, some with faces ruddy from drink.

“Flee!” I bellowed as I charged down the stairs. “Run! Ogre!”

My words reached them, gave them direction, guidance. Fear robbed humans of the ability to think rationally. It made them freeze like a prey animal in the sight of the predator. Now they moved. Bleating, they scurried before me as I hurried down the stairs, my whimpering sex slaves following.



Gor's bellow shook the room. Zizthithana's pet ogre was here. That horrid, scaly bitch had unleashed the brutal beast. Birthed out of the worst parts of Las's lust, ogres were the most vile of the races created by his indiscriminate masturbation. Ogres thought of only sex. Of only ramming their cocks into any hole they could get to. A huge dick thrust hard from his tangled pubic hair, bigger than any cock I had ever seen. It swung before him, another brutal club.

I had seen him rape women with that dick. Antrevia would bring them to him then masturbate as he satiated himself. It was the ultimate punishment given out to lamia sex slaves, so we were often reminded of what awaited us if we displeased Zizthithana. We could take his cock easier than a human, but Gor's lusts were unending. After being fucked for hours, even a lamia broke beneath the assault.

Human women hardly lasted past his second orgasm.

I wouldn't let this monster touch any member of my family. Not any of my Mistresses. I would fight him. I would see him dead. Gor and Antrevia and Zizthithana all deserved to perish for their monstrous acts.

For what they did to my lamia sisters!

I hissed as I faced the brute. His mass was immense, all muscle and leathery skin. Swords had trouble penetrating his hide. I'd seen them bounce off of him when he fought for Zizthithana's amusement, pitted against warriors with the finest equipment.

They all died.

But I knew how to distract him. I turned around and wiggled my ass at him, thrusting my trimmed bush at him. My fingers parted my pussy lips, exposing my pink flesh. I wiggled my ass at him and purred loudly.

“Pussy over here, Gor!” I yowled.

The ogre let out a grunting growl. “CUNT!” his deep voice rumbled. “PINK CUNT!”

“Yes, yes, yummy, pink cunt!” I moaned, my juices flowing. Despite how hard my heart pumped, a strange excitement ran through me. This was so dangerous. I would have to react. I had make every move correct to survive.

And that made me feel so alive. It was so exhilarating. I loved traveling with Master. He made life so exciting.

Gor lunged at me with his free hand. Thick, sausage-like fingers reached for me. I leaped at the hole he battered in the wall, flying through the bits of hay burst from our bed's battered mattress. The white down brushed my ski, caressing it as I soared through the air. My ears pricked, my tail giving me balance in the air.

His fingers brushed the end of my tail. Closed on nothing.

A surge of relief shot through me, this wonderful high. It almost felt like an orgasm. I landed on the balcony as the ogre roared in frustration. He wanted to fuck me. I grinned as I wiggled my ass at him again. The building shook as he charged after me.

“You can't get this pussy!” I laughed and leaped to the next balcony. I soared through the night air, the cool wind kissing my skin. I landed light on the balcony and threw open the door into the room, the bed unmade, the occupant fled. Screams came from below.

The room shook. The wall exploded in a shower of plaster and wood. I ducked a chest of drawers sent flying by the ogre crashing through the debris. His cock bounced before him like a battering ram. His beady eyes fell on me.


To be continued...

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