The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Twenty-Six: Pleasing Under Pressure

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

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Princess Ava – Echur, Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

I gasped awake into my flesh, lying in my bed, my body soaked in sweat. I trembled. I'd never spent so much time in a proxy before. All night. My bedmaid Greta looked up from my nipple, her eyes wide. It throbbed. She bit me.

“You're father is here!” she said. “I told him you were sick, but he insisted I make you presentable and—”

The door to my bedchamber opened. I hauled up my blanket as my pale father entered in his gray doublet and hose, his ice eyes falling on me, staring at me with such lust. I shuddered, my entire body flushed, my heart racing.

Did Sven and Kora survive? Or were they feathered by arrows? Tears burned in my eyes.

“What is the matter, my sweetling?” Father asked me, sitting down on the edge of my bed. He took my hand. “You're clammy. You're covered in sweat.”

“I don't know,” I whimpered, my heart beating in terror. “Some foul vapors I breathed in, I suspect. I just... I need rest.”

His hand tugged down the blanket, exposing my naked breasts. I shuddered as he cupped my right tit, my nipple puckering hard for him despite my fear for Sven, Kora, and Zanyia. That depraved lust rose in my pussy. My juices flowed, my thighs so hot and sticky.

I wanted him right now. In me. Despite my love being in danger, my body yearned for the incestuous congress of our flesh. I hated myself so much. I pushed down my lust, fighting the whimper threatening to escape my lips as he brushed my nub.

“I was hoping to ensure your fertility this morning,” he said. “I ache so powerfully for you, sweetling.”

“I know. I do, too,” I said, hating how it wasn't a lie. “But...” I kept my voice wan. “I'm just too tired. I hardly slept. I cannot please you right now, Father. As much as I yearn to. I'm too weak. I need rest.”

“Of course, my sweetling,” he said before leaning over and sucking on my nipple.

My pussy clenched in wanton desire.

“I will send for a Priestess of Slata to heal you.” He smiled at me. “Then you won't have to be in discomfort.”

“That's not necessary,” I groaned.

“Nonsense. You are the Princess of Kivoneth. The priestess will be honored to heal you.” He pinched my nipple again. “I'll visit you in a little while, sweetling. Once you're rested.”

“Thank you, Father,” I groaned, knowing there was no other way out of this. At least I had an opening to find out if my Sven survived. If Kora and Zanyia still lived. That was more important than my abhorrent lust for my father.

“Anything for my sweetling.” He leaned over, giving me a quick kiss that sent shivers through me. My fingers curled to seize his straw hair, to hold him to my lips. But Sven... I needed to know.

Then he stood and strode from my bedchamber. The moment I heard the door shut on my sitting room, my father out of my apartments, I closed my eyes and imbued my proxy with my awareness. I put on stone as my own flesh.

They lived.


Sven Falk – Forest of Lhes, Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

“I have to go,” Ava said. “My father is... being very demanding of my time.”

“Okay,” I told her. She'd been coming and going all morning since our scramble up the steep slope while the arrows rained at us. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I held her in my hand, Kora and Zanyia panting nearby as we rested. I brought my hand closer to my lips so her small, rosy form could plant a kiss on my lower lip. Then she went stiff, rigid. Her awareness gone.

I slipped her in my pouch.

Armor crashed through brush behind us. The guards still chased, but we moved faster on foot then they did. Barely. I groaned, my entire body sore. Every muscle burned in my legs. I wanted to collapse. My stomach growled. My throat parched. We'd already emptied our waterskins and had no time to grab food when we abandoned the horses.

“Let's go,” I groaned, pushing off from my tree.

“They have to be as tired as we,” Kora said, her face flushed, twisting with discomfort as she hobbled along with me. “Las damn it.”


She nodded her head. “I'll survive. Let's keep going.”

Zanyia scampered ahead. The lamia still had boundless energy. She crashed through brush and then she gasped. “Oh, no!”

I burst through the brush beside her and... Groaned.

A large ravine split the ground before us. Below, a river splashed through a deep canyon, at least two hundred feet below. Sheer, craggy cliffs led down to the rock-strewn bottom the water wound through. I stared at the other side, only twenty feet away.

We couldn't jump it.

“They're closing in, Master,” Zanyia said as I looked up and down the ravine, debating which way to go. This limited our options. If they realized which way we headed, they could try to send people to cut us off. Especially if the ravine twisted in the wrong direction.

Did they have maps?

“I could jump it,” Zanyia said. “Maybe. Then you could throw a rope across.”

“No rope,” I said. “Let's go that way.” I pointed to what I hoped was east.

“No, we have to cross,” Kora said, opening her robes. My sister exposed her lithe, tattooed body, her hands stroking down her flat stomach to her shaved pussy.

“What?” I demanded.

“A conjuration,” she moaned, lying down on her back. “Hurry. I need your cum in me.”

“Now?” I demanded as she spread her legs, her pussy aimed right at me.

“We don't have time to argue!” she snarled. “If we can get across that ravine, we'll gain so much time. Hurry and fuck me, brother mine.”

I stared at my sister in utter bewilderment, my cock twitching to life. Just the sight of her incestuous flesh offered to me hardened my girth despite the danger. An exhilaration shot through me, my shaft swelling to its full erection.

We would be killed if we stuck around here too long.

“Hurry, Master,” Zanyia said, falling to her knees before me. She fumbled with my laces. “You have to do it.”

“You don't think this is crazy?” I groaned as Zanyia pulled out my cock, stroking it in her hand. Her grip felt so wonderful, her tongue rasping across the crown.

“She's a priestess. If she needs this, she needs it. Now fuck harder, Master!” Zanyia's golden, cat-slitted eyes stared up at me. “Fuck your sister!”

“Fine,” I groaned. Zanyia was right. My sister knew her magic. I fell to my knees, so aware of the sounds crashing through the woods. The shouts. The horns. The dogs baying. I stroked my dick as I brought it to my sister's pussy, already glistening with her juices.

I jammed it into her hot sheath. I groaned at the pleasure engulfing my dick. Despite the danger, it felt wonderful to slide into my sister's snatch, to enjoy her incestuous flesh. We were the same flesh, we came from the same womb. We were reunited again.

I pumped my hips, slamming my cock into her pussy. I'd never wanted to cum more in my life. I fucked my sister hard, her breasts jiggling beneath me. She groaned, her pussy clenching down on my dick, massaging me.

My balls smacked into her taint, heavy with my cum. I felt the pleasure surge through me, hitting my balls. But that familiar ache didn't build. I groaned, thrusting harder, so aware that the enemy came closer and closer.

“Hurry, cum in me, brother mine!” Kora moaned, bucking into my thrusts.

“Trying,” I panted, throwing a look over my shoulder.

I thrust as hard as I could. I fucked my sister with every ounce of passion I had. My cock burned in her pussy, rubbing against the silky of her walks. The friction sent tingling delight racing through my body.

But it didn't gather in my balls. I didn't feel that swelling need to cum. The harder I pumped, the farther away it felt. I groaned, concentrating on my cock sliding through her wet pussy, of pounding my sister's incestuous flesh.

I groaned in frustration. “Come on!” I snarled at my cock. “Just cum already.”

“Yes, yes, you have to do it, brother mine!”

“I'm trying!” I thrust forward. “Las, infect my cock with your lust! Please! I need to explode.”

But I couldn't it. The fear, the danger, held me back. Men were coming to kill us. To kill Kora and Zanyia. My women. I had to be man enough to save them. I had to ignore it, to focus on loving my sister. On loving them both to protect them.

“Zanyia, sit on my sister's face,” I growled. “Let me eat that ass.”

“Yes, Master!”

Zanyia pounced on Kora, smearing her pussy against my sister's mouth. The catgirl purred in delight, her tail swaying, brushing my cheeks as she giggled. She gave me such sultry looks over her shoulder as I rammed my cock into my sister's hot snatch.

I just had to concentrate on loving them. On pleasuring them. The soldiers didn't matter. Only my women did. My sister and my lamia slave. I pressed my face between Zanyia's tight ass, her swishing tail caressing my forehead. I found her puckered sphincter, licked it with my tongue.

I savored her sour musk. Her purrs grew louder as my sister and I pleasured her. The naughty lamia twitched and yowled. I rimmed her asshole, thrusting so hard into Kora's silky depths. I pleasured my slave, thrusting my tongue into her bowels.

“Master! Mistress!” she yowled in delight, her body trained to respond to sex no matter the danger. If she could enjoy herself, so could I.

The pleasure burning around my cock grew more intense. My heart pounded. My hips thrust. Kora's pussy clenched on my dick, so hungry for it as she feasted on the lamia's snatch. I fucked my tongue into Zanyia's asshole, her sour bowels clenching around it. Her tail swished faster and faster, purring louder and louder.

I loved my women. I would protect them.

The ache built at the tip of my cock. That familiar promise of explosive release. My hips thrust forward so hard, ramming my dick into my sister's pussy so hard. Every thrust sent heat to my balls. They approached their boil.

“Las's yummy cum,” purred Zanyia. “Your tongue is making me feel so good, Master!”

“Good,” I growled into her asshole.

“Cum in Mistress! Flood her pussy with all your yummy cum, Master!”

“Yes, brother mine!” groaned Kora, pussy squeezing on my dick. “I need it. Give it to me!”

I rammed my cock into my sister's pussy. The crashing soldiers came closer. I didn't care. I would protect my women.

My cum erupted into my sister's pussy. I shuddered, my orgasm screaming through me. Kora moaned, her pussy writhing about my dick, joining me in rapture. She bucked against me, thighs squeezing my hips as her pussy milked out my cum.

I shuddered, hearing individual shouts. The dogs baying. My last blast of cum fired into my sister. I ripped my cock out of her, Zanyia springing off Kora. My sister shoved her fingers down to her pussy, plunging them into our combined fluids as she rolled over onto her knees, facing the ravine.

“Rithi, take the mix of our sexual passion, the union of our essence, and create art instead of life!” she shouted and yanked out her fingers. She flicked droplets of pussy-infused cum at it.

They glowed, shimmered with the colors of the rainbow, growing larger and larger. My sister swayed, her fingers digging out more of our combined fluids, adding them to what she created out of our incestuous union.

The shape of a bridge appeared, scintillating with all the hues of creation. It spanned the ravine. Our escape. I seized my sister's right arm, hauling her to her feet as I rushed for the conjuration spanning across the ravine, my britches threatening to fall down my thighs.

My foot hit the bridge, the light solid beneath my boots. Her conjuration held my weight. Kora groaned, swaying, leaning against me. Then she cried out, her body going limp. I scooped her up in my arms, so light, and ran. In heartbeats we were across.

I crashed into thick brush, carrying her to the ground, hidden by the wiry branches clad in small, olive-green leaves. Zanyia leaped in behind me. I pressed down on my belly beside my sister, her eyes rolled back into her head from the strain of the spell.

The light vanished.

The first soldier reached the cliff, a dog held on a leash. The hound sniffed around where we had fucked. It barked, tail wagging in agitation. “Where'd they go?” growled the soldier. “Huh? Where are the muderin' bastards?”



My wings fluttered as I crouched in the tree staring down at the soldiers milling beneath me. Their hounds barked, looking confused. The soldiers snarled at them, one cuffing a cur with a gauntleted hand. The dog whimpered in pain.

I glared at him. I liked dogs. My feyhound prowled through the woods.

Then my eyes flicked across the ravine to the prey: two humans and a lamia. They were wild. Having sex while being hunted. The scent of hot pussy drew my attention. I flittered through the woods and watched that blond stud fuck his sister. Such wicked sport those two had engaged in. And then the lamia had gotten involved, their threesome burning so hot.

Pity the soldiers ruined it by arriving. Those three had stamina.

I reached out to the spirits in the world. The dwelled all around. Evocation spirits. Conjuration spirits. Enchantment, abjuration, and transformation. They affected the world, if you knew how to use them.

They loved faeries, so we had no problem manipulating the world.

I summoned conjuration spirits with a thought and a wave of my hand. They danced through the air. I kept them from manifesting. I didn't want any glittering streaks of purple to announce their presence. The conjuration spirits dove down into the sexual fluids staining the ground, rolled in them. Then they zoomed off to the west.

The dogs suddenly barked, pulling at their leashes to go west. The soldiers snarled in triumph, charging off on my new trail. I smiled. Those spirits would go for days and days, leading them deeper and deeper into the woods.

I giggled, my wings fluttering. What a delicious prank. If those soldiers got lost, and humans always did, well, they deserved it.

I flittered from my perch in the tree across the ravine, hidden by abjuration spirits warping light around me. I landed in an elm tree, staring down at the humans hiding in the bush, my head cocked to the side as the trio rose from the brush, relief on their faces.

The man had such a handsome, chiseled face. I understood why the two loved him. I was so glad they showed up. It was so boring the last week.

To be continued...

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