The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Chapter Seven: Royal Delights

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Sven Falk – Faerie

Ava's soft, stone lips pressed on my own as she kissed me with such a fierce passion. I held her in my strong arms, showing her that I would protect her. If she needed to flee her father and escape his abuse, I would keep her safe.

By killing the bastard.

I held her rose quartz body against mine, always shocked by how such a form made out of such a hard substance could feel so soft and alive in my arms. Her small breasts felt firm and real on my chest, her nipples hard. Her tongue lithe and agile as it thrust into my mouth. I missed the taste of her, the heat of her body, but... This was better than nothing.

And soon... Soon we would be together.

My dick, still aching from enjoying Princess Siona's asshole, pressed into Ava's belly. It quivered as she breathed. Crystals glimmered in her flesh, little stars dancing across her face as the quartz caught the light in the pavilion. Ava was so remarkable. Her ability to inhabit and make alive her stone statue allowed us to be together even when her father kept us apart.

She broke the kiss and pressed her face into my neck. “I know you'll protect me, Sven.”

“Always,” I said, hugging her tight. I wanted to tell her not to flee. That it would be too dangerous, but she understood those risks. She wasn't naïve any longer. Her father had stolen that from her the day he burned down my family's house trying to kill me.

He did not approve of our relationship. I wasn't from an important enough family to marry his daughter. And my parents, my little sister...

“I'll kill him, Ava,” I growled, my anger rising. “He'll never touch you again.”

She trembled in my arm at that. “Good.” She shifted, lifting her face from my neck and glancing at the faerie princess. “I'm sorry for interrupting your meeting.”

“No, no,” the faerie princess said. She still knelt, my cum running out of her asshole to her purple bush adorning her pussy. “You are in distress. And you have come to Sven. You are close to him?”

“He shall be my husband,” Ava declared with such fierceness.

The faerie's wings fluttered. She reached behind her, scooping up some of the cum running out of her asshole. She held it on her finger as she turned around on her knees, her big tits swaying, and asked, “How many wives do you plan on having?”

“Three,” I answered. “Aingeal, Kora, and Ava.”

Ava nodded her head. “I've worked it out with Kora. And Zanyia wants him to have a whole army of submissive sex slaves.”

“She gets off on it or something,” I muttered, not sure how I felt about it. I mean, it was nice having Nathalie and Zanyia, but my lamia wanted to have an entire castle full of them when I marry Ava and rule Kivoneth.

Sonia smeared my cum on her lips, the cream adorning it. Then she grabbed Ava's arm, the faerie's delicate fingers stroking the glittering, pink stone that made up my betrothed's flesh. The faerie pulled Ava from me to her. The two princesses came together, Ava leaning in with an eager hunger to kiss the faerie on her jizz-smeared lips.

My dick throbbed as they kissed, sharing my spunk that came out of Siona's asshole. My dick ached and throbbed, so glad to Kora's enchantment that I could fuck and fuck. She was such a loving sister.

Siona's hands slid up Ava's side to cup her small breasts. More quartz glittered across my betrothed's body as the pair moaned into their kiss. Pink tongues, one glistening with saliva, danced together as they moaned their pleasure. The faerie princess's fingers swept over the human princess's nipples.

The faerie broke the kiss, her purple wings fluttering, and said, “You are made of such beautiful stone.”

“Thank you,” Ava said, her hands finding Siona's soft breasts. “And you are so enchanting. Big tits are always Sven's weaknesses.”

“And yet he shows such love for you. I suspect he just likes tits of all size.” Siona squeezed Ava's small breasts, making her shudder. “But your sculptor does amazing work to make such a lifelike rendition of your flesh. And then to have the spirits enchanting it. A twinborn witch?”

Ava nodded her head. “I sent it to Fiona in the Lesh-Ke Mountains. She was kind enough to enchant it for me.”

“She must have much faerie blood in her veins to make the spirits so happy to serve her and...” Siona squeezed Ava's tits again. “Mmm, just lovely.” Then the faerie princess ducked her head down and sucked on Ava's nipple.

Ava shuddered, a whimper escaping her rose-quartz lips. She licked them as she ran her sparkling fingers through the faerie's purple hair. My dick throbbed at the hot sight, the faerie's wings fluttering as she swirled her tongue about Ava's nipple before nibbling on it.

“It's so life-like,” Sonia moaned. “You feel alive even though your vessel is stone.”

“Krab's gift to his descendants,” Ava said.

“Wondrous. You are living art in this form, your Highness.”

“I could say the same about you, your Highness” Ava said, squeezing the faerie princess's big tits.

Then my betrothed ducked her head down and latched onto a fat nipple, sucking on the faerie's big tit. Siona moaned, her wings fluttering again. She squirmed, Ava kneading both Siona's heavy mounds as she suckled hard, her glittering cheeks hollowing.

Siona licked her lips at me, arching her eyebrows. I grinned and held my dirt cock for her lips. The faerie princess didn't hesitate to suck my dirty cock into her mouth, cleaning her own ass off my shaft. She lay on her back, head arched to expose her throat and suck at my dick. She was so limber.

Her warm tongue swirled around the sensitive crown, shooting such pleasure too my balls. I let out a low groan of delight, shuddering at the feel of her mouth. She bobbed her head as Ava kept sucking on her nipples. The faerie princess took more and more of my dick. Pleasure surged down my dick, making my balls boil. Her gentle fingers cupped my nuts, massaging them. Such hunger burned in her violet eyes as her delicate face twisted with her excitement.

“Such beautiful tits,” Ava purred as she nuzzled her rosy face between those lush mounds. Ava's hair, not individual strands but thick cords of silky stone, draped across those big tits as the human princess loved the faerie princess's boobs. “Ooh, yes.”

“Maybe you're the one that likes big breasts,” I said with a grin.

Her eyes flicked up at me as she reveled between those huge tits. “Maybe. They are nice.”

Ava sucked at the soft, inner slopes of Siona's tits as the faerie bobbed her head on my shaft. The tip of my cock brushed the back of Siona's throat. I groaned, my balls twitching in her massaging grip as she sucked harder and harder.

Then she swallowed my dick.

She slid her lips down my shaft, sucking so hard. Her throat engulfed my dick. Tight, massaging delight. She swallowed and hummed, the vibrations of her passion buzzing around my dick. I clenched my fists as the pleasure built and built in my balls.

I groaned as she nuzzled her lips into my blonde curls. Every inch of my dick buried into her royal mouth. She held it down her throat for a moment, her violet eyes staring up at me, and then she drew her mouth back. She sucked so hard the entire time, her lips sealed tight about my shaft, cleaning off her ass.

She whimpered, savoring the dirty flavor.

“You are such a slut, princess,” I groaned. “Both of you are.”

Ava let out a purr between those big tits. “I think so. She's just sucking that dick clean of her asshole. It's such a treat.”

“Did you want to enjoy it?”

Ava smiled. “Well, it's her lands. I think she deserves the treat. I'll just find something else to enjoy.”

I grinned as my betrothed's quartz lips kissed down Siona's flesh. The faerie princess wings twitched as Ava kissed lower and lower. Siona's mouth sucked so hard about my dick. My balls ached in her massaging hands. The pressure swelled in my balls, eager to spill into her hungry mouth and give her a salty treat.

Then Ava nuzzled into the faerie princess's belly buttons. Siona's eyes squeezed shut as she squealed in delight. She sucked even harder about my dick as she let Ava spread her thighs. I groaned, running my hands through her purple hair.

“That's it, lick her pussy,” I growled. “Make her suck even harder on my dick. I'm going to dump so much cum down her throat.”

Then I pushed my shaft deeper into her mouth. She didn't fight me. Her throat engulfed my dick again. I groaned, gripping her head in my strong hands. That hot, tight throat massaged my dick. The faerie princess purred in delight about my cock, her wings fluttering behind her as her lips pressed into my crotch.

And then the human princess reached Siona's pussy. She licked and nuzzled at the purple bush. Siona moaned as Ava fluttered her stone tongue through the folds the faerie princess's snatch. Siona's big boobs swayed as she trembled, her mouth sucking so hard on my dick as I fucked her head up and down my shaft.

I used her and she loved it. Her eyes fluttered. She moaned with such rapture as she squirmed on the bed. Ava feasted with passion, licking and lapping at the faerie's pussy with such hunger. My betrothed's supple back glittered, a thousand stars gleaming across her rosy flesh. I stared at her wiggling rump.

I couldn't wait to see her in the flesh. To taste her real pussy. To kiss her mouth. To love her in person.

“Ava!” I groaned, my hips thrusting now, driving my dick over and over down the faerie princess's throat.

She had such a tight throat. She moaned and gagged. Saliva dribbled out of her mouth as I plunged over and over into her oral cavity. She sucked so hard. Her tongue danced across my shaft as she loved me.

“I'm going to dump so much cum down her throat, Ava,” I groaned. “Keep licking her pussy. She sucks my dick so hard.”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Use the slutty princess.”

Siona's wings fluttered against the bed as Ava licked louder, harder. I could hear those noisy laps through hot cunt. The faerie twitched. She moaned about my cock, her passion buzzing around my sensitive dick. Then her body bucked.

She came.

I groaned, plunging my cock down her throat as her body writhed in orgasmic bliss. Ava purred in delight, drinking down the faerie princess's flood. My balls smacked over and over into Siona's face as I plundered her mouth.

“Cum in her,” Ava moaned, lifting her pussy-stained face from Siona's crotch. “Dump your cum right down her throat.”

“Yes!” I groaned, gripping Siona's head so hard. “Take it!”

I rammed my dick down Siona's throat. My balls smacked into her chin. Pleasure surged through me as the faerie princess moaned in rapture. The buzzing delight surrounded the tip of my cock. The pleasure shot to my balls.

My cum fired straight down her throat.

“Gods, yes!” I groaned as my cum pumped straight into her stomach.

“Pater's cock, yes!” Ava moaned. “Just dump it into her mouth. Use the slutty princess. She loves it.”

Siona moaned her agreement.

The pleasure surged through me. My balls tightened as they unloaded blast after blast of jizz into her hungry mouth. The faerie princess's moaned in delight as she gripped my thighs. She writhed on the bed, her body quivering.

With a grunt, I fired the last blast of jizz down her mouth. Rapture surged through me. “Slata's hungry mouth, but you can please a cock, your Highness.”

“Can she please pussy?” Ava asked. She rose, her quartz body glittering, and stretched out on the bed.

I released Siona's mouth. She pulled off my cock, saliva spilling down her cheeks. Lines of glistening spit connected my cock to her lips for a moment before they snapped. I arched an eyebrow at the faerie, asking, “Can you, your Highness?”

“The princess has a naughty looking pussy?” she asked. “Absolutely. I have to give it a try. Do you produce juices?”

“No,” Ava sighed. “It's a defect. But I can feel everything you do.”

“And she feels so slick and smooth,” I groaned, my dick still hard, dripping with the princess's saliva. “Give her a try.”

“I will,” the faerie princess moaned, turning around on the bed and moving between the human princess's thighs.

The faerie princess stroked Ava's thighs with gentle fingers, stroking down the flesh to Ava's pussy gleaming between her spread-open legs. The sculptor had captured her curly pubic hair as stiff bush surrounding a tight slit that parted with her limbs splayed so far apart. My dick throbbed as the faerie came closer and closer to my betrothed snatch.

I moved behind Siona, peering past her head to watch as her fingers reached Ava's pussy. My lover shuddered at the faerie princess's touch. Siona's digits stroked up and down the stony folds, exploring the twat.

“This is remarkable,” Siona said. “I can feel her heat, and she's so slick and soft. It feels like a pussy made of glass, but glass with the consistency of flesh. You truly are a remarkable being, your Highness. You are blessed to have the blood of Krab flowing through your veins.”

“Thank you,” Ava said, but she looked away, her face tensing.

What happened to her with her father? I almost asked when Siona buried her face into Ava's pussy and licked. Pleasure crossed my betrothed's face, banishing that lingering sadness. Her small breasts jiggled, her nipples sparkling. A whimper escaped her lips, rapture burgeoning inside of her.

Siona's rump wiggled right before my cock. The tip brushed her pale butt-cheek, leaving behind a streak of precum. Jizz stained her crack and coated her pussy, running out of her asshole. My dick throbbed, staring at her pussy.

“Do it!” moaned Ava, her eyes staring at me. “Enjoy her royal cunt, my love.”

I pressed my dick against the petals of Siona's snatch. I shuddered, feeling them about me, smelling the honey-like scent of her cream. That sweet delight of faerie cunt. She wiggled more, moaning into Ava's pussy.

“Fill me with that cock again!” the princess moaned. “I wish to visit my mother with a load of your cum buried in my cunt.”

“We'll see her soon?” I asked as I sank into her snatch. I needed to ensure Aingeal's freedom.

“Tomorrow. It will take us a day of hard flying to reach her palace. But I shall preserve your cum in me.” Her wings fluttered. “I will feel you in me all day as I ride my pegasus.”

“Ooh, that sounds like a wonderful treat,” Ava moaned, her quartz thighs locking around the faerie princess's mouth. “Now lick right there. Yes, yes, yes, I like that!”

Siona's cunt clenched down on my dick as she feasted on Ava's snatch. Excitement surged through me as I thrust forward, pumping my shaft in and out of the princess's delicious snatch. Her hips wiggled, stirring around my dick. Such a wondrous treat surged through me. My balls smacked over and over into her clit.

She moaned into Ava's pussy, licking my princess with such passion. Ava moaned in delight, squeezing her firm breasts as she humped against the hungry faerie's mouth. Siona feasted with that same enthusiasm that Ava had.

And that made my dick ache. It propelled my hips to plunder the faerie princess's juicy snatch as hard as I could. My balls thwacked with lout smacks into her clit. Her cunt clenched each time on my dick, sending pleasure bursting through me.

“Pater's cock,” I groaned, savoring this delicious delight. “And Slata's hairy cunt!”

“Fuck her pussy!” moaned Ava, her body trembling. “Oh, my Sven, pound her. She loves it. The princess is such a slut for us.”

I grinned at Ava, so glad to share a woman with her again. Another princess this time. I just wished Kora, Aingeal, Zanyia, and Nathalie were here, watching, writhing, sharing this joy with me. Even that aoi si, Ealaín, could join the fun. She had those big tits, and I bet beneath her armor she had a body to be worshiped.

I thrust faster and faster, my excitement building and building as I plundered faerie cunt. The pleasure surged through me, rippling through my body. Every stroke had me grunting and groaning. The pleasure surged through my body. I groaned, sucking in deep breaths. My eyes squeezed shut as a jolt of ecstasy fired down my cock and through my body.

“Gods, yes!” I grunted.

“Fuck her!” gasped Ava. “Pound her. She's squealing into my pussy. It feels soooooo good!”

Was there anything sweeter than one of the women you loved begging you to fuck another?

My crotch smacked into Siona's rump. Her butt-cheeks jiggled. Cum squeezed out from her crack, spilling across them as she whimpered. Her wings flapped and fluttered. They twitched as she bucked back into them.

Her violet hair blocked my view of her pussy licking, but I could hear her feasting on Ava's snatch. And the results painted across the human princess's face. Her quartz expression twisted with rapture as she shuddered on the bed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Ava. “Saphique's licking tongue! Ooh, she's going to make me explode.”

“Good!” I groaned. I wanted my women to have all the pleasure they could enjoy. I smacked Siona's rump hard. “Make her cum hard.”

“Yes!” she hissed. “Mmm, Saphique's sweet pussy and Cernere's black cunt, I will!”

Ava bucked hard as Siona feasted with noisy hunger. The faerie princess's pussy clenched down hard on my thrusting dick. I shuddered, the silky friction building the pressure in my balls, bringing me closer and closer to erupting into her royal cunt.

Then Ava spasmed. Her back arched, thrusting her small titties into the air. They sparkled, the quartz flecks in her rosy flesh catching the light. She whimpered, grinding her pussy against Siona's mouth as she came so hard.

“Yes!” I growled and smacked Siona's ass again, leaving a bright-red handprint. “That's how you love my women, your Highness!”

Siona moaned in rapture. And then her pussy convulsed about my dick.

I shuddered as I pumped into a cumming snatch. That wondrous delight rippled about my dick, massaging it, sucking at it. My balls tightened. The pleasure rippled through my body. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut.

“Cum in her!” howled Ava as she writhed. “Give her all that cum so she can feel it in her all day!”

“Yes!” squeaked Siona. Her wings became a blur as she writhed in ecstatic bliss. Cool breezes caressed my hot chest as I plundered her convulsing cunt.

“Pater's cock, yes!” I hissed, ramming my dick into her depths.

My cum boiled out of my balls and fired into her pussy. I shuddered, filling the faerie princess with all the spunk she craved. The pleasure surged through my body. Every blast fired more euphoria through me. My head snapped back as I growled out my pleasure.

Siona's pussy milked my dick. The faerie princess moaned in delight, squirming her hips, stirring my erupting dick around in her juicy cunt. The ecstasy turned into buzzing rapture as I spilled a final spurt into her depths.

“Gods, yes,” I panted, sucking in breaths.

“So much cum,” the faerie princess moaned. “Mmm, thank you for your audience, Sven. We shall depart to see my mother. She must take your petition immediately.” Her pussy clenched down upon my dick. “Oh, yes, she has to feel how passionate you are for it.”

Ava giggled. “She wants you to fuck her mother?”

I grinned at the princess. “Doesn't every girl wish her mother to be satisfied?”

A shudder ran through Ava, her eyes growing distant. Was she thinking of me and her mother? I never met her deceased mother, but Ava was said to possess her countenance. I pictured an older version of my blonde princess, lips plump, breasts larger, standing with that mature confidence of experience.

My dick throbbed in Siona's pussy.

Ava stood up. “I need to get my rest. Tomorrow, I have many plans to make.”

I pulled out of Siona and swept Ava's body into mine. “You will take care. I don't want your father to hurt you.”

“He wouldn't hurt me,” she said, looking away. “It's just... I need to get away from him. I need to be with you. I...” She stared at me, her lower lip trembling.


She chewed her lower lip, looked away. “I'm just scared for you. I want to be with you. And then we can end this. His army is undone. He's scrambling.”

I kissed her forehead. “We will end this. We struck him a huge blow. And as soon as Aingeal's free, we'll return and finish him off.”

Hopefully, the phylactery of Biomancer Vebrin won't cause us any problems. One issue at a time. Once Ava ruled Kivoneth, we'd have the resources to deal with destroying the soul of that evil man.

To be continued...

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