The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Forty: Baiting the Trap

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Aingeal – Faerie

I shivered as I stepped out of the mushroom ring into home. Faerie. It had been twenty-three years since I set foot here. Twenty-three years since everything went wrong. I took a deep breath, smelling the spicy freshness of the air, a scent found no where but here. Around me rose tall pine trees with silvery bark, their needles shimmering with a golden hue as the trees swayed in a gentle breeze. A riot of colorful flowers ringed the base of the trees, adding their own nectar to the air, helping form that scent of home.

My butterfly wings fluttered as my naked toes curled into the soft loam. Tears burned in my eyes. It was wonderful to be back.

Spirits danced through the air. The small balls of light—red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and orange—darted or drifted around me. They were everywhere. In the mortal world, they hid in objects, only appearing when I needed them. But not here in Faerie. They came from here. With them, my ancestors had created this world for us to live in.

A ball of red light, a conjuration spirit, surged up to me, brushing my lips in welcome. A tingle of energy raced through me. I shuddered, my hairless pussy clenching, juices dripping down my thighs from the sudden surge of excitement.

“Wow,” Zanyia purred behind me. “It's so pretty here. Look at all the flowers.”

“They're beautiful,” gushed Nathalie, the young girl falling to her knees before a patch of colorful primroses. She breathed them in then plucked one, entwining the stem into one of her pigtails.

“Yes, they are,” Kora said. “It's like Rithi painted her brush here, creating something spectacular.”

I nodded my head. The Goddess of Art had no hand in this world's creation, but she would appreciate it.

“It's nice,” my human husband said. He stared at me. “You miss it?”

“I do,” I said, lifting my chin to the sky. It was always twilight here, the stars twinkling over head. Three different moons were in the sky, violet, orange, and blue. They were all full tonight. That could change. Their phases weren't consistent like the moon in the mortal world. The yellow moon was missing, and I spotted a sliver of the green moon to the east. “It's wonderful to be home, even if it's only for a little while.”

Sven cupped my face, turning me to look at him. He had compassion in his blue eyes. His thumb swept across my cheek, brushing away a tear I hadn't realized I shed. I felt them now, building in my eyes. Twenty-three years away. Cernere's black cunt, it had been so long. I felt so whole here. The emptiness that had gnawed at me filled for a few moments.

But I couldn't stay. I was banished by Queen Sidhe herself. I shouldn't even be here. If I was caught, it would be bad. Execution bad. But I had a chance to pay that bastard Duke Gallchobhar back. I ached to hurt him for what he did to my family. To my father.

“I lost my home, too,” Sven said. “It was stolen from me and my sister.”

“That's why you want to stop Prince Meinard,” I said, staring into his eyes, seeing the pain he tried to hide. “I can understand that.” I took a deep breath. I wanted to be happy and cheerful. I hated being morose, but the pain was so great here.

“How did Duke Gallchobhar drive you from your home?” my husband asked.

The pain deepened. I pulled away, saying, “He tricked me.” I took a deep breath, wings fluttering with more agitation. “We don't have time for this. We need to get some pegasi so we can travel with speed to the duke's lands.”



“How do we do that, Mistress Aingeal?” I asked, my tail swishing. My nose twitched, breathing in so many new smells. Wonderful smells. Every inhalation brought me new beauty to enjoy. My entire body tingled from the excitement of the scents. I crouched low, flowers brushing my legs, each one with a different perfume to savor.

The sadness faded from Aingeal replaced by a naughty smile. Her purple eyes twinkled as her big boobs jiggled, her gold nipples rings glinting. Like me, she went naked. She didn't hide her body like the humans insisted on doing. They were such big breasts. The type I wanted to play with. To rub my cheeks against while purring happily, my ear twitching and my tail swishing.

“Well, we need to attract the stallion of the herd,” Aingeal said to me. “So that means we need pussy juices. Lots and lots of pussy juices.”

I shoved my hand between my naked thighs, stroking through my tawny bush to rub my hot pussy lips. My cream coated my fingers. I held them up glistening and yowled, “I have plenty of those.” I glanced at Nathalie, primroses decorating both her blonde pigtails now. “Right?”

Nathalie pulled up her skirt revealing her downy bush covered in her dew. “I have a wet pussy, Master.”

Aingeal gave a wicked giggle. Her butterfly wings flapped, lifting the faerie into the air. Her big boobs jiggled as she whirled around to face Sven. “We need to spread pussy juices on clover. Pegasi love to munch on clover, and they love pussy juices.”

“Who doesn't love pussy juices?” Sven grinned, that roguish smirk that made him so handsome and dashing making me shiver. “Eh, sister dear?”

“You would know, brother mine,” Kora said with a fond smile. “You love to lick up mine.” My tail swished faster. It was so exciting watching Master lick out his sister's pussy and revel in incestuous passion. It made my cream drip down my thighs. It almost felt like a waste as my juices trickled out of me.

But I could always make more.

“There's a clearing...” Aingeal turned in the air, peering at the woods. She pointed. “That way.”

Sven led the way, Aingeal hovering at his side. She could stay in the air with such ease, her wings hardly flapping at all. It was almost like they weren't really needed for her to fly. I padded along beside Kora, Nathalie on the other side, the young girl humming in excitement. More juices trickled down my thighs as I walked, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

Kora glanced down then swiped a finger up my inner thigh. I shuddered, my tail going stiff for a moment while I yowled in delight. Then she brought her finger to mouth, tasting my sweet cream. She smiled. “You're excited.”

“Aren't you, Mistress?” I asked, giving her an arched look. “I bet you got a pussy dripping juices down your thighs beneath your robe.”

“Maybe,” she said with a naughty smile. “I've always wanted to ride a pegasus. Though I didn't think I'd have to masturbate to do it.”

“Isn't Faerie so much fun?” Aingeal asked from ahead. She was flying backwards now, cupping her big breasts, her thighs as dewy as mine. “Oooh, I love being here.”

Cú Mheá, her feyhound, bounded at her side. My little pussy clenched. I wouldn't mind enjoying the beast made of woody vines entwined together, almost like a wicker basket, formed in the shape of a wolfhound. He had a leafy tongue and acorns for eyes, his stiff tail swishing back and forth. He moved like a dog, right now looking friendly and happy as we walked. He had a nice cock, carved of wood, and capable of firing a sap-like cum. Watching Aingeal fuck him last night had excited both Master and me. But Kora hadn't been so thrilled by it. She'd darted away into the tent like it disgusted her.

The silvery trees passed us along with more flowers growing around them. Bluebells, primroses, daisies, dandelions, buttercups, lady's laces, snapdragons, carnations, gardenias, larkspurs, irises, and more grew around us. Flowers I didn't know the name for grew with strange shapes, one looking almost like a face, others with wide petals or fuzzy centers. They came in every color imaginable. I breathed in deeply, learning new scents.

I loved Faerie.

Then a clearing appeared ahead. I caught a shimmer of color amid the green grass. We stepped out into the twilight. Though the night sky was spread overhead, somehow there was a enough light to see by like it were day. It was so bizarre. Clover covered the field, but instead of having those tiny, white flowers, they came in every hue imaginable. A rainbow of clover.

“Four leaves,” Sven said, plucking one. It had flecks of gold in the leaves that glinted as he twisted it. “These are said to be rare in are world. Is this an entire field of them?”

Aingeal nodded. “We use them as tokens of our promises,” she said. “When we make agreements.”

“You didn't give me one.” Sven arched an eyebrow. “When you promised to be my wife.”

“No, I gave you myself.” The faerie fluttered her wings. “Isn't that better?”

“Yes,” he said then tucked the clover behind Aingeal's ear, the green standing out against her soft-pink hair. His hand stroked her cheeks.

She blushed and trembled, her big boobs swaying in such a hypnotic fashion. I wanted to pull on her nipple rings as I nuzzled into those tits. Ooh, they were so amazing. My pussy itched more and more.

“So we can start masturbating now?” I asked, flexing my toes into the green ground cover. “I'm so horny.”

“Or we can finger each other,” Kora said. “Form a daisy chain.”

“Doesn't that involving pussy licking,” Sven asked. “And you can't do that. Zanyia will drink up every drop of cream she can get.”

“I totally would,” I giggled, licking my lips. “But we can finger each other. Make each other squirt.”

Aingeal nodded. Her eyes moved, like she followed something drifting through the air before her. I frowned, not seeing anything. The faerie smiled. “Yep, this is perfect. We'll spread our juices, and the spirits will make sure a herd smells it and comes.”

“Spirits?” Sven frowned, asking the question I wanted to.

“It's how my magic works,” Aingeal said. “It's really spirits that do it. They just love us faerie so much they'll do anything we think about if they can.”

“Those are what witches control, right?” Kora said.

“Yes. They use rituals to force the spirits to obey them.” Aingeal's wings fluttered. “Well, those twinborn witches of the Tuathan have feyblood in them, so the spirits love them, too. Shall we?”

“Yes,” Sven said, rubbing at his leather pants, his cock bulging.

“Now don't spurt any cum,” Aingeal warned. “The stallion won't like that. His mare's would, but they follow him not the other way around.”

“I can control myself.”

“Such a sacrifice, dear brother,” Kora said, a smile on her lips. Then she slid her hand up Aingeal's thigh, reaching the faerie's hairless pussy. She rubbed at it, making Aingeal shudder.

Nathalie undid Kora's robes. The pink cloth fell away revealing Mistress's shaved pudenda tattooed with her flowering vines. The girl slid her slender fingers across the tattoo then down to rub at Kora's tight slit. She shuddered, her breasts jiggling free of her robe, round and beautiful.

I scampered up, standing beside Aingeal and Nathalie, the four of us forming a ring of fingering delight. I shoved my hand beneath Nathalie's brown skirt, finding her soft down then her wet pussy. The fourteen-year-old sucked in her breath. Her blue eyes widened, flower-entwined pigtails swaying as she moaned. Then I purred, Aingeal's fingers stroking my pussy lips, completing the circle.

My eyes flicked around at the other three women of Master's harem. Aingeal's boobs jiggled as Mistress shoved her fingers deep into the faerie's snatch. Wings fluttering behind her, Aingeal grinned at me, her digits sliding up and down my slit until she found my clit.

And massaged it.

“Ooh, I like that,” I purred. “Mistress Aingeal, you have such a deft touch.”

“So do you,” whimpered Nathalie, her finger growing juicier and juicier as I stroked up and down her tight slit.

“Mmm, that's it,” Kora purred, her blue eyes squeezing shut. She bit her lip, Nathalie's fingers digging through Kora's pussy folds.

I breathed in, the scent of our four pussies filling the air. Nathalie had a sweet musk, similar to my own, while Aingeal's cream smelled like honey. I licked my lips, savoring the tangy delight Kora's snatch added to our feminine bouquet.

Juices dripped down my fingers as I stroked Nathalie's twat. Her clit peeked out of its sheath, a little hard nub I found, massaged. I stroked it in fast circles, making her whimper and gasp. Her small breasts jiggled in her dress. Her free hand yanked at the ties of her bodice.

She freed those small cones.

My free hand reached and slid up Aingeal's body. Her fingers rubbed harder at my clit as I walked my digits up to her big boobs. I reached her right one, the one closest to me. I dragged my finger up her mound, circling it. Her fat nipples swayed, piercings flashing in the light.

“Mmm, Mistress Aingeal, you have such wonderful boobs,” I purred.

“Ava's jealous of them,” Kora said.

“But she has those small, cute breasts,” I purred. “Like me and Nathalie. Master clearly likes tiny boobs.”

“I like all boobs,” Master called, his voice strained with arousal.

I threw a look over my shoulder, my tail swishing. It was hard not to giggle at him, his face flushed, his hands rubbing at his leather pants. He needed satisfaction so badly from watching his four women fingering each other, juices trickling down our thighs, our moans filling the air.

And he couldn't. I would have to make him cum so hard later.

My fingers reached Aingeal's wide areola, stroking across it as I spiraled my digit to her nipple. I brushed the piercing, shifting it. She shuddered, sucking in a deep breath. Her fingers rubbed harder at my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

My ears twitched more. I purred louder and louder as her dancing fingers built the pressure in me. My digits playing with Nathalie's snatch rubbed harder. Then they jabbed into her. The young girl gasped as I sank into her hot, tight, wet depths.

“Zanyia,” she whimpered, plunging her fingers faster and faster into Kora's dripping snatch. “Oh, Zanyia, yes. You're going to make me cum.”

“That's the point,” Aingeal said, her thumb taking over rubbing on my clit while her fingers slid through my folds to the entrance of my pussy.

I yowled, rising on my tiptoes as she jammed her digits into my depths. My cunt clenched down on her two fingers, loving the feel of them in me. She pumped them in and out. Pleasure rippled through me, my orgasm swelling faster and faster. I tugged on her nipple ring, twisting it, making her wings flutter.

All four of us were panting. The air filled with the wet squelch of fingers plunging into hot cunt. Nathalie trembled, her snatch squeezing down on my fingers over and over. Her small breasts barely jiggled because they were so firm. The opposite of Aingeal's soft, rippling mounds. The slightest tremble had the faerie's tits heaving.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I yowled, my purr rumbling out of my throat. “Ooh, that's so good. I'm going to cum so hard on your fingers, Mistress Aingeal!”

“Good, you little catgirl slut,” purred the faerie. “I want to feel that hot cream spurt over my hands. Just squirting out of you.”

“It will,” I gasped, her fingers wiggling inside of me, teasing my cunt. My snatch clenched down on her digits, my body quivering. My tail swished faster and faster as my orgasm built and built in me.

“Zanyia!” Nathalie whined, her blue eyes wide. Her pussy clamped down hard on my plunging fingers. “I'm going to cum!”

“You better gush, slut,” Kora moaned. “Mmm, and you better make me, too. I'm so close.”

“I will, Mistress Kora!” Nathalie panted, her body trembling again. Her braided pigtails bounced around her shoulders as her pussy grew so hot about my fingers. “I'm about to... Yes!”

Hot cunt spasmed about my fingers. I savored the teenager's twat convulsing about my digits, sucking at my fingers. Juices squirted out of her, splashing about my hand and splattering the clover at her feet. Her sweet musk filled my nose, stronger than the others.

I licked my lips, trembling, my ears twitching with excitement. My yowls rose as Aingeal's thumb pressed harder on my clit. I trembled, my ears pricking. My cunt tightened on her fingers, increasing the friction, building my orgasms.

“Rithi's keen eye and steady hand!” moaned Kora, her body arching. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Then her juices gushed out of her cunt around Nathalie's fingers. The girl whimpered in delight as she kept cumming, her cream still flowing. I heard the pride in her moans. She made our mistress cum so hard.

Then Aingeal's thumb caressed my clit. Sparks flew. Pleasure detonated in my cunt. My snatch spasmed hard about her fingers. My pussy rippled and convulsed about them. The pleasure shot through me. My entire body swayed.

Cream squirted out of me, running down my thighs and dripping on the clover below me. I shuddered, curling my digits inside Nathalie's convulsing snatch. I rub at her special spot, making her buck, keeping her cumming.

“Kora!” groaned Aingeal. Then her honey musk filled my nose. Her juices poured out of her convulsing snatch.

All four of us moaned and gasped and cried out in pleasure. We kept fingering wet pussies, cream flooding out of us. Our juices dribbled onto the clover, splattering the four leaves and the tiny flowers. Our bodies quivered, all our breasts heaving.

“Damn,” Sven groaned behind us.

“That's it!” Aingeal moaned. And then suddenly our pussy juices splattered on the clover glowed purple. I whispered, tail swishing back and forth, as the rapture burned through my mind. “They're coming!”

“So are we!” I yowled in rapture, my pussy spasming so hard on Aingeal's fingers.

To be continued...

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