The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Forty-One: Soaring Over Beauty

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Kora Falk

I shuddered, the four of us breaking apart as our orgasm died. I shoved my fingers into my mouth, sucking off Aingeal's honey. It tasted so amazing in my mouth as we stumbled towards Sven. He had such a bulge in his pants. I wanted to suck it. I wanted to give him pleasure, too.

“Brother mine,” I moaned, leaning against him. “Ooh, did you like watching that?”

“So much,” he groaned, Zanyia kneeling on the other side, rubbing her cheek into his bulge as she purred. “Your women are so hot, sister dear.”

I smiled at my brother. My pussy was dripping do to something forbidden with him. Something naughty. I rubbed my dripping snatch against his leather pants. My clit throbbing as it slid up the smooth material.

“No cum,” Aingeal said. “I'm sorry, my husband, but you'll just have to suffer for a while.” Then she grinned. “But don't worry, I'll take care of you.”

I stared at Aingeal, wanting so badly to trust her. Her pain was so real. She had a reason that kept her away. And what if betraying us would get her back? Would being Sven's wife really protect us if she had ill intention?

Her feyhound lapped at her thighs, his leafy tongue gathering her cream. A heat flushed through my pussy as I stared at the artificial dog. It wasn't a real beast. looked so much like one.

I hated how excited it made me watching Aingeal with him last night.

“Look!” Nathalie gasped. Then she squealed in delight.

I threw my gaze to the night sky and saw the pegasi as clear as day. They were all white, their wings pure snow. They descended to the field, one at the front, the herd of a half-a-dozen or so following. My breath caught as they soared downward, all the majesty of a horse combined with the gliding beauty of an eagle.

The stallion touched down, neighing as he approached the clovers glowing purple, stained with our pussy juices. He breathed in, sniffing at the flowers. Then he munched on the clover, eating our pussy juices in the process.

“We got him,” Aingeal said as something tingled through my pussy. Magic surged through the air.

Nathalie gasped, her hands rubbing her dress into her crotch while Zanyia sprang upright, her small tits bouncing. She let out a whimper of lust. She must feel it, too. That same tingle as the stallion munched on our cream.

“Your magic has enchanted him?” I asked, glancing at Aingeal.

“And where the stallion leads, his mares will follow,” the faerie answered.

“So he's like Master,” Zanyia grinned.

“I'll be your mare, Master,” Nathalie grinned, her hands rubbing at her belly. “You'd make such a sexy stallion.”

“Yeah, you would, brother mine,” I said, my pussy clenching.

“Mmm, my sexy fillies,” Sven said, his arm going around me, pulling me tighter against his thigh. My pussy tingled hotter. “I like that.”

“Your own herd of sexy women, Master,” Zanyia breathed. “Your own harem. We need to get you more women. That stallion has a couple more than you.”

I found myself nodding. When did I find it so acceptable to share a man with a bunch of women? Maybe because that man was my brother and I could never have him to myself to begin with. Law and custom forbade our incestuous relationship.

“Let's get going,” Sven said. “If I can't cum, I want to limit how long I have these blue balls.”

“Sorry, Master,” Zanyia said. “We'll take care of you.”

“Yes, we will,” Aingeal promised as she drifted towards the stallion. “Mount him, my husband, and the mares will let us ride them.”

Sven threw himself up onto the stallion with ease. He sat astride the pegasus like he'd ridden bareback so many times. He stroked the mane, the wings unfurling as the stallion neighed and pawed at the clover.

The mares didn't resist as we approached them. They let us climb up. Nathalie did it with surprising skill, and Zanyia had her lamia grace. Aingeal cheated, just flying up into the air and settling herself down on her pegasus's back. Then her feyhound jumped up behind her, his forelegs holding her. The entwined branches that made up his body shifted, turning longer, wrapping about Aingeal's waist. I scrambled up last, having a few false starts before I threw my legs over and settled on the mare's back.

Sven leaned low and heeled his pegasus. With a mighty flap of the wings, he took off, Sven laughing in delight. Then the mares neighed and followed. I gasped as my mount leaped into the sky, her wings beating.

The air rushed past my face, cool and refreshing. The forest fell away, a sea of pine trees stretching to the horizon, each a different height, swaying in the breeze. Aingeal pointed and Sven turned the stallion.

The herd followed.

I couldn't help but stare down at the ground below. We flew fast over Faerie, the forest giving way to grassy fields crossed by rivers. Those undulating waterways shimmered like rainbows in the light, each with its own faint glow illuminating the plants around it. Vast formations of rocks thrust out of the ground, boulders veined with gold and silver and platinum. Gems encrusted other stones, somehow already polished and cut even though they'd never been mined.

It was so much wealth.

We kept flying, the moons drifting overhead. Each a different color and shape, a different face made of darker and lighter patches. A yellow one peeked over the horizon, rising half-full as we journeyed northeast.

Aingeal's pegasus flew beside mine. I kept glancing at her, big breasts swaying as she smiled, staring down at her home. Cú Mheá panted like any dog behind her, his head looking around. He barked and shifted, his tail wagging behind him.

He was so big. And he fucked Aingeal so hard last night.

My pussy grew hotter. I suddenly became aware of the pegasus moving beneath me. The bunching of muscles as she flapped her wings. I squirmed, my snatch drinking in the sensations, tingling heat racing through me.

Why did Cú Mheá make me so excited? I never felt that way around a real dog. But seeing the vigorous way he fucked his mistress last night ignited something in me. And he wasn't real. He was a construct. Almost like a dildo.

I never felt weird about using a dildo before, so why did he make me feel that way?

My pussy tingled as we kept flying. I never quite orgasmed, but I would come close somethings. I'd squirm more and more as we flew across the magical landscape. I'd bit my lip, my cunt on fire, aching for that orgasm.

Though we flew for most of the day, sunrise never came. The moons drifted across the sky, setting while new ones in new hues arose. A pale-blue moon and a deep purple, almost black, shone over us as Aingeal pointed to the ground at a group of strange stones thrust out of it on the edge of another silvery forest.

Sven guided the stallion down, the heard following. I gasped as my mare flared her wings. My pussy pressed hard into her back, my clit throbbing. And then she touched down as gentle as a leaf, shaking her mane and snorting.

“That was amazing!” Zanyia exclaimed. She launched herself off her pegasus, landing by a group of bluebells. “I can't believe I'm not sore. Riding a horse that long makes me sore.”

I blinked as I sipped off my hair. I was only horny. But she was right. I should have aching thighs and ass after a day spent riding. No matter how many days I've done it, it still tired you. But I still felt refreshed.

“Welcome to Faerie,” grinned Aingeal. “Things work differently here. We set the rules, so fatigue is something we don't deal with here.”

“That is fascinating,” I said. I'd learned about Faerie while studying at the Temple of Rithi back in Az.

“So do you sleep here?” Nathalie asked.

“Only to dream.” Aingeal's wings fluttered. She took a deep breath. “We are at the edge of Duke Gallchobhar's land.” She pointed at the forest. “That marks the start of it.”

“So let's go,” Sven said.

“We need information, my husband.” Aingeal gave him an arched look. “So you need to fuck a flower.”

To be continued...

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