The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Thirty-Three: Fairy's Naughty Fun

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Kora Falk

Nathalie's petite body draped over mine. Her trimmed, blonde bush pressed into my mouth. I shivered at the feel of her virgin pussy on my lips, her sweet cream trickling out. She tasted so similar to Zanyia. I rubbed her back as she licked and lapped at my pussy.

I returned the favor. I rammed my tongue into her pussy, feeling her labia caressing my mouth. I drank her juices, licking, lapping, sliding through her hot folds. She shuddered, moaning into my pussy, her skilled tongue swirling through my depths.

“So good, Kora!” the virgin whimpered.

“And you taste delicious!” I moaned. “Ooh, my brother's going to enjoy this pussy.”

“He will!”

Our breasts rubbed against each other's stomach. My nipples throbbed as Nathalie squirmed atop me. She kept wiggling and moving, her body so lithe. I caressed her back, making her shudder and moan into my snatch as she feasted on me.

Pleasure surged through me. I jammed my tongue deep into her depths. I caressed the walls of her pussy, driving her wild. Her pussy contracted on my tongue while her oral probe swirled through my snatch. She moaned out her pleasure, squirming on my face.

We devoured each other.

We plundered each other's cunt.

Such hot rapture surged through my body. I humped into her hungry mouth as I ate her cunt. I drank her sweet juices, loving the flavor of her. Her musk lingered in my mouth. I whimpered, thrusting my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could.

My fingernails scratched at her back as she found my clit again. Her tongue was amazing. She fluttered against my clit, batting it over and over again. I moaned and gasped, writhing in ecstasy on the bed.

“You're going to make me cum so hard again!” I moaned.

“Good,” she purred. “Ooh, yes, don't stop licking me.”

“Nathalie! I'll make you cum!” I promised her.

I dove my tongue back into her pussy, the virgin shuddering atop me. Her nipples rubbed on my belly as I feasted on her sweet cunt. Her juices coated my chin and cheeks. Dribbles ran down my neck. I breathed in her delicious musk, my body growing hotter and hotter.

I came closer and closer to cumming. I whimpered, humping against her hungry tongue. We drove each other wild. My orgasm swelled and swelled in me. She had me whimpering. I found her clit, sucking on it while my nose nuzzled at her pussy.

“Kora!” she yowled.

And sucked on my clit.

We both came so hard. Our pussies showered the other's face. I bathed in her sweet musk as my cunt convulsed. Rapture shot through me. It washed through my body, leaving me trembling and groaning. I shuddered, whimpering into her hot cunt.

She lapped up my cream while I licked up hers. We both moaned and gasped, filling the tent with our cries of passion and the musk of our pussies. The pleasure boiled through me, leaving my mind drifting on winds of rapture.

And we kept eating each other. Drowning the other in pussy juices and euphoria. Nathalie was such a naughty virgin.


Sven Falk

I hauled Zanyia to her feet, her ears twitching. I spun the lamia round and pinned her lithe, petite form to the tree. Her gold-slitted eyes were so wide, so glossy with need and desire. She stared up at me as her hands grabbed my cock.

“Yes, yes, I need this in me. I can't wait! Take me, Sven!” she moaned, guiding me between her thighs.

My cock rubbed through her soft, brown bush. I felt the tight slit of her pussy, coated with her cream. I shuddered, her hot flesh so inviting. I grinned down at her, my balls eager to unload into her pussy.

“I'll fuck you so hard!”

“Yes!” she whimpered. “Do it! I need it so much! I've been thinking about this all afternoon!”

I thrust.

My cock pressed against something blocking her pussy. A membrane or something, like my lamia slave had somehow become a virgin. But my cock ripped through it, burying into a pussy so hot and tight. I groaned at the pleasure of her silky embrace, staring down at her face rippling with pain transforming into pleasure.

And then she wavered like a mirage.

Zanyia's toothy grin and gold-slit eyes melted into the innocent face of Nathalie. Tawny hair became blonde, braided pigtails, round, human ears peeking out above them. She let out a whimper of delight, her thighs wrapping about my hips, holding me tight in her pussy.

“What?” I gasped. “Nathalie?”

“Yes, yes, fuck me like you fucked my mother!” the once-virgin girl moaned, her hips undulating, sliding that hot pussy up and down my dick. Gods, she was tight. “I need you to make me cum like her, Sven! To love me like you love her.”

Blue eyes beseeched me.

Confusion surged through my thoughts. I struggled to think, to understand how she became Zanyia... No, she was always Nathalie. It explained the trouble she had swallowing my cock. The shock she experienced when I came in her mouth. She'd never given a blowjob before and...

“Who's in the tent with my sister?” I groaned, my hips pumping away on their own, plowing in and out of Nathalie's deflowered cunt.

“Zanyia!” whimpered the virgin. “I left them in there. I needed you, Sven. I needed you so badly.”

From the tent, I heard Kora's moans and Zanyia's yowls, the pair cumming in orgasmic delight.

“Las's putrid cock,” I swore, thrusting my cock over and over into Nathalie's pussy. “What is going on?”

“You're making love to me!” Nathalie moaned, her body undulating. “Oh, yes, I need that pleasure you gave my mother. I watched you... It was so exciting. I need it, too.”

“Gods damn,” I groaned, pumping away. “I'll make you cum.” Everything was ruined. We'd have to find another virgin. But how had this happened?

I couldn't think. Nathalie's pussy too tight. Too hot. Her cunt squeezed my cock. The silky embrace sent pleasure rippling through me. I thrust away hard, pounding her once-pure depths. I savored defiling her fourteen-year-old twat.

She whimpered and moaned, her small breasts pressed against me, nipples so hard. Her arms were so tight wrapped about my neck, her thighs gripping me. She humped her hips, my cock stirring her pussy to a hot froth.

“I love it, Sven!” she groaned. “Ooh, yes, I needed this so badly. I needed you. You're amazing! Such a stud! Yes, yes, yes!”

“And you're such a little slut,” I groaned. “Mmm, just like your mother. Only better.”

“Better?” she breathed, beaming at me. “My pussy is better?”

“Tighter and hotter and silkier!” My balls smacked into her taint over and over. “I'm going to dump so much jizz into you.”

“Yes!” she groaned. “My pussy's going to make you cum. Just like Mother's did!”

“Only harder.”

Her eyes fluttered. Such a smile beamed across her face. “I'm better than her! Yes, yes! Cum in me!”

I kissed her, savoring the sweetness of her lips. I plowed into her cunt so hard, savoring her silkiness. The first cock to ever enter her. It sent such heady pleasure through me. I groaned, squeezing her ass, stars dancing before my eyes.

I'd spurt so much cream into her. I'd flood her once-virgin depths. I slammed into her, making her shudder against me. Her kiss grew so hot, her thighs squeezing so tight about my waist while her pussy got so hot. Her juices molten with her passion.

And then she gasped into the kiss. Her pussy convulsed.

I made her cum.

I savored her cunt spasming about my dick. I drank in the delight of her once-virgin flesh milking my shaft, so eager to be flooded by my cream. I thrust hard, burying to the hilt in her. Pleasure rushed down my cock.

I erupted into her fourteen-year-old cunt.

“Gods, yes,” I groaned, breaking the kiss.

“So good!” she whimpered. “Pater's cock, you're cumming in me, Sven! I love you!”

Her pussy rippled about my dick. She milked out my cock. I groaned, squeezing her to me as she convulsed about my shaft. My jizz spurted for the final time into her, the last blast of ecstasy firing through my body.

“Gods, you have a hot cunt,” I groaned. “Slata's hairy pussy, you're good, Nathalie.”

“And I love your cock in me,” she moaned. “Can you fuck me again?”

I shuddered, rational thought shooting through me. Something was screwing with us. “Kora! We have a problem!”

“What?” my sister moaned. Then she shouted in shock. “Zanyia! Las's putrid cum, what are you doing in here?”

“Licking your pussy, Mistress,” purred my lamia slave.

“Just let them have their lezzie fun, Sven,” moaned the former virgin. “Please, please, fuck me again.”

Kora burst naked out of the tent, Zanyia on her heels. Pussy cream stained my sister's face, her naked breasts heaving, flushed from her exertion. “Sven! You deflowered her!”

“I thought she was Zanyia!” I shouted back, the virgin still wrapped about my body, her hips shifting, sliding her pussy on my still hard cock.

“Oh, just fuck me again, Sven!” Nathalie groaned. “Let me love you over and over!”

“Boy, she's a horny one,” a new voice said.

I spun around, holding Nathalie to me. Standing a few feet away was a naked girl, her breasts large and pillowy, nipples pierced by gold rings. Pink hair spilled about her shoulders and purple eyes studied me. Behind her, wings like a butterfly fluttered.

“I believe you're looking for me,” the faerie said, something malicious in her voice. “But I don't know why you'd bring a deflowered virgin? Those aren't nearly as attractive as a girl with an intact hymen.”

And then the shadows, stretched long by the setting sun, writhed about me. I gasped in shock as they seized my naked calves. Nathalie's pussy clenched down hard on my dick. She let out a surprised shriek as I darted back. I tripped over my own feet, falling backward.

I hit the ground hard, grunting, the faerie standing over me, arms crossed beneath naked breasts as the shadows undulated and danced.

To be continued...

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