The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Forty-Three: Satiating the Feyhound

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Note: Thanks to B0b and WRC 264 for beta reading this!

Sven Falk – Faerie

“Why are feyhounds an issue?” I asked, glancing at Cú Mheá sitting on his haunches beside Aingeal, his leafy tongue lolling from his muzzle. “I've fought dogs before.”

“They're almost impossible to kill,” Aingeal said. “It's not like stabbing a sword through them will do much. They're animated by magic. If you cut enough of their branches, they fall apart, but not before they tear you to pieces. They're fast. They're nimble. And they're loyal.”

“I can make an illusion,” Kora said. “And so can you, Aingeal.”

“Faerie illusions don't work on them. They're not living creatures. And they have keen senses. They don't just rely on vision. If you're not careful, Kora, they could see other clues: footprints left on the ground, hear noises, smell scents.”

“Ah,” my sister said. “That would make it... difficult.”

“Well, we can sneak past them,” Zanyia suggested. “I'm good at that.”

“Not all of us are,” I said.

“You are very good at it, brother mine,” Kora said, a smile on her lips. “You've snuck into more than a few maiden's chambers in your times.”

I gave her a cocky grin. “More than a few.”

“But I'm not so good at it,” Kora said. She glanced at my newest sex slave, Nathalie. “And I have a feeling you're not, either.”

The girl shook her head, her braided, blonde pigtails swaying about her shoulders.

“Luckily, feyhounds do have one weakness,” Aingeal said, her butterfly wings fluttering. She scratched Cú Mheá's head between his wicker ears. His thick, stiff tail thumped on the ground, creaking like an oak tree in a windstorm.

Kora groaned. “Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes,” Aingeal grinned.

“What is...” My eyes widened. I couldn't help the grin crossing my face as I stared at my squirming sister.

“Fairies made them,” Kora said. “And you're children of Las, so....”

“So it's pussy,” I said my dick throbbing.

Aingeal gave a vigorous nod. “They tend to run in packs of three to six. And we have four pussies at our disposal.” She slipped an arm around my sister's waist, giving her an arched grin. “You're lucky night. No excuse not to scratch that itch Cú Mheá gave you.”

Kora squeezed her eyes shut, her cheeks completely red.


Kora Falk

We crept through the woods approaching Réimse Seamair. I trembled, my heart racing. We had our plan. The pixie, after some twisting, had conjured an image of the location. We just had to get past the patrol of feyhounds without being seen.

The strange, different colored moons, shone their varied hues of light through the forest canopy. Leaves had a shimmer of orange or purple or blue light as they shifted in the breeze. The beauty was remarkable. I could spend a lifetime studying the terrain, capturing the uniqueness of it on canvas with paints. I could embroil myself in my art.

If only that bastard Prince Meinard hadn't murdered my family. I was a Radiant of Rithi. I wasn't meant to be skulking through the woods dodging animated bundles of sticks that wanted to fuck my pussy. Such a hot itch burned inside of me. It was so wrong. They were monsters. I shouldn't want to lie with them.

And my brother shouldn't want to see me fuck them. Horny pervert.

My heart pounded in my chest. The feyhounds patrolled far out from the field, several miles. Once we were through them, we only had to deal with the three treemen guards. Another problem, but one that didn't require me having sex with an animated monster and—

Cú Mheá's ears pricked. He let out a low growl, head turning to the left.

“Better get your cunts juicy, ladies,” Aingeal said, her hands shooting down to her hairless pussy. She rubbed her fingers up and down her juicy snatch, her big breasts jiggling, the gold rings catching the varied-hued moonlight streaming down around us. She whimpered, wings fluttering. “They're coming.”

I just let out a groan. Our plan was so perfect. We just had to get past these stupid feyhounds. “Why, Rithi?” I prayed to my Goddess. “Do you want me to use my sexual arts on these freaks?”

“Maybe she does,” Sven said.

I shot him a look, anger bubbling through me.

“It'll be fun, Mistress,” Zanyia purred, her tail swishing as she fell onto her hands and knees. She rubbed at her furry muff with one hand, sliding fingers up and down her leg. Nathalie joined her, the slave girl naked, her small breasts quivered. She had a big grin on her face, looking at my brother as she got her twat nice and juicy.

Aingeal joined the pair, kneeling beside them, shaking her ass in the direction Cú Mheá stared. The feyhound whimpered. He licked his lips. His wooden cock thrust out of his body. He licked it with his leafy tongue.

My pussy clenched.

“Maybe they're only three of them,” I said, hugging myself in my pink robes. I didn't want to surrender to such depravity. It was so wrong.

Sven cocked his head. I could hear a faint rustling sound. Something approached through the woods. “No, sounds like four.”

My pussy clenched. Juices ran down my thighs. I didn't need to touch myself to be nice and juicy. “You just want to watch your sister get fucked!” I snapped at him. “Your own sister! I'm your woman!”

He shrugged. “Bet it'll be hot to watch.”

I narrowed my eyes at him as I reached for the ties holding my pink robe closed. “You are such a perv. Would you want to watch another guy fuck me?”

“I have watched other guys fuck you, sister dear.” He gave me an arched look. “You never hid your dalliances from me. Probably trying to make me jealous.”

“I don't need... substitutes now.” My robe fell off my body, revealing my round breasts, the ruby amulet nestled between them, and sleek thighs. His eyes flicked at my body, sending an incestuous wave of heat through me—I loved his attention.

“It's not a human male,” Sven said. “It's not even alive.” He unlaced his leather britches, pulling out a hard cock. “It'll be so hot to watch, sister dear. So hot.”

“Uh-huh, Mistress Kora,” whimpered Nathalie.

“Join us, Mistress,” Zanyia purred, her tail swishing more. “They're coming closer and—”

A creaking bay echoed through the woods.

“They smell us,” Aingeal purred. “Come on, Kora. Get down on here and get ready to be fucked hard. It'll make your brother so happy. And I know you love pleasing my husband.”

I let out a frustrated screech, my poor pussy burning. I knelt down beside Zanyia. Her tail brushed my ass as she gave me a toothy grin. Her ears twitched and an anticipatory purr rose in her throat. She quivered.

So did I.

Gods, I wanted this.

Brush rustled. I heard heavy panting. I looked down my body, past my swaying breasts, amulet dangling with them, and out between my legs at the dark forest. A bush rustled. And then a feyhound, larger than Cú Mheá, burst out of the woods. This construct was fashioned like a big mastiff, bulky and powerful, the type who could rip someone apart.

And there, swinging between his legs, was that big, wooden cock.

My pussy clenched in anticipation. Fresh rivulets of pussy juices trickled down my thighs, glowing blue in the moonlight. I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest. Sven let out a groan, his hand sliding up and down his cock, eager to watch us get fucked.

Such a pervert.

Then the feyhound leaped on me. I gasped, feeling its wicker body rubbing hard across my back. Its strong forelegs gripped my torso. My breasts rocked forward, slapping together, the amulet bouncing between them, the smooth facets caressing my flesh. Then something hard rammed into my cunt, sparking pleasure across my labia.

“Master!” whimpered Nathalie. “Master, Master, its fucking me!”

“Ooh, yes,” yowled Zanyia. “So big. So fast!”

The feyhound on me let out a whine as it pumped its hips again, trying to get its dick in me. I shuddered, my pussy drinking in every impact of its blunt tip. It slid it around my vulva, searching for the entrance to my cunt and—

Speared into me.

“Rithi's delicate fingers!” I moaned as that thick cock slammed to the hilt in my juicy pussy.

Pleasure rippled through my body. I squirmed and shuddered beneath the feyhound's bulk. I sucked in deep breaths, my tits swaying beneath me as he rammed his dick over and over into me. He had me trembling and groaning. My moans echoed through the air as he pumped away at my juicy snatch.

He thrust so fast. Faster than I'd ever been fucked. He just hammered his wooden dick over and over into me. I shuddered, feeling his body move, made up of branches woven together. They slid across my back as he panted and groaned as he fucked me.

He. I couldn't think of this thing as an it any longer. He wasn't a thing. He may not be technically alive, but he fucked like he lived.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, adding my gasps to the other three. “He's fucking me so hard.”

“Yes, he is, sister dear,” groaned my brother, standing before me, stroking his cock so fast as he watched me. “And you look so hot.”

“Pervert!” I howled, my snatch clenching down on the wooden dick pumping away so fast.

The monster's cock stirred me up. It sent such hot ripples through my body. My tits swayed with every thrust. He rocked my body as he fucked me. The feyhound pounded my cunt. He used me as he panted, savoring the pleasure of my snatch.

Beside me, Zanyia's smaller frame rocked beneath her big feyhound. Her small tits jiggled beneath her. Her ears twitched as she yowled in pleasure. She rocked back into her feyhound's thrusts, loving her monster fucking her hard.

“Pater's huge cock!” Nathalie moaned, her young voice strained by the huge cock reaming her pussy. “Oh, Master, I'm feeling hot, too.”

“Yes, you are, you little slut,” groaned my brother. “Just taking that huge monster-dick.”

“She is,” Aingeal panted. “Ooh, I need to thank whoever made this feyhound. Such a wonderful cock. So virile.”

“Just fucking you four sluts hard,” panted my brother, pounding his hand up and down his dick.

“So hard!” I whimpered, my pussy clenching down on the invading cock as it churned me to a hot froth.

I groaned and whimpered. Such rapture surged through me. My eyes rolled back in my head as I shuddered beneath these hard strokes. I gasped and moaned. Pleasure built and built in me. My pussy clenched I sucked in a deep breath and then let out a gasping pant.

His dick burned in me. His monstrous cock hammered me so hard. I bucked into his thrust as his hard body rubbed against my ass and back. He gripped me hard as he fucked me like an animal. Juices poured down my thighs from my boiling cunt.

“Oh, Gods, brother mine!” I gasped, staring at Sven's cock as he stroked it. “I'm going to cum so hard.”

“I knew you'd love it, my sister-in-law,” the faerie groaned. “Yes, yes, yes, we're all going to cum, husband.”

“Master!” yowled Zanyia. “Master, yes!”

The lamia came hard. Her body shuddered beside me. Her feyhound howled in rapture as he felt her pussy spasming about his big dick. My own cunt clenched down hard on the monster shaft reaming my snatch, increasing the friction.

Nathalie squealed next. Then Aingeal gasped in her rapture. Sven watched us all, stroking that big cock of his. Through my lust-addled vision, I stared at that dick, watching my brother jerk himself off as my feyhound hammered my cunt.

Sven grinned at me. He knelt before me, offering me his cock.

“Brother mine!” I moaned and engulfed the tip.

I sucked on his dick hard. I nursed on his cock as the pleasure of the feyhound fucking my cunt surged through me. This was so wrong. So depraved. And I shared it with my brother. We were both such perverts.

His blue eyes reflected moonlight and his passion as he stared down at me. He stroked my flushed chin as my tongue swirled about the head of his dick. I tasted his salty precum, that incestuous flavor I loved so much.

“That's it, sister dear,” he groaned, his blond hair swaying about his rugged face. “Let yourself go. Cum on that feyhound's cock!”

I shuddered. Just hearing my brother's words set me off. My pussy convulsed. It writhed about the feyhounds dick. Pleasure surged through me as I whimpered out my rapture. I sucked so hard on my brother's cock as stars danced before my eyes.

The feyhound growled in pleasure, squeezing his hard forelegs about my torso. He hammered my convulsing pussy. He rammed his dick over and over into me, his growls growing louder and louder as he savored the pleasure of my twat.

“Gods damn, you are so sexy, sister dear,” panted Sven. His body shook.

His cum flooded my mouth. A moment later, as I gulped down incestuous cream, the feyhound buried into my spasming twat. His hot spunk spurted into me. My hot pussy milked his dick while my mouth nursed at my brother's cock.

I took jizz from both ends. It filled me. Warmed my body. I swallowed my brother's spunk while my pussy drank the feyhounds jism. I groaned and shuddered, the pleasure rippling through me. Such wonderful rapture swirled through my body and left me gasping and groaning in utter delight.

I knew I'd enjoy Cú Mheá in the days to come.



“I love being fucked!” I yowled as my orgasm burned through my body, my pussy milking the sexy feyhound's cock. “Oh, Master, yes!”

He groaned beside me, his sister nursing on his cock. She sucked him dry while her feyhound came in her. I shuddered, bucking back into my own construct, my snatch milking the monster's big dick reaming me.

He howled, ramming his shaft to the hilt in me. I yowled in delight as he spurted into me. Hot, thick cream spilled through my pussy. My ears twitched as the pleasure rippled through me. I arched my back, purring so loud, savoring this moment.

“Oh, that was wonderful,” Nathalie panted, resting her face on her hands as her feyhound dismounted her. “Ooh, Master, we pleased them.

My feyhound fired his last blast of jizz into me. “Yes, we did.” I grinned at my fellow sex slave. “And we pleased Master a lot.”

“I think Mistress Kora did that.”

“Uh-huh,” panted Sven as he pulled his dick out of his sister's mouth. “And how did you like it, Kora?”

“She loved it,” Aingeal moaned from the other side of Nathalie. Her feyhound had also dismounted her and the faerie sat on her knees. She gathered the cum running out of her pussy and sucked on it.

I groaned as mine dismounted me, his dick sliding out of my pussy. I groaned as he plopped out, pleasure buzzing through me. Then his cum ran out of me. Curious, I scooped it off my thigh and brought it to my lips.

“Ooh,” I purred. “That's different. It's so sweet and syrupy. Almost like pine sap.”

“One of my favorite treats,” Aingeal sighed. “Sometimes I can just nurse Cú Mheá's dick and drink it down.”

“Care to try, sister dear?” Sven asked as Kora licked her lips, stained with Master's cum.

“Pervert,” she said to Master, but without any bite.

I grinned as she reached between her thigh and scooped up the feyhound jizz leaking out of her. She popped it into her mouth, cheeks hollowing as she sucked it off. She shivered, her eyes widening as she groaned.

“It's different.” She glanced at Master. “Not the same at all as your cum.”

“Just so long as you like mine better,” Sven said with a grin.

“What if I don't?” Kora asked as she rose.

Sven blinked which made his sister laugh. A sheepish grin spread across master's lips as he hugged his sister and kissed her on the forehead. I hopped to my feet, buzzing with delight. My orgasm pumped euphoria through my veins.

I felt invigorated. Ready for the fight. Ready to stop Prince Meinard's despicable army and free all those humans.

To be continued...

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