The World of Erasthay

The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women

Chapter Ten: Sister's Naughty Dance

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

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Kora Falk – Cheyvn, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch

It was hard not to smile at the enthusiasm on Zanyia's face as she slid off my lap and beneath the table I sat at. I shivered, my eyes flicking back over to my brother, a big grin on his face as Marita and Josephine licked his cum off Elli's big tits. He loved the depraved sight. And so did I. My pussy burned so hot, my mouth watering to lick those white globes of spunk off the busty maid's breasts.

I loved my brother's cum. The last few days, making love to Sven and Zanyia every time we camped as we journeyed to Cheyvn, were magical. And now we had to pretend we weren't lover's again.

Zanyia's purring grew louder beneath the table. She opened my pink robes. Other men in the common room drew their eyes from my brother's depraved fun to me, leering as my breasts slipped into view, the ruby amulet nestled between them. My boobs were round, my pink nipples upswept, my left tit encircled by the tattoo of a flowering vine. They lusted for me.

In the past, I'd take one to my bed, letting them fuck me to satiate the ache for my brother. But now... I didn't want to settle for other men. I wanted my brother. I wanted him right now. His cock sliding in me, fucking me before all these people, letting them see our incestuous love.

Zanyia's smooth cheek rubbed down my inner thigh, her purring rumbling out of her throat. She sounded so much a like a cat. Her head came into view, peeking out from beneath the table, her tawny ears twitching. I shivered, glad I had her.

And then her mouth nuzzled into my shaved pussy. I gave a whimper, my twin braids shifting behind me. Zanyia's rough tongue, so different from a human's, lapped through my folds. Her pale fingers stroked my thighs as she nuzzled into my snatch, drinking my juices like a cat at the milk saucer.

“Oh, you naughty lamia,” I groaned, shifting on the chair, my eyes watching my brother. He spoke, looking animated while the barmaids cleaned his spunk off Elli's tits. “He's telling them about rescuing you, I bet. Making it seem far more heroic and outstanding then it was. He's a good storyteller.”

“He was heroic, Mistress,” Zanyia purred. “He saved me and fought Therek.”

I smiled. “Yes, he did.”

The lamia lapped through my pussy again. Another shiver ran through my body, my breasts quivering, the amulet swaying between them. I felt the eyes on me, men leering, wishing to fuck the priestess of Rithi, to discover if we could make love as well as a temple-prostitute of Slata. Juices flooded out of me and into Zanyia's licking mouth.

“You going to dance for us, Heidi?” a gruff voice asked, using the pseudonym I went by. Kora Falk had a bounty on her head.

“Maybe,” I groaned. “After my little kitty-cat licks me to an orgasm.”

A cheer went up through the men, attracting my brother's blue eyes. He grinned at me for a moment before the maids caught his attention again. Elli rose, her big tits bouncing, licked clean of spunk, as she settled on his lap.

“What did you do?” I heard her ask over the crowd. “When the warleader came awake?”

My brother grinned at her. I knew from the way his face twitched that Elli's pussy slid down his dick. My cunt clenched hard. My thighs tightened on Zanyia's face, trapping the lamia against my dripping snatch.

She tongued me so hard, brushing my clit with that delicious, rough texture of her tongue. My body quivered, breasts jiggling and seat creaking. I loved how the amulet swayed between them. Then she slammed her tongue into my hot depths, teasing my sheath as she wiggled her tongue in circles.

“Zanyia, yes!” I groaned. “Rithi's delicate fingers, you're such a good kitty cat.”

Zanyia purred louder. The rumbles buzzed through my pussy. Her nose rubbed at my clit, her face rooting around while her ears twitched more. I flicked my gaze from her golden eyes staring up at me to Elli riding my brother's cock. Not hard and fast, but slow, savoring that delicious shaft in her cunt. Lucky slut.

I'd savor it, too.

A whimper escaped my lips, Zanyia's tongue probing as deep as she could reach into my pussy. Delight rippled through me, building and building as more and more men gathered near me, rubbing at their crotches while sipping tankards of foamy ale.

“She's dancing right now for us,” one grinned, a thick, blond beard gracing his face, his body muscular from labor. The type of rugged man I used to fuck when I couldn't have Sven.

Maybe I had fucked him.

“Gods, she is,” another groaned. “Show us Rithi's beauty, Radiant!”

“Yes!” I gasped, my hands squeezing my tits, lifting them up for their appreciation. Art was found in everything, even sex. But if no one witnessed it, if no one saw it, then they couldn't see its beauty. The more they stared at me, the hotter I became as I performed. “Watch the little kitty-cat lick my pussy. I'm going to cream her face.”

“Give Zanyia what she wants!” my brother shouted over the men.

“Yes, Hans!” I moaned, remembering his fake name.

“Yes, yes, do it, Heidi,” gasped Elli, throwing a look over her shoulder as she rode my brother's cock. Her big, naked breasts bounced before his face.

I licked my lips, wishing to share that busty beauty with my brother. To suck on those tits with her, to nibble on those fat nipples, and then lick her pussy from beneath the table as she rode up and down his cock, waiting for him to spill in her. Then when she slid her snatch off his dick, I'd be ready. I'd lock my mouth over her hole and drink the incestuous jizz leaking out.

My eyes rolled back into my head. I performed. “Oh, you naughty kitty-cat, lick my pussy. Make me cream that face.”

Zanyia purred louder. She licked and lapped and nuzzled through my snatch. Her rough tongue caressed my labia, played with my clit, sent pleasure racing through my body. I spasmed and gasped. My moans sang through the common rooms, meeting with the rising moans of Elli and the lust of the watching men.

I grinned at them. I pursed my lips and fluttered my blue eyes. I made them hard. I made them horny. Other buxom lasses, moving through the room, giggled as they were pulled into laps, their bodices coming open, heavy tits spilling into view. They were sucked on by hungry lips, their asses fondled, their skirts hiked.

The buxom lasses, who gave the inn its name, were infamous for their friendly service. They were always ready to give a patron an extra treat. Each and every one had the appetites to be a Priestess of Slata. But they were earthier girls, not ones who wanted the cloistered life of a priestess and only enjoying men during allotted times.

They were eager to fuck at any time.

And I inspired them. “Rithi's creative gaze!” I gasped. “Yes, yes, yes!”

My excitement built as art burned around me. Elli riding my brother's cock faster, her braided pigtails bouncing around her, big tits heaving. A redheaded maid name Annika gasped and shuddered, stretched out on a table while two men sucked on her big tits and a third reamed her pussy. Mirjam, another maid, moaned her rapture, taking a cock up her ass, a big, burly miner ramming hard into her and making her squeal.

My orgasm swelled in me. I pinched my nipples, delighting in the beauty of sex roaring around me. The air filled with the juicy musk of hot pussy. My snatch clenched on Zanyia's tongue whipping through my sheath, stirring me to a froth as she purred, wanting me to cum.

Loving me.

“Beautiful Rithi, yes!” I gasped and bucked, crying out to my patron. “Zanyia, you wonderful kitty-cat!”

I came.

My pussy spasmed hard. My juices squirted out. Zanyia lapped up the flood, her golden cat-eyes burning with delight. Her ears twitched as her tongue licked through my cumming folds. Every caress sent new waves of rapture shooting through me.

“Heidi!” cheered the watching me, drinking in the beauty of my orgasm, watching my art writhe before their very eyes.

Rapture drowned my mind. Ecstasy boiled my thoughts. I gasped and whimpered. I pinched my nipples, twisting them as my eyes fluttered. My chair creaked as I leaned back into it. A violet spasm wracked my body, propelling my orgasm to its peak.

I hung there, my eyes catching my brother's, face twisted in rapture as he watched me cum, flooding Elli's pussy. For a heartbeat that lasted an eternity, we held each other's gaze. I felt our incestuous love blazing so hot.

And wished we performed together. No art should be forbidden.

My pleasure crashed. I groaned, slumping into the chair, my face flushed. The men cheered, some stroking their cocks, honoring me with their own sloppy art as their cum spurted and splashed onto the floor.

Zanyia lifted cream-smeared face from my thighs and beamed at me. “And now you really need to perform.”

I blinked at her and then smiled, realizing what she meant.


Sven Falk

“Oh, Hans, yes, Elli moaned, her pussy milking out the last of my cum. “Gods, you are such a stud. You have to tell me who enchanted your cock to have so much staying power.”

I grinned at her, pulling my gaze away from my sister. “You please a priestess of Slata more than she's ever experienced, and she'll do things for you.”

“You wicked stud,” giggled curvy Josephine, the maid's sandy-blonde hair framing her round face. Plump cheeks glowed with excitement her skirts hiked up, showing off her soaked pubic hair. “It's my turn, Elli. Get off of him. But thanks for lubing him.”

“Oh, going for anal?” Elli asked, shuddering as she rose on my dick.

“Always,” grinned Josephine.

I groaned, my dick twitching, loving the silky glide of her pussy. Then she popped off, sitting herself on the table. Marita fell to her knees, burying her head beneath Elli's skirt. The buxom maid gasped as Marita lapped her pussy clean.

My dick twitch.

Josephine slid before me, her naked rump, a curvy masterpiece, wiggling before me. Then she sat down, my dick prodding at her pussy. She shivered, sliding forward. I groaned, the wet tip of my dick rubbing past her taint and sinking between the cheeks of her ass. I felt her sphincter.

She impaled her asshole down my cock.

“Oh, gods, Hans!” she whimpered, her bowels sinking down my pussy-lubed cock. “Oh, what a gift you are. Slata be praised for creating you.”

“I think my mother and father created me,” I groaned, wrapping my arms around her body, my hands finding her large tits.

“Mmm, but Slata created motherhood. And she birthed humans, so she created us all.”

I grunted, squeezing her tits. “Then she created this tight asshole wrapped about my cock. I should visit her temple again.”

“And that priestess who enchanted your dick?” she asked. “You want to make her cum again?”

“Imagine what she'll do if I satiate her like never before a second time.”

Josephine laughed, her bowels clenching on my cock. Then she leaned forward, bracing her elbows on the table beside Elli. The table creaked as she used her arms to help raise her asshole on my dick. Hot friction burned. I groaned, moving my hands to her hips, gripping her waist through her bunched-up skirts.

And fucked her on my shaft.

A cheer went through the common room. My sister, naked, climbed onto her table, Zanyia leaning on it, staring up at her ass. I groaned, my dick throbbing as I drank in her beauty. Her vine tattoos intertwined her pale body, the pink flowers captured in perfection, some opening into blossoms, others buds closed virgin tight. Her blonde braids swayed down her sleek back as the men clapped a beat around her.

My dick throbbed in Josephine's ass as I worked up her up and down my shaft. Her hot bowels caressed my cock with velvety delight. I groaned, my hands clenching about her hips as my eyes locked onto my sister.

I shouldn't stare at her with such lust. What if someone noticed?

But as her hips began their slow undulation, dancing with an unseen lover, I couldn't look away. My mouth went dry. My balls throbbed, filling with another load to dump into Josephine's ass. My sister's sway grew, her breasts jiggling, her upswept nipples so hard, and the ruby flashing between her tits arrested the gaze on her delicious assets.

Her hands caressed her body, touching herself like they were her unseen lover's hands. Her blue eyes caught mine. And I knew who she thought of touching her. I groaned, bouncing Josephine faster and faster on my dick.

“What a beauty,” Elli gasped. “Look at her.”

I only nodded.

Kora spun now, her hands sliding up her body, cupping her breasts while her hips rotated in circles, moving in such limber fashion. Her feet glided across the table, hardly touching it like she danced on a cloud instead of rough wood. Her braids flared out, the men whistling and cheering around her.

Josephine leaned back into me, twisting her body to throw her right arm around my neck. Her breast rubbed against my face as I pumped her up and down on my dick. Her bowels so hot and tight, my dick aching in their embrace.

“You want to fuck her, don't you?” she whispered.

“What, no,” I groaned, fighting to look away from my sister. But Kora entranced me. So lovely, the goddess Rithi made flesh, dancing with beatific grace.

“You really do,” she groaned, her bowels clenching. “I like my brother, too. So I think it's hot that you want her.”

I grunted, my eyes flicking to Josephine's.

“Ooh, you've already fucked her?” She shook her head. “No, you've made love to her.”

I didn't answer, my heart racing, my dick aching. My sister danced in the corner of my eyes. My attention went back to her even as Josephine purred her delight, her bowels growing so hot and tight on my dick as I lifted her curvy body up and down.

“I've been with my brother,” she moaned. “It's the best sex I've ever had. He took my cherry. And whenever I can, I enjoy him. His wife has no idea what he does when he visits his little sister.”

“Gods,” I groaned, my balls aching.

“And you want Heidi so badly. You wish it was her ass on your cock.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my voice so throaty. Kora's dance slow, turning into a sensual writhe, her whole body wiggling as her fingers rubbed at her shaved pussy, her face twisting in whimpering pleasure. “She wants me touching her right now.”

“But you can't,” gasped Josephine. “You want her tonight. In your bed.”

“Yes!” I groaned, my dick aching, bouncing her harder and harder as Kora threw back her head, moaning over the clapping beat of the watching men, rubbing herself to her climax.

“Take me to bed tonight,” gasped Josephine. “Choose me over the other maids, and I'll make sure it's your sister who shows up.”

“Yes,” I grunted, bucking up from my chair, ramming my cock into her bowels as my sister came.

Her screams of passion echoed through the common room before the lusty cheers drowned her out. My dick twitched. My cum fired out of my cock. Josephine gasped, feeling my cum flood her bowels. She slammed down my shaft. Then she let out a moan.

“I'll make your dreams come true!” howled the naughty maid, her bowels milking my dick as she came on my cock.

Elli whipped her head around, shuddering as she came on Marita's mouth. “What dreams?”

I winked at Elli as I held Josephine's waist, hugging her as her bowels writhed about my cock. The last of my cum spilled into her. I panted, my body buzzing with rapture, eager for tonight. I needed to enjoy Kora again. I wanted to make love to my sister over and over.

Then I groaned as Josephine pulled off my cock, her skirt falling back in place. She struck out through the crowd, laughing, giggling, fending off friendly hands as she made her way to my trembling sister. The curvy maid climbed on the table with her, hugged her fiercely, and whispered in her ears.

Kora's eyes found mine, widening in shock. And then she smiled and whispered something back.

“Mmm, now I get to clean your dick,” Marita purred, her face smeared with pussy cream.

To be continued...

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