The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Chapter Twenty: The Rogue's Plan

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Sven Falk

I thrust Zanyia away from me as the clatter of metal rang behind me. I whirled around. Another faerie guard had appeared, thrusting his spear at me. I didn't have to time to think as a flood of ice poured through my body.

I acted.

My body twisted away from the bronze, leaf-like blade speeding towards my guts. My hands lashed out, slamming into the haft, knocking it to the side as my body flowed around it. The spear thrust by me, the blade almost cutting into the leather jerkin. My hand lashed out, striking the faerie guard in the throat above his armor.

The guard grunted, his butterfly wings fluttered behind him. He snarled through clenched teeth, his face turning red. Coughing wheezes burst from his lips. My hand shot down to grab the hilt of my short sword. I didn't want to kill him.

But he tried to kill—

Purple energy exploded before me. It flew from the guard and slammed into my chest. Sparks sizzled in the air around me. The room rushed around me. I slammed into the crystalline wall. The air exploded from my lungs. My head cracked into the wall.

Bright, white light flared across my vision. I fell to my knees. I groaned, the ground blurring, the room spinning around me. My stomach churned with a nauseating writhe. I panted, looking up at the guard as another wave of purple light burst out of him.

“Sven!” Aingeal shouted from her jail.

The energy struck me, pinned me to the wall. My head swam, the back of my head throbbing. I growled through the fuzzy pain through my thoughts, bucking and straining against the energy holding me.

The guard leveled his spear at me.

“Gewin's cock,” I growled as the swell of panic rose in me, a tide of clammy cold that sought to drown my thoughts. I sucked in breaths, my heart pounding in my chest. My muscles flexed, straining against the magic.

“Master!” Zanyia yowled.

The faerie guard's face twisted with anger. He darted forward.

“Gods!” I shouted, sucking in my gut, trying to pull myself away from that lunging spear. I was helpless. This was worse than last night with Queen Sidhe. Then she just wanted to fuck me. I didn't want to die. I had to save Aingeal. I had to protect Ava. I needed to avenge Katriana. “No!”

A blurring form shot before me chased by a tawny whip of hair. The guard stumbled, Zanyia straddling his shoulders, her pussy pressed right into his face. She gripped his hair, grinding on him as her ears twitched. Her lithe back arched.

“Isn't that some hot pussy?” my catgirl slave moaned. “Ooh, yes, you just love it. Mmm, that's the best pussy you've ever had! Lamia pussy!”

The energy holding me crackled, snapped. The guard stumbled, his bright-blue wings, an azure purer than a summer sky, fluttered behind him as he stumbled. His moans muffled by the lamia's cunt. My feet hit the ground, freed from the bondage.

My head still throbbing, I fought against the leaden weight on my mind. I lunged forward, balling my fist. I punched hard into his armor. The bronze breastplate rung like a bell. Pain exploded across my knuckles. It knifed through the fog on my mind, banishing it.

“Las's putrid cum!” I howled, my knuckles throbbing. I flexed my fingers, winced. My finger twisted, broken. “Las's putrid cum and his foul dick!”

“Master!” Zanyia gasped in shock. “Why did you do that?”

My cheeks warmed as the shame rippled through me. How could I be embarrassed right now. I growled, drawing a dagger with my left hand, my right throbbing and pulsing with torture. I ignored it, staring at the guard as he stumbled around in the middle of the room. He dropped his spear to grab Zanyia's ass.

Was he trying to pry her off of him or hold her tight?

“No, you don't, you'll love my pussy!” Zanyia purred to the guard, her back arching, her small breasts jiggling.

The guard was trying to pry her off.

But his thrashing slowed as she kept her pussy against him. My eyes widened, realizing what she was doing to him. She smothered him with her cunt. She had her twat pressed over his mouth and nose, suffocating him in a delicious snatch.

Her thighs flexed as she squeezed her legs so tight about his head. She gripped his hair, resisting his hands squeezing her ass, trying to haul her off. In a dozen heartbeats, his fingers grew slack. His arms fell lank at his side. His knees buckled.

Zanyia gasped as he fell onto his knees then tottered to his side. He landed with a clatter of metal, Zanyia gasping as she lay on her side. Her tail twitched. But she didn't let up. She kept smothering him as he twitched.

“There,” she said after another thirty heartbeats. “That should keep him from bothering us. He'll be out for a bit.”

She rolled off of the unconscious guard, his face smeared with her pussy juices. She hopped to her feet and looked at my hand. She shook her head. “Why did you punch him? He was in armor?”

My cheeks burned more. “This isn't the time. We're here to rescue Aingeal.”

“Not to question why you decided to try pugilism against an armored guard?” she asked, such an innocent, toothy grin spreading across her mouth.

“Exactly,” I growled, anger rising in me. “You don't need to mention this to my sister.”

“But she'll wonder how you broke your finger.” Her tail swished back and forth.

“Do I have to spank you?” I asked.

“Do we have time?” Her smile grew wider. “I mean, we have to free Aingeal. That's why we're here.”

Aingeal! My annoyance blew away. My head whipped around to spy my faerie wife chained in her cell. She stared at me, tears brimming in her purple eyes. She stared at me with such hope, such love, shining at me.

“Sven,” she said, her voice so tight, almost quivering. “Y-you came for me. This is so stupid. They won't let you escape.”

“Let me worry about that,” I said, bending down to the unconscious guard. He had a ring of crystalline keys hanging on his belt. “I have a plan.”

“It's so amazing, Aingeal!” Zanyia said. “Don't be fooled by Master's other plan of punching an armored guard in the stomach.”

I took a long, slow breath. I could feel that toothy, quasi-innocent smile on Zanyia's lips.

Keys in hand, I darted to the cell and unlocked it. I knelt down before Aingeal, her wrists bound by silvery manacles. It took three tries of the keys to free her. The moment the restraints clanked on the floors, her arms went around me, her naked body pressed into mine. Her pink hair brushed my cheek, caressing me with silk as she clung to me.

The throbbing ache in my right hand faded.

“You c-came,” she sobbed, her entire body shaking. Her arms tightened about my neck. “You d-don't even know me.”

“You're my wife,” I said.

“Because your sex slave goaded me. You're not bound by the same magics that govern my race. You weren't compelled to love me. To care about me.”

“You are my wife,” I repeated, my arms tightening about her. “I brought you to faerie. Even if I didn't care about you, love you, I wouldn't let you rot in here if I could stop it. I'm setting you free. Right now. I have a plan.”

“An amazing plan,” Zanyia added.

Aingeal pulled away from me, liquid diamonds flowing down her cheeks. “How? How are we getting out of the castle. There are more guards, more faerie! They can all do what he did. Be lucky he didn't think to sound an alarm. You'd have all of Queen Sidhe's soldiers descending on us right now.”

“It's fine,” I told her, standing up and taking her hand. As I hauled her to her feet, her large breasts jiggling, I said, “We're escaping through the mushroom ring in the queen's garden.”

Aingeal's purple eyes widened. “None may trespass there without her permission! She warded it with an alarm because of me! You'll doom us!”

“Trust me,” I said, winking at her.



“This won't work!” I gasped as Sven pulled me along after him, Zanyia scampering behind us. “Please, Sven, I don't want you to be caught. You need to go before these guards wake up.”

“Go where?” he asked, reaching the stairs that lead out of the dungeon. “We're trapped in Faerie without someone who can commune with the spirits. We need you to escape. You think Queen Sidhe will forgive what I just did? Everyone is counting on you to open the way. Especially me.”

My stomach writhed in guilt. They would all suffer because of me. Kora, Sven, Zanyia, and Nathalie. Even that new one, the aoi si, would be punished. Queen Sidhe would imprison them. For decades, maybe. They would grow old rotting away in cells meant for immortal beings. This wasn't what I wanted. I didn't want to live this badly.

Maybe... Maybe if I surrendered I could claim I'd enchanted them with spirits, put a compulsion on them that made them have to rescue me. The spirits dancing through the world around me would obey me now. The diamond manacles were off my wrists. I was free to act, to commune with them.

“This is madness, my husband!” I shouted, the muscles in my back twitching, trying to flutter wings.

“It's not,” he said. “Trust me!”

We burst out into a corridor, Sven darting to the right, running faster. His boots thudded on the hallway. It was a narrow servant corridors that threaded around the main hallways. His grip forced me to run after him, my bare feet slapping on the ground.

I should just do it. Tamper with him. But... What if he did have a plan? I swallowed. I should trust him. He was so confident. And... And I wanted to escape with him. I wanted to live with him, be with him.

I was so weak. I would get them all hurt by not acting. By not putting my compulsion on them right now. A purple spirit danced before me, summoned by my thoughts, ready to enchant my husband.

“Almost there,” Sven said, taking a turn. “This will work, Aingeal. Trust me!”

“I... I do trust you.”

We raced up another flight of stairs and burst out onto a gallery that looked onto the courtyard before the queen's garden. Standing by a crystal trellis was Kora, Nathalie, and the aoi si. Sven's sister and wife turned to face me, her blonde braids sweeping behind her. Such a smile lit her mouth.

“You did it, brother mine.”

“Did you have any doubts, sister dear?” Sven asked, keeping his right hand down at his side.

Kora frowned. “What's wrong with your hand?”

“Master had an amazing plan to punch a guard in the stomach who was wearing armor,” Zanyia said. “I'm not sure what it was supposed to do, but it made this awesome ringing sound. The guard gonged like a bell.”

Kora arched an eyebrow. “What?”

“Nothing,” Sven muttered. “Did Conleth and Turlough clear the courtyard?”

Kora nodded. “No one will see us cross. The gardens lay open before us.”

My heart constricted. “You trusted those two sycophants? They are the biggest gossips in the court.”

“It's fine,” Sven said, peering at the courtyard through the gaps in the trellis. “Everything's ready, sister dear.”

“Yes,” she nodded, her hand slipping into her pink robe, reaching for her pussy.

Sven squeezed my hand. “Be ready to open the way when we reach the mushroom ring.”

“No, no it doesn't matter if no one sees us crossing the courtyard!” I protested. “The area is warded. Any of us entering there will trigger it. The entire palace will hear the alarm. Her soldiers will descend from the towers and be on us in moments.”

“Trust me,” Sven said and then he marched for the entrance. “We're running.”

“My husband, I—”

Sven darted forward. My arm snapped taut, pulling at my socket. I gasped and stumbled after him. My feet brushed each other. I almost tripped, my back muscles rippling, wanting to carry me into the air. Instead, I ran after my husband, the rest of his harem following, the aoi si's armor clinking and clattering.

My stomach grew tighter and tighter, my skin stretched taut over my body, almost strangling me as the terror swelled. The beginning of the garden maze, an evergreen bush with purple needles that had been hollowed out to form an arch, came closer and closer. I braced myself for the alarm as we crossed the middle of the courtyard and...

“Master!” Nathalie cried out.

“I thought the humans were up to wicked schemes!” a voice boomed from above. “See, Captain, I told you the queen would reward us.”

“It was my realization, Turlough,” another voice said.

I groaned. Conleth and Turlough descended from the sky with a flight of faerie guards in burnished, golden armor and wielding bronze-tipped spears. Sven skidded to a halt. I collided into him, my breasts aching from impacting his solid frame.

“Master!” Zanyia cried out in fear. She and Nathalie hugged Sven and me, trapping us together as the guards landed before us.

“You betrayed me?” Kora gasped in stunned horror. “I thought you worshiped me.”

I groaned. How could my husband and his sister be so stupid to trust them?

To be continued...

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