The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Thirty-One: Selling the Bedmaid

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Princess Ava – Echur Castle, the Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

“Mmm, you just look scrumptious,” I told my bedmaid Greta outside of Shevoin's room. “He's going to eat you up.”

“That's the plan,” Greta said, the sixteen-year-old's face pink. Her blonde pigtails danced across her shoulders as she trembled. Her blue eyes twinkled.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked her.

“My princess, I gave you my cherry,” the girl moaned, shifting in her silk slip, her nipples hard against it. I wore a similar slip, clinging to my slim body. “And this was my idea.”

“Still, you can lose it to Sven.”

“We have to know more information.” The bedmaid took a deep breath, the thin material of her slip hugging her ample breasts. “I'm ready to do this.”

I raised my hand, knocked hard on the door. The rap echoed through the mage's bedchamber. My loathsome father was out inspecting his artificial soldiers, readying for his push against his rivals the Princedom of Anaopeth to the west. If he wasn't stopped, his army of statutes would cause so much death and destruction.

Greta was right. I had to learn more. To help Sven defeat my father's foul plans. And Shevoin was in my father's confidence. The master mage aided him, providing the magics. I had a feeling he was behind my father's ability to control an entire army of proxies instead of just one like I could.

Footsteps padded to the door. “What is it? Is there a problem?”

“No problem, Master Mage,” I purred as the door creaked open.

I put my arm around Greta, pulling the bedmaid tight to me. I put on my most seductive smile, my nipples so hard against my dress. Our plan tonight excited me. I was so eager to watch Greta lose her virginity. To give my servant to a man. To prostitute her.

It made me feel so wicked. A bead of pussy juice worked down from my hot snatch.

“Princess,” he said in surprise, wearing the black robes of a master mage wrapped loosely about his body, clearly just thrown on when he heard my knock. “What are you doing here so late?”

“I just need to talk to you,” I purred, my hand sliding down Greta's hip to cup her ass through her silk slip. “I need... information.”

Sweat beaded the master mage's forehead. “You really shouldn't be here. I don't think your father would approve.”

“He thinks I'm a child,” I moaned. “But I'm not. I'm a woman.” I reached out, touching the triangle of his bare chest exposed by him hastily tying his robes. “Don't you agree?”

His skin felt hot beneath my hand. He trembled, licking his lips. He was an older man, his hair grayed, giving him an air of dignity and wisdom. But the look in his eyes was so eager, so boyish, like he couldn't believe what was happening.

“You are definitely not a child, princess,” he groaned. “That's why you should...”

I shushed him with my finger, pressing it against his lip. Then I pushed Greta into the room. I followed after her, our bodies brushing up against his robes. I felt him throbbing beneath, growing so hard at the sight of our nubile bodies.

“You're just who I need,” I groaned, guiding Greta to his bed. “You have the information I need.”

“Information?” Shevoin asked, slamming shut his door. “You really shouldn't be here. Especially not dressed like that.”

“Is there something wrong with our dress?” I asked, looking down. Then my hands seized the hem of my slip. Greta mirrored me. I pulled it up, exposing more and more of my pale thighs. He swallowed as my strawberry-blonde bush came into view, dripping with my excitement. I kept drawing it up, exposing flat belly and then my small, perky breasts. I peeled the slip off, dropping it on the ground.

Greta bared her round breasts beside me, her naked hip brushing mine. Shevoin groaned.

“Is that better?” I asked, dropping my slip.

“Oh, gods,” the mage groaned. “Your father will be wroth if he learns about this.”

“Learns about what?” I asked, my hands seizing Greta's body, roaming her naked flesh, feeling my bedmaid shudder beneath my touch. “Wanting to help him?”

“You think this is helping him?” the mage said, voice strangled. “Coming into my bedchamber? He...”

“Loves me?” I asked. “He does. And that's the problem.” My hands cupped Greta's round breasts, kneading them. The mage's eyes fixed on those plump melons, watching my fingers dig into the soft flesh. I brushed hard nipples, bringing a whimper to Greta's lips. “I need to help him, but he won't confide in me.

“But you know his plans.”

“Princess,” he groaned, watching me fondle my bedmaid's tits. “I can't...”

“Can't tell me about the lodestone?” I asked, rolling hard nipples between my fingers.

“Yes, you can tell her,” whimpered Greta, her hips wiggling, pressing her ass back into me. I shuddered, draping my naked body against her supple back. My nipples throbbed on her skin, my pussy growing so wet.

“How do you know about the lodestone?” Shevoin groaned.

“I was in Daddy's study the other day,” I purred. “Beneath his desk. You were talking about it. What's it for?”

“I can't tell you that.” The mage rubbed sweaty palms on his robe, his cock tenting the front. So hard. So aching.

“Yes, you can,” I pouted, resting my chin on Greta's shoulder. I moved my right hand down her body from her breast, caressing her flat stomach, reaching lower and lower. I brushed a blonde, silky bush. “Just tell me.”

“If your father wants you to know, he'll tell you,” groaned the mage. “I promised him my fealty. I can't betray that.”

“I'm his daughter.” I shivered. “He trusts me, too. He just wants to protect me. He thinks I'm too young for this.” My fingers slid through Greta's silky bush, finding the hot folds of her pussy. The girl whimpered as I stroked her virgin flesh. “I have to prove to him that I'm not too young. I'm twenty-one. I'm a woman. I'm his heir. I need to know these things. I'm an imbuer, too. I'm not delicate like he thinks.”

“I can't,” he groaned.

“Not even for a trade?” I rubbed harder at Greta's cunt, her juices coating my fingers. Her ass wiggled, rubbing into my pubic mound. I loved the feel of her rump against me. “She's a virgin.”

“What?” groaned Shevoin.

“She's a virgin. My finger's rubbing on her hymen right now.” I licked my lips. “You can use pussy juices to power your magic. The serving girls are always talking about how they have to masturbate into vials for you. Doesn't the juices of a cunt you've deflowered work better for your magic? Imagine having access to Greta's cream whenever you need it. I can let you borrow her.”

“Yes,” whimpered Greta, her hips wiggling. “I have a cherry you can pop.”

“Gods give me strength,” groaned the mage.

I grinned. “So the Lodestone... It's connected to the army, isn't it? It's what allows my father to control them?”

“Yes,” he said, voice hoarse, the words almost ripped out of him. His eyes bored on my fingers playing with Greta's virgin snatch. “I enchanted it myself.”

I moved Greta, pushing her down on the bed. I stretched out beside her, spreading her thighs. Then her pussy lips. He stared at her virgin cunt, my thumb brushing the hymen covering the entrance to her cunt, feeling the little holes in her maidenhead.

“How does it work?” I groaned. “How can he control all those different statues? He has an army of them. Thousands.”

“The Lodestone lets the cattle act as the wills for his proxies,” panted the master mage, his hands fumbling at the knots to his robe. He ripped it open, his cock thrusting out through the parting fabric.

Cattle? My eyes widened. The slaves Sven and his sister liberated? The ones Zizthithana's warleader captured for her? My father let the foul Shizhuthians to operate in his land for this reason? I hid my disgust as Shevoin came to the bed.

I grabbed his cock, rubbing it up and down Greta's pussy as he mounted her. My bedmaid shuddered, feeling the dick at her virgin snatch. I stared up at the mage, gripping his dick hard in my hands.

“These cattle? Are they livestock he purchases?” I needed confirmation.

“Slaves,” he groaned. “They have their wills stripped away when they're harnessed. Doesn't matter who they were before. Men, women. Just so long as their minds power the soldiers.”

“That's...” Disgusting. “Amazing. My father is so powerful.”

“Uh-huh,” groaned Shevoin, his cock pressing on Greta's pussy.

My bedmaid sucked in her breath.

“Not yet,” I groaned. “You told my father about a woman. He went to see her. And whatever she did for him worked.”

The mage shot me a glance. He worked his lower lip. I frowned, his dick throbbing in my grip. “I shouldn't.”

“Shouldn't?” I asked. “Maybe I should find another to take my bedmaid's cherry.” I lifted his cock from her pussy.

“No,” he groaned, licking hips lips. “She feels so warm. I could use her pussy juices. To help your father. Let me deflower her.”

“Then tell me who you sent him to see,” I purred, guiding his cock to my bedmaid's pussy, pressing the tip against her hymen.

“A rogue priestess of Luben!” he shouted and thrust.

Greta gasped as his dick tore her virginity. My bedmaid's body arched, filled with a cock for the first time. She whimpered, her thighs locking about the mage's waist. He pumped away at her snatch, fucking her so hard, driving his dick over and over into her cunt.

I shuddered, my pussy burning to be touched. I just sold my bedmaid's virginity. I prostituted her to this man. A dizzy thrill shot through me. My hand flew between my thighs, rubbing my hot pussy. I groaned, my juices coating my fingers.

“Why did he need to see a rogue priestess of Luben?” I asked.

“I don't know,” the mage groaned, thrusting so hard, burying his cock over and over into my bedmaid's pussy. “He just... asked me to find one. Said it was... personal.” The mage glanced at me, pleasure crossing his face.

“Personal?” I asked, my breasts jiggling as I shuddered, thrusting two fingers into my juicy snatch. I ached to be filled. By my father's cock. He hadn't fucked me all day. I needed him in me. As much as I hated being with him, I burned for the incestuous pleasure of his dick filling me.

“Yes, yes, fuck my pussy!” Greta moaned. “Ooh, yes, ram that cock into me. You love it, Shevoin!”

“Such a tight cunt!” grunted the master mage, the bed creaking as he hammered her snatch. “I'm going to love collecting your cream.”

“Yes,” I whimpered, pleasure racing through me as I pondered why my father would need a rogue priestess of Luben.

But it was so hard to think with my aching desire for my father. I lusted for his dick filling me right now. To gasp and moan with the same rapture that Greta experienced. She bucked and humped into Shevoin's thrusts, her pussy full of hard dick.

My cunt clenched on my fingers. I tried not to think of my father and his pale-blond hair, his ice-blue eyes. I wanted the passion of my Sven. His big cock filling me, fucking me while his sister watched. He was the man I should desire.

But I wanted my father so badly. I groaned, my fingers plunging faster and faster into my snatch. I ground the heel of my hand on my clit. Such delicious pleasure sparked through me. I whimpered, groaned, my cunt growing so hot around my fingers. My snatch so silky. I clenched down on my finger.

The friction increased.

I shuddered more, whimpering, “Daddy!”

I closed my eyes, letting the sounds of Shevoin rutting atop my bedmaid fade into my fantasy of my father mounting me, plunging that forbidden cock into my depths. My cunt clenched so hard about my fingers, drinking in the stimulation, pretending it was my father's shaft filling me. Fucking me.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!”

You're my slut, sweetling, he moaned in my thoughts. I made you into my whore. Just like your mother.

“You did, Daddy!” I whimpered. “You turned me into your utter whore! Your wanton slut!”

I hated it. The shame of my desires for my father swelled in me. I pumped my fingers faster and faster in my cunt. The pleasure radiated through me. My toes curled, my orgasm building and building in me as I pictured my father fucking me so hard.

He pounded me. His balls smacked into my taint, full of his incestuous seed. He wanted to breed me. He wanted me pregnant with his child. It was so wrong. I wanted to have Sven's child, but just thinking of having my father's son had me gasping.

“Yes, yes, breed me, Daddy!” I whimpered, lost to my depraved fantasy. “I need it. I'm your whore! You made me your slut!”

My pussy convulsed about my fingers. My orgasm surged through me.

I thrashed beside Greta and Shevoin, the mage spilling his cum into her once virgin flesh while I fantasized about my father doing the same. My cunt massaged my digits, sucking at them like they were a dick spurting hot jizz. I gasped and moaned.

My father made me into a slut and...

My eyes widened. “My father made me into his slut!”

Orgasmic pleasure burned through me as it clicked into my head. A rogue priestess of Luben... The clergy of the God of Love and Marriage were always married couple. A priest and a priestess. To be a rogue priestess meant she had to violate her marriage, to give into her lust and fuck another. To serve a different god: Las. The God of Lust. Defiler of everything Luben stood for.

And the night my father returned from seeing her, I was consumed by lust for him. He had a rogue priestess enchant his body, to make him irresistible to me. No wonder I couldn't control myself. I hated the man and yet wanted to fuck him so badly.

“That Las-poxed bastard!” I hissed.

“Hmm,” Shevoin moaned, his voice throaty with pleasure.

I shuddered, remembering where I was. “Mmm, nothing. I should be going. You enjoy Greta. Collect all the pussy juices you want from her deflowered cunt. I expect her back in the morning.”

“Yes, princess,” he groaned and then kissed my bedmaid.

I rolled out of the bed, such anger swelling through me. I couldn't wait for my Sven to crush my father.

To be continued...

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