The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Lust's Spell

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Note: Thanks to B0b and WRC 264 for beta reading this!

Princess Ava – Echur, The Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

Knowing the truth about my lusts for my father only made me wetter. He had a spell cast on him that made me want him. I despised the man, hated him. I wanted him to pay for what he did to Sven and Kora's family.

But I also wanted to fuck him so badly.

I slipped out of my robes, standing naked before the door to his bedchamber. I couldn't control myself. I had to fuck him. I opened the door. It was dark in his room, the only light flooding dim and silver through the window.

He was a shape on the bed. I padded across the room, the stones cold on bare feet. Then I reached the bear-skin rug his bed sat on. The thick fur caressed my soles. I reached the foot of the bed, climbing on it.

He stirred. “Ava?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I purred.

“What are you doing here, sweetling?” he asked.

His downfall came closer and closer everyday. Sven would enter Faerie and destroy the Lodestone, taking away my father's artificial army. Then Sven would kill him. But until then, I needed to be trusted by my father. I needed him to tell me everything.

I needed to be his queen.

“I missed you,” I purred, grabbing the sheets, pulling them down his body. I shuddered, realizing he slept naked.

His cock throbbed, growing harder in the moonlight.

“I want to be with you. I don't care what people think.” I slid my hands up his thighs. “You want me to be your queen, Daddy. To take mother's place.”

I hated him so much for that even as my pussy clenched with heat, dripping with juices. He excited me as much as Sven. So many reasons to hate my father. So many reasons to fuck him so hard with my hot cunt. I grabbed his cock, stroking him.

“I don't want to sleep apart from you,” I groaned. “Tonight, I want to be with you.”

I worked up his bed, his dick so hard now. I straddled his waist as he groaned. I rubbed his cock through my blonde bush to my dripping cunt. We both shuddered as I slid his tip up and down my vulva, brushing my clit, caressing my labia.

“You don't have to, sweetling,” he groaned. “You're my queen. I love you.”

I hate you.

“Yes,” I moaned, sliding my pussy down his dick.

Incestuous pleasure rippled through me as I took more and more of his shaft into my snatch. My back arched, my small breasts thrusting before me. Father's hands cupped them, squeezing my breasts, his thumbs sliding across my nipples. Pleasure shot down to my pussy.

My snatch clenched hard on his dick as I rose up hi shaft. I swiveled my hips, stirring his dick through me. It felt so good in me. I knew it was the spell, but that didn't change the ecstasy rushing through my body.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” I groaned, slamming my cunt down his dick. “I'm going to make you cum so hard with my pussy.”

“You're such a loving daughter, sweetling,” he groaned, rubbing my nipples harder.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I grinned, hiding the hate in my heart. “So loving! I love you, Daddy!”

I leaned forward, letting my clit rub against his pubic bone. My body trembled, my pussy squeezing down so hard on his dick as I rode him faster and faster. My breasts jiggled in his hands as I slid up and down his pole, loving every moment of his dick filling me, stirring me to a hot froth. Such rapture shuddered through my body.

Ecstasy beat in my soul.

“Oh, Daddy,” I groaned. “Oh, Daddy, yes. I'm going to cum so hard on this dick.”

“And I'm going to breed that cunt,” he groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes, pump me full of your incestuous seed!”

The bed creaked as I worked my cunt up and down his dick. The silky friction billowed through me. It made me tremble and groan. I shivered, my eyes rolling back into my head. Such rapture shot through me. My pussy clenched on his girth, my hips dancing as I worked myself into a hot froth.

I wanted him spurting in me. I wanted him flooding me. His jizz pumping over and over into my snatch. I hungered for it. I pumped my snatch up and down his dick, my clit slamming into his groin on every downstroke. Pleasure sparked through my body.

He squeezed my tits harder, grunting, groaning. His hips moved, thrusting his dick up into my snatch, bouncing me. I whimpered, our flesh slapping together. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, my orgasm hurtling closer and closer.

“My sweetling,” he groaned, his voice so throaty.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” I gasped, leaning over him, loving how he pinched my nipples. Such rapture shuddered through me. “Cum in me! Breed your little girl!”

The words set me off. My pussy exploded around his dick. I gasped as waves of ecstasy washed out of my snatch. My flesh massaged his dick as he thrust up into me. I bounced up his shaft and slammed down him.

“Pater's dick!” he grunted and then my father's incestuous cum fired into my snatch.

Blast after blast of hot jizz flooded me. It spurted into my cunt. It spilled through me, leaving me groaning and gasping. My eyes rolled back into my head. I whimpered out such rapture as I squirmed on him, my cunt milking his dick over and over, so hungry for every drop. A part of me, controlled by the spell, wished he could breed me.

But I had a mage's enchantment on me. I couldn't conceive a child. I would never have my father's son. Only Sven's.

I collapsed on my father, squirming on him as we both panted and moaned. I kissed him, hating how much I liked it. His hands stroked my back, cupping my ass as his dick softened in my pussy then slipped out of me.

“I'm going to sleep so well in your arms, Daddy,” I purred, slipping off his body and snuggling against him like a lover.

Like I would with Sven after we made love.

“I'll protect you, sweetling,” he promised.

“I know, Daddy,” I said, letting my voice get slurred like sleep approached.

But I didn't fall asleep. Instead I did something naughty. I visited my lover. It made me so excited to cuckold my father with his enemy. A new way to get revenge on the bastard for casting his lust spell and befuddling my desires.

I sank into my proxy in Sven's possession.

I became the stone statuette. I grew out of the pouch into a tent full of feminine moaning. I blossomed bigger and bigger, my gaze sweeping across the room. Kora and Zanyia were sixty-nining while Sven had a blonde girl with braided pigtails riding his face and a woman with pink hair and—

“You found the faerie!” I gasped in shock.

The blonde girl on Sven's face let out a yelp of surprise, falling off of him. His pussy-smeared face appeared. The faerie kept riding his cock, her butterfly wings flapping behind her as her huge tits bounced and jiggled.

Tits far bigger than mine.

“Ava,” Sven grinned at me.

Kora lifted her head from Zanyia's pussy. “Hello, Ava.”

“Hello,” I smiled, grinning at my future sister-in-law. “I see things went well today.”

“There was one or two hitches,” Sven groaned. “Damn, Aingeal, work that pussy on my dick.”

“Ooh, yes, it's such a good cock,” she cooed. “Better than Cú Mheá's.”

“It better be,” Kora muttered darkly.

I shivered, my pussy growing hotter. I glanced at the blonde girl. “You must be the virgin Sven used to capture the faerie.”

“I'm Nathalie,” she said, trembling. “I'm sorry for screaming, your Highness. You startled me. I'm Sven's sex slave. And since you're his fiancee, I must be yours, too.”

“Sex slave?” I asked, sinking down between Sven and his sister sixty-nining with the lamia.

“Yeah,” Sven groaned, his hands sliding up to cup Aingeal's big breasts. Gold rings flashed at the ends of her nipples.

Mine suddenly throbbed. That looked painful.

Sven pulled on them and Aingeal groaned. The faerie's wings fluttered. Her back arched and she rode him faster and faster. I wiggled my hips, growing aroused at the sight of their love-making. I wanted to feel Sven in my pussy right now.

My hands wandered down my rose quartz body, stroking my smooth, crystalline flesh. I found my pussy, caressing it. I didn't grow wet in this form, but I still felt the pleasure. I groaned and whimpered, watching the faerie fuck my lover faster and faster.

“Sven!” she groaned, her wings flapping hard. “Yes!”

“Aingeal!” grunted Sven, his face twisting with rapture.

I shuddered, my fingers pumping into my pussy as he flooded the faerie's snatch with his cum. I licked my lips, eager to lick her clean and find out what she tasted like stained with my lover's jizz. Such naughty thrills ran through me.

And my father would have no idea. He would think me sleeping in his arms.

“Oh, that was good, my husband,” Aingeal purred.

I froze. “What?”

Sven winced through his pleasure. “Well, Ava, this is Aingeal, my faerie-wife.”

“Your wife?” I said, words flat, glaring at him.

“Well,” he said, “she's my faerie wife.” He reached out, taking my hand. “And you'll be my human-wife.”

I shifted at that. “And Kora?”

He gave me a wicked grin. “My sister-wife.”

“And me and Zanyia are just sex slaves,” giggled Nathalie.

I wanted to be angry at Sven. I did. But seeing his grin on his face made that so, so hard. Faerie-wife... Not his real wife, but something that a hero should have. The type of man who overthrows evil tyrants in stories.

“Fine,” I said. “But I better be your only human-wife.”

“You will be,” Sven said. “I promise. I love you, Ava.”

“He does,” Kora said, hugging me from behind, her breasts sliding on my smooth body, her ruby pendant tinking against my crystalline flesh. “Mmm, he loves you so much.

“It's my fault, Mistress Ava,” Zanyia said. She knelt before me. “I tricked Aingeal into promising to be his thrice so we could trust her. She's rather mischievous.”

“She almost got us killed,” Sven said.

“I had nothing to do with that Shizhuthian shadowmancer attacking,” Aingeal said. “I even helped.”

“By blinding us both.” Sven shook his head. “I'll need to figure out a way to deal with that.”

“Shadowmancer?” I gasped when my brain finally worked. “Attacked?”

Zanyia hissed in anger. “Serving Zizthithana. She must be after vengeance for killing my former master. She sent Warleader Gorth'in. He's a brutal man. Not the worst of her servants, that's Antrevia and her pet ogre, Gor.”

“Well, I learned that Zizthithana is working for my father,” I said. “That's why he's letting her take slaves. My father needs humans to power his army. This Lodestone uses the people captured by the Shizhuthian slavers to control the constructs of his army. To expand it, he needs more and more people. Thousands of slaves, Sven.”

“And we'll free them,” he growled. “We're entering Faerie tomorrow. We'll stop your father's plans.”

I threw my arms around him, kissing him. If my body could cry, I would weep. I hated my father so much!

“This will be a fun prank to play,” Aingeal giggled. “Ooh, Duke Gallchobhar will gnash his teeth!”


Aingeal – Forest of Lhes, Strifelands of Zeutch

“So this is it?” Sven asked, peering down at the ring of mushrooms.

“Yep,” I answered, my wings fluttering as a wave of nerves washed over me.

It only took us half the day to reach it. I guided us through the woods. We left the new horses behind. Sven hoped they would be fine. He wasn't pleased about abandoning them, but they wouldn't do us any good in Faerie.

“So, what do we do?” Kora asked, dressed in her pink robes. She peered down at the ring. “I can feel something from here.”

“I just have to power it,” I said. It had been twenty-three years since my banishment. Queen Sidhe promised to chain me in iron if I ever returned.

But to hurt Duke Gallchobhar...

“Then do it,” my husband said, excitement in his eyes.

I grinned, deciding to be a dutiful wife today. With just a thought, green spirits flowed out of the woods. Only I could see the little balls of dancing energy. They gleefully plunged into the ring, powering it.

Nathalie gasped and Zanyia purred as the mushrooms glowed with a vibrant light, painting us all in emerald. Cú Mheá barked with excitement while Kora peered at the ring in study. The air rippled as I opened the way into Faerie, the realm my people created with the help of the spirits of the world.

“Just step in,” I said and did just that.

To be continued...

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