The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Chapter Seventeen: Inspiring Art

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Kora Falk

Ealaín slipped out of her armor, exposing those large, taut breasts swaying as she shifted. Her nipples hard. Sven, naked beside me, groaned as the sight of the aoi si's ebony beauty. I could feel his lust, but how would he react when Ealaín summoned her girl-dick? She could turn her clit into a cock.

Would he freak out? Would he get jealous? He didn't want other men touching me, but Ealaín was my muse. And she wasn't a man. Not with those big tits and that juicy pussy. I licked my lips as she exposed her shaved folds, her pink flesh peeking out of her vulva, dripping with her juices.

“So you both just have sex with me?” I asked, reaching over and grasping my brother's cock. “At the same time.”

“Lucky you, sister dear,” Sven said as his dick throbbed in my hand. His strong hand grabbed my thigh, stroking up and down it. “Just two people making love to you.”

“We'll see what you think when you see her cock, brother mine.” I looked at him. “Have you ever shared a woman with another guy.”

“I've spit-roasted a few whores,” he said, “with some drinking friends back in Az.”

I rolled my eyes. “You had such terrible friends at college. But you never shared Ava, did you?”

“No,” he said. “I wouldn't. But Ealaín, you are just... gorgeous.”

He grabbed the aoi si's breast with his free hand, hefting it. He thumbed her coal-dark nipple. The demigoddess moaned in delight, her citrine eyes almost glowing with the pleasure of my brother's touch.

“We are here to please your sister, not me,” Ealaín said. “Later, you can explore my body.”

“With your clit safely a clit,” Sven added.

“Yes, yes, I will be all feminine for you,” she said and then licked her lips. “But Kora... Kora needs something special.”

“I am a wanton woman, brother mine,” I said as Ealaín's clit throbbed and swelled, the pink bud thrusting out of the folds of her pussy.

“Pater's cock,” Sven groaned, his blue eyes widening as he watched that clit-dick thrusting from the folds of the hermaphrodite's pussy.

The shaft grew thicker and thicker, longer and longer. It darkened to the same midnight hue of her skin as it became a girl-cock. The tip blossomed into a mushroom-shaped tip. Precum bubbled from her tip, dripping down her crown to her shaft. Her pussy lips wrapped about that base, a sight so impossible.

It made my pussy so wet.

Sven groaned, his hands squeezing on my thigh. He gaped at that cock. His dick throbbed in my hand. He found the sight... stimulating. Feeling naughty, inspired to make such beautiful art with my two lovers, I leaned over and sucked on the tip of Ealaín's cock.

The hermaphroditic demigoddess let out a wanton moan as my lips slid over the crown of her clit-dick. Her breasts heaved over me as a shudder ran through her body. I sucked as hard as possible, my cheeks hollowing, pleasuring her dick while jerking off my brother's cock.

“Sister dear,” Sven groaned. “Gods damn, that is something to see.”

“Inspiring, no?” Ealaín said.


“Then what are you going to do, Sven? How shall you express what your sister is stirring in you. She is making art. And art exists to be seen, begs to be understood, and demands reaction!”

I shuddered in delight as Sven leaned over, ducking down to nuzzle at my stomach. He shifted away from me, pulling his cock away from my grip. I couldn't stroke him any longer as he kissed at my belly.

I moaned about Ealaín's cock. I squirmed on the bed, my pussy growing hotter and hotter as I savored the salty precum of the aoi si's dick. My mouth bobbed up and down on her thick shaft, sucking on it while my brother kissed down to my shaved pudenda.

I parted my thighs, my snatch growing so hot.

“You are so wet, sister dear,” Sven groaned. “Mmm, that scent.”

“I know, it is heavenly,” Ealaín groaned. “And her mouth... The way she moves her tongue.”

“I know. My sister gives great head. She always makes me feel like a king when she's sucking hard on my dick.”

Sven's words made me squirm. My confidence swelled even more. I was great at my art. I had skill at it. I wasn't perfect, I was still learning, but I could produce something majestic and inspiring. Sven and Ealaín believed in me.

I would make an illusion so perfect it would fool the faerie. And they would help me.

Sven lips kissed right above my pussy, savoring the taste of my skin on my plump pubic mound. Tingles shivered through me. My cunt clenched, my clit throbbed. His fingers shoved between my snatch and the bedspread, rubbing on my labia.

I groaned, squirming. I sucked harder on the dick in my mouth. Drool leaked down my chin as I bobbed my mouth. My tongue danced about the crown of her clit-dick, giving Ealaín as much pleasure as I could. Her citrine eyes fluttered. They shone with such brilliance. I inspired her.

My fingers found her pussy. I mimicked what my brother did to my pussy on hers. I stroked her silky labia as I sucked on her cock. Her juices coated my digits. Her spicy musk filled my nose as I bobbed my mouth on her cock.

“Ooh, yes, you are inspiring so much,” moaned Ealaín. “But this isn't why we're here. You're blowjob is amazing, but we need to prepare you for your performance this morning.”

She pulled her cock from my lips. “But I was having fun sucking you.”

“You'll have plenty of time for fun later,” Ealaín said. “Now let your brother and me pleasure you. Let me drive you wild with desire. Let us fill you with our passion so you can express it, so you can channel it, and make something stupendous.”

“Yes,” Sven moaned into my pubic mound.

Ealaín pushed me back by the shoulders. As I stretched out, I flicked my two braids of blonde hair out of the way so they didn't rub into my back. I squirmed, Sven's fingers curling into my pussy's depths. I shuddered at that, loving the feel of them probing into my depths, stirring such delight through me while Ealaín followed me down, licking her lips, such hunger painted on her face.

She wanted to feast on me. She wanted to devour me. To make me shudder and gasp in rapture.

And I wanted to let her.

I sucked in a deep breath, my heart thudding in my chest. I needed this. Wanted this. To be devoured. To be eaten out with such gusto that I quivered in rapture. My body trembled. The sight of her licking her chops in anticipation made me tremble. Her dark hands cupped my breasts, her fingers brushing the vines tattooed on the left. She lowered her face, her short, white hair brushing my skin like silk.

Then she latched on to my nipple and sucked.

“Slata's hairy cunt!” I moaned at the pleasure shuddering through me. Sven's tongue found my clit, licking and flicking it while he pumped in and out of my pussy while my nipple throbbed in Ealaín's mouth. “Ooh, yes, I can feel the passion I inspired in you.” I reached out, grasping Ealaín's dick. “So much passion.”

“My ovaries are swimming with seed with which to flood your ass,” moaned Ealaín between sucks on my nipple.

My pink nipple vanished into her dark lips. Her cheeks hollowed. Pleasure shot down to my pussy. My sheath tightened about my brother's probing fingers while his tongue... His sweet, wonderful tongue bathed my clit. He swirled about my sensitive nub, triggering sparks that showered through my snatch's depths.

I whimpered and groaned, the bed creaking as they pleasured me. In the background, Nathalie and Zanyia enjoyed each other, their moans and gasps a background symphony to the main show happening right here.

Sven sucked on my clit.

“Yes, yes, yes, brother mine!” I moaned, stroking Ealaín's girl-dick. Her pussy juices trickled down her shaft, lubing my stroking hand. “Show me your passion. Show me how much I inspire you.”

“So much,” he groaned about my nub. “You set my body on fire, sister dear.”

Ealaín purred around my nipple. Then her teeth nipped it. I gasped, my body twitching beneath their wondrous assaults. My pussy clenched over and over on my brother's fingers. They plunged faster and faster into my cunt's depths, my juice spilling out of me as he drove me wild with pleasure. It surged through me, leaving me quivering and groaning.

Gasping and moaning.

The bed creaked beneath me as I squirmed. My body undulated, buffeted by their delightful fingers. My toes curled as the pleasure built and built in me. My moans joined the sounds of naughty licking coming from the sex slaves.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Rithi's perfect art, you are driving me wild! You are going to make me cum. Gods, I want it so bad!”

Sven's tongue fluttered hard against my clit. He slipped a third finger into my pussy, driving me towards my orgasm. My snatch drank in the friction of his fingers. They stimulated my sheath, the silky delight spilling pleasure through me while my clit ached and throbbed. His tongue drummed on it, sparking so much rapture through my body.

Waves of delight rippled out of me as I came closer and closer to exploding. My pleasure built so fast in me. It drove me wild. My legs quivered and spasmed. Ealaín sucked so hard on my nipple, making it tingle. Little lightning bolts shot down to my pussy, electrifying my flesh and...

“Gods, yes!” I moaned, my face contorting. “Sven! Brother mine! Ealaín!”

Rapture exploded in me.

My pussy spasmed about my brother's fingers.

The delight surged out of me in mighty waves now. The euphoria washed through my body, spilling into every inch of me. My body bucked at the delight, my pussy aching to be filled by something more than fingers. I squirmed on the bed, sucking in such deep breaths as they played with my body.

“Rithi!” I groaned. “Make me a channel for perfect art!”

“Yes,” Sven grunted, lifting his mouth from my clit as his fingers plunged into me. “We're going to give you what you need, sister dear.”

Ealaín popped her mouth off my nipple. “Be inspired by our passion. Let it carry you to new heights of art.”

The pleasure carried me to new heights of rapture as my brother and the aoi si rolled me onto my side. Sven slid up my body. I pressed against his muscular frame, my nipples tingling on him. I kissed him on the mouth, tasting my tangy musk staining his lips. I melted into him, loving that flavor while I wiggled between them. Ealaín hugged me from behind, her breasts so soft on my back, her cock so hard prodding into my ass.

Lubed by my pussy juices, her slick shaft slipped into my butt-crack and found my asshole. My brother's dick prodded at the entrance of my pussy. Taboo lust shot through me as I burned for his incestuous shaft to bury into me while the hermaphrodite fucked me from behind.

They thrust.

I broke the kiss and screamed out, “Rithi's delicate fingers!”

Two cocks filled me at the same time. I hadn't enjoyed this pleasure in so long, filled by two dicks. It was such a wanton, whorish delight. My pussy and asshole welcomed their shafts. They filled me to the brim, their pricks both so big.

I squirmed between them, silky and velvety frictions sending pleasure rippling through my body. I whimpered, my holes clamping down on their penetrating shafts. Both my lovers groaned and gasped, savoring the feel of me about them.

“We're going to inspire you to make something amazing, sister dear,” Sven groaned, his blue eyes full of lust. He liked sharing me with a woman who had a dick. I could see it in his eyes, felt it in how he pulled back his dick and thrust into me. This excited him.

I would enjoy this delight so much going forward. I could love my brother and enjoy a second dick in me. I whimpered my pleasure and nuzzled my nose against his as they fucked me. They thrust their dicks into my holes, stirring me up.

“Yes, yes, inspire me!” I groaned. “Rithi's perfect art, yes! Plow your dicks in me! Give me the paint for my canvas!”

“You shall create a masterpiece,” the aoi si moaned, her tits so soft in my back, her cock so hard in my asshole. That wonderful combination of the feminine and the masculine made her so exciting. “Your passion shall explode out of you.”

“And ours will explode in you!” Sven grunted, plowing my pussy.

My snatch clenched about him, welcoming his incestuous cock with every thrust. I whimpered and shuddered. My eyes rolled back into my head. I sucked in such a deep breath. It hammered hard in my chest. It made me squirm and groan. I whimpered, clawing his back, holding onto him so tightly as he pumped away at my cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes, brother mine!” I moaned. “You both inspire me!”

My body writhed between them. Their dicks plunged in and out of me at different rhythm. Sven fucked me so hard and fast, driving my bowels down the aoi si's girl-dick. Her crotch smacked into my rump every time she buried into me, her strokes full of such controlled power. She hadn't lost control of herself like my brother had.

I needed to change that.

I squeezed my bowels on her dick and unadulterated my hips. I turned my head, kissing her over my shoulder. She moaned, her hands squeezing my breasts pressed against my brother's chest. I shuddered as her fingers tightened while my asshole clenched and relaxed while my hips moved in just the right way to inspire her.

She moaned into the kiss, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. She thrust harder. Her dick drove into the depths of my bowels. My velvety flesh drank in the burning friction. The heat swept through me and reached my pussy full of my brother's taboo cock.

Ealaín fucked me harder, faster, moaning and groaning. I inspired her.

“Oh, sister dear,” Sven panted, his hands stroking my side and thighs. “Explode on our cocks.”

He sucked on my neck as they fucked me hard. They both wanted to cum in me. To unleash their passion in me. I shivered between them, so eager for that moment. It built and swelled in me, reaching through my soul and beyond.

I would let it erupt through me. It would burst from me and bathe them both in my passion. I would milk their cocks dry of their seed, the hues I needed to paint my masterpiece. I whimpered between them, my orgasm swelling inside of me, inspired by their desire.

The strength of their passion.

Their hard cocks churned my body. They buried into me over and over. The dual frictions swirled in my depths. I whimpered into the kiss and then broke it, My back arched against Ealaín's tits, rubbing my breasts into my brother's chest.

“Brother mine!” I howled. “Ealaín!”

“Cum!” groaned the aoi si. “Let inspiration strike you like a thunderbolt!”

“Yes!” growled my brother, slamming his cock into me, his pubic bone grinding on my clit as I shuddered. “Let it out of you!”

I came.

“Gods, yes!” I moaned as the pleasure surged out of me.

My holes spasmed about their thrusting cocks. Juices flooded out around Sven's dick as he buried his incestuous shaft to the hilt in my convulsing depths. Ealaín moaned behind me as her girl-shaft reamed my writhing asshole. Stars burst before my eyes. Dual raptures bathed my mind in ecstasy.

Their dicks pumped so hard, with such frantic need, through my holes. My body convulsed between them, held by them. They groaned and gasped, our flesh slapping together as my holes milked their shafts.

I inspired them their climaxes.

“Sister dear!”

“Radiant, take my inspiration!”

Their cum fired into my body. They bathed my two holes in their salty jizz. It spurted into my depths, the sexual fluids that would enhance my painting. Feeling two streams of spunk fire into my body, one from the brother I loved with all my heart and the other from a naughty hermaphrodite, sent my lusts surging through me.

I came even harder.

I moaned out in wordless pleasure as I spasmed between hard chest and soft breasts. They held me. They filled me with their passion. They loved me as I whimpered through my rapture. Stars burst before my eyes.

A vision blossomed in my mind. I witnessed what I would paint. Saw how to make it so real, so perfect.

“Rithi, yes!” I screamed as inspiration consumed me.

To be continued...

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