The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Eleven: Naughty Kitty-Cat

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

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“You're so good for helping out Master and Mistress,” I purred, parting Josephine's plump butt-cheeks. She lay on her belly on Kora's bed in her room in the inn. It was a small room, a narrow bed, mattress stuffed with straw, shoved beneath the eaves. My tail brushed the rafters as it flicked back and forth, excited.

“Every brother should know the joy of making love to his sister,” Josephine giggled as I stared down at her butt-cheeks, Master's cum leaking out of her well-fucked asshole.

I smelled the salty jizz and her sour ass, a wonderful flavor. I purred, “And that's why you deserve your reward for letting them have their special time.”

Josephine gave a wicked giggle. “And does that reward include having a naughty lamia lick my ass clean of her Master's cum.”


I buried my face between the cheeks of her ass, my little pussy on fire. I ignored it, trained by years of slavery in Zizthithana's court in the city of Kozzithni to deny my own pleasures. I concentrated on rewarding Josephine, my tongue lapping up Master's jizz staining her taint and clinging between the cheeks of her ass.

I loved it. Choosing who I rewarded. Though Sven owned me, I still could make choices. Like pleasing this woman. My heart beat with such joy. How did I, out of all of my race, get so lucky to be rescued by such an amazing man?

I purred louder, loving the jizz I lapped up, savoring the salty flavor tinged with Josephine's sour musk. It sent such a naughty thrill through me as my tongue cleaned through her butt-cheeks, nearing her sphincter with every lick.

And then I found it.

“Zanyia!” groaned Josephine, letting out a throaty moan as she wiggled her hips, my tongue swirling about her sphincter, cleaning up the jizz bubbling out of her asshole. “Ooh, yes, Hans is so lucky to have you.”

I tried not to giggle, finding it so strange that Master had a second name. Hans. I liked Sven better. It felt stronger, like him.

“Mmm, yes, eat my ass, you naughty lamia,” she gasped. “Oh, I wish I could keep you. That tongue... So different from a human's.”

“If you wanted to own me, you should have rescued me,” I giggled then plunged my tongue into her sphincter.

“Gods, yes!” she gasped, my tongue wiggling through her bowels. “Sven earned your passion. He's so gallant.”

I agreed, my tail twitching faster, my pussy growing hotter. Juices dribbled down my thighs as I lapped up Master's cum I found in her bowels. I savored the sour musk, resisting the heat burning in my cunt, begging for my attention and...

My ears twitched. I didn't have to deny myself. Josephine wouldn't beat me for cumming without permission. She'd wouldn't care if I pleasured myself while licking her asshole. Sven wouldn't be angry, either. He liked it when his women cum.

My purr grew louder as I rubbed the end of my tail against my hot pussy. The bristling hairs caressed my pussy through my trimmed bush. I shuddered, my clit throbbing when I caressed the little button.

“Oh, yes,” gasped Josephine. “I love your purring. It's so exciting.”

My joy rumbled out of my throat, my tail caressing my pussy lips. I stroked up and down my slit, rubbing my ticklish fur into my sensitive flesh. Pleasure rippled through my body. My ears twitched while my hips wiggled.

I swirled my tongue through her asshole, gathering up every drop of jizz I could find. The salty-sour flavor melted on my tongue. I shivered, waves of delight washing through me, stars washing across my vision as my pleasure built.

Josephine needed the same pleasure.

“Zanyia!” she gasped, my fingers plunging into her pussy.

Her hot, silky depths clenched down on my dicks. She whimpered into the pillow she hugged, her butt-cheeks clenching about my face. I swirled my tongue faster through her bowels, whipping her up to a froth as I plunged my fingers faster and faster into her dripping snatch.

“You naughty lamia! Ooh, such a good kitty-cat!”

I was.

I rubbed harder at my pussy with my tail, my body shivering. I curled my fingers in her pussy, searching for that special spot. When her bowels clenched on my tongue and her cunt on my fingers, I knew I had it. I attacked it.

She gasped out in wordless pleasure. Her back arched. Her pussy convulsed. Hot juices flooded out of her snatch, bathing my fingers in her passion. Her clenching bowels forced out more cum from deeper inside of her.

I loved it.

“Slata's hairy cunt! Yes!” Josephine howled. “You wonderful lamia!”

I shivered in delight, so happy I made her cum. My tail rubbed at my pussy, caressing my clit. Pleasure exploded in my nethers. I yowled, lifting my head from her ass as rapture rushed through me. More stars washed across my vision. I quivered, soaking my tail with my cream, filling the air with my sweet musk.

I savored my pleasure, able to control when I received it. My ears twitched. I was free. Free! I loved Master so much for this gift.

“Oh, what a good reward,” panted Josephine.

I nipped her butt-cheek. “And we have all night to have more!”

She laughed, rolling over. “Yes, we do.”


Kara Falk

My body buzzed from my orgasm, Sven's cum leaking out of my pussy. His arm pulled me closer. I rested my head on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart, feeling his chest rise and fall as he breathed. The air filled with our incestuous musk, that wonderful mix of sweat and hot pussy and salty cum.

“Love you,” Sven murmured.

I smiled, closing my eyes and just wanting to savor this moment.

“It's nice being in the same bed,” he added.

“More comfortable than a bedroll,” I agreed. “It's like we're really a couple.” Married... What a dream that would be.

“We are,” he said, stroking my shoulder.

I closed my eyes, wanting to enjoy the lie. But I knew this couldn't last forever. One day, we'd kill Prince Meinard and avenge our parents and sister. Then Sven would marry Princess Ava. He'd probably end up ruling Meinard's lands, usurping him in every way.

And it would be over between us. Ava could never know about our relationship. She tolerated his dalliance, even enjoyed sharing them with him. But incest? No, she wouldn't accept that. She'd be horrified. Not everyone could be like Josephine, that wonderful barmaid.

It was so much fun using my magic to swap our appearances. Everyone though my brother went upstairs with that plump maid instead of me. Poor Marita and Elli were crushed not to be taken, but we couldn't trust them not to talk.

I closed my eyes, loving the feel of his chest rising and falling against my breasts, his heart beating. It slowed as his passions died. His hand held my shoulder, his thumb stroking my skin. His other hand found mine resting on his muscular stomach, caressing it.

A smile curled my lips.

That naughty itch grew in my pussy again, but I ignored it. I wanted to cuddle for as long as possible. Sven didn't cuddle with whores. As much as I wanted to be his whore, to be fucked by him in the common room, I also wanted to be his lover. I wanted to be everything. Wife, mistress, whore.

Princess Ava would be his wife.

A thought jolted through me, banishing the comfortable daze I lay in. I gasped, lifting my head up from my brothers chest, looking at him in realization.

“What?” he asked.

“Ava sent that new statue. You have to let her know you got it. She sent it to us for a reason.”

Sven's hand tightened on my hand. He drew it down his body to the golden thatch surrounding his hard cock, still wet with my pussy juices. “I thought I could love you again.”

I squeezed his slick dick. “Mmm, if we do that, we'll never get to Ava's gift. I'm not going anywhere.”

“Fine,” he groaned. “I can tell you're going to be stubborn.”

I grinned at him. “Waiting is good for you. If every woman spread her thighs when you wanted, well, you'd start to take us all for granted.”

He laughed. “You better hide yourself.”

My pussy felt juicy enough to cast the spell, my orgasm still fresh enough for my cream to have sexual energy tingling in them. I rolled away from my brother, sliding a hand between my thighs. I groaned, shoving two fingers into my cum-filled twat. They came out gleaming, streaked with milky jizz.

“Rithi, bless my sexual juices and let them paint with your concealing radiance,” I prayed, smearing our sexual juices across my cheeks. My fingers became my brush, my face and body my canvas. My goddess mixed the paint, transmuting the cum and pussy cream. “Conceal me, my goddess. Hide me from sight until I am ready to unveil my perfection.”

I gasped, my Goddess taking over, painting my body in near invisibility. I shivered, stepping back, Rithi constantly adjusting the pigments so my body stayed nearly unseen, blending me in with the surrounding world. I backed into the corner of the room and watched as Sven rose from his bed large enough for two to sleep with comfort.

He padded to the sealed package, a box held in a white, felt bag, tied shot and sealed in blue-gray wax. The princess's signet, the rampant lion of her house facing three lilies, was impressed into the wax. My brother broke the seal, reached into the felt bag, and produced a carved box of cedar wood, polished to a gleam.

He opened it.

A smile crossed his lips as he pulled out a rose quartz statuette, the size of his hand from fingertip to wrist. Even from where I stood, I could tell it was Ava's body captured naked, like the other statuette she gave Sven. My brother turned it in his hand, the crystals in the quartz catching the candlelight, stars decorating Ava's body.

His thumb ran down the statues stomach to her pussy. He knew how to turn the princess's device on.

To be continued...

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