The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Ten: The Flaming Woman

Chapter Thirteen: Discovered Love

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Xerathalasia – The Free City of Raratha

My fingers dug into the cracks in the rotting mortar of the abandoned tower, my ears prickling. From the top, our destination, I could hear the passionate moans of sex, the plunge of hard cock into wet pussy, the slap of flesh on flesh.

But despite those lusty sounds, no desires stirred through me. Our business tonight was dark.

Minx climbed above me, the halfling scampering up the side of the tower with ease. Despite her smaller limbs, she moved faster than I could manage. Her daintier fingers more suited to gripping the crumbling masonry than my longer digits.

Over the aromas of the salty harbor of Raratha and the musty stone, I smelled the lavender scent of halfling pussy. Not Minx's. This scent came from the tower. The women I heard moaning in rapturous delight.

The nixie Spray was enjoying her harem of halfling thieves.

Once, Minx belonged to the group. I remembered the night as we plotted to break into the Doge's palace. One of the halflings had spied on us and reported back to Spray. The nixie had been scared into silence by Thrak's intimidation. He'd fucked Minx on his cock, demonstrating his ownership of her.

I had no idea just how treacherous Spray was at the time.

Light poured through a window at the top, the flickering inconstancy of a sputtering fire. Minx scrambled faster and faster. She reached the windowsill, peeking over it, the light illuminating her metallic-red hair.

In moments, I joined her, peeking through the window down at the sight. Inside, Spray fucked one of her halflings, her blue tits, her skin the shade of the sea, heaving as she rammed her nixie-cock into the halfling's cunt. Her lover moaned and gasped, her small body writhing beneath Spray. Unlike elves, our nixie kin were blessed with having their dicks permanently.

I licked my lips, my ears twitching. The other halflings writhed around the pair, their metallic-bronze bodies naked. Nude, their tiny bodies could not be mistaken for children, their breasts round and hips curving. They frolicked with each other, licking and nuzzling each other's cunts as they waited for their turn to be fucked.

Minx had spent so many nights down there.

I glanced at my lover. She stared down at them, her hand gripping a dagger she had drawn. Her face hard. My heart thudded. We were here to kill Spray, to avenge Minx's sister Fox. I didn't approve, but I understood.

And I would help justice be meted out on Spray for her role in Fox's death.

Minx's breath quickened. I could hear her heart thudding away in her chest. She stared down at the orgy, the halflings moaning, Spray fucking her lover harder and harder, approaching her orgasm. Minx's hand shook, light glinting off her blade.

A tear fell down her cheek.

And then she scrambled down the tower, climbing with a reckless disregard. I blinked in astonishment. She was a third of the way down before I even reacted. I followed her, my heart thudding. What was she doing?

I scrambled after her as fast as I could. She hit the street, her bare feet slapping as she raced off into the warren of alleys that snaked through the poor dock district of Raratha. I cursed, working my way down, the mortar crumbling. One misstep would plunge me to my death.

I pushed down my fear. I had to find her.

I jumped down the last ten feet, landing in a crouch, my breast slapping together, my feet aching from the jarring impact on cobblestone. I sprang down the alley, chasing after Minx like I had months before when she pickpocketed Chaun. My ears twitched, listening for the slap of her bare feet.



Tears fell down my cheek as I ran. I couldn't do it. I was so prepared, so ready to plunge my dagger into that bitch's back. And then I saw her writhing with Owl, Mouse, Kitty, Flit, Giggles, and Quick. I knew them all. And they all looked so happy. They were all content to just survive with Spray, to be her wives.

I lost my nerve. I...didn't want to bring them pain by killing Spray. I'd hurt so much after Fox's death. I could still see my older sister dangling from the noose, her feet kicking as the life strangled out of her. It haunted me.

I collapsed onto my hands and knees, the cobblestones hard beneath me. I shuddered as I cried in the alley. Tears rained down to my hands. I pounded my fist on the cobblestones. I hated this. I wanted to kill her. But...

“Cernere's black cunt!” I shouted, despising myself for being so weak.

A form dropped down before me. I looked up at Xera, her cheeks flushed dark. She crotched before me, staring at me with such concern, her ears twitching as they thrust out of her long, green hair. She cupped my face, wiping away my tears.

“This is all your fault,” I accused as I shuddered.

“My fault?”

“Your fault that I've changed. You made me love! You made me care. And...” I shuddered. “Seeing them all so happy with Spray, I couldn't take it away from them!”

Xera's smile became sad. “You always cared.”

“No I didn't!” I wanted to kill Spray so badly. But... “You changed me! I wouldn't have cared about hurting Owl or Flit or Giggles before. I only cared about myself before I met you.”

“You cared about Fox.”

I flinched beneath her words.

She pulled me to her, pressing my face into her soft breasts. She stroked my hair. “You always cared, Minx. You just liked to pretend you didn't. It made surviving easier. But... You don't have to pretend. You can be who you always were.”

“I want to kill her!” I shrieked. “She deserves to die! Fox is dead because of that treacherous water-slut!”

“And then Owl and Flit and Giggles will think you deserve to die. They'll hate you like you hate Spray.”

“See!” I looked up at her. “You're making this complicated. It should be easy! Why isn't it easy?”

Her arms tightened around me. “Since when has life ever been easy?”

“I...I miss her, Xera.”


“Lynette.” I shivered. “That's the name her mother gave her.”


I rolled my eyes. “We don't have the same mother. Our father had five wives. Lynette.”

“It's a beautiful name.”

“We'll name our daughter that,” I said, waiting for her reaction.

“Daughter?” Xera frowned, her pointed ears twitching. “What?”

I shivered. “I'm...pregnant. And I haven't been with a halfling male,” I quickly added. “I think...that's what the plant-elf did to me. Right before she died. She changed me. I'm pregnant, and you're the father. Or mother or whatever you say in your tongue.”

Speaking those words, naming my unborn daughter after my sister, lightened my heart. Fox was gone, but she wasn't forgotten. She would live on in our daughter's name and in my heart. She was fearless. She was amazing. I tried so hard to be like her.

“Truly?” Xera asked, trembling. Tears beaded in her eyes.

“Truly,” I nodded. “No lies. This time, you're the mother.”

Her hand moved down to my belly, rubbing it in slow circles. I shivered, loving the feel. It had taken me a week to finally admit I was pregnant. I just couldn't believe it when I missed my period. But I didn't want to get up Xera's hopes either. What if I was wrong?

But now I was sure of it. The elf-plant had changed me for Xera.

“This is wonderful,” Xera whispered. “Lynette. I love that name.”

And then she kissed me on the lips. Hot and passionate and loving. I shuddered, closing my eyes. I clung to her neck, our tongues writhing together, her hand still rubbing on my belly, feeling the new life growing inside of me.

The life we created.

My pussy grew hot at the idea. I couldn't believe how...exciting that was. How much of a turn on it was to admit I was pregnant with my elf-lover's daughter. My cunt clenched, the heat burning, my juices trickling out into my britches.

Xera broke the kiss, her nose twitching. “Mmm, someone's growing excited.”

“I am,” I smiled as her hand moved higher up my flesh, cupping my breast through the band of cloth I wore wrapped around it. She squeezed, my nipple throbbing.

“Maybe I should do something about it,” Xera purred, licking her lips. “After all, you're the mother of my child.”

I shivered, nodding my head in agreement. “I think you should.”

I stretched out on the cobblestones, the autumn sky dark overhead. Raratha had a mild climate. It wasn't too chilly, and I was too excited to feel it anyways. Especially with Xera's lips kissing and nuzzling at my stomach. How long until I grew round with our baby?

Her fingers untied the laces of my britches as she nuzzled at my bellybutton. I gasped as her tongue dipped into the divot. I squirmed, her ears twitching as she swirled her tongue in slow circles. My eyes fluttered as the delight rippled through me.

I lifted my ass, letting her slide off my tight britches and exposing my shaved pussy to the air. I kicked off my britches as her lips moved lower and lower. She nuzzled at my strip of metallic-red pubic hair leading to my dripping, pregnant pussy.

I grinned and giggled.

Her eyes flicked up to me, reflecting the starlight. “What?”

“You're about to eat my pregnant pussy,” I grinned.

“I am,” she smiled, her ears twitching more. “Mmm, we made a baby.”

“I did most of the work,” I told her, a huge grin on my lips. “You just spurted your seed into me.”

“I had to pump my cock in and out of you,” she grinned. “I had to make that little cunt cum over and over.”

“Nope, I did most of the work,” I laughed, feeling so alive right now. My hands rubbed at my belly as she dipped her head down, her silky hair brushing my thighs.

I groaned as her tongue ran across my pussy, my small breasts jiggling beneath the cloth. I kept massaging my belly. I loved touching it as my lover's tongue licked through my pussy, dragging through my folds.

“So we're married now, right?” I groaned. “Since you bred me.”

“We are,” Xera purred between licks.

“So, having a harem of hermaphrodites is out, huh?”

“Sorry,” Xera purred. “You're my wife now.” Her forehead tightened. “You can't...”

“I won't cheat on you!” I said with such force, anger shooting through me. “I love you, Xerathalasia.” I managed to say her full name without tripping over my tongue.

Her entire body trembled. She let out such a heart-felt sigh, her ears blurring as they spasmed in joy. Then she buried her face into my pussy and licked me so hard. I groaned, my cunt clenching as her tongue dragged through my folds, flicking my clit.

I squirmed on the cobblestones, savoring their hard, cold surfaces. Her hands reached beneath me, grasping my ass as she pulled my pussy tight against her lips. Her tongue thrust into my pregnant depths, swirling through me, making me shudder in delight. I groaned, my voice echoing between the buildings.

We were wanted criminals in Raratha, and we were fucking in the street. I loved it.

“Oh, my sweet Xerathalasia,” I moaned. “Oh, yes, just tongue my pussy. Oh, I have such a naughty elf-wife.”

She licked harder. Then she fucked her tongue in and out of my pussy, so aggressive. She moaned her pleasure into my pussy, her hands clenching my ass.

“Yes, yes, yes, Xerathalasia is the most beautiful elf in the world! She's my wife! I love her so much!”

My voice echoed back, “ her so much... much...”

My thighs locked about her face. I reached down, grasping the ends of her pointed ears in my fingers, massaging them. She moaned, shuddering as she devoured my pussy harder. Her ears were so sensitive. It was like playing with her clit.

I stroked her ears as the pleasure built and built in me. My wife's licking tongue drove me wild. I humped into her licking tongue. She churned through my pussy, whipping my cunt into a froth. I groaned, arching my back, staring up at the starry sky bracketed by the buildings on either side of us.

“Xerathalasia!” I squeaked. “You're so amazing. I... Yes!”

I came on my wife's licking tongue.

My juices flooded my elf's mouth. She drank them down as I bucked and writhed. I shuddered, my eyes squeezed shut as the rapture rippled out of my pregnant pussy. The delight had me heaving and moaning, gasping out my pleasure for all of Raratha to hear.

I squirmed. I writhed. I bucked.

The pleasure surged through me. Such happy delight shot through me. I played with her ears, making her moan and sigh into my pussy. I embraced the ecstasy. I held onto it as long as I could, wanting to keep cumming and cumming forever.

But, bit by bit, the rapture escaped from me. I groaned as Xera lifted her face, my juices dripping from her lips and chin. She smiled at me, her heavy breasts swaying beneath me as she nuzzled at my stomach again.

“Ooh, now it's your turn,” I groaned.



“Minx!” I squealed as she rubbed the ointment on my clit.

I lay on my back now, my ears twitching as my halfling wife continued rubbing the alchemical concoction onto my aching clit. It burned and throbbed. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. She grinned at me as she knelt naked between my thighs.

“This is my favorite part,” my pregnant wife said.

Pregnant. I would be a mother this time. I knew it was true. I believed her. The elf-plant had promised me a gift as she died. This was it. Tears burned in my eyes as my clit sprouted into my elf-cock, thrusting hard from the folds of my pussy.

And aching with need.

She grabbed my dick with both hands, her tiny fingers hardly able to wrap around my full girl. She stroked my shaft as she leaned down and licked through my folds. My toes curled and my ears twitched as the pleasure raced through my body. She stroked my cock as her tongue dived through my folds. The tip throbbed every time her small hands brushed the sensitive crown.

My moans echoed. Around us, I could hear the sounds of the residents living the building as they slept or ate or talked or fucked. I breathed in the scent of the city combined with our pussy juices, mine flowery and hers lavender-scented. I loved it. My eyes fluttered as I writhed on the cold, hard cobblestones.

“Oh, my sweet Minx,” I groaned as her small tongue lapped through my pussy folds, shooting delight to the tip of my cock.

She giggled. “You're the sweet one.”

I groaned as she thrust her tongue into my pussy folds, swirling it around, her hands stroking faster and faster. My eyes rolled back into my head. My back arched as I squirmed. Precum bubbled out of my cock, her stroking hands smearing it down my shaft until it glistened.

Her tongue licked through my folds, starting at my taint. She reached the base of my cock and lapped up it. I groaned as she dragged her tongue up my shaft, her hands moving out of the way and grasping my cock's base as she climbed. I trembled as she went higher and higher.

And then she flicked the sensitive crown.

“Minx,” I groaned in throaty delight as the pleasure raced down my cock.

“Mmm, I love this dick.” She licked my spongy crown again, her tongue sliding over my slit. “So much.”

“Yes, you do,” I panted as her tongue probed into my slit. It was so small she could fit it in an inch, swirling it around my urethra. It was such a strange sensation, making my pussy clench.

Her left hand kept a grip on the base of my cock as she tongued the crown. Her right hand slid lower. Her small fingers stroked my wet pussy lips. I shuddered, sensations rippling through my body as she teased both my sexes.

Her fingers penetrated my pussy, three wiggling digits, while her mouth latched onto the tip of my cock. She couldn't open her mouth wide enough to suck on my dick. But she could wrap her lips around the top of my crown and suck hard as she stroked my shaft. The pleasure shot through me, my pussy clenching on her probing fingers.

“Oh, Minx, I love you,” I moaned, not caring if anyone heard us. “Oh, you're so wonderful.” Better than Atharilesia and my bitch-sister.

Her fingers pumped in and out of me as she sucked. Her cheeks hollowed. I groaned, twitching on the ground as she loved me. Mirth danced in her sapphire eyes as she pleasured me. My pussy clenching on her digits.

I groaned as she added a fourth finger, stretching out my pussy. She pumped her hand faster and faster, pressing her digits in deep. My pussy swallowed them, the pleasure racing up to the tip of my throbbing cock.

Her fingers curled into a fist in me.

“Matar's cock, yes!” I howled as she fisted me.

Her small fist pumped in and out of me. My pussy clenched down on her, the pleasure shooting through me. I groaned, my cock aching. The cum boiled in my ovaries, aching to flood her mouth. She sucked so hard, cheeks hollowing as she fisted me harder and harder.

She pumped her fist into my depths, stirring my flesh up. I spasmed and groaned. My back arched and my large tits heaved. My ears twitched violently as my orgasm swelled and swelled through me. I shuddered, stiffened.

And flooded her mouth with my girl-cum.

Blast after blast of jizz flooded out of me and into her hungry mouth. Her cheeks bulged as she swallowed my cum. My pussy spasmed about her fist reaming into my depths. Rapture shuddered through me.

“Matar's cock, I love you, Minx,” I groaned, my voice echoing through the streets. “Yes, yes, yes!”

She gulped down my cum as fast as it spurted from my cock. She drank it with such eager delight. I spasmed, my body bucking out of control. My big tits bounced as my pussy writhed about her plunging fist. The pleasure kept washing out of my cunt and crashing through my mind. I loved it.

I loved her.

She was pregnant with my child. What a miracle.

“Love you,” I groaned again.

She popped her mouth off my cock, cum staining her lips. “I love you, too.” Then she grinned. “And I love your cock so much, Xerathalasia.”

I loved hearing her use my full name.



I writhed in anticipation as Xerathalasia mounted me, her huge, pillowy tits swaying over my head as she brought her big, thick elf-cock to the entrance of my pregnant pussy. I shivered as she rubbed that thick shaft, my hands grasping her breasts, the right drenched in her flowery pussy juices.

“Fuck me!” I moaned to my wife. “Ram that big, thick elf-cock in me, Xerathalasia.”

“Yes,” she moaned as I brought her nipples to my hungry lips.

I latched onto a fat nub, sucking so hard as her thick dick speared into my tiny pussy. I was a halfling. We could take huge cocks, our pussies stretching. I shuddered as she filled me, my wet flesh clinging to her huge cock.

This cock made a baby in me.

I shivered at that, sucking harder and harder on her nipples. I nursed so hard as she drew back and speared into me again and again. My body shuddered. Delight shivered through me as she hammered my pussy with her huge dick.

I moaned about her nipple, her cock churning heat through my body, making me ache and tremble as she rammed over and over into me. I shuddered, my pussy clenching on her huge cock. My body undulated, fucking up into her as she slammed over and over into my depths.

She was so amazing. I loved her cock so much.

“Minx,” she panted. “Matar's cock, yes! Your pussy's so tight. So hot!”

I clenched my pussy on her thrusting dick, bucking into her thrusts as I nibbled on her fat nub.

She groaned and gasped, hammering me, her passions swelling. I loved using the ointment on her. It made her so passionate. She had to cum over and over, her dick even more sensitive than when her cock sprouted naturally.

Her breasts swayed in my hands. I gripped them so hard, my own smaller tits jiggling. She rammed that cock in me so hard. The friction burned through me. It had me trembling in delight. My thighs gripped her hips, eager for the flood of cum to spill into me.

I loved this cock in me so much.

“Minx!” she moaned. “Yes, yes, yes. You're so hot. Oh, I'm going to dump so much cum in you.”

“Good,” I panted as I switched nipples. I nipped her other one before sucking hard.

She thrust so deep into my pussy.

I shivered, my clit aching as her pubic bone hammered into it. My pussy clenched over and over on her dick, the heat swelling in me. I groaned and writhed on the cobblestones loving her over me. I felt so small beneath her, so tiny as she heaved over me.

Her cock rammed into my depths. My eyes widened. I moaned so loud about her nipple as her cum flooded in hot spurts into my depths. That hot splash of jizz spurting against my cervix. I groaned as she filled my pregnant pussy with her jizz.

And she kept fucking me.

Her dick pumped in and out of my sloppy depths. I felt the cum forced out around her big, thick elf-cock. It ran down to the crack of my ass as she kept hammering me. My orgasm swelled as she groaned and grunted.

“Matar's huge cock, yes!” she hissed. “And Henta's prowess. Oh, yes. I'm going to cum again, Minx.”

“Do it,” I moaned. “Flood my pregnant pussy with all your cum, Xerathalasia.”

“Yes!” she gasped, pounding me so hard.

My orgasm built and built as more and more of her hot jizz spurted into my depths. I groaned, shuddering. My pussy clenched so hard on her dick as the pressure built and built in my core. I sucked so hard on her nipple, loving the almost continuous splash of jizz against my cervix.

Cum ran out of my pussy. I loved it pooling beneath my ass and dribbling through the crack of my butt. I shuddered, my thighs tightening about her dick. Her thrusts were so hard, so fast. Stars burst across my vision. My pussy spasmed about her cumming dick.

I orgasmed hard.

“Xerathalasia!” I squealed in delight as my pussy milked her cock. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I loved her so much. I was so glad Lady Delilah had recruited me to steal from Angela. I never would have discovered this joy, this love. I spasmed beneath my elf-wife, holding her tight with all my limbs.


Warlock Faoril – Red Eye Tribe Winter Camp, Larg Federation

The snow fell heavily around me as I sat atop the hill. Steam rose around me, the snowflakes striking the bubble of hot air I maintained. Traveling through the tundra in winter wasn't that much fun. Well, it wasn't even technically winter yet. But up here, the snows had already fallen two feet thick, burying the grass.

I tried not to listen to Bruk's screams of pain as Thrak...inflicted his justice upon his brother. I focused instead on the ancient map I'd procured in the Free City of Orcona at the mouth of the Tingul. We'd left the Golden Hunger there, charting a river boat to sail us up the mightiest river in the world. It was far faster traveling by boat than by horse.

And far more comfortable.

We disembarked at Tet-Morn in the Princedom of Zeutch, traveling the rest of the way on horse. Once, bounty hunters had tried to arrest me, holding one of the Doge's wanted fliers. Thrak had...persuaded him to try his hand at other bounties.

I winced at a particularly loud scream, shifting my shoulders I really did not want to know how my husband dispensed punishment on his brother. The other orcs of his tribe were down at the base of the hill, watching impassively. Thrak had beat his brother in a challenge with ease, and they respected that.

The map was much more interesting to stare at. It purported to have been made by a scholar three hundred years ago. His ship had survived crossing the Vilianth Ocean, though it almost sank. He'd sketched out an archipelago called the Ryuko Islands.

It probably was a fake. But what if it wasn't? There were places across the ocean, the legendary Okuwa Shogunate, the Oppain Empire, and the Great Steppes. I traced my finger across the islands, noting the name of cities. Such strange names: Shugora. Kosaki, Ankyo, Fujitara.

The screams ended. Footsteps crunched up the hill. A shadow fell across me. The skies were clear and blue, no clouds to block the sun. They looked like summer skies until you noticed the snow piled in mighty drifts everywhere you looked. Thrak stood above me, the blood steaming off his bare chest as he eclipsed the sun.

“Ready?” I asked. I understood why my husband had to not only kill Bruk, but hurt him, torture him. I didn't approve. It was so messy, but Thrak needed to inflict an equal amount of pain on the murderer of his wife.

He grunted, nodding his head. “I'm done here.”

I held out my hand, not flinching at the sticky blood coating his. He helped me to my feet. I carefully folded the map. I felt the eyes of the orcs watching us. Thrak didn't look back as we trudged down the hill.

He had nothing left at his home. And neither did I at mine. The Doge wasn't the only place that sent out wanted posters. The Magery Council had official declared me a Warlock. It was death to set foot in Thosi, and any mage I encountered would try to arrest or kill me.


Thrak – The Free City of Orcona

The Golden Hunger sat at the dock, though she had another name painted on her bow to hide her pirating nature. I had no doubts she'd be waiting for our return from my lands. We crossed the bridge over the canal, Orcona was a city built on The Tingul's estuary, half the city built under the water in canals and lagoons. The nixies lived in there. They rode giant seahorses down their watery streets.

Thyrna appeared on the stern deck and leaned on the railing. She twitched like a curious cat. If she had a tail, it would be wagging back and forth. But rakshasas didn't have tails. A hungry smile grew on her dark-brown face, her hips wiggling in her tight, leather pants.

“Master,” she purred as Faoril went ahead of me up the gangplank. She still wore her red robes.

“Pussycat,” I grinned at my slave. “We're putting to sea.”

“Wonderful. It's been soooo boring waiting for you. There's only so many times I can lash my crew before it becomes tedious.”

The gangplank creaked beneath me as I strode up it onto the deck.

“So, where are we pirating?” she asked, staring down at the sea.

“No pirating,” Faoril said. “Exploring. We're sailing across the Vilianth Ocean.” Behind us, the porters we hired to the carry supplies we bought for the voyage gasped in shock.

“Really?” Thyrna asked. “And brave the monster-infested waters?”

“Do you doubt my wife's abilities?” I asked, my voice stern.

“Not one bit.” She glanced to her right at a Thlinian pirate. “Castor, I want the hold stocked with supplies. We sail tomorrow.”

“Cap'n,” he nodded, his red back marked by scarlet lashes. I dominated Thyrna, and she dominated the rest of her crew.

My pussycat climbed down to the mid deck, her hips swaying. She had such a naughty smile on her lips as she knelt before me. Her hands stroked my kilt, sliding to brush my cock through it. I hardened at her touch.

“Do you need”

“Oh, we are going to play,” grinned Faoril. “Move that pretty ass. I want you naked in your cabin now.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Thyrna purred. She hated women, so it was exciting witnessing her submit to my wife.

Thyrna rose with smooth grace and opened the door leading to the cabins. She walked before us, ass swaying in those tight, leather pants. She reached our cabin, the largest on the ship, and opened it. Our bed rested in the center, the walls covered in whips, flails, manacles, and all manner of other fun devices.

She peeled off her blouse with a smooth motion, exposing her round, brown breasts. Her right nipple pierced by a golden ring. It made her immune to Faoril's magic, an artifact from Thyrna's home in the savage Queendom of Naith. She removed it so Faoril's spells could affect her. The pirate's hips wiggled as she peeled off her leather pants, exposing her gorgeous ass. She bent over, wiggling her hips, her pussy flashing between her thighs, her lips freshly shaved and gleaming with her spicy excitement.

Naked, she knelt while Faoril shrugged out of her red robe. She hung it on a hook, her body exposed, her nipples pierced by a pair of gold rings. A new piercing adorned her clit, the gold ring nestled among the curls of her soft-brown pubic hair.

“Choose a flail,” Faoril ordered, her fingers tugging on her clit piercing. She loved playing with it now that it had healed. It was such torture for her on the voyage down the Tingul. We didn't have Sophia to use her magic.

“Yes, Mistress,” Thyrna moaned, rising.

My dick was hard. I removed my kilt, stroking my dick as I watched. Thyrna grabbed a flail made of black leather and studded with small rivets of steel. It would hurt a lot. She turned and handed it over to Faoril.

Wind swirled through the cabin. Thyrna gasped as air seized her wrists and ankles, yanking her into the air and holding her spread eagle. Her body trembled as she dangled, pussy juices dribbling down her body.

Faoril smacked the flail into her hand, a loud thud. “Oh, this is perfect, Pussycat.”

Thyrna purred in delight.

I groaned as Faoril flogged Thyrna's tits. Those round breasts jiggled as her brown skin flushed red. The flail thudded over and over, slapping the tits. The rakshasa shuddered each time, moaning and squirming as Faoril's magic held her in the air.

My wife's free hand kept tugging on her clit piercing, her cream dribbling down her thigh. She shuddered, her breasts jiggling as she smacked the flail down over and over. The thudding impacts echoed through the cabin.

“That's it,” I growled. “She's been a bad pussycat.”

“So bad,” Thyrna moaned, her back arching, thrusting her tits out for Faoril to flog.

Pleasure crossed her face, warring with the pain. Faoril flicked the flail, cracking against Thyrna's sides now, the leather straps wrapping about her body to smack her back. The thuds grew louder and louder. The metal rivets left puckered marks on her body, dimpling the red stripes.

My balls ached. Part of me wanted to stroke my cock faster, to erupt as I watched the hot sight of my wife flogging our pussycat slave. But I had control. I kept it a slow stroke, savoring the delight in Faoril's face as the flail kissed Thyrna's body over and over.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Thyrna moaned, her voice throaty with pain and pleasure. “I'm so bad. Keep flogging me, Mistress.”

“Mmm, yes,” Faoril groaned, tugging hard on her clit piercing. Her body shuddered. She could cum just playing with it.

Then Thyrna turned in the air, the flail still cracking across her skin. Faoril flogged the rakshasa's back now, the lashes striking Thyrna's shoulders and caressing down to her ass. She squirmed in her invisible bonds, loving the kiss of the flogger.

Her moans grew throatier as Faoril whirled the flail in an X pattern, smacking Thyrna's body over and over, the lashes a black blur. The thuds came so fast, striking the shoulders and round ass. Thyrna shuddered more and more, moaning louder and louder.

“Do it,” I growled to Faoril, my dick aching, my balls boiling. I stroked my thick cock faster now, brushing the bone ring piercing the tip.

Faoril let out a moan as she changed the way she twirled the flail. She swung it upward this time. The ends hissed as they flashed between Thyrna's things. The wet smack of leather striking dripping pussy echoed through the cabin.

“Mistress!” screamed Thyrna, her entire body bucking.

“You naughty pussycat,” moaned Faoril as she swung the flail upward again and again, striking wet cunt.

My dick throbbed as I watched Thyrna tremble. The flail kissed her pussy over and over. She bucked and gasped. Juices gushed down her thighs, making the smacks even louder, as she came hard. She screamed out her pleasure, yowling like a cat as she trembled and moaned through her orgasm, her entire body heaving.

I grunted, my muscles clenching. And then my cum erupted. White blasts splashed on Thyrna's red ass, dribbling across her puckered welts. Pleasure surged through me with every blast of cum. I groaned, shuddering, the delight shooting through me.

“That it! Cum on her naughty ass,” Faoril moaned, tugging on her clit piercing. She shuddered. “Yes!”

My wife joined me in trembling passion. The flail fell from her fingers as she shuddered. Juices flooded down her thighs, adding her spicy musk to the air, mixing with the hot scent of Thyrna's cream. I groaned, squeezing out the last blast of my cum to paint her ass.

“Oh, yes, I was so naughty,” moaned Thyrna as Faoril lowered her to the deck. The rakshasa staggered, but her natural grace kept her upright. She shuddered, running her hands through her hair, my cum dripping down her back.

“Now, in my pouch is a new toy,” Faoril purred. “I bought it just to play with you. It's been enchanted. Something I came up with. Xera and Angela inspired me.”

Thyrna moved with an eager grace, opening up the pouch hanging from Faoril's robes. She produced a thick, black dildo made of polished stone attached to a leather harness. Thyrna shuddered, licking the tip with her pink tongue, her entire body shuddering.

“Put it on my wife,” I growled, my dick still hard. “Then we're going to fuck you hard.”

“Yes, Master,” Thyrna moaned in pure delight as she hurried to Faoril.

Thyrna's breasts bounced as she knelt before my wife, holding the harness out before her. Faoril stepped her sleek, ivory thighs into the harness. The ship rocked, and she swayed and kept her balance. It was natural to lean with the moving ship now. Thyrna dragged the harness up my wife's thighs and over her hips. She tugged on the leather straps, buckling it tight to my wife's waist.

“Oh, that feels wonderful against my clit,” groaned Faoril. Then she stroked down the length. Arcane lettering burst to life with green light, the markings impossible to see until she activated her enchantment on it.

“What does it do, Mistress?” Thyrna asked.

“It lets me feel through the dildo,” she groaned.

Thyrna leaned forward, licking the stone tip. My wife groaned, feeling the tongue lapping at the stone dildo like it were her own flesh. She shivered, her brown eyes smoldering as she grinned at me. She was eager to fuck our slave.

I seized Thyrna and pushed her down onto the bed. She didn't resist as she stretched out on her side, purring in eager anticipation. I stretched out behind her, my hands grabbing her welted asscheeks, squeezing them.

She let out a whimper of pleased pain.

“Oh, yes, we're going to fuck you so hard, pussycat,” Faoril purred, her gold piercings glinting at the summits of her quivering breasts as she moved to the bed. She stretched out on Thyrna's other side. “I know you want it.”

“I do,” Thyrna moaned as I parted her butt-cheeks, my cock nudging between them.

I shuddered as my dick became wet, lubed by Faoril's magic. I groaned, pressing the tip of my dick into the rakshasa's asshole as Faoril pressed her body against Thyrna's front. The two women kissed, Faoril's pale skin pressed against the rich brown of our pussycat. My arms engulfed them both, my left shoved beneath their bodies, my right draped over their writhing forms. Faoril already pumped her hips, fucking her dildo into Thyrna's depths, moaning into their kiss.

I grunted as I buried into the tight depths of Thyrna's asshole. The rakshasa purred louder as her velvety bowels embraced my dick. She clenched on my shaft as I bottomed out in her bowels. Her body writhed between us as I drew back and hammered into her bowels' depths.

“That's it, pussycat,” I growled, my hips pumping away, pleasure racing up my cock. “Please me and my wife. Make us cum so hard.”

Thyrna broke the kiss with Faoril. “Yes, Master,” she yowled, her body shuddering, her supple back pressing into my scarred chest. “I'll make you both cum so hard.”

“Yes!” Faoril moaned, her silver nose ring flashing as her face scrunched up in pleasure. “Oh, Thrak, this is intense. I can feel her pussy wrapped about the dildo. Is this what you feel when you're in me?”

“Hot, tight silk massaging my dick?”

“Yes!” she moaned, her ass writhing beneath my hands as she fucked our pussycat.

We slammed into her together, reaming our slave's holes. Thyrna's ass was so tight on my cock, squeezing it as she shuddered between us. Her yowls and whimpers echoed through the hold. I could feel Faoril's dildo plunging hard into our pussycat's cunt, massaging my cock in her tight bowels.

I squeezed my wife's ass, smiling at her over Thyrna's shoulders. She smiled back, her brown eyes smoldering. It was like I made love to Faoril through our pussycat. That she was just a conduit, nothing more than a toy.

Faoril's hand reached across Thyrna, rubbing at my muscular side, fingernails scratching. “Pound her,” she hissed. “Fuck her so hard. Make her explode, and then flood her naughty ass.”

“Yes,” I growled, so happy to share this with my wife. She was such a remarkable woman. Different from Serisia, but just as amazing.

For a moment, I thought I felt eyes watching me from beyond, Serisia sharing in our joy from the Astral Realm.

My hand squeezed Faoril's ass, her muscles bunching as she rammed her dildo over and over into our pussycat's cunt. Thyrna's ass tightened on my dick as she shuddered. She bucked and squirmed between us, yowling louder and louder.

“Use me!” she hissed. “Use my body.”

“Such a good pussycat,” moaned Faoril, joy flashing in her eyes. “We are going to use you. I want to feel that pussy cumming on my dildo. Massage it, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Thyrna's ass clenched so hard on my thrusting cock. My eyes rolled back into my head. I shuddered as I slammed into her bowels. Her asshole burned around my cock. I shuddered, burying into her flesh.

She came.

Her asshole writhed on my plunging dick. Faoril gasped, feeling the delight of Thyrna's convulsing pussy around her enchanted dildo. My wife's squeezed her eyes shut, whimpering in pleasure. Her hand clenched on my side as she rammed her dildo into Thyrna.

And came, too.

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned Faoril. “Oh, Thrak, my spell worked. This is amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” I growled, burying my cock into Thyrna's cumming ass. The satin delight burned around my cock. It left me trembling as I growled. I fucked her so hard. I pounded her. Her bowels rippled around me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I snarled, my head snapping back.

“Cum in her!” squealed my wife.

I squeezed her ass as I buried into Thyrna's writhing bowels. My balls smacked into her taint, laden with cum. I growled. My body tensed. And then my jizz spurted into my pussycat's asshole. Her tight bowels milked my dick, drinking all the cum.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she yowled, trembling between us. “Oh, Master, yes! Yes! You're using me!”

“Take his cum, slut,” hissed Faoril, her body trembling through her orgasm. “You're just our toy. We're going to use you on the voyage. We're going to fuck you, spank you, abuse you. And you'll love it.”

“I will, Mistress,” Thyrna purred, nuzzling against Faoril's face. “Such an adventure. We'll be corsairs plundering distant shores.”

“Explores,” Faoril hissed.

“Scholars,” I groaned, panting, holding both my slave and my wife. I missed Serisia and was happy I had Faoril.

I would have been lost without her.


Aurora Xandra – Dragon's Rest

Our inn was coming along wonderfully. My elementals worked so diligently over the winter to build it, Chaun sang songs, keeping me focused on the work. It was his design. A warm and welcoming tavern, like all the ones he'd played at in the years after he fled Zeutch.

It faced the growing temple. Dozens of workers hauled the stones under the pregnant Sophia's watchful gaze. Dragon's Rest grew larger and larger every day. Already other homes were erected, the workers and traders, lured in by the dragon's gold to help us build our community, needed places to live. Angela already had her training grounds marked out, eager to teach her own knights, the Knights Dragoon, to defend against the Shizhuth Empire over the mountains.

A giddy thrill shot through me. I was so horny. I rubbed my smooth belly as I darted through the common room. A few blonde and busty Zeutchian girls swept and cleaned the tables, our employees moving with grace, wearing dresses with scandalous blouses, showing off all their impressive attributes.

“Ma'am,” they curtsied to me.

I smiled at them. “Is my husband in our rooms?”

“I believe so,” Heidi said, her golden hair in pigtails, her cheeks rosy.

The barmaids were quite popular with the laborers. It made me blush the first time the girls paid me the inn's cut of their whoring. Prostitution was such a foreign concept to me. There was a part of me that even wanted to join them.

But only if Chaun was my customer.

I moved to the back of the inn, past the kitchens where our cook, a grouchy Thlinian with one eye, worked, and into our private quarters. Chaun and I had a small sitting room, our bedroom, and a nursery that was still unused.

I threw open the door into our bedroom and found Chaun idly strumming on his new lyre, a gift Sophia had purchased for him. I glanced at our fire, nodding my head at the white egg, speckled with blue dots, in the nest of soft cloth by it. I approached our egg, turning it to keep our son well-warmed.

I knew it was a boy because Chaun could only have sons. Our child would start out looking like an avian, but come puberty, he would awaken to his true heritage as a changeling. A changeling who would know his father.

Chaun couldn't wait to raise his son.

“There's my pretty wife,” Chaun said, strumming a final note. “And what has you in such a rush?”

“There's a new laborer working at the temple,” I said. “And, well, I am such a naughty wife.”

My pussy clenched, my hips wiggling. Juices dribbled down my thighs.

“Indeed,” Chaun grinned. He set his lyre against the wall and stood from the bed before striding across the room. His naked body rippled, the firelight glinting off his obsidian skin. His cock hardened before him.

I hoped this laborer had a cock as big as his hands.

Chaun parted our curtains, peering out at the temple across the street. Our quarters were to the side of the inn, letting us see the main road and watch the people passing to and fro. Chaun planned it so I could point out any men who made me horny.

He was such a loving husband.

“There he is,” I squealed, pointing at the man lifting a large stone. He was shirtless despite the drizzling rain, his pale, muscular body glistening. He had a long, shaggy mane of dusky-blond hair, his shoulders almost as thick as Thrak.

Chaun laughed. “You like them big, don't you, Aurora?”

I grasped my husband's large cock. “Mmm, I do.”

“I've seen him in the mind of the new seamstress that set up shop.”

“His wife?” I asked, my thighs rubbing on my clit. “Is she beautiful?”

Chaun just grinned at me. Then he opened a chest and pulled out a pair of leather pants far too big for him to wear. He strode naked from the room. I shivered, pulling off my long-sleeved blouses—I discovered just how cold winter truly was; the seasons never touched the Island of Birds—baring my small, firm breasts. Then I wiggled out of my wool skirt, my pussy so wet.

A loud knock pounded on my door.

I shivered, racing to it. I opened it a crack and flushed at the big, burly Zeutchian, his chest wet from the rain. There was a thick carpet of soft, blonde down covering his muscular chest. His wet hair fell about his chiseled face. He towered two heads over me, his blue eyes so piercing.

“Yes?” I asked cautiously.

“I hear for a gold dupondius, you'll give me quite the tumble.”

I shivered. “I am a married woman,” I hissed. “Who told you?”

“Gustav,” he answered. “He told me you make a little extra selling that sweet peach between your thighs.”

My pussy clenched. I felt so dirty as I moaned, “Hurry inside. People can't find out. No one can know, least of all my husband.”

He gave me such a bold and hungry grin as he pushed the door open. I stepped back, his eyes falling on my naked body. I shivered, a wanton lust rippling through me. I was such a bad wife for being so wet for this man.

“I can see why Gustav recommended you,” he groaned, his eyes stopping at my pussy, shaved save for a blue line of public hair leading down to my tight lips. “What a tight, sweet peach.”

I shuddered as his rough, calloused hands, so different from my husband's, rubbed at my pussy.

“The gold,” I hissed. “Then you get my peach.”

His finger thrust into my cunt, feeling how wet and juicy I was. I shuddered, trembling as he pumped his finger in and out of my depths. His thumb brushed my clit, making me sing in pure delight. His leather pants creaked as he shifted.

“Definitely ripe,” he laughed. The Zeutchian produced the gold coin from his leather pocket. It flashed.

I snatched it up in my eager hand, holding onto it tight. I felt so wonderfully dirty as I sold my married body to his lusts. His arms swept around me. I groaned as he pulled me close, my nipples rubbing against his muscular body. His head leaned down, claiming my lips. I swooned as he kissed me hard. His tongue thrust into my mouth, stirring around.

My heart hammered in my chest as I fenced with his tongue. His dick felt so hard in his wet, leather pants. I hugged him tight, my right hand clenched tight around the coin. I wiggled against him, savoring his hard girth.

He broke the kiss, panting. “Damn, you are one wicked wife.”

“So wicked,” I moaned, falling to my knees, feeling his girth.

He felt hung.

A wicked rush shot through me as I deftly unlaced his leather pants. I shoved them down his hips, exposing his cock thrusting from a mighty forest of blond curls. He was so thick and long, bigger than my husband.

He even rivaled Thrak.

I missed the orc and Faoril.

The brief pang of parting vanished as I stroked his cock with my left hand. I opened my mouth wide, salivating for this dick. I licked and swirled around the tip, making him groan. He seized my sky-blue hair, holding me tight as I bobbed my mouth up and down his cock. I could barely open my jaw wide enough to take him.

Drool dribbled down my chin as I pleasured him. I hummed a naughty song as I sucked. My cheeks hollowed. My tongue danced around his spongy cock. He made such wonderful, manly grunts and groans.

“Gods, what a mouth, whore,” he panted. “Your husband has no idea, does he? That you're a hot-mouthed slut.”

“No idea,” I moaned, popping my mouth off his dick for just a moment. I sucked again.

He groaned, hand tightening in my hair.

I bobbed faster, stroking his dick with my free hand. More drool leaked down my chin. I was such a bad wife. So naughty to cheat on my husband, to sell my body like a filthy whore. I was a prostitute. Dizzy waves of delight rushed out of my dripping pussy.

I pressed my thighs so tight together, taking the ache off my clit. I shivered, my right hand clenched so tight about the coin. The edges bit into my palm as I loved this dick in my mouth. I bobbed faster, trembling with my excitement.

“Gods damn, you want my cum badly,” he growled. “Pater's mighty cock, enough.”

“Enough?” I purred, popping my lips off his dick. “Don't you want to spill your cum in me?”

“I paid to enjoy that sweet peach, not your hungry mouth,” he growled. “I want to violate your married cunt.”

“To cuckold my husband?” I asked, arching my eyebrows.

“Yes,” he growled.

My pussy clenched so hard.

He seized me, lifting my light body with ease, and draped me across my marital bed. He spread my thighs apart, exposing my married peach. I shivered, my pussy clenching as his hands stroked up my thighs to my wet cunt.

And then, with a hungry growl, he buried his face into my snatch. I groaned, his whiskered cheeks rubbing on my hot flesh. His tongue plundered my married depths. I spasmed, right hand clenched on the coin as the pleasure surged through me.

“Yes, yes, yes, eat my married cunt,” I moaned. “Eat the peach you paid for.”

“What delicious treat,” he growled between licks, his blue eyes staring up at me. “Such a sweet whore-cunt.”

“Luben's sacred oath!” I gasped as he sucked on my clit.

His thick fingers penetrated my pussy while he nibbled on my nub. He plundered in and out of my pussy, his tongue caressing my clit. Pleasure rippled through me as I chirped and sang out my delight, humping against the bed.

I squeezed my small breasts, rubbing the gold coin into my right tit, sliding it up over my nipple. I pressed it down, massaging the metal into the nub. Delight raced through my pussy, my quivering flesh bursting with passion.

He tongued me so hard.

“Slata's juicy cunt, you are divine,” growled the Zeutchian hunk, his blue eyes staring up my body, his sandy-blond hair spilling about his broad shoulders.

“Keep feasting,” I moaned. “You paid for this peach.”

He grinned at me, his thumbs stroking up and down my pussy lips. “I did.”

He spread me open. I shuddered as he leaned down and buried himself back into my pussy, tonguing me so hard. I gasped and shuddered. My eyes rolled back into my head as I writhed against him.

This was so naughty. I pressed the gold coin harder into my breast, the edges biting into my soft flesh. My back arched. Naughty chirps exploded from my lips as I shuddered. My ass clenched, the pleasure burning hotter and hotter through me.

“Luben's sacred oaths, yes!” I moaned as I came. “I'm such a bad wife!”

My orgasm was hard, fast. It rushed through me. Bubbling delight washed over my thoughts. I trembled as he kept licking and tonguing and driving me wild. He devoured me. He kept me heaving and bucking.

I chirped and sang. A wordless trill of bliss issued from my throat, the melody so complex as the rapture shot through me. And then he was on me. That muscular body looming over me. I shuddered at how strong he was and...

His cock... Oh, his cock nudged at my spasming pussy.

And then he was in me, violating my pussy. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him down to me. His muscular chest crushed my breasts as he plowed his thick dick into my married depths. He churned my convulsing sheath, rapture rushing through me.

“Gods, what a peach,” he groaned, driving so hard into me.

“Worth the price?” I chirped.


I came again, spasming on that cock driving into me. I humped against him, grinding my clit into his pubic bone. My thighs locked about his waist. I shuddered beneath him. My pussy convulsed on his dick as he churned me up. It was wonderful. Amazing.

Wave after wave of bliss shot through me. I groaned, rubbing the gold coin into his back with one hand the other clawing at his rippling muscles. He was so big. So strong and brawny. The opposite of my husband's slim, almost effeminate form.

“Keep fucking me,” I howled. “Keep fucking me until you cum! Flood me!”

“Yes,” he grunted, driving harder, my marriage bed creaking, the headboard thumping.

My pussy spasmed so hard on his dick as he rammed into me. The orgasms crashed one after the other as I exhilarated in my naughty behavior. His cock stretched me so wide apart. My toes curled in bliss.

And then, with a mighty grunt, he buried into me. I shuddered as his cum fired into my depths. Hot splashes of jizz flooded me. My eyes rolled back into my head as he pumped load after load into my married cunt.

“Gods, yes!” he grunted, sounding almost animalistic as he rammed his cock one last time into me. So hard the lips of my pussy throbbed.

A wonderful throb.

“What a whorish wife,” he growled. “Pater's cock!”

“Such a whorish wife,” I sang, my orgasm peaking in me.

And then his body changed, shifted beneath my hands, the cock shrinking in my pussy. Not much. His body grew slimmer, his fair skin darkening to the deepest black. I squeezed my husband lithe, muscular form. He went from ruggedly handsome to breathtakingly gorgeous.

Sometimes I thought he was prettier than me.

“Thank you,” I breathed, smiling at my husband.

“I always love fucking a married woman and cuckolding her husband,” he grinned.

His lips caught mine in a kiss, seasoned with my sweet pussy juices. I shuddered, glad I forgave him for what happened with my mother. He had changed so much since we first met. We both had. We had discovered so much about ourselves. About love.

I was glad Lady Delilah interfered.


Warlock Faoril – Shilter Strait

There was a...difference. I could see it in the roll of the waves as we neared the end of the Shilter Strait and stared out at the unexplored Vilianth Ocean. The domain of powerful sea serpents, schools of deadly sirens, krakens, and monsters unknown to any scholars. Strange lands were purported to lay beyond, if the map I found could be trusted.

It would be an adventure. Thrak and I would learn so much. We had crates of journals in the holds for us to fill out about our discoveries. A shiver of excitement ran through me as I stared at those deep-blue, verging on black, waves rolling out there.

“See that, boys,” Thyrna called down from the stern deck, wearing her leather pants and ruffled blouse, looking like a pirate queen, her hip cocked to the side. “That's real adventure. That's waters no one else has the balls to sail but us. But by Vedr's queef, we're going to do it. We're going to find treasure on the other side beyond our wildest dreams.”

I grinned at her excitement.

Thrak came up behind me, wearing only his kilt, his hair ruffling in the spring wind. It was warm here. We were far south. The stars were different in the sky. There were new constellations to be named and even a strange, milky cloud we could just see, like an island of stars that drifted across the sphere of the heavens.

I shivered in giddy anticipation.

“You ready?” Thrak asked, folding his arms across his scarred chest.

“Not quite,” I said, licking my lips, my hips shaking beneath my red robes. “I need one thing.”

He arched a bone pierced eyebrow.

“Cum,” I grinned.

His laugh boomed across the deck as I fell to my knees before him, my hands going to the ties holding his kilt on. It fell off his body, his thick cock, pierced by the bone ring, hardened beneath my skilled touch.

“Do I need to organize a gangbang?” he asked, staring down at me.

“Maybe,” I said. “But we'll just start with your cum for now.”

I felt the pirates' eyes on me and shivered as I licked my lips. I hungered for cum. I may be a Warlock, but I was still a female mage—still a slut for cum.

I loved the creamy texture. It was wonderful no matter the source. I had sampled so many different varieties. And I couldn't wait for the monsters and beings that lived in the fabled lands across the sea. New cum to explore.

Thrak groaned as I licked the crown of his cock and flicked his bone ring. He shifted as my tongue swirled around the throbbing nub, his precum salty and delicious. The ship rolled as it plowed into the swells of the ocean, plunging into the unknown.

My tongue dove through the slit of Thrak's cock, making him groan again.

And then I swallowed it. My mouth opened wide, my lips sealed tight. His bone ring rubbed on the roof of my mouth as I bobbed my head. He groaned again, his large, swarthy hands grabbing the sides of my head.

I relaxed as he growled, his hips thrusting, fucking his cock into my mouth, using me. I shuddered, my pussy so hot. My right hand slipped into my robe and found my clit ring. I pulled on it, groaning around his dick as pleasure throbbed from my nub.

That metal ring stimulated my clit every time it touched it. It was so amazing. My pussy clenched, juices flooding out. My tongue danced about his cock plunging over and over into my mouth as I tugged harder on the piercing.

“Yes,” Thrak grunted. “Gewin's mighty cock, suck it. Suck the cum out of my balls. Such a cum-hungry slut I married.”

I moaned my answer, my left hand gripping his thick thigh for support. I pulled harder on the clit ring, pleasure shooting through me. I twisted it, convulsions racing through my body. My toes curled in my shoes.

Thrak fucked me harder. His cock reached for the back of my throat. He grunted, his scarred chest rippling. His hips drew back until only the crown remained in my mouth. He thrust hard. His cock hit the back of my throat and kept going.

He slammed down my gullet.

My throat burned wonderfully as I sucked air through my nose. Dizzy darkness washed across my vision. I kept tugging and playing with my piercing as my nose pressed into his wiry pubic hair. I smelled his wonderful musk: a mix of sweat and leather and iron. My orc's wonderful scent.

He drew back his cock and fucked it back down my throat. His balls smacked into my chin, so full of his cum. I moaned so loudly, my orgasm building in the depths of my cunt. It was so hard to breathe, and that made the pleasure in my snatch even more intense.

“Yes,” he snarled. “You're going to get so much cum!”

I shivered, sucking so hard as he slammed his cock down my throat again and again. The bone ring rubbed on my flesh. I shivered. He was so strong. His fingers tightened in my hair. He snarled out his passion.

His cum flooded into my mouth.

He pulled back his cock, letting it splash along my tongue so I could enjoy the salty flavor. I savored the thick cream, gulping it down as my pussy shuddered. My back arched. My clit exploded as I pulled hard on the piercing.

My orgasm rushed through me.

I swallowed his cum as rapture burned through my body. Dizzy waves washed through me. My vision fuzzed. I savored his cum and the bliss shooting through me. Power reservoirs swelled, energy I could tap to power my magic and protect the ship on our perilous crossing.

Nothing would stop us from reaching the other side, from the discoveries we would make. Nothing.

I stared up at my husband as my orgasm peaked, his red eyes staring down at me, glossy with his pleasure, burning with his love.

Failing the test wasn't the worst thing that had happened to me. Not even close.


Chaun – Dragon's Rest

“Husband,” the blonde, Zeutchian woman said. She shifted her hips. “This is a surprise.” She glanced at my wife standing beside me. I wore the laborers form again.

It was a virile body.

“Wife,” I answered, staring at the lovely and buxom Ingrid. “Aurora is one saucy wench.” I smacked my wife's ass, pushing her into the laborer's house, Ingrid blinking in surprise.

“Saucy?” Ingrid frowned as I shut the door behind her. Then I caught the wife, my cock so hard to cuckold the laborer. Hans may not have fucked my wife for real, but there was a part of me that was eager to fuck his wife to get him back anyways.

“Passionate,” Aurora chirped, her hips swaying. She hummed a lusty song, hitting all the notes just right to lull a woman into passion.

Ingrid's eyes dilated. Her nipples pressed at the front of her dress. Her white aura shone around her, the form I wore dancing in her thoughts. My cock ached to be in her. To fuck her so hard. Her hips began to sway, matching Aurora's.

My wife caught Ingrid, pressing her slim form against the busty Zeutchian lass. They danced together, my wife humming louder and louder. I stripped off the rough laborers clothing I wore as Aurora kissed Ingrid.

Ingrid didn't resist. She sighed into the kiss, the lusty song washing around her. My wife's hands already worked at the bodice of the Zeutchian beauty's dress. Ingrid's blue eyes closed as her tongue played with Aurora's.

The dress slipped off her body, exposing large, pillowy breasts. My dick ached as I stared at those lush pairs cupped in my wife's soft hands. Ingrid shoved down Aurora's skirt. It fell off her slim ass, her hips still swaying as she worked the woman to the bed.

I stroked my cock, watching them. Ingrid had a thick, golden bush that brushed my wife's crotch as they danced. Then they reached the bed, falling on it, disturbing the quilted blanket. Ingrid was on top of my wife, her ass clenching as she ground against Aurora.

“What a sight,” I groaned, bending down and grabbing her ass. They were at the bed's edge. I knelt on the rush-strewn floor, staring at two pussies grinding together, my wife's shaved bare, Ingrid's half-hidden by her burnished straw.

I leaned in, licking from sweet to tangy pussy. The two flavors merged on my tongue as both women shuddered. Aurora still hummed her lusty song. She couldn't create her own bardic tunes, but she could recreate any she heard me sing, emphasizing the notes just right like she'd spent a decade at the College of Az studying musical theory.

Ingrid broke the kiss as I flicked my tongue at both their clits as they ground together. She let out a lusty, moaning gasp of: “Hans, this is so wild. Oh, Slata's motherly tits, yes!”

“Your tits are motherly,” Aurora giggled, abandoning her song. It wasn't needed. Truthfully, it never was. Women could never resist a changeling in their husband's appearance.

“Oh, just suck on my nipple, you naughty avian.”

I heard my wife's noisy suckles as I lapped through the women's pussies. Aurora's sweet and Ingrid's tart musks mixed on my tongue as I feasted on them. My nose brushed Ingrid's wet curls, my dick aching so much to bury into her.

I couldn't wait. We didn't have long. The real Hans could return at any time.

I rose and slammed my cock into Ingrid's pussy. Her back arched, supple and naked, as she moaned, “Husband, yes!”

I shuddered at the deception. My balls ached with a fresh load of cum for her pussy. I pumped in and out, my balls smacking into my wife's pussy as she suckled. Ingrid squirmed harder, her ass rippling from my strokes.

Then she moaned in disappointment as I yanked my cock out of her pussy and rammed it into my wife's snug cunt. Aurora hummed her pleasure around Ingrid's nipple as I pumped away, my crotch smacking into Ingrid's wet cunt.

“Oh, you naughty man,” Ingrid groaned, looking over her shoulder. “Plowing another woman while my pussy needs your cock.”

“Oh, do you?” I grinned, ripping my cock out and slamming into Ingrid's marry cunt. “My wife's just so wanton she needs my big, thick dick in her.”

“So big!” she groaned. “Pater's cock, but that is a dick the gods must envy.”

“Uh-huh,” Aurora gasped.

“You like it, too.”

“I do,” Aurora groaned.

My dick throbbed in Ingrid's hot pussy. But my wife needed my attention, too. I ripped my cock out and rammed it into her cunt, the married woman's juices coating my dick. My wife moaned, her pussy clenching so hard on my dick as I rammed it a few strokes in her.

Then I rammed back into Ingrid's sweet treasure.

I went back and forth between the two women, savoring the differences between their pussies. Both were wet and silky, but they gripped me in different ways, were tighter in different spots. They both moaned, kissing and grinding on each other as I pumped a few times in each before switching.

“Gods, this is amazing,” I groaned, my hands sliding up and down Ingrid's side.

“Luben's sacred oaths, it is,” moaned my wife.

“Uh-huh, keep fucking my pussy and... Hans! I was so close to cumming!”

I rammed into Aurora's pussy. “You'll get there. I'll make you both explode.”

“Yes!” both married women moaned.

I shuddered, sliding back and forth faster and faster. My balls boiled, slapping into their wet flesh. Their mixed musks scented the air with heady delight. I groaned, thrusting harder, faster. Their tunnels were both so amazing.

“Gods, yes!” sang Aurora as her pussy spasmed about my cock. “Oh, Hans, yes! That's so good! Churn my married cunt.”

“Naughty slut!” Ingrid groaned. “Cumming on my husband's cock before me.”

I ripped my cock from the heaven of Aurora's pussy and slammed it into Ingrid's. She shivered, her pussy writhing about my dick as she joined my wife in orgasmic bliss. I grit my teeth, burying into her, and flooded the married woman's pussy.

Such a rush shot through me as I cuckolded Hans. I pumped blast after blast of jizz into his wife's cunt. I shuddered, hoping I bred her. My race could only breed with married women. I grunted, my voice so deep and booming.

“Gods, yes,” Ingrid moaned. “Oh, that was good.”

“Yes,” I grunted, stroking her back as the pleasure buzzed through me.

I wanted to stay, but that wouldn't do. I couldn't. If the real Hans came back, things would be awkward. I shuddered, drawing my cock out of her pussy. My cum dribbled out afterward, coating her golden curls.

“Wife, always a delight,” I grunted.

“But you have to go and work,” she pouted at me, still grinding on Aurora. “But I can still play with Aurora.”

“I would love to,” Aurora groaned. “But I have to get back to managing the inn before my husband comes back.”

“Isn't he right there?” Ingrid asked, rolling off my wife. “That is you, right, Chaun?”

I froze.

My wife's sapphire eyes widened.

“Mmm, that was fun. I won't tell my husband. I don't mind you spilling seed in me. I've already quickened my womb.” She stretched her back. “It was hot pretending you were him.”

Aurora giggled again.

I was out of sorts on the walk back to our inn. That had never happened before. Women didn't know I was taking on their husbands' appearances unless they already were my lovers. But I had never lived so openly like this. And I never had a wife.

Bringing Aurora along must have given me away.

But it was still hot, even if I didn't breed Ingrid. And there would be other married women, new immigrants, guests passing through, adventurers seeking glory. I shivered as I walked into the inn. I blinked at the sight of four figures seated at a table, three women and a...

I knew them. Kevin, two priestesses, and a female knight.

Aurora squeaked beside me. “Go get Angela,” I hissed, my heart racing. What was Kevin doing here?


Acolyte Sophia

I held my pregnant belly. Six months along made me quite round. I glared at Kevin and the two Slata whores with him. One of them was pregnant, too, holding her stomach the same way I did, a big smile on her face.

I glared especially hard at her.

“Angela,” Kevin smiled as he rose from the table. He wore traveling clothes, a sword belted at his side.

“Kevin,” my Knight said, folding her arms beneath her breastplate.

“We are not here to cause problems,” Kevin said, his hand resting on the female knight's shoulder.

“Then why are you?” Angela asked, still wary. The last time we saw Kevin, Angela broke his heart, choosing me over him.


“People are talking about this place,” Kevin said. “Angela Dragonslayer and her new order of knights. A new temple of Saphique. A place to defend the kingdoms against the shadow of the nagas.”

I kept glaring at him.

“And?” Angela asked.

“Why, Mary and I want to enlist,” Kevin said, glancing down at the woman sitting beside him with such a fond look.

Anger surged through me. He loved Mary now? And the two Slata priestesses? He looked at them with equal affection. They preened for him. And he clearly had knocked one of the sluts up. He abandoned his love for Angela and moved on so fast?


I gave him the hardest look I could.

“Join up,” Angela frowned.

“We aren't Knights Deute any longer,” Mary said. “We abandoned our duty when Kevin let you go. We never should have interfered to begin with.”

“You were trying to kill Dominari,” the pregnant slut said. “Your dedication was obvious.”

“You spared us when we were at your mercy,” the other said.

Angela studied Kevin, then the women. “You and the three of them.”

“Yeah,” Kevin nodded. “They...were very comforting.”

Again, the three women looked at him with such fondness. Men were such pigs. Not even six months to forget about Angela! It would have taken me years to get over her. Years! He never really loved her.

“Then you're welcome at Dragon's Rest,” Angela said. “More experienced knights are always a boon.”

“They're priestesses of Slata!” I hissed, unable to hold in my anger. “Their bitch goddess is the reason Lady Delilah is dead.”

“Slata was not...happy with us,” the non-pregnant slut said, her face growing tight. “We are no longer her priestesses.”

“We serve Biaute now,” the pregnant one said. “And since the Goddess of Beauty is sometimes a paramour of Saphique, there should be no problem with us being here.”

“She's a paramour of every god and goddess,” I muttered.

“Acolyte,” Angela said, her voice tight. “Be polite. Everyone who wants to protect and defend are welcome here. Even if they serve Slata. The Goddess is the jealous bitch, not her servants.”

I flushed. “Yes, my Knight.” I took a deep breath, staring at the women. “Welcome to Dragon's Rest. I am sure a Temple to Biaute would be welcome.”

Before anyone could answer, an impish, mocking voice said behind me, “Wow, Sophia, you have gotten fat.”

Indignation surged through me. I whirled on the offending person, my mouth open, and...I blinked.

Minx stood beside Xera, a huge grin on her face, her hands cupping her round stomach.

“You're pregnant!” I gasped instead. “Minx! You and Xera?”

“Me and Xera,” Minx nodded, looking around. “But at least I'm not as fat as you!”

Laughing, I fell to my knees and hugged the halfling.



I left Minx with Sophia, the pair chatting about their pregnancies, and exited the inn. Everything had changed so much in six months. What was once a field was now trampled by human activity. The mound where we buried Dominari was still there, carpeted in flowers. Sophia's temple grew before it, dozens of brawny men setting stone. I moved past it to where I planted the bulb.

I smiled. She'd sprouted, a pink flower poking out of the ground from a vine. It was open, a small baby in the midst of the petals. I knelt down, brushing the flower. The infant opened her eyes. I heard gurgling coos in my mind.

“You are just beautiful,” I told her in elven. Her flower petals rustled. “Just like your mother.” She would be happy here, just like my unborn daughter Lynette would be. I could feel it as I told the blossom about her mother. There would be such life here. It would be something special.

I would help Angela, Minx, Sophia, Chaun, and Aurora build something that lasted. Something that mattered.


Knight Angela

“I can't believe Kevin is here,” Sophia said when she walked into our temporary rooms in the inn. Our quarters would be in the temple once it was completed.

“Strip,” I said in a commanding voice. I was already naked, holding ropes in my hand.

“Yes, my Knight,” she gasped, her white robes flying off automatically.

They fell off her body, revealing her breasts, swollen larger by her pregnancy. Her belly button piercing swayed across her round stomach as she moved, her green eyes wide. There was a hint of question in them. She knew she was in trouble, but she didn't know why.

And, really, she wasn't in much trouble at all. I just wanted to tie her up and discipline her.

She was so beautiful. Her tits jiggled with firm beauty as she moved, her belly swaying. I loved the curve. Our daughter grew in her. It made my clit throb, aching to transform into a hard, throbbing dick as she walked to her position. In the heavy, wooden rafters above were set rings for running rope through.

They were so much fun.

I moved to her, letting my cock sprout. I shivered as my clit swelled, growing thick and hard, thrusting out before me. It bounced as I walked, the tip throbbing so hard for my acolyte. I stared at her sleek back down to her curving ass, the swell of her belly peeking around her side.

The rough fibers of the robe slid through my hand as I pressed behind her. My cock nudged her ass, the tip sliding between her butt-cheeks. She groaned, shivering as she raised her arms up to be bound, so submissive.

“Do you know why you are being punished, acolyte?” I asked in my commanding voice.

“No, my Knight.”

“You were rude to Kevin and his women. This is a welcoming place, and you kept glaring and being hostile to them.”

She shivered. “I am sorry, my Knight.”

I leaned in, nipping her ear. “You will cry out your sorrow. Twenty lashes.”

She let out a moan, her butt-cheeks clenching on the tip of my cock. My pussy ached as the delight rippled down my shaft. I just wanted to fuck her. But not yet. I wanted her ass glowing red before I enjoyed her.

With practiced skill, I bound her right wrist. I threaded the rope through the first hook and then the second before bringing it down to her left wrist. I tied it about her then I looped a second rope around the length running between the two hooks. I pulled on it, snugging her arms, forcing them over her head. I tied this rope to a third hook. She swayed, on her tiptoes, her breasts and pregnant belly jiggling.

I had to be careful of her belly. No flogging her whole body. What a pity.

She sat there, juices dripping down her thighs as I walked to our wall. Inspired by Captain Thyrna, I'd covered it in my growing collection of paddles, floggers, riding crops, and whips. I grabbed a flogger then changed my mind. I grabbed a riding crop, the stiff leather-wrapped stick would leave delicious welts on her white ass.

Sophia moaned when she saw it.

I walked back to her, my cock and tits bouncing. I was so hard for her. I wanted to fuck her so badly. Maybe it was seeing Kevin. It hurt, just a bit, seeing that he'd moved on. And onto three other women.

But I was also happy for him. We had shared something for a while, loved each other, but we just weren't right for each other. I thought we were, but life took us in other directions and to new discoveries. And he looked so happy with his three women.

While I was happy with my woman and my cock.

The crop hissed as I swung it.


My pussy clenched at the sound. A red welt rose across both of Sophia's butt-cheeks. Her scream of pain made me so wet. She loved the agony. And I loved to hurt her, to mark her body, to prove my ownership of the woman I loved.

My acolyte.


I flicked the crop again, painting a second stripe that crisscrossed the first. The puckered welt rose fast. Her ass wiggled as the ropes creaked. I groaned, loving it. I stroked my dick with my free hand, admiring my work, listening to her whimpers.

“I'm so sorry, my Knight,” she groaned.

I rubbed my crop up her thigh, brushing the juices. “I can see that.”

I pulled it back and flicked it across her upper thighs. Not as hard as I landed on her ass, but enough to make her jump, her body shifting forward. She swayed, her hips shaking, that gorgeous belly swaying.

I bred her. Our daughter growing in her belly was such a wonderful gift.


I savored every smack.


Every welt.


Every whimpering cry.


“I'm so sorry,” she moaned, her brown hair swaying, tears falling down her cheeks.


Juices flooding down her thighs.


She loved the pain.


She loved the submission.


She was mine.


Juices dribbled down my own thighs. My cock was so achingly hard as I stared at her welted ass. It would be days before she healed. Days of feeling her punishment every time she sat down. Days of being reminded that she was mine.


Her hips wiggled, pressing back, eager for the crop's next kiss.


I shivered, my breasts heaving as the passion surged through me. I flicked the crop upward. It hissed between her thighs and smacked wetly on her pussy. She bounced off her feet. She screamed out in pain and pleasure.

Juices gushed down her thighs.

“My Knight!” she howled as pain exploded across her shaved pussy. “I was so bad! So naughty!”

“Yes,” I groaned, watching her cum, her paingasm flowing through her. They were always the strongest.

I had to feel it.

I threw the crop to the ground and grabbed her hips. My cock rammed into her pussy. I groaned as her tight sheath spasmed about my dick. Her heat massaged my cock. I groaned, hugging her, my hands roaming her pregnant belly as she thrashed.

“That's it,” I panted. “That's what you get for being bad.”

“So bad,” she moaned, her voice throaty with passion, her pussy spasming so hard on my dick. I drew back and plunged into her spasming depths. Rapture burned around my cock. Pleasure flooded through my body as her hot silk massaged my shaft. I pumped my hips, pressing my pillowy tits into her back.

My nipples throbbed as I fucked my acolyte so hard. She swayed as I rammed into her, the ropes creaking over our heads. I nuzzled at her neck, my hands caressing her round belly. I slammed over and over into her pregnant pussy as she kept cumming and cumming.

My juices dribbled down my thighs. My pussy clenched every time I buried into her. My dick throbbed in her depths. My flesh slapped into her ass, making her gasp and moan. Pain and pleasure burned in her passion.

“Keep fucking me, my Knight!” she moaned. “Use me! Dump your cum into me!”

“Yes,” I groaned, ramming my dick so hard into her pussy. “I'm going to flood you. You made me so hard. Your ass is so red!”

“Yes!” she howled, bucking harder.

Her stomach shifted beneath my grip as she thrashed. Her pussy spasmed so hard. The pressure built in the depths of my pussy. I shuddered, fucking her as hard as I could, ramming my dick into my slave, my love. Her cunt churned around my dick.

The friction was intense. Her spasming silk so hot. I groaned, my hips pumping out of control, desperate for my orgasm. I kissed at her neck then sucked hard. My teeth nibbled. Another mark on her flesh.

“My Knight!” she howled over and over, lost to the pain and rapture as she kept cumming.

I buried into her depths. It was too much. Her pussy sucked at my cock. My ovaries clenched in the depths of my body. Pleasure exploded out of my cunt. Juices gushed down my thighs as the rapture rushed through me.

And my girl-cum flooded her pregnant pussy.

I held onto her pregnant belly as I pumped my seed into her. I moaned into her neck, loving her so much. The pleasure burned through me. The dual delight of a pussy spasming bliss and a cock pumping ecstasy. The twin rapture reached my mind, swirling through me, leaving me gasping and panting. I slumped against her, shuddering.

“Sophia,” I groaned. “My sweet Sophia. I love you so much.”

“My Knight,” she gasped. “Love you. Love you so much.”

I held my wife, my cock buried in her pussy, sharing our love. This wasn't the life I ever pictured. But it was the life I had, the life that brought me such fulfillment. From Dragon's Rest, I would protect the kingdoms of men from any threats.

With my acolyte at my side.

And it was all thanks to her. The Flaming Woman. Tears burned in my eyes.

“Delilah,” I groaned.

“What, my Knight?” Sophia asked, her words slurred. “What about her?”

“I want to name our daughter Delilah.” My hands rubbed her belly. I felt our daughter shift.

“That's beautiful,” Sophia said, her voice cracking. “Delilah.”


Epilogue – Two Hundred Years Later, The Freehold of Dragon's Rest

Knight-Errant Delilah knelt in the shrine. She wasn't the Lady Delilah, or even the firstborn daughter of the Dragonslayer and her Acolyte. But she was Angela and Sophia's descendant, and the name Delilah was passed down through the generations. She was young, her red hair falling about her shoulders, brushing the pauldrons of her armor, her green eyes staring up at the sword clutched in the statues hand. The Flaming Woman stood proud in her armor, holding the sword thrust point first at the shrines floor.

Delilah could feel the power of the Dragonslayer's sword. The adamantium blade had a silvery shimmer about it, the gold handle burnished. No hand, save stone, had touched it in nearly two hundred years.

Like every Knight Dragoon before her, she prayed before the sword on the eve of embarking on her Quest, her own acolyte of Saphique awaiting her at the temple. Delilah's heart pounded in her chest as she looked at the two statues flanking the sword and it's protector: the Dragonslayer looking so strong and proud, and her Acolyte looking so submissive and beautiful.

“Be with me,” Delilah prayed to her ancestors, hoping they watched her from the Astral Realm. Their bodies rested beneath her feet, Angela and Sophia together always.

Six other statues ran down the length of the room. Their companions. Thrak and Faoril, Chaun and Aurora, Xerathalasia and Marianne. Together, they accomplished something amazing. They killed the last dragon and saved the world, losing only the valiant Lady Delilah in the savage fight.

I hope I do even a fraction of what they did, Delilah thought, her eyes turning back to the sword.

“Do you think you're going to wield it?” a chortling voice asked.

Delilah jumped, half rising and turning to see a halfling perched on one of the pews. The knight-errant's eyes widened. “Marianne?”

“Do you think you're the chosen one?” the halfling asked, jumping to the next pew, perching on it with graceful dexterity. Of the nine, only she and her elf-wife still lived. “Faoril's spell is mighty powerful. Might lose a hand if you're not certain.”

Delilah glanced at the sword clutched in her namesake's hand. “No, I don't think I am. My Quest isn't that perilous.”

“You never know,” Marianne shrugged, her metallic-red hair swaying. She had the same minx-like grin from the bardic songs. “Maybe you have your ancestor's fire. You look like her.” The smile turned sad. “You look like them both.”

“What were they like?” Delilah asked, eagerness surging through her. She should be praying, but Marianne and her wife, Xerathalasia, did not often appear in public any longer. Their children tended the Living Garden, elves with the stature of children and the beauty of goddesses.

“Chaun could tell you better,” Marianne said, leaping from the pews and landing beside Delilah. She crouched, her breasts jiggling in the cloth band that contained them. “Though that epic he composed is only half right. Poetic license, he called it. Left out all the bad stuff. No mention at all of how boring it was crossing Vyman Plain.”

“Please, tell me,” Delilah smiled.

Marianne shrugged. “Why not. I'm sooooo bored.”

It was such a strange thing to hear from one of the nine heroes. But Delilah listened eagerly as the halfling launched into her tale. The knight-errant drank it in, inspired by the story of her ancestors and their friends.

Maybe I'll fall in love with my acolyte, thought Delilah. She is cute.

Her clit ached beneath her chainmail loincloth, wanting to throb into a girl-cock, proof that she was Angela Dragonslayer's descendant. In the back of her mind, she wondered if she would be the one to draw the sword.

Or maybe it would be another.

Either way, Knight-Errant Delilah knew she would protect and defend with her own acolyte at her side.

The END of the Knight and the Acolyte

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