The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Chapter Forty-Four: Bloodlines

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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My wings fluttered fast as I hovered at the brothel window, a big grin on my lips. While my family searched through the library, which was utterly booooring, I had to find my own ways to amuse myself. Lucky for me, we were in the City of Az, the largest city in the world.

Or, at least, the largest city in Zeutch.

It was full of mortals to play pranks on. I was having so much fun. I made frogs rain on frolicking maidens during a festival, their firm titties bouncing and jiggling as they shrieked and ran away from the slimy things. I soured milk. I made wives so horny that they were getting gangbanged while their husbands couldn't look away.

And today, I thought about having fun at the brothel, spying on mortals paying for the most wonderful thing in the world. Sex.

A busty, blonde Zeutchian prostitute giggled as she burst into the room I peered into. She already had her tits out. They were ripe and round and just lovely as they bounced before her. The guy who paid for her, a man with brown hair and a big nose, gripped them hard. He loved them.

I grinned as they stumbled to the bed. The hussy fell onto her back, her blonde hair spilling about the pillows. She grabbed her skirt, hiking it up. Her legs were spread wide, her vulva shaved bare, her pussy lips thick and pink and glistening with her juices.

“Pater's cock, I need you in me!” she moaned, writhing on the bed. “I need a real dick in me. A dick worthy of a god.”

“Yes!” he groaned, unlacing his britches. His cock spilled out.

“Poor thing,” I muttered, shaking my head. It was so small, this little, squat dick. He didn't deserve to ravish such a beautiful creature.

“Ooh, that's it,” the hooker groaned, her hands rubbing at her hot flesh. “Plunge that huge sword into my sheath and make me explode!”

“Gods, yes!” the man groaned.

The spirits that lurked everywhere in the world surged around me. I grinned as the enhancement spirits, balls of green light, danced around me before shooting into the room. They passed through the glass like it wasn't there. The energy swirled around the man, the spirits invisible to the two humans.

He blinked, shaking his head as, to him, the prostitute had shifted to the other side of the bed. But then he just shrugged and pounced on her. He fell on the bed beside the hooker, his cock thrusting forward as he fucked the visage only he could see.

“Yes, yes, yes, take it, whore!” he snarled, his hairy balls swaying as his little cock pumped in the air.

The hooker's jaw dropped. She sat up, her hands going to her breast, covering them up like she felt so exposed. I giggled at the bafflement on her lips as the man kept fucking the air beside her. The bed creaked as he grunted his passion.

“You got such a tight cunt,” he groaned. “Oh, yes, yes. I'm going to spurt so hard into you. I'm going to fill you to the hilt.”

I rubbed at my own pussy, a naughty thrill shooting through me as he grunted and groaned. His back arched as his face twisted with pleasure. I could see him getting closer and closer to firing his load.

“Already?” I muttered, my fingers sliding into my hot, shaved pussy. Ripples of delight shot through me. “You wouldn't have given her any satisfaction.

The hooker slipped off the bed, backing into the corner. She must think him mad.

“Going to pump so much spunk into your cunt!” he grunted.

I giggled again and then, with a thought, the spirits forming the illusion darted away. He thrust into the air and then gasped. His cock hit the blanket. His eyes widened as the woman he fucked had vanished. Then he cried out in fear. He jumped off the bed, his erection going flaccid as he fell on his ass.

“Las's putrid cock!” he screamed. “What in Pater's name...? How did you...? What...?”

I chortled in delight, my palm grinding on my clit. Pleasure sparked through me. I fluttered my butterfly wings and rose up the side of the building. That was so much fun. I needed to pull more pranks here. There was so much lust in the air.

So many mortals seeking pleasure. It was the best time to play with them.


Kora Falk

Zanyia scampered into the small reading room I sat in with Ealaín. She was racing like a cat on all fours, showing off her excitement, her tail swaying behind her. She reached me, her ears twitching, her lips smeared in cum and pussy cream.

I leaned down in my chair and cupped her face, sexual fluids wetting my hands. I shook my head and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, tasting Ava's fresh pussy cream and Sven's cum. “I see why it took you so long.”

“We were reliving our university days, sister dear,” Sven said as he sauntered in, Ava on his arm, both looking flushed and happy.

I couldn't help smiling at my brother and the princess. It was so delicious having Ava here. Our family felt so complete. We'd stayed in one place all week, renting a room from a quiet boarding house near the University, a large room with a huge bed. The domesticity of it made me swoon in delight. Even if we had to spend long days in the library, we had our evenings together.

A preview of our futures once the amulet was destroyed and Prince Meinard slain.

“So, you found it?” Ava asked, her eyes flicking to the cleavage of my pink robe. I felt the amulet weighing at my neck, the ruby holding the Biomancer's soul pressing against the inner slopes of my breasts.

“We think so,” Ealaín said, turning a book towards Sven and Ava.

“Maybe you haven't,” Sven said, his voice... neutral. His eyebrows furrowed. Something almost like disappointment flashed across his face.

I frowned. I couldn't have seen that. He wanted to destroy the amulet, too.

The princess broke away from him and leaned over the table. Her strawberry-blonde hair fell about her regal face, her small tits jiggling in her low-cut bodice. Sven came up behind her, peering over her shoulder.

“Um...” Ava looked up. “What am I supposed to be reading on here? This page is dense.”

“I know, they write so small,” Zanyia said, her eyes peering over the table, her ears twitching. “How do they do it? It makes my wrist cramp just thinking about making all those squiggles.”

“Letters,” I muttered and then pointed at a paragraph in the middle of left page. “The Altar of Souls.”

“What's that?” Sven asked.

“It was Krab's forge,” Ava said. “Where he fashioned such great artifacts, including the High King's shattered sword. But he hid the Altar of Souls so none could ever find it and use it. He would visit it in secret to do his workings. That's not much help.”

“But it could do it?” Sven asked, something like hope blossoming in his tone. He was excited to destroy it. “I mean, even if we have to search for a while, it's something.”

Ealaín shot my brother a studious look. He returned it, his eyebrows arching. Ealaín shook her head and looked down.

My eyebrows furrowed. Those two really needed to get along. Ealaín was my muse, and Sven... Sven was my lover. My brother. My man. I would have to do something about that.

“Ah, but read the next paragraph,” I said, my mind working on a plan to encourage their relationship while explaining what I'd found. “The author thinks the Altar of Souls is found in Zeutch somewhere.”

“Because of me,” Ava said, something like awe in her voice.

“What?” Sven asked.

“How could you be a part of the altar, Princess?” Zanyia asked, her chin resting on the table edge, her eyes bright and wide.

“Because most of the imbuer bloodlines are found in Zeutch,” Ava said as her eyes moved back and forth, her finger sliding down the page as she read. “I'm the product of two lines myself.”

“It implies that the God Krab has spent the most time here,” I explained. “He isn't one for dalliances with mortals, but the few he's taken as lovers appear to be Zeutchian. Why else would that be unless he had a reason for visiting this part of the world? Gods do not do things without reason.”

“Okay,” Sven said, his voice growing tight. “Zeutch is the largest nation in the world.”

“The naga's rule a large territory over the mountains,” Zanyia said.

Sven shot her a look.

“Sorry, Master.”

“But, still,” he continued, “does this book give us any idea where to search? Is it near the Lakes? In the depths of the Forest of Lhes? In the peaks of the Despeir Mountains? Along the Royton? The Bertu Marshes? Near the Federation's lands? Is it by the border with the Kingdom of Allain? Or Thlin?”

“It does not specify,” I said. “But it's a start. We've narrowed down to the one place with the power to destroy magical artifacts, and it's right here in the Strifelands. We just have to find more information.”


“There is a temple to Krab in Az,” Ealaín said. “We simply consult with the priests and discover what they know. Perhaps the location is not so hidden. We do have an advantage. Princess Ava possesses their God's divine blood in her. That gives her a spiritual authority and, when combined with the temporal authority granted by her royal status, we may convince them to share what they know. Perhaps it is a secret they guard, or they have legends that can narrow down our search so we can free Kora from her burden.”

Sven shifted. “Fine.”

“Good,” I said. I really, really needed to bring them together. Tonight. “We'll go to the temple in the morning.”

To be continued...

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