The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Fairy's Pet

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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“What would you like to know?” I asked Kora as my new husband vanished into the tent, my pussy still aching from being fucked by him.

He would make a wonderful husband. And if he could help me get revenge on that bastard...

“Why are you...” Her words trailed off as she sat up, hearing something approaching in the forest. “What's that?”

“Oh, that's Cú Mheá,” I smiled as my feyhound padded into the clearing. “He's my pet. I made him to love me.”

“Made?” Kora frowned, peering at the shape moving around the fire.

Cú Mheá stepped into the firelight, the oranges and reds dancing across his body made up of thick, woody wicker wrapped about each other in the vague shape of a hound. He padded forward, his leafy tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, his ears perked up, made of fine vines entwined together like woven wicker.

Kora frowned as Cú Mheá reached us, his stiff tail wagging. He licked my toes with his tongue, the leafy texture making me giggle. He was the size of a large wolfhound, big and imposing, his body creaking as he moved.

“Is he alive?” Kora asked, frowning.

“He's animated,” I answered. “And intelligent. But I made him. I wove him together and then sent spirits into him to make him move. He's similar to a spriggan.”

“A what?” Kora frowned.

“This is just something us faeries do,” I smiled as he licked higher and higher up my leg, reaching my knee. Then he lapped at my inner thigh. He inhaled, smelling my hot pussy. I heard the familiar sound of creaking wood, knowing his cock was thrusting out beneath him.

“Oh, my,” Kora gasped. “You made him...”

“Anatomically correct!” I beamed. “I polished that dick for days to make it so smooth. It'll make you cum so hard.”

“You're kidding? He's a dog.”

“A feyhound,” I corrected. “A magical construct. And so loyal and... Yes, I fuck him!”

His tongue reached my pussy. His thick, broad leaf lapped at my pussy, caressing my hairless folds. My big breast jiggled and my butterfly wings twitched behind me. I seized my pierced nipples, tugging on the gold rings and stretching out my fat nubs.

“Oh, wow,” Kora gasped, her blue eyes so wide, her breasts jiggled, her ruby amulet swaying between them. I loved the sight of her left tit covered in the tattoos of a flowering vine. “That's... He's licking you.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, Cú Mheá lapping across my snatch again, his tongue brushing my clit. “He's such a good boy.” I rubbed at his wicker head, feeling the smooth, entwined vines. His ears twitched and his tail wagged more. “Yes, you are.”

“He's a beast. You don't really fuck him?”

“I absolutely do,” I groaned. “Watch.”

Kora did, rising onto her knees as I squirmed and groaned. My sister-in-law licked her lips as Cú Mheá licked my pussy. His leafy tongue lapped over and over, gathering up my honey. He growled his enjoyment of my flesh as I kept petting him.

His tongue was so thick, able to cover my entire pussy as he licked. And the texture... So different from a human or a faerie tongue. It was a leathery caress that made my body convulse. My tits jiggled as he bathed my clit over and over, sending sparks shooting through me.

I whimpered, staring up at the starry sky as my feyhound loved my snatch. He pressed his muzzle into it as he licked and nuzzled. I groaned and whimpered, twitching as he bathed my cunt with his tongue, sending such wonderful pleasure through my body.

Kora fidgeted. Her hands rubbed at her thighs.

“Masturbate,” I groaned. “Don't hold back on my account.”

“But you're having a monster lick you,” she protested. “A male monster.”

“A construct,” I groaned. “No real different than using a dildo. And he's so wonderful. Yes, you are. Whose my good pussy licker?”

Cú Mheá barked then lapped even harder at my pussy.

I gasped, shuddering. My big tits jiggled as I squirmed. I squeezed them together with my hands, massaging their pillowy softness. My nipple rings flashed at the summit in the firelight as I squirmed. My toes curled, the pleasure building and building with every wonderful lick and lap.

I drank in Kora watching. Her hands rubbed at her thighs, sliding up and down, like they wanted to touch her pussy. But she resisted. I squirmed, moaned, loving the dilemma in her face, the desire to enjoy herself while thinking it was perverted to get off on watching a dog-like construct licking my snatch.

Which just made my lusts burn.

“Ooh, yes, Cú Mheá, keep licking my pussy. I'm going to cum all over your snout. Then you can fuck me. I know you love sliding your dick into my pussy!”

“Rithi's wondrous talent,” groaned Kora, her round breasts swaying as she shook. “This can't be happening.”

“It is,” I groaned, humping against Cú Mheá's hungry snout. “I'm going to cum so... Yes!”

My orgasm exploded through me. My pussy convulsed. Juices flooded out, bathing his leafy tongue. He lapped up my cream, growling his appreciation of my flavor. His wicker muzzle glistened with my excitement. His stiff tail wagged with joy.

I squirmed, tugging on my nipple piercings, adding more delight to the rapture shooting through me. It was so wonderful. The ecstasy swept through my body and reached my brain. Delight boiled through my mind.

“So good,” I groaned. “Queen Sidhe's loose cunt, yes!”

I bucked so hard, my wings twitching on the ground as I writhed in ecstasy. Cú Mheá kept licking me. His tongue dragged up my pussy over and over, ending at my clit. My bud drank in his caresses, sending more waves of euphoria washing through my body.

Kora bit her lip, her hands so near her pussy, stroking her inner thighs. Her shaved flesh glistened with her excitement, her clit so hard, so begging to be touched. She needed to watch just a little more depravity.

And I knew just what to do.

“It's time to fuck.”

Cú Mheá barked his excitement.

I rolled over onto my hands and knees, folding my butterfly wings flat. I wiggled my ass at my feyhound. With a creak of wicker, he mounted me. His smooth body draped over mine, his weight so wonderful on me.

And then his smooth, wooden cock pressed against my snatch. I felt Kora's eyes on my cunt, watching as the feyhound's dick prodded my pussy. He thrust with eager enthusiasm, ramming his shaft into my depths.

“Oh, Gods,” panted Kora, her hands moving, finding the hot flesh of her pussy. “Oh, Gods, that is so wrong.”

“But feels so good,” I moaned as Cú Mheá hammered away. He rammed his dick so hard and fast into my cunt. He reamed me. My pink hair swayed about my face as my pussy drank in the rapture of being filled over and over by his wooden prick. “Yes, yes, yes, pound me!”

Cú Mheá barked. His forelegs gripped my side. His hips pounded me, ramming that thick cock over and over into my snatch. My feyhound fucked me with such energy, holding nothing back, just eager for his orgasm.

My pussy clenched down on his thrusting cock over and over. I wiggled my hips, pleasure flooding through me. His frantic thrusts stirred my snatch to such a froth. Juices flooded down my thighs as I moaned out my rapture.

Kora masturbated with the same fierce passion. Her face twisted with rapture, her breasts jiggling as she reamed her fingers in and out of her snatch. She trembled, her hips wiggling from side-to-side. Her moans sang out through the air.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, Cú Mheá! You're such a good boy! Yes, you are! You fuck me so well.”

“He is,” groaned Kora. “Rithi's amazing talent, he is!”

I trembled, my hips wiggling as that amazing cock reamed over and over into my cunt. He plowed me so hard. He plunged his wooden dick into me with such fervor. His forelegs tightened on me. His growls and barks grew louder and louder.

His orgasm approaching.

I wiggled my hips beneath him. I massaged his dick with my pussy as the pleasure spilled through me. Every thrust sent tingles racing through my body. My cunt drank in the friction of his shaft. My next orgasm swelled in the depths of my cunt.

My fingers dug into the ground. My wings twitched, brushing his wooden body. I panted, my big tits swaying beneath me. They slapped together, making such naughty sounds. I loved being fucked so hard by my feyhound.

Kora's body trembled. She had three fingers reaming her cunt, her other hand frigging her clit. She masturbated with such ferocity. Her body shuddered beneath her passion. Pleasure twisted her girlish face, her blonde hair swaying about her features.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kora hissed. “Fuck the slutty faerie!”

“He is!” I groaned, my eyes widening. “He's fucking me so hard. He's such a good boy!” Cú Mheá barked.

“Yes, yes, cum in me, boy!” I howled.

“Cum?” Kora gasped. “He can cum?”

I grinned at her, stars dancing across my vision. “He can!”

Kora orgasmed. Her body convulsed as her pussy juices fired out of her cunt. They squirted against her hands, filling the air with her tangy musk. She groaned and whimpered, her face twisted with rapture.

Then Cú Mheá rammed his dick into me and came.

He howled as he flooded my cunt with his spunk.

His powerful blasts splattered in my depths. My pussy clenched hard. Then spasmed. Rapture rippled through me. My orgasm flooded my body with euphoria. Cú Mheá fucked his dick over and over into my spasming twat, flooding me with more and more of his jizz.

“Yes, yes, yes, such a good boy!” I howled. “That's it. That's how you please your mistress. Ooh, yes, you're amazing, boy. Thank you!”

He rammed into me one final time, the last of his cum basting my cunt. I shuddered, my orgasm burning hot through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. Kora whimpered beside me, trembling in her own delight as the pleasure peaked in me.

“Well that's perverted,” Sven said.

I threw a look over my shoulder. Sven had emerged from the tent and watched nearby, his blue eyes twinkling. Kora tremble beside me. She glanced at her brother. She took a deep breath, pulling her fingers from her pussy.

“Yes, it is,” she agreed, rose, and calmly walked to the tent.

I just grinned at my husband. “This is Cú Mheá, my feyhound. And he's such a good boy. So loyal and loving.”

“He's loving alright,” Sven said, fighting a grin.

To be continued...

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