The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Fourteen: Pleasing His Women

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

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Sven Falk

I groaned as I sank into Ava's pussy. It felt so strange, so different from living flesh. Still hot and supple, but so smooth. No lubricating juices were necessary, though my cum filling her made her feel wet this time. I shuddered and heart a whimper from the corner.

I glanced at my sister. I could just see her form rippling as she shivered, masturbating as she watched us. I winked at her, drawing back my cock through the glass-smooth pussy and rammed back into Ava.

“Sven!” she whimpered, her hair shifted as she shuddered, moving as a whole piece instead of individual strands. Her back arched, crystals sparkling, her rosy body adorned with a thousand diamonds. “Gods, I have missed you.”

“Yes,” I groaned, sliding my hands down her body, feeling the glassy skin. So smooth, hard and soft all at the same time. She should be unyielding, but wasn't. She was malleable. I found her small breasts jiggling beneath her as I plowed into her from behind, cupping them.

She whimpered, her hard nipples poking into my palms. I massaged them, her breasts pliant. Her pussy clenched down on my dick, increasing the friction. I shivered, plowing into her smooth depths. My dick throbbed, pleasure rippling down my shaft.

My crotch smacked into her ass, the hard crystal jiggling like flesh. I stared down at her ass, pumping away hard. The crack of flesh on stone echoed through the room, drowning out my sister's whimpers.

I stared at her, just seeing the outline of her round breasts jiggling as she shuddered, both her hands shoved between her thighs, playing with her hot pussy. She inspired me to fuck Ava harder and harder, to give the princess all the pleasure I could.

“Gods, I have missed you,” I groaned. “Pater's cock, but this proxy is incredible.”

“I'm going to be with you whenever I can,” moaned Princess Ava. “I'm tired of being apart from you. I want to be in your bed. I want to share your women.”

My dick ached. I wanted to blurt out, “Even Kora?” but I held my tongue. Instead, I thrust harder, the pleasure shooting through me. I squeezed her tits, making her squeal, her pussy clenching on my dick, tightening that glass tunnel about me. Her smooth depths polished my cock, the tip throbbing in her.

I glanced down at her rippling butt-cheeks. Her crack so tight, hiding her rosebud. I pulled my hands from her breasts, spreading her butt-cheeks apart. The artisan even captured her puckered sphincter.

“Did you pose nude for your sculpture?” I groaned. “He captured every bit of you perfectly.”

“I hired a mage to create an image for him to use,” she moaned. “A female mage, so you don't have to be jealous.”

“Your body is a work of art, princess. I know Kora thinks so.”

“Ooh, does your sister want to paint me in the nude?”

Kora moaned in the corner.

“Oh, yes. She loves your body. She wants you in bed.”

“Shame she couldn't join us,” Ava moaned, her pussy clenching on my dick. “Oh, Sven, you naughty cad. That's my asshole.”

“It is,” I groaned, pumping hard, my thumb playing with her sphincter. I sank into the puckered surface, feeling the smooth depths of the proxy's bowels, so different from real bowels. “I know how much you like having your ass played with.”

“Been so long,” she whimpered, throwing a look over her shoulders, her rosy face twisting with pleasure.

“Is that an invitation?” My balls cracked into her clit, my dick aching.

“My body is always open to you,” she whimpered. “By the gods, I mean it. I'm yours.”

A surge of lust shot through me. I ripped my cock out of her pussy, shifting up her body. I slid my dick through her taint and between the cheeks of her ass. I rubbed on the sphincter, feeling the strange wrinkled glass, soft and yielding before me. Fucking her proxy's body kept subverting my expectations of what I should feel.

It drove me wild.

I rammed my dick into her bowels. Tighter than her pussy, but just as dry and smooth. No friction interfered. I slid in smoothly, my balls smacking her taint, my crotch her butt-cheeks. She gasped, clenching down on my dick, her back arching.

“Oh, Sven,” she whimpered. “Oh, plunder my asshole.”

A soft, “Yes,” hissed from my sister.

“Oh, what was that?” gasped Ava, head tossing around. “I keep hearing a woman moaning in here.”

“Probably Kora and Zanyia in the next room,” I lied, pumping my cock over and over into her tight, smooth, hot tunnel. “They're having their fun.”

“And we're having ours!” moaned the princess, clenching her bowels on my dick. “Mmm, yes, Sven. Ooh, fuck my ass. I'm going to cum so hard.”

“Good,” I growled.

I slid my right hand down her slick body, feeling her quiver beneath my touch. I thrust so hard and deep into her crystal bowels while my fingers found her strange bush. I moved through the woolly thatch of hair to find her pussy lips.

And her clit.

I stroked her bud. She gasped, her back arching, hair swaying. She pumped back into me, driving her ass into my crotch. My flesh slapped loudly against her crystal body. The bed creaked and groaned, enduring our passion.

I pinched her bud, feeling it yield beneath my fingers. She let out a squeal of delight. I played with her nub, pounding her bowels. The friction burned around my cock, driving me wild. My eyes rolled back into my head, the pressure building in my balls smacking her hard/soft flesh.

“Sven!” she moaned. “Gods, you are driving me wild.”

“Then you better cum,” I groaned. “Let it wash over you, princess.”

“Slata's cunt, yes!” she groaned. “Oh, my Sven. Oh, yes! I'm... Gods!”

Her bowels writhed about my dick, that familiar spasming I knew so well. Though she felt different, her artificial body still reacted the same way. I kept playing with her clit, savoring her moans and gasps as I flooded her.

“Sven,” my sister whimpered from the corner, her near-invisible body shaking and shuddering.

I winked at her again, knowing she came with the princess. I wished she could join us. The idea of fucking Ava from behind while she devoured my sister's pussy sent heat rippling through me. I groaned, thrusting so hard, the fantasy burning in my mind.

My sister's tattooed body heaved, her tits bouncing. Ava moaning with her, feasting on my sister's pussy while I fucked the princess's bowels. Zanyia popped into my fantasy, bouncing on Kora's mouth, the catgirl cumming with all my women.

All three of them together with me. Happy.

“Gods,” I groaned. “Gods, I want that.”

“Yes, yes, cum in me!” Ava moaned. “Flood my bowels, Sven. Let me feel it! Let me feel my man explode in me!”

Her words drew me out of my fantasy. I massaged her clit, prolonging her orgasm, as I fucked her bowels. Her flesh spasmed about me. Every thrust built the pressure in my balls. The friction of her slick bowels gripped my dick.

“Pater's cock!” I groaned, slamming my shaft into her bowels. “Yes!”

“Sven!” Ava moaned, my cum firing into her bowels. “Oh, I missed this. I love you!”

I only groaned, my cock unloading into her bowels. Cum pulsed out of me, flooding her. I gripped her hips, grunting, panting. Stars burst before my eyes. My entire body convulsed with each eruption of jizz.

My sister whimpered in the corner, her body heaving, outlined by her rippling presence.

“I love you both,” I groaned.

“Love you,” Ava whimpered, not hearing all my words.

I had to be more careful.


Kora Falk

I buzzed from another orgasm, but my body was still so hot. Sven and Ava kissed, his strong arms around her crystalline body. She stroked his face, studying him. I shivered, knowing that look of memorization, savoring this moment.

We might die going after this lodestone and kennel. Ava knew it.

“I love you, my dashing rogue,” Ava whispered.

He kissed her again. She whimpered. And then her body shrank. It went rigid as she abandoned her proxy. Sven shivered, the rose quartz proxy becoming a statuette. He picked her up with care and sat her on the nightstand, her body naked and lovely.

“Love you,” Sven said, his finger touching her face.

“Brother mine,” I groaned, dismissing my spell. Like mineral spirits dissolving oil paint on canvas, the magic dripped off of me, revealing my flesh.

Sven grinned at me as I hopped onto the bed. I straddled him. “Someone's horny, sister dear.”

“Yes!” she hissed. “I wanted to join in so badly.”

“Yeah,” he groaned, my hand bringing his cock to my dripping pussy. “I want that so—”

A groan strangled off his words as my pussy impaled down his shaft. I joined him, back arching as my brother's cock filled my pussy. I whimpered, the pleasure surging through me as my pussy clenched about his shaft, loving the incestuous joining of our flesh.

My hands planted on his chest, brushing his blond hairs as I leaned over him. I rode him hard, my breasts bouncing and jiggling. My pussy clenched on his dick, drinking in the friction of his shaft. The pleasure flowed through me. I grunted, groaned, loving every moment of riding his dick.

His face twisted with rapture. His blue eyes shone as she stared up at me. My twin, blonde braids bounced and swayed on my back as I fucked him, my ruby amulet swinging before me, the gold chain rasping on the back of my neck.

“Sister dear!” he groaned, his hands cupping my breasts. He squeezed them hard, thumbs sweeping across my nipples.

Heat surged from my nipples down to my hot pussy. I groaned, clenching down on him. Pleasure whimpered through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I moaned and shivered, my hips undulating, stirring him through my pussy.

I ground my clit in his pubic bone. I whimpered, the heat surging through me. My pussy drank in the incestuous friction. My eyes rolled back into my head. My back arched, my ass clenching at the delicious rapture I shared with my brother.

I loved him so much.

He pinched my nipples, his handsome face twisting with the rapture my pussy gave him. I shuddered, the pressure building and building in me as I loved him. I groaned and gasped, my eyes squeezing shut as I slammed down his dick, the amulet bouncing between my heaving breasts.

“Sister dear, yes!” he groaned. “Gods, you are going to make me explode.”

“Uh-huh,” I gasped. “Just flood my fertile pussy.”

“Fertile,” he groaned, his hips bucking up beneath me.

Suddenly, he rolled me over, mounting me. His strong body over me, his eyes staring down at me, pinning me as he rammed his cock hard into my pussy. I shuddered, clenching down on him, my thighs hugging his hips, gripping him.

“You want your brother to breed you?” he growled.

A hot shudder ran through me. “Yes!”

The words popped out of my mouth before I could even think. An orgasm exploded in my depths. My cunt spasmed about his plunging dick. Ripples of pleasure shot through my pussy as I bucked and squirmed. My eyes fluttered, such rapture shooting through me.

“I want you to breed me, brother mine!” I howled, hands grabbing his blond hair, pulling his face down to mine.

His chest crushed against my breasts. “Such a wicked sister,” he panted. “Wanting her brother's seed.”

“I do!” I moaned, my pussy spasming so hard about his shaft.

He kissed me. Fucked me. He rammed his cock hard into my depths. I moaned into his lips. Our tongues danced, my body heaving beneath his. I held him with my thighs. My fingers ran through his hair as we moved together, building towards another explosion of incestuous rapture.

His balls thwacked into my taint. So full of his seed. My pussy sucked at his dick, spasming, my orgasm kept alive by his powerful thrusts. Pleasure rippled through me, making me gasp and groan. I humped against him, so eager for his orgasm.

I broke the kiss, moaning, “Cum in me, brother mine!”

I wanted my brother to breed me. I wanted to feel that cum fire into my depths. I shivered, my pussy clenching down so hard. My eyes fluttered as I bucked beneath him. His thick dick kept plunging into me, harder, faster, stirring me up.

“Breed me!”

“Yes, sister dear!” he growled and thrust forward.

His cock reached to the depths of my pussy. His cum fired, splashing against my pussy walls. I groaned, drinking in his incestuous seed. I squealed, my orgasm intensifying . My pussy spasmed so hard around his cock, massaging him with my wet silk.

He grunted, holding me as he spilled his love into my depths. I writhed against him, our bodies pressed tight. My nipples throbbed against his strong chest. I savored his weight atop me as I mewled and groaned.

My pleasure peaked. He let out a groan.

And then we collapsed into a sweaty embrace. We held each other. He nuzzled at my cheek, kissing to my mouth. I shuddered as he reached my lips. He claimed them. I surrendered to them, united with him.

Loved him.

He broke the kiss, staring into my eyes. “Do you really want me to breed you?”

“Yes,” I answered without hesitation. “But... not now. Not until this is over. But...” I did want his child. “I want a piece of you. For when you...” I trailed off.

“I'm sorry,” he whispered, pressing his forehead to mine. “I wish you both could be my wives.”

“And all the other women you fuck?” I asked him, pushing away the pain as I smirked.

“Not all of them,” he said, staring into my eyes. “I love you, sister dear.”

I closed my eyes, focusing on this moment. The future was so far off. We had so much to do, so I was just happy to enjoy the now.

To be continued...

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