The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Chapter Fourteen: Inspiration

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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I knelt in the court of the queen, hoping Sven could be submissive to the queen. My guards surrounded me, armed and armored in bronze, standing stoic as the passion of the court burned around me. I tried to control my panic. Sven could do this. He could submit to the queen and obey her lusts. He just had to drive her wild, make her show some mercy on me.

He could do it.

Kora's dance with the aoi si came to end, her orgasm over. The fey of the court swarmed her. I could just make out Conleth and Turlough kneeling at her feet through the crowd. I grimaced. Those two were flighty, always glomming onto the new, the exciting. And a mortal who could dance and make love like Kora would enchant them for days.

Before something new and shiny caught their eye.

I suspected Kora wouldn't be at all sucked in by their flattery. She had a suspicious mind, after all she didn't trust me at first. And if Kora was seduced, Zanyia would still have her cunning. The lamia looked, and acted, simple, but she goaded me into promising to be Sven's woman three times, binding me to him forever as his wife. Our kind had to obey our word given thrice, it chained us to our promises.

And besides Zanyia, Kora had the glowering Ealaín. The aoi si wouldn't allow any harm to come to the human woman. She had an intimidating air around her, even naked and coming down from her orgasmic high.

I smiled for a moment and then armor clinked. The guards shifted around me. I sighed, my fear swelling through me again. For a moment, I had forgotten that I knelt chained, waiting for my death, counting on my husband to save my life by submitting to the queen.

“You can do this, Sven,” I whispered, glancing at the door through which he and the queen had vanished. “Just obey her. Give her what she wants.”

I took a deep breath, the fear washing through me in a wave that left me trembling. Clammy hands clenched about my heart. My back flexed, muscles wanting to flex the wings burned away by Duke Gallchobhar's magic.

I didn't want to die.



I arched my eyebrow watching the two male fey fawning before Kora.

My charge grinned at me, her face flushed from our sexual art, my cum running down her thigh. “See, Ealaín, I inspired them.”

My lip twitched with amusement, my body still buzzing from my orgasm. The faerie of Queen Sidhe's court watched Kora's art with rapt attention. Lust swelled through the room, the female faeries thighs glistening, the males cocks throbbing and dripping with precum. Some were masturbating themselves or giving another a helping hand. It was good that Kora created art again, that she danced, fucked, and painted.

She had neglected it too much even with the danger around her. My mother, Rithi, had sent me to be her radiant as much to protect Kora as to ensure that she kept up her art, that she brought such beauty into the world, inspiring more than just her brother and his women.

And part of that protection meant allowing Kora to keep producing her art. And she could hardly do that with these two fawning over her feet. So I glowered over them. The two males, licking Kora's feet, felt me looming.

They looked up at me, my girl-dick thrusting from the folds of my pussy, glistening with Kora's juices. I folded my midnight-black arms beneath my breasts, arching an eyebrow at them. The two glanced at each other and then rose.

“Whatever you need, Lady Kora,” Conleth said, giving my charge a hungry grin, “you but have to ask.”

“As we said, we are your most humble of servants,” the other said, giving her a sweeping bow.

Kora just smiled at them, her hips already moving to another dance. I could detect a hint of nervousness that melted out of her as she surrendered to the music. She worried for Aingeal's safety, but her art beckoned.

And she lost herself to it.

Good. Her art should be her priority, the most important thing to her. She devoted herself to Rithi, to creating beauty. Nothing should distract her from the inspiration she created with her body. The watching faeries wouldn't forget her performance. It would stir them to create something of beauty, immortalizing her dance in painting and sculptures, enriching the world.

Kora whirled, raising her arms over her head. Her blonde braids flared out before her, and the ruby flashed between her heaving breasts. I furrowed my brow at that glittering gem. It worried me. It represented such a distraction from her art.

It had to be dealt with. Then we could deal with her other distractions...



Mistress Kora danced like the wind swirling through a field of flowers, rustling the beautiful petals, spreading their perfume. She moved with such lithe steps, her hair flowing behind her, the tattoos on her body making her pale flesh even more exciting. She spoke with every movement of her arms and feet, with the way she rolled her hips and cocked her head.

She spoke of passion. Of love. Of hope. The hope that Sven would save Aingeal, the passion he would share with the faerie, and the love he had for Aingeal that would lead him to submit to the queen's desire. My pussy grew hotter, juices running down my thighs.

I purred to the beat of the music, my tails wishing back and forth, my eyes tracking her and... I noticed Ealaín watching Mistress Kora. The black-skinned hermaphrodite had her arms folded beneath her large, taut breasts. Her nipples so hard, her dick throbbing. Her citrine eyes focused on my dancing mistress, entranced by her beauty.

I padded towards Ealaín, circling around Kora. I didn't want to interfere with her. She needed this. I could tell it. The stress of the last week, being chased by Prince Meinard's guards, our mad flight to the Forest of Lhes, crashing through the woods, almost getting caught, had been hard on all of us. Then last night, the fight, her illusions...

Kora needed this release. To let go of all the fear and negativity that had afflicted us all, the terror that poor Mistress Aingeal would be killed, her helplessness all lost as she danced. I wouldn't interrupt her unless I absolutely had to.

I reached Ealaín, crouching beside her like a cat, my knees bent, legs spread wide. It made my pussy feel like it was on display. I liked that feeling. I sniffed through my nose, smelling Kora's tangy pussy juices mixing with Ealaín's spicy musk. It was such an exquisite perfume. I loved kneeling because it kept me near to the ground, to where all the best scents are.

I rubbed my cheek into Ealaín's dark thigh and said, “You like watching her dance, don't you?”

“I like seeing her make art,” Ealaín answered, not taking her eyes off of Mistress Kora. I didn't mind being ignored for something so graceful and entrancing. “It makes my mother happy.”

“It makes Kora happy,” I said. “Isn't that what's really important about it?”

Ealaín looked down at me, giving me an impenetrable look, her face a mask, her yellow eyes flat, unreadable. I breathed in her scent, struggling to understand her emotions, but I only smelled her spicy pussy and Kora's juices clinging to Ealaín's big girl-cock.

I flicked my tail and asked, “If you thought it would make great art, would you have her fuck those two faerie males drooling over her?”

Ealaín nodded. “Definitely.”

“Even though she loves her brother?”

Something flickered across Ealaín's face now, a passion that animated the smile spreading on her lips. “Imagine the art that she could create with those emotions. Guilt and pain can create something as memorable as joy.”

My tail bristled. “You would hurt her?”

“I would guide her to art wherever that path might take.” The aoi si glanced at the two fawning males watching Kora on the other side, stroking their hard dicks. They hungered for my Mistress. They wanted to fuck her body so hard, to use her like a whore. “I would see her create something amazing and wonderful.”

“But is it her art you're guiding her towards?” I asked. “Or is it your own?”

Ealaín frowned at me.

I just gave her a big, toothy smile then turned my attention to Kora, her hands now wandering her body as she danced, caressing her curves. It was like her hands belong to another, to her lover. To her brother. She squeezed her breasts, cupping them, loving them as she let out a moan of delight, more cum coating her thighs, the hermaphrodite's jizz adding something exciting to the dance.

Something so wicked that had my pussy juicy with excitement.

To be continued...

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