The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Naughty Fairy Spying

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Naughty Fairy Spying Princess Ava – Forest of Lhes, The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My rose-quartz fingers spread apart Kora's pink petals. I licked my lips, staring at the flood of Sven's cum, her brother's cum, pouring out of her pussy. A surge of taboo lust shot through me at the incestuous mixing of their fluids.

I leaned my proxy forward, my soul inhabiting the statue like my real body, and licked. My stone tongue slid through her hot folds. I felt the silky texture of her petals, the creamy delight of the cum gathering on my tongue. I pulled the treat into my mouth, imagining the mix of salty jizz and pussy juices. I had no taste buds while inhabiting my proxy. I could feel. I could experience pleasure, but rocks couldn't discern flavors.

But still, I enjoyed this. Because one day, once Sven and Kora defeated my father, I'd taste this with my real mouth, my real tongue. I'd get to revel in their incestuous love. I yearned for that day, my hips wiggling in delight as I licked again.

I groaned when Sven seized my hips, rubbing his cock against my proxy's pussy. I felt the girth on my pussy lips, sliding up and down. This was the cock I should year for, not my father's. I didn't understand my strange lusts for my father. My body just so whorish it craved that pleasure.

But right now, feeling Sven slid his cock into my depths, I didn't need my father. I had the man I actually loved fucking me, sharing his sister with me. And his sex slave. Zanyia rode Kora's mouth, the petite lamia shuddering, her tail swishing behind her as Kora licked and lapped at her cunt with eager hunger.

I shuddered, glad to be a part of my roguish lover's harem.

“Mistress Kora,” whimpered Zanyia, her hands cupping her small breasts, her cat-like ears, the same tawny shade as her hair, twitched as she writhed. “Ooh, yes, you're licking my pussy. You're just eating me.”

“She is,” groaned Sven, voice throaty with the pleasure of my snatch.

I squeezed down on him as I flicked my tongue through Kora's pussy. I licked and lapped, savoring the hot, silky feel of her, the creamy texture of her brother's cum pouring out of her depths and onto my lips. It sent such delight shooting down to my cunt filled with Sven's cock.

He fucked me faster, his strong hands sliding up my sides. I groaned as he cupped my small breasts, my rosy nipples throbbing beneath his strong grip. I whimpered, my pussy tightening on his cock, increasing the friction of his thrusts.

And swelling my own pleasure.

“Just ride my sister's face,” groaned Sven. “She loves eating pussy.”

“It's so good,” moaned Kora.

“I bet you can't wait to lick the princess's real pussy,” moaned the lamia, pinching her nipples, her body squirming more. Her tail swished back and forth as she purred in delight.

“I can't,” groaned Kora.

“Me, either,” I purred between licks, feeling hot juices staining my stony face. “I want to taste you. I imagine you taste amazing.”

“So amazing,” groaned Sven, his hands tightening on my breasts, his strokes picking up their pace. Heavy balls, full of cum, thwacked into my clit. “She tastes so wonderfully tangy.”

“Tangy,” I groaned, imagining that flavor as I devoured Kora.

I wiggled my tongue into her depths, swirling around and loving her silky texture. She whimpered and groaned, her thighs tightening about my face. She bucked against me, grinding her hot pussy on my lips.

Eating her, giving her pleasure, spurred my orgasm to new heights. I devoured my lover's sister. I ate her pussy as he fucked me hard. He pounded me, plunging over and over into my pussy. He groaned, pinching nipples, sending delight rippling through me.

Driving me towards my climax.

“Oh, Sven, yes!” I whimpered. “I'm going to cum on that big cock.”

“Ooh, yes, make her cum, brother mine!” howled Kora. Her hands squeezed on Zanyia's sleek thighs, pulling down and pressing the lamia's hot cunt tighter against her face. “Just flood her with your jizz.”

“Yes!” I groaned.

“I will, sister dear!” groaned Sven, his voice so thick and throaty, so full of his masculine power.

“Master will dump so much yummy cum in you,” yowled Zanyia, her fingers rolling her nipples. She flashed me a toothy grin before she shuddered. “Oh, Mistress Kora, you're going to make me... Cum!”

Her purrs rumbled from her throat as she thrashed on Kora's face. Hot cream ran down Kora's chin, flooding out of the lamia's cunt. I groaned, licking, lapping, loving that naughty passion burning through the night.

My pussy clenched hard on Sven's thrusting dick. He rammed it into my depths. I groaned, shivering. The friction burned through my cunt. I moaned into Kora's snatch, thrusting my tongue deep into her depths.

We came together.

Kora and I both moaned and gasped our rapture. We shuddered, her pussy juices flooding hot across my mouth and chin. I imagined her tangy flavor as I gulped it down. My cunt spasmed on Sven's thrusting cock. Waves of pleasure rippled through me. I moaned and whimpered like Kora did, both our voices muffled by the hot snatch we ate.

My body shuddered. Sven kept ramming that amazing cock over and over into my cumming depths. He churned me up, making me quake and quiver. Juices flooded down my thighs. My eyes rolled back into my head.

Back in my bed, I knew my real body convulsed in ecstasy.

“Gods damn, what a hot pussy!” groaned Sven, burying into my pussy. “Pater's cock!”

I felt his hot jizz spurting into me. It splashed against my inner pussy walls, those smooth, rose-quartz surface. He groaned, squeezing my tits as he spurted over and over. He filled me to the brim. Made me tremble and shiver.

“Oh, brother mine, flood her!” Kora panted. “Just spurt so much jizz into her! She needs it.”

“I so do!” I whimpered, my orgasm peaking through me.



I plunged a third finger into my pussy while watching Sven and his women fuck. My wings fluttered as I perched in the tree, staring down at their campsite. I loved it. Watching mortals sport was always so much fun, even if one was made out of rose quartz.

My pussy clenched down on my three fingers stirring it up as the mortals swapped partners. The lamia yowled in rapture as Sven rammed his cock into her asshole, her tail swishing across his broad chest. His sister pushed the stony princess to the ground, parted her thighs, and lapped her brother's cum out of that hot snatch.

I loved incest, too.

These mortals were so much fun. I peered at them, the pleasure swelling in the depths of my cunt. My juices flowed, dribbling down my wrist as I stirred my pussy to a hot froth. Tingles rippled through me, making me whimper and groan.

The sporting mortals didn't hear me. Even if they weren't lost to their lusts, they wouldn't notice me. I cloaked myself in spirits to hide me from them. I could moan as loud as I wanted, just scream out my rapture as I cum.

“Fuck my ass, Master!” yowled Zanyia.

“Yes, bugger your little slave,” I purred, my left hand reaching behind me, two fingers finding my own asshole, eager for that delight.

I shuddered, pushing my digits into my hot bowels. My asshole clenched down on my probing fingers while my pussy drank in the rapture of my three fingers pumping in and out of my cunt. I diddled myself faster and faster, reaming them in and out of both my holes.

I loved the difference between the pleasures. The wet, silky glide of digits in my pussy to the velvety heat of violating my own asshole. My body twitched, my large breasts swaying before me. My butterfly-like wings twitched more, flapping behind me as the pleasure built and built.

“Lick my cum out of her pussy, sister dear!” Sven groaned, his muscular ass clenching as he rammed his cock into the depths of his slave's asshole.

“Yes,” I purred.

“I am,” Kora moaned to her brother before she glued her mouth to the princess's artificial body.

Did the imbuer have a connection to the mortal that bastard Duke Gallchobhar consorted with? Anger surged through me. I jammed my fingers so deep into my holes. My back arched, big tits bouncing as I finger-fucked myself towards a screaming orgasm.

My digits pumped in and out of my holes as fast as I could work them. Pleasure rippled through me. The dual delights churned together in the core of my cunt. My pussy grew juicier and juicier, my bowels hotter and hotter.

“Just pound my asshole, Master!”

I shuddered, watching Sven plow his slave's bowels. His balls thwacked into Zanyia's taint over and over. My asshole tightened on my plunging fingers as I vicariously enjoyed the same thrill the lamia did.

I admired the human's muscular back, skin taut and powerful. His buttocks flexed as he plowed over and over into Zanyia's bowels. I wiggled my two fingers as deep into my own asshole, trembling in delicious rapture.

“Rithi's beautiful eye!” groaned Kora, her round breasts jiggling, the ruby amulet glinting between those firm tits. “Eat my snatch.”

The pattern of vines tattooed on her left breast drew my attention from her amulet. I plunged my fingers in and out of my cunt as fast as I could, stirring myself to a hot froth as I studied the way the vines wrapped about her breast. The pink flowers were so delicate, opening up like a hot pussy.

My wings fluttered. I groaned, trembling on my perch. I plunged my digits so fast into my two holes, sending ripples of pleasure through me as I admired the art on Kora's body. Why did she mark her pale flesh so?

I wanted to ask her.

But I couldn't. I needed to watch. To bide my time until the real fun began.

“Just eat my pussy, Ava!” howled Kora.

“Yes, yes, eat her pussy,” purred, my thumb rubbing my clit. My little bud drank in the sensation. Trembles raced through me. I whimpered and groaned. My eyes rolled back into my head.

“I'm going to cum on your mouth, princess!”

“Do it!” moaned the princess, her rose quartz rump wiggling from side-to-side, crystals flashing and reflecting the light.

Her stony body was so beautiful. I licked my lips, wanting to flutter down and part her pussy's folds, to lick a cunt made of such gorgeous material. My hot snatch clenched down hard on my three probing fingers, bringing me closer and closer to my eruption.

My big tits jiggled and swayed. My thumb rubbed harder on my clit as I worked those three fingers in and out of my snatch. The pressure built and built in me, threatening to spill out of me. My butterfly wings flapped harder, the branch I perched on creaking as I swayed.

“Gods, yes!” Sven grunted. “What a hot, tight ass.”

His moans drew my attention. He fucked his lamia slave with such hard, fast strokes. She yowled and whimpered, her tail swiping across his muscular chest. I recognized the throes of ecstasy burning through her, knowing her asshole massaged Sven's thrusting cock.

He neared his pleasure. I licked my lips in anticipation.

“Yes, yes, cum in my ass, Master!” yowled the lamia. “I love it! Ooh, yes!”

Sven groaned and gasped as he pumped his cum over and over into his slave's asshole. I whimpered, perched on the cusp of my orgasm. I wiggled my fingers in the depths of my cunt, plunged others deep into my asshole.

“Oh, Kora, yes!” howled the princess, her rose-quartz tits jiggling like they were made of firm flesh and not stone. “You're so amazing!”

“And I see why my brother loves this pussy,” Kora purred.

“Yes, he does!” I hissed, eyes flicking back to the stud who kept three women, including his own sister, satiated with his cock.

My orgasm detonated in me. My pussy and asshole writhed about my digits. Two different delights surged through me. One burned from my asshole, the other washed from my pussy. I loved them both, stars dancing before my eyes. I sucked in deep breaths, trembling on the branch. It creaked beneath me. My butterfly-like wings flapped behind me, celebrating my pleasure.

Such rapture reached my mind. I loved it. I drank in all the sensations surging through me. These mortals were so much fun. And I would have even more fun with them. Ooh, I couldn't wait to play my pranks on them.

And I needed to uncover just why they wanted to track down a fairy like me.

“So what is your plan now?” the princess asked, she and Kora cuddling up beside Sven, the lamia licking her own ass off his cock.

What a well-trained slave. I approved.

“Since you've escaped my father's soldiers?” added the princess.

Father? Soldiers? They called her princess? Was she Prince Meinard's daughter? It explained how she could be an imbuer. Why would her father's soldiers hunt her lovers? Such intrigue. My wings fluttered. I leaned over the branch.

“We'll head east to the farming villages,” Sven said. “We need to find a virgin to attract the fairy. She's important.”

I grinned. I liked feeling important. But why did they need me unless...? Did they need to cross over into Faerie? I hadn't returned since that bastard's malfeasance.

“Oh, no,” the princess said. “My father needs me. I have to go. I love you Sven. And you, too, Kora.”

“And me, princess?” the lamia asked.

“Of course I love you. You're such a naughty slave. You take care of my Sven.”

Zanyia's tail swished violently back and forth, a purr rumbling in her throat. “I will, princess!”

Then her statue shrank as her soul returned to her own body. I perched on the branch, considering everything I'd learned. Ideas danced in my head. Naughty pranks to pull on Sven and his women. I hit on one that made me beam in delight.

To be continued...

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