The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Forty-Two: Silky Petals

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Sven Falk

“I really have to fuck this flower?” I asked, staring down at the sparkling bluebell flower before me. It had a large enough petal that I could slip my thick cock through.

“Well, it'll be more of a blowjob,” Aingeal said. “But you'll love it. I promised you satisfaction, didn't I?”

“You did,” I said to my faerie-wife. I pressed the tip of my dick against the silky petals of the flower.

It moved, the petals sucking the crown of my cock into their depths. My eyes widened as something damp rubbed at the tip. The petals moved, the flower sucking at my dick like a bellows pump. I groaned, the pleasure rushing through me.

“Pater's cock,” I groaned, the pleasure feeling incredible.

I'd been hard all day. The sight of my four women masturbating wouldn't leave my mind. I needed this cum badly. I just didn't expect it from a flower. But it felt good. Different from a mouth, not as warm, but the silky caress of the petals massaging the sides of my dick and the wet center rubbing on the tip had me trembling. The pressure reached into my balls, full of my cum.

Then hands grabbed my nuts, massaging them. Zanyia and Nathalie leaned in, staring up at me as they each sucked a ball into her warm mouth. I groaned as they sucked. The pleasure rippled through me as they massaged my sensitive nuts with their mouths.

“Mmm, they are just so wanton,” purred Aingeal. “Your little slaves just want to please you.”

“Yes,” I panted, the pleasure my two slaves gave me mixed with the sucking delight of the flower. “Pater's cock, but they're incredible.”

Zanyia's triangular ears, thrusting out of her tawny hair, twitched. She purred as she sucked harder on my left nut. Nathalie's blue eyes were dewy with passion. Her tongue swirled around my right ball between her sweet sucks.

I groaned, my toes curling in my boots. Such pleasure surged through me. Such satisfaction. My dick ached and throbbed. The pressure built and built at the tip. I ran a hand through my blond hair, sucking in deep breaths.

It felt amazing. Every suck of the flower built the pressure in my balls that my two slaves massaged with their hot lips and sucking mouths. They agitated the cum in my nuts, bringing me closer and closer to blowing my load with every second.

The ache swelled at the tip. A day spent needing to cum, no satisfaction for hours and hours, had my orgasm rising fast. My face contorted as the pressure built. The tension tightened my body as I stood on the cusp of my orgasm.

“Gods, yes!” I groaned, the flower sucking hard one final time.

My balls unloaded.

Euphoria surged through me. I grunted with each blast of cum splattering into the bluebell. The petals worked about my cock, the flower sucking out every drop of cum. My slaves massaged my balls as the jizz rushed out of them, making me groan and gasp.

The powerful blasts reached my mind. I shuddered, holding onto the pleasure for as long as I could. The intense orgasm swept through me. Leaving me groaning and grunting as the final blast of cum fired into the flower.

“Damn, damn, damn,” I panted.

“Good,” Aingeal said. “Now we have to hide. We don't want to startle the pixie until she gets a taste of cum.”

“Pixie?” I said, a little dazed from my orgasm. “What?”

“That's what we're summoning. To get the information.” Aingeal gave me a smile. “My husband, this next part is even better.”

The five us of slipped behind the menhirs nearby. The massive monoliths of rough-cut stones thrusting out of the crown, forming ancient pillars, many connected by a third stone laid horizontally from them, like they were doorways built for giants and just left standing unused, the buildings never constructed around them.

“It won't be long,” Aingeal purred, pressed against me. “We'll hear her coming out of the forest.” She smiled. “There she is.”

I frowned, hearing a faint buzzing, the wings of an insect. “Is she a bug?”

“She just has dragonfly wings,” Aingeal said. “She'll look like a slender woman though she only stands up to your waist.”

“Like a halfling?” I asked.

“But daintier.” Then Aingeal put a finger to her lips as the buzzing grew louder. With it came a happy humming sound, girlish and excited.

The humming of wings swelled, the air vibrating with the pixie's excitement. She let out a girlish squeal. The sound of her flying stopped. Another chortle of delight. Aingeal gave my hand a squeeze, my cock throbbing before me.

I knew what she wanted.

I sprang out around the menhir, darting from the massive stone. The pixie knelt before the bluebell, nuzzling at it, eating my cum out of the flower. She had a slender back and perky rump. A tight, hairless slit peeked between her thighs. A fully mature pussy despite the how tiny her body was. I caught a profile of small, jiggling breasts.

A woman in miniature with a pair of delicate, translucent wings veined like a dragonfly's.

I fell to my knees behind her. She squealed in shock as my cock rammed into her pussy. Such tight heat engulfed my snatch, juicy and silky. I shuddered, her tiny body taking me to the hilt. My balls smacked into her clit.

“Oh, yes!” the pixie moaned. “Queen Sidhe's hungry snatch, what a big cock.” She threw a look over her shoulder, her eyes so big and round, making her appear so cute and vulnerable. “Ooh, yes, fuck me!”

Her pussy writhed about my dick, sucking at it in a way I'd never felt. Her inner flesh rippled, massaging me as she wiggled her hips, sliding her cunt up and down it. My balls tensed, a fresh load of cum building to flood her hot snatch.

She wanted my cum. I could tell. The little thing hungered for it, my jizz staining her lips. She nuzzled back at the flower, licking out my seed as I drew back my hips. And fucked her hard. I pounded her. I slammed my cock into her hot, tight cooch over and over. Her twat massaged my dick, pleasure shooting through me.

“Pater's cock, yes!” I groaned, reveling in her cunt's silky delights. “You're just a little cum slut, aren't you?”

“Uh-huh,” she said, her voice squeaky. She was so small but felt so womanly. My hands slid up her slender waist to cup her breasts. I squeezed her apple-sized mounds, her nipples two pinpricks against my palms. “Fuck me! Give me that cum! I love it!”

“I will, you little pixie-slut!”

I kept thrusting into her, churning up her snatch. Aingeal fluttered by us, grinning as I plowed the pixie hard. The fey's rump jiggled every time I buried into her. I shuddered, her back arching, wings buzzing with excitement.

I would dump so much cum in her. I would pump her full of my jizz. My orgasm swelled in me. Like she could sense it, her pussy sucked harder at my cock. It writhed faster, rippling in such an exciting way about my shaft. Massaging it with juicy pussy.

“Stop!” Aingeal shouted. “Stop fucking her, my husband.”

“What?” I gasped.

“No, don't!” whimpered the pixie.

Aingeal looked at me, her purple eyes speaking volume. And then it clicked in my head. The desperate moans of the pixie, the way her cunt sucked at my dick. I shuddered. With a growl, I ripped my cock out of her snatch, my dick aching, throbbing, begging to be back in her.

But I controlled my lusts. They didn't own me.

“We need information, pixie-slut,” I panted.

“No, no, give me cum,” she panted, wiggling her hips, her head shaking from side to side, “Now!” She had all the petulance of a bratty child. Her little legs drummed on the ground. “I need it in me!”

“Tell me what I want to know,” I told her, rubbing my cock against her hairless cunt, sliding up and down that mature and skilled pussy. “You'll get it.”

I wanted to bury in her so badly.

“No! Cum! Give me cum!”

“Then no dick for you,” I said and stood up. “I have four women who will all be happy to have my cum.”

“So happy,” Aingeal said. She knelt down and sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth. I shuddered, my nuts tightening. I was so close to cumming, then feeling Aingeal sucking had me on the edge. Primed to erupt.

“No!” The pixie's sapphire eyes widened. “No, no, no, don't take his cum! I want it!”

“Information,” I said as Aingeal sucked with such noisy enthusiasm. “Once I cum in her mouth, my sister's up next.”

“Mmm, yes,” Kora purred.

“Then my slaves. I'll jizz all over their faces and watch them lick each other clean.”

“Yay!” squealed Zanyia.

“You want my pussy!” the pixie said. She stared at me. “You never felt better. I won't let you fuck me if you cum in her mouth.”

“Won't let me?” I arched an eyebrow, Aingeal's mouth bringing me closer and closer to erupting. “A little cum-slut like you thinks she can resist my dick?”

“Just flood Aingeal's mouth, brother mine,” my sister moaned, fingering her twat as she leaned against the menhir. “I'm hungry for my jizz.”

“Yes!” I groaned, my balls tightening.

“No!” gasped the pixie.

I came.

Pleasure surged through me as my jizz pumped into Aingeal's mouth. My faerie-wife fluttered her butterfly wings as she gulped down my cum. She trembled, purring her delight as blast after blast of my creamy jizz filled her. I fired so much, it overflowed her mouth, dribbling pearly down her chin.

The pixie hissed in frustration while the pleasure bathed my mind. Such delicious pleasure. I shuddered, my hands clenching into fists. The ecstasy shot through me. I soared high for one brief moment of rapture.

Then panted as I came back down to earth.

“So, information?”

The pixie glared at me.

“Mmm, yum, I get a turn, brother mine,” Kora said. She pushed off the menhir, pulling her fingers from her twat, and sauntered over. Her breasts jiggled as she slipped her robe off her body.

“Fine,” huffed the Pixie. She crossed her arms beneath her small breasts, her cheeks puffing in anger. “What do you want to know?”

Aingeal turned towards the pixie. “Duke Gallchobhar is housing human prisoners around something called a lodestone. I want to know where and how it is protected.”

“That's it?” the pixie asked. “That's simple.”

“Then you should be able to do it,” the faerie said. “Go and when you return, Sven will pump, that cunt of yours full of jizz.”

The pixie leaned forward, licking up a line of cum off Aingeal's face. Then her wings buzzed and the pixie soared off into the sky, flying fast towards the forest, leaving a trail of glittering gold dust in her wake.

“Another race birthed by Las's jizz?” I asked.

Aingeal nodded.

“We all love cum,” giggled Zanyia. “At least, the female ones do. The male ones love pussy.”

My dick throbbed and twitched as I waited for the pixie to come back. I didn't let my women suck me off. I made a promise. I would uphold it. But it was so hard with them lounging around naked. They kept rubbing their pussies and giving me hungry looks.

Insatiable sirens. I loved them all. Even Aingeal. Seeing the pain in her eyes when we entered here. We were the same. This Duke Gallchobhar hurt her family. Drove her from her home. He would pay just like that bastard Meinard did.

In an hour, the pixie returned, buzzing out of the forest, a streak of falling gold dust, like a shower of stars rushing right at me. She slammed into me. I gasped, her body pushing me back. She straddled me, rubbing her pussy on my dick.

“I have it,” she moaned, sliding that hot cunt up and down my shaft, her small breasts jiggling. “I have it!”

“What?” I gasped, her pussy's entrance nuzzling at the hard tip of my cock.

“Cum first!” she moaned and then she pressed her pussy down my dick.

I groaned as that amazing snatch engulfed my cock. She quivered on me, her small breasts jiggling. Her eyes widened. Her dragonfly-like wings buzzed into translucent blurs as she shifted her hips. Her small breasts quivered as she worked her slender thighs up and down me.

She looked so small to be impaled on my dick, shaped like a woman, but only half Kora's height. My dick had to reach so deep into her. I could see it bulging up through her stomach. But she loved it. Her hot cunt sucked at my dick, making me groan and gasp on the ground.

“Enjoy her, brother mine,” whimpered Kora, squirming nearby while Nathalie devoured her pussy.

“Uh-huh, my husband!” groaned Aingeal. She straddled Zanyia's mouth, the faerie grinding her not snatch on the lamia's lips.

“I am!” I panted, gripping the pixie's hips as she worked that amazing cunt up and down my dick.

“You have so much cum!” moaned the pixie. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Her cunt rippled more, sucking harder. My nuts tightened. I couldn't last long in this embrace. My eyes rolled back into my head. I shuddered, my balls tensing, prepared to flood her body with my jizz. Her small tits bounced over me, jiggling with their firmness.

I moved my hands, cupping them. I pinched her tiny nipples, smaller than my own. She squealed, her snatch squeezing so hard on my dick. Her back arched, her wings humming louder and louder. She slammed that tight cunt down my cock, squeezing it so hard.

The suction increased.

“Gods damn, that's good!” I groaned.

“Cum in me,” she begged. “Please, please, cum in me! I need it! I want it spurting in me! Oh, yes, just have it flood me!”

“I will, slut!” I snarled, squirming on the ground. “Fuck, this cunt is amazing. Just a little more.”

“Yay!” she gasped.

And came.

“Pater's massive cock!” I howled at the shock of her pussy spasming about me.

It spasmed and convulsed so fast, a vice that rippled about my dick. The silky pleasure caressed my entire cock. The pressure shot down to my balls. My cum boiled in an instant. My hips thrust upward, bouncing her on my shaft.

I came in her.

Rapture shot to my mind as my jizz boiled into her. I gasped and grunted, stars bursting across my vision. She squealed her rapture as she milked my cock with her tight twat. Her shifted her hips, stirring it around, her cunt drinking in every blast of cum I fired.

“So much yummy jizz!” she panted, rubbing her bulging stomach. “Ooh, yes, that's wonderful.”

“Now tell us,” I groaned while behind me, Aingeal and Kora were moaning in orgasmic pleasure.

“The lodestone is held at Réimse Seamair,” she said. “A pack of feyhounds patrol it and three treemen guard the humans in the stocks.”

I shuddered in delight, my orgasm burning through my body. We had the source of Prince Meinard's indestructible army. Once we freed all those people, those thousands of statue soldiers of his would be useless. The first step in destroying him.

“A pack of feyhounds?” groaned Aingeal. “That's a big problem.”

To be continued...

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