The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Ten: The Flaming Woman

Chapter Six: The Flaming Woman

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Knave Angela – The Altar of Souls, The Princedoms of Zeutch

My demand hung in the air as I advanced on Lady Delilah, emotions swirling wildly through me. I had so many questions about all the strange things that had happened since my Quest's start. And she would give me answers. My hand fell to the hilt of my sword. I didn't care that she was a senior Knight Deute. I didn't care that she made my heart race with lust's desires.

I would get my answers, or the Gods would witness my anger.

“I am sure you have many,” Lady Delilah purred, her stance shifting, the chainmail loin cloth swung between her thighs. She wore armor similar to mine, a low-cut half-breastplate showing off her lush mounds, pauldrons shiny on her shoulders, her chainmail loin cloth hanging from her wide sword belt, knee-high boots with greaves strapped over the shins, and vambraces covering her forearms.

Sophia stood beside me, trembling in her white robes. Thrak edged to my right, Minx to my left, moving in slow circles to surround her. Wood clunked behind me, Aurora pulling out her totems while Faoril's robes rustled as she reached for her vials of cum, ready to perform her magic.

If Lady Delilah was at all disturbed by the menacing looks the hulking orc gave or the sharp daggers in Minx's hands, she showed only relaxed confidence. Chaun stepped up to my left, his head cocking.

“That's the woman who hired me,” he said, voice coached low.

“Nudged you on the path,” Lady Delilah corrected, giving Chaun a slow smile. Then she inclined her head. “You gave me a wondrous gift that night.”

“Why did you hire Chaun?” I demanded as I ripped the garnet pendant from my pouch. “Why did you give me this amulet? And why did I find its twin on the warlock Fireeyes after he tried to kill me? Are you the elf who enlisted Minx to steal the sword? Were you the elf we saw in the Deorc forest? How is that even possible? Who are you really?”

“I scarce no where to begin,” she answered, her hands sweeping her fiery hair off her pauldrons and behind her back.

“Are you the Flaming Woman?” Sophia asked.

“Flaming woman...” Her head tilted, an amused smile forming on her lips. “Is that how the Lesbius Oracle described me? Usually, the prophecies give me a different title. But that is apropos, I suppose.”

“Other prophecies?” I furrowed my brow. “What are you talking about?”

“Why, the prophecies about the return of the High King's heir. The Hero of Lilies who will reforge his empire and take up his sword.”

“Hero of Lilies?” I glanced at Faoril.

The mage blinked her eyes then shook her head. “The study of prophecies is not something pursued at the Collegiate Towers. Most do not delve into such esoteric fields.”

“It is a savior prophecy,” Thrak grunted. “Or so I heard. Spoken at the time the High King died. The Hero who would return and save the world, a second coming of the High King Peter. I heard a lecture on it briefly at my time at Allenoth. But, I must confess, I made a study of philosophy not prophecy.”

“Not many do,” Lady Delilah smiled. “But I have. I have spent a thousand years studying every prophecy given by every oracle.”

I blinked. “What? You can't be that old.”

“Not even elves live that long,” Xera said. “If you are truly of my race and found a way to appear human.”

“I am not an elf. Nor am I human.” Lady Delilah licked her lips. “I am unique. There are none living who are like me. I have spent the centuries studying the prophecies, waiting for the Hero of Lilies, the descendant of the High King through his only surviving daughter, Lily.”

“And?” I frowned. “I am not the only descendant. Why not my mother? My cousins? It's been a thousand years. There must be scores of his descendants.”

“But none are the Hero of Lilies. None were given an impossible task. None found the companions and the sword. 'And thus did the Hero of Lilies, a Knight of Flames, venture forth to quest for the impossible,' spoke the Oracle of the Sands seven-hundred-and-three years ago.

“'In the Temple of Purity, anointed by virginity, was the Hero of Lilies charged with the impossible. A task no man had completed. But the Hero of Lilies would slay fire, defeat betrayal, and wield the Broken Blade once more,' spoke the Oracle of Whispers five-hundred-and-thirty-three years ago.

“'For Duty shall the Hero of Lilies set out, death's maw waiting at journey's end. Seek boon companions to avoid betrayal's trap, oh Hero of Lilies. The Whore untouched by Men. The Hunter of Love Unseen. The Mage of Grief and Guilt. The Barbarian who Mourns Love's Lost,. The Bard with a Thousand Faces. The Thief who Steals Her Love. The Shaman Cursed to Walk. The Guide Who has Seeded the Path,' spoke the Serpent Oracle nine-hundred-and-thirty-three years ago.”

“Whore?” muttered Sophia.

“You haven't answered my questions,” I said, growing anger at the nonsense she spouted. Old prophecies about me? “Why are you interested in this? Why have you involved yourself with me? Why did you give Fireeyes a matching amulet?” My anger boiled over. “He tried to kill us! Why help find my companions, and then send a warlock to attack me over and over. To use magic to stop me?”

Lady Delilah's mouth twisted with distaste. “I gave that amulet to King Edward. Not Fireeyes!” Her fingers flexed. “The King lied to me. He feigned interest in your quest. I have long advised him before he became King, as I advised his father. When he learned of your Quest to kill the dragon, he wanted to support you, or so he claimed. He wanted to give aid. He asked for a way to track you. I supplied the amulets. I have a third.” She reached into a pouch and pulled out a matching pendant. “It is how I have monitored you on your quest.”

“King Edward?” I blinked. “Why would he want you dead?”

“He was crowned right before your quest,” Lady Delilah answered. “You know the custom of your kingdom.”

“He visited the Sekar Oracle,” Sophia said.

“And got a prophecy,” I groaned. “About me?”

“Apparently. He deduced who you were from it. The closer time has come to your appearance, the more specific the prophecies have become. It was what allowed me to find all your companions years ago. 'The Bard of a Thousand Faces, Seducer of Princesses and Shame of Princes. Disgraced. Hunted. Seek him in low places, singing bawdy tales,' spoke the Oracle of Sands one-hundred-and-seven years ago.” Lady Delilah's eyes flicked to Chaun. “And when you cuckolded Prince Gruber and fled his court in disgrace, I knew I had found you.”

“But why?” I demanded. “Why do you care? Why are you invested in this? Why have you spent a thousand years waiting for me?” I couldn't believe it. A hero? “I am just a disgraced knight. I'm going to kill a dragon and spend the rest of my life as a fugitive.”

“Or as the Queen. The High King's heir restored to her rightful place of power, ruling her ancestors kingdom as she wields his sword.” Lady Delilah's eyes grew wide, her voice breathy.

My stomach squirmed. I did not want that. I just wanted to protect people.

“That did not answer her question,” Thrak rumbled.

“Is it because you're in the prophecies?” Sophia asked. “The Guide? The Flaming Woman who will change Angela's destiny?”

“Because I am Queen Aria of Hamilten,” she answered.

“What?” I blinked.

“Impossible,” Faoril said. “Queen Aria has been dead for a...”

“Thousand years?” A smile crossed Lady Delilah's lips.

“Wait, you're claiming to be the High King's wife?” Sophia demanded. “That you're Angela's ancestor, too.”

“No, no, that was Rose, his second wife,” Lady Delilah said. “She bore him all his children. But I was his first. I was with him from nearly the beginning. I witnessed him forge his empire. And I watched as that bitch Slata destroyed it.” True anger crossed her face, her cheeks growing as ruddy as her hair. “His sons killed by mishaps. His own body afflicted with a wasting illness. The curse placed upon his only daughter Lily so she and all her descendants would only bear girls. All the work of Slata out of her jealousy for Pater's indiscretions. She persecutes all the Holy Father's bastards, including my Peter.

“But I persevered. I swore to my husband as he died I would find the Hero of Lilies and witness his kingdom restored. That I would walk the centuries, searching for her, waiting for the signs to be right, and then ensuring she regained what was stolen from her ancestor.”

Lady Delilah's eyes fixed on me, the green depths burning with a fiery fervor. “For you, Angela. I have waited for you. I can see it in your eyes. You have Rose's face and his nose. You are their descendant. You have found his sword. You overcome all the obstacles I placed in your path when I hid the blade.”

“You hid the blade?” I demanded. “You broke it apart and scattered it across the world? This sounds crazy. The High King's wives are long dead. They're moldering in the ground. You can't have lived this long.”

“A demigoddess could,” Faoril said. “She claims she is unique. She can change her appearance.”

“But the High King's wife? That she's really a queen?”

“Chaun can prove it. He has seen my husband's appearance in my thoughts.” Her eyes softened again. “He took my husband's visage the night we met in Lor-Khev.”

“I did,” Chaun said, nodding his head. “I can see her husband's form in her thoughts.”

“Become him.” There was such longing in Lady Delilah's voice, her eyes no longer burning but tremulous. “Let me gaze upon him again.”

Chaun glanced at me. I nodded.

The changeling's form blurred. His shoulders swelled, his chest growing thicker, stronger. His midnight-black skin became paler, lighter, like my skin. He became a man of power. A man with a regal bearing. A man who knew his strengths because they had been tested time and time again.

“The High King,” Faoril said, a touch of awe in her voice. “He looks like the statues I have seen of him.”

“They have one of him at Allenoth,” Thrak nodded.

“And in Shesax, Angela,” Sophia said, her voice croaking. “In the Water Square. He stands at the center of the fountain. That man.”

“My Lord and Husband,” Lady Delilah breathed. Her hands reached out, fingers outstretched for a moment. Then she yanked them back, tears glistening in her eyes. “Thank you for letting me see him again.”

“You're welcome,” Chaun said, his voice deeper, majestic. Then he rippled, growing slimmer, taller, more effeminate as he returned to his natural appearance.

“This is madness,” I said, staring at Lady Delilah. Queen Aria. “You've been following me? You've been watching the quest, nudging my companions to join me? Why not just approach me? Why not help me?”

“I couldn't interfere directly,” she said. “Though I came close when the erinyes became involved. You had to be strong enough to overcome all the trials on your own. Without my interference. And you did. All of them. You recovered my husband's sword.” Her head whipped around, staring at the Altar of Souls. “It awaits you. Reforge it. Take up your destiny.”

“To slay the dragon?”

“That is just the start,” breathed Delilah. “The eight of us standing here, Angela, will aid you. The High Kingdom of Hamilten will be reforged. You shall bring peace to the world. United under one Queen.”

I arched an eyebrow. “It's already fairly peaceful. The Knight Orders see to that. Why do you need me?”

“You will understand,” Delilah breathed. “When you hold the sword. You will understand the power it contains. The responsibility that it grants you. Why that blade tamed me.”

“What are you?” Minx asked. “Are you really Adel? Are you the elf I met in Raratha?”

Lady Delilah's flesh rippled the same way Chaun's did. She grew taller and slimmer, pointed ears peaking through her hair, a greenish cast blossoming across her skin. Her face became delicate. Still Lady Delilah's face, but unmistakably an elf. A cock pushed past her chainmail, dangling long and hard before her.

“Oh, my,” Sophia said.

“That's her,” Minx grinned. “I sucked that cock. She can control it, Xera. Have it whenever she wants.”

“Lucky for her,” Xera said. “You are one of Matar's children? Or Henta's?”

“Matar,” Lady Delilah answered. “Her daughter. I was wild. And then Peter tamed me. He took me as his wife. And then we found Rose, and we loved her together.” Her girl-dick twitched. She blurred, shifting back into a human appearance, but her cock didn't vanish. “Have I answered your questions to your satisfaction, Angela? Do you believe I am your enemy? I have only ever wanted you to succeed. I was so wroth with King Edward when I discovered his duplicity. He has betrayed you, sent assassins to kill you. He ensured the knights sent to hunt you were joined by Slata's priestesses. Because he knows that you will depose him.”

“I won't,” I said, trembling. “I am just slaying the dragon.”

“Stubborn.” The smile grew. “Just like your ancestor.” Lady Delilah pointed at the Altar of Souls. “There it is. Reforge the blade. Then let us ride to Dominari's cave and discover what your true destiny is.”

Then she stepped closer to me. I shivered. She was as beautiful now as she was when I first saw her a decade ago. Not surprising, she was immortal. She reached out, touched my hand. “If you have more questions, we can discuss them in a more intimate setting.” Her eyes flicked to Sophia. “Your concubine can join us, too. She is a part of your decision, Angela. Will you truly be her queen?”

My heart beat faster. My cheeks warmed. My eyes flicked down to her cock. “Very well. You have answered my questions. It's insane.”

“Yeah,” Aurora squeaked. “So you knew I would marry Chaun before I ever did.”

“I did,” Lady Delilah purred, looking past me. “And I am so glad you have found such joy in it. I watched you grow up, witnessed how you suffered these last two years being unable to fly.”

“I can fly,” she said and then blurred into a song bird, her wings flapping, launching herself at Chaun. She landed on his shoulder and chirped.

“Wonderful,” Lady Delilah smiled. “It is one thing to study prophecy, but to see it unfold, to see you eight become closer and closer over the months, has been something amazing. Something I was honored to watch. And now...” She took my hands, squeezing them, smiling at me. “I am so thrilled to join you, too.”

“To face the dragon with us?”

“To face everything with you, my Queen,” Lady Delilah said, her voice so breathy. She knelt before me. “I am your humble servant. The oaths I swore to my husband, I transfer to you. I shall obey you, love you, serve you.”

I wanted so badly to believe her, but a tiny doubt nibbled at the back of my mind. Why would she give the amulet to King Edward at all? Her answer made sense. It was reasonable. Why would she doubt King Edward's intentions? But...she was the High King's wife. Chaun proved that. And if she truly was a demigoddess, she must have power like the Minotaur. I needed all the help to defeat Dominari.

The memory of the dragon's flames burned through my mind. The beast wiped out a hundred men in a heartbeat.

“Faoril, begin your preparations.”


Warlock Faoril

I had never drawn a magic circle with more care than this one. Not even when I summoned the Eldridge Horror during the Test on the Island. I scribed out the most complex of circles: the Starburst. A ten-pointed star. I used red chalk to draw it to contain immense heat.

I made it on the polished, stone slab upon which rested the Altar of Souls. My entire body trembled. There was such magic in the air. The entire hillside brimmed with energy. My heart beat faster and faster. It was time to cast the Ritual of Reclamation. I knew the theory. I understood how the energies had to be used. The materials were here, spread out on the altar. The hunk of raw adamantium, the five pieces of the High King's sword, the bloody heart of the Minotaur.

After drawing the circle and the star, I made the arcane markings. I wrote the five elements names twice, fire in the points of the star facing north and south, water in the points facing east and west. I drew each one with precision, kneeling on the ground, ignoring the ache in my back as I worked while the party asked Lady Delilah more questions.

She insisted on being called Lady Delilah. “I have grown used to the name,” she had laughed when Aurora called her Queen Aria. “I haven't used that name since I faked my death and broke apart the swords.”

It was hard to ignore their conversation as she spoke on the one-hundred-and-two prophecies she had collected about Angela and her destiny. How she pieced together the clues to find us. Minx, she claimed, was the hardest to find until her older sister was hung. Thrak was easy. The first orc to ever attend Allenoth University.

“I was so afraid she would die,” Lady Delilah laughed. “The basilisk hunted her and her hunters, and Angela and Sophia were blundering through the woods. I had to do something. Prophecies are not exact. In many ways, they are guides that you have to follow to reach the right future, but if you make a wrong turn... So I became Adel and raced though the woods to lead her to you.”

“Fortunate,” Xera said. “That hunt had gone poorly for us.”

“But it allowed us to gain Xera's help and find the Lesbius Oracle,” Sophia said.

“'Seek instruction, oh Hero of Lilies, from the Oracle of the Forest, the Oracle devoted to the Divine Virgin, for guidance, but the price shall be steep,'” quoted Lady Delilah. “So I knew where you were heading.”

I blocked them out. I couldn't be distracted not right now. After drawing the elemental names, I added markings of warding to the outside edge. It had to be strong. Salamanders were powerful spirits to summon. They were the embodiment of fire dwelling in the Astral Realm. The Ideal of Fire.

The sun had passed its Zenith and was well on its way to setting when I made the final mark. Sweat fell off my forehead as I rose. I groaned, my back popping as I arched it. And then I studied the runes.

“Such precision,” Lady Delilah said.

I jumped, turning to find the woman behind me. She had let her cock vanish because it no longer tented her chainmail loin cloth. For a moment, I wondered what properties her cum had for powering my magics. I would have to get a sample from her later.

“It has to be precise,” I answered. “No mage gains the red robes who can't make a precise circle. I will be unleashing energies and summoning powerful entities from the Astral Realm. If the geometries and markings are not drawn with enough mathematical precision, then they shall escape, and we would have a horde of salamanders rampaging.”

“It is such a pity you failed your test.” Lady Delilah shook her head. “I had assumed you would pass. Your teachers always spoke so highly of you.”

“I made a mistake,” I frowned, my cheeks warming. Embarrassment flooded through me. It was such a dumb mistake, too. “I didn't preserve the lemures cum I had collected.”

“But you will not make a mistake today. I can see it in you. You are not a woman that repeats her follies.”

Her words banished my embarrassment. “Thank you.”

“Are we ready?” Angela asked.

“We are ready,” I told her. I pulled out three vials of Thrak's cum and drank them down one after the other. I shivered, the energy reserves flooding through me.

I faced the circle. The altar gleamed silver in the setting sun. I took a deep breath and sent fire into the circle to power it. The chalk burst to life with a ruddy glow, painting crimson across the altar. The circle hummed. There were no disruptions in the harmonics. It was perfect.

I ripped open a portal to the Astral Realm and summoned the salamanders.

The others gasped behind me as they stared at the rip in the fabric of our reality, the realm of the Gods beyond. Fire poured through. Great tongues of red and orange danced through the rift. The air wavered and danced above. The polished stone around the altar grew a dull red as the heat poured out.

But it didn't come past the circle.

“What is that?” Sophia gasped behind me.

Out of the rip came the salamanders. They were creatures made entirely of flame, similar to Aurora's elementals. But these were no constructs bound together by a shaman's will. These were Ideal Fire. Living flames. Their bodies were tongues of dancing yellows, reds, oranges, and whites. As they stepped out on all four, their bodies rippled and writhed. They had no fixed forms as their flames danced in various directions. They looked superficially like large lizards. But their legs were longer.

Four of them answered my summons, padding around the circle. Fiery tongues flicked out, brushing the edges. Their fiery tails swept back and forth, leaving plumes of black smoke rising up into the air. The choking vapors swirled and gusted, pressing against the boundary of the circle, forming a cylinder of boiling darkness rising higher and higher into the sky. Constrained, unable to escape the geometries of my boundaries.

One snarled and slammed into the barrier. I felt the impact through my senses, the geometries wavering for a moment. I poured more energy into the circle, strengthening it while I directed my will at the inhabitants. Life magic surged into the circle.

The salamanders were summoned for a purpose. And they would obey my will.

I thrust my hands out before me, sweat breaking out across my face as the salamanders snarled and hissed. They all threw themselves into the magic circle. Energy rippled from their impacts, waves of red sweeping across the cylinder trapping them. They fixed burning eyes on me, anger swarming them. The stones glowed hotter and hotter at their feet, the glare hurting my eyes.

I ignored it as I sent earth magic now into the circle. The barrier restricted energy from passing back and forth. But I drew the barrier. I powered it. So I could slip my magic through the circle, touching the arcane runes I marked, and sending the power of the earth into the sword pieces, the hunk of adamantium, and the Minotaur's heart.

“Heat,” I said. “I need your heat. Your energy. You are the Fires of Krab. You are the Flames of Creation. Pour your power into the blade. Let what was broken be made whole!”

The words were unnecessary, but they focused my thoughts. My body trembled as the Life, Earth, and Fire magic poured out of me. My energy reserves dwindled as I burned through Thrak's cum. I furrowed my brows, focusing on the salamanders and nothing else.

“Obey, Flames of Creation.”

They hissed at me and then turned. They pressed against the Altar of Souls. Heat poured into the silver. It drank their energy with a great thirst. But it didn't glow. However hot they made it, didn't affect its silvery surface.

But the items on the altar felt it. The heat sank into the sword. The raw adamantium melted. My earth magic guided the molten metal as I added a fourth stream of magic—Air. I lifted the pieces of the sword. I fit them together where they were broken. I poured molten adamantium to fill in the gaps, welding the sword together. My senses dove into the blade, feeling the grain of the metal, how they aligned. I shifted the pattern to align them into one piece. The molten metal responded, the lattice of its structure unifying into a solid piece.

It grew stronger and stronger, drinking in the heat from the Salamanders. The blade was half-molten, blazing white-hot. It burned like a sun, blinding bright, forcing away my gaze. I worked with only my magic, feeling through the energy coursing out of my body.

And then I plunged the blade into the smoking heart, quenching it with the essence of the Minotaur. Blood hissed into the air, boiling off the blade as it drank in the power of Gewin's son, reactivating the magic imbued in this blade when Krab had forged it here a thousand years ago. The heart shriveled..more and more of its flesh devoured by the essence of the blade.

Like carbon transformed iron into steal, the Minotaur's heart transformed the mundane into the powerful. I gasped, the energy swelling in the sword. It pulsed through my magic. It grew stronger and stronger.

“I can feel it,” Angela whispered.

The final fleshy strands of the demigod's heart vanished. I grit my teeth, forcing the salamanders back through the gateway. I activated water, sliding it through the points of the star marked with that rune, and prodded the spirits out of our reality. My energy faded faster and faster. My eyes stung with sweat. I swayed.

“Go!” I snarled, pushing them towards the rift, the sword hovering in the air. I released it, the blade's own power keeping it aloft. “Now!”

My words cracked against the fire of the salamanders. The water hissed, steam flaring. They retreated from the liquid goading them. They crawled back through the portal, leaving behind the mortal world. I slammed it shut, cutting them off.

My magic ran out.

The circle died. The column of rising smoke billowed outward, no longer constrained. As it rose, it dissipated into a wider and wider cloud. The heat glowing the rocks in the circle met the cooler air of autumn. I swayed, the warmth of a forge washing over us. The stones at my feet grew hot. Without the circle to hold it back, the heat spread until the entire stone slab now glowed a dull red. I stumbled back. Grass burst into flames at the edge.

Aurora's water elementals put it out. Then they danced over the stone as Angela walked forward, staring at the glowing sword hovering in the air. It smoked and sizzled as water from the elemental splashed upon it. The knight strode through the water boiling on the surface of the stones, heat and steam dancing around her.

And seized the High King's sword.

The world trembled beneath my feet.


Knave Angela

My fingers clasped the glowing sword.

I gasped.

Orgasmic pleasure exploded into my body. My legs quivered as rapture surged through my veins. My head snapped back. My entire body convulsed as my pussy spasmed. Juices flooded down my thighs as I felt the power of the sword.

It was immense. Overwhelming.

All the strength I had felt in the Minotaur when we fought the monster now coursed through this blade. My eyes widened as the euphoric bliss consumed my mind. I trembled and swayed, my fingers clenched so hard about the hilt.

The glowing light faded from it, revealing the silver sheen of the blade, a brighter burnish than steel could achieve. Gold clad the crossguard, sweeping upward from my hands like living flames, molded as the sword was reshaped. The grip felt perfect for my hand, shifting, like it was still molten for a heartbeat and then solidified to the mold of my hand as I squeezed tight.

Whatever power held it aloft ended with my orgasm.

I lowered the blade, staring at it, feeling the weight. The balance was impeccable, just enough weight to give power to my swings without making the blade at all unwieldy. I swung it once, and it felt like an extension of my body. It hissed as it knifed through the air. Like it didn't so much as pass through the air as cut it.

“Gewin's mighty cock,” I groaned. It was intoxicating holding the blade. I felt so tall, like a hero out of legend, a champion from antiquity who fought mighty monsters single-handed. The fear stirred by Dominari's appearance a week ago fell away.

This was a blade that could kill a dragon. Had killed a dragon, Dominari's mother, a thousand years ago.

“My Queen,” Sophia groaned, falling to her knees before me. She stared up at me with such worshipfulness. “My Queen. That blade...”

I shuddered, understanding why her green eyes were so wide. This was a sword meant for a ruler. For a king. An emperor. A queen. I trembled, swallowing. I glanced at Lady Delilah watching me, her smile growing. It was so knowing.

She understood what this blade was. What it represented. This blade was commissioned by Pater himself. The Lord of Creation. The Holy Father. He gave this to his half-divine son Peter to rule the mortal world like Pater ruled the immortal.

And now it was mine.


Lady Delilah

Elation surged through me. My heart thudded as I stared at my husband's descendant. A thousand years I watched over Lily's descendants, following the eldest of each generation as they moved through the eons until it came to Angela. To the one my husband predicted would follow him as he lay dying of that bitch Goddess's poison.

This time, Slata would not triumph. This time, she would not ruin my husband's dream. I would see to it. I knew the signs. I knew how to follow them. And I had a true master again. Someone that could dominate me. Someone with the power to rule over me.

My husband's oaths had held me for a thousand years. But it was so trying. There were so many times I wanted to be myself. To revert to my true pleasures. I could indulge when necessary. But those times had been so few in the last centuries.

But now... With a continent to conquer...

I moved to Angela, smiling at Sophia kneeling before her. The prophecies were right. I had prepared myself for Angela, too. And I had one last gift to bestow upon her. The future High Queen trembled as she clutched the sword, her blue eyes so wide.

She was beginning to understand her true destiny. And I would guide her down the path.

I reached out and took her hand. “It is time.”

“For what?” she asked, her eyes tightening. Damn that Edward giving Fireeyes the amulet. Angela still did not trust me fully.

“For us to have our intimate talk.” My grin grew. “In your tent. Me, you, and Sophia.”

“Me?” the acolyte squeaked.

“Yes,” I nodded. “You are her concubine. And my gift to your Queen concerns you directly.”

Angela's hand tightened on me. She licked her lips. “Okay, Lady Delilah. Let's have”


Knave Angela

We set up the tents while Faoril prepared the circle. It was obvious we would camp atop the hill. I pushed through the canvas flaps, trembling, my hand still clutching the High King's sword. I reverently set it up on a blanket before turning and facing Lady Delilah. I folded my arms beneath my breasts. I still buzzed from my powerful orgasm, my body aching.

And I had a feeling what “intimate” talk meant.

I had fantasized about being with Lady Delilah since I first saw her as a budding girl. My first masturbatory experience was to her beauty. She was why I became a Knight Deute, so I could be as beautiful and regal and powerful as the knight who visited my father's estate.

Was that the first time she had guided me to this destiny?

Sophia swept in next and moved to me without a word, unbuckling the straps of my armor. She understood. Then Delilah swept in, her dark eyes smoldering. A smile grew on her lips as my breastplate came away, exposing my large breasts, my nipples hard.

“It was always stirring watching you and Kevin practice,” Lady Delilah purred. “Especially when you finished and the loser had to pay the forfeit.”

“I remember you watching,” I shivered, my pussy clenching. “What is this gift?”

“A Queen needs an heir, and your concubine is fertile today.”

Sophia blinked as she undid my sword belt, her green eyes flashing up at me.

“She is in the middle of her cycle. She is ready to be bred by her Queen.”

“By me?” I asked, a tremor shooting through my body.”

“Indeed.” Lady Delilah licked her lips. “I followed three obscure prophecies to figure this out, and had to make a deal with Matar and Saphique to give you this gift. To modify human females. The Virgin Goddess is eager for the changes to come to her clergy.”

Sophia's eyes widened. “What are you saying. You're going to make Angela into a hermaphrodite.”

“What?” I gasped, trembling.

“And then she shall breed you, concubine. A union of both your flesh. All your heirs shall be female, Angela. And they all shall have cocks, satisfying Pater's pesky rules that only males could rule. To spread their royal seed the way he spreads his divine.”

A shudder ran through me as Lady Delilah removed her sword belt, her chainmail falling away to reveal the shaved folds of her pussy, her clit peeking out. What would it be like to have a cock? Xera enjoyed hers. As did every man I knew.

“A child?” Sophia whispered as she slipped out of her white robes. “Your child, my Queen. Our child. Saphique told me I would bring a change to her church.”

“I thought you said childbirth was the messy parts of being a woman that Saphique spared you from.”

Sophia's smile only grew. “But that's when I thought a man could only breed me. But you, my Queen.” She fell to her knees before me, her hands stroking down my thighs to my greaves. “I would gladly carry your child. I would gladly suffer the mess.”

She leaned in and kissed my clit.

I shuddered, my eyes flicking to Lady Delilah. Her fingers rubbed at her clit. It pressed forward from her folds, growing longer, thicker, sprouting into a dick in the same way that Xera's grew when Minx slathered it with her ointment. I trembled, the shaft growing thicker and thicker, my pussy aching to be filled.

I loved fucking Sophia with her dildo strapped to my crotch. How much better would it be with a cock? To feel her pussy wrapped about my flesh, spasming when she cums. I knew how much men loved it when they experienced my cumming pussy.

And she wanted this. Sophia wanted to have my daughter. To have a child created by our union.

“Will you accept my gift?” Lady Delilah purred, her breastplate falling away from her breasts, so big and lush, her nipples-dark red and hard.

I licked my lips. “I'm not saying I will be High Queen.”

“That choice is also yours.” She stepped towards me. “This isn't a promise. I am but a guide. I hope you will choose to walk in my husband's footsteps. Well?”

“Please, my Queen,” Sophia moaned and then she sucked on my clit.

I groaned, spasmed, and nodded my head.

Lady Delilah moved to me, her red hair flowing behind her. She seized me, kissing me hard, her girl-cock pressing into my hip, her breasts rubbing against mine. I moaned into her kiss, a surge of girlish excitement rushing through me.

Lady Delilah.

Finally. After all those years of dreaming of this. Finally, I would experience her passion. And it was so different than I imagined. She had a girl-cock. And Sophia being here made it even more exciting because I would share this with her. My hand reached down, tightening on my concubine's brown hair while the other slipped around Lady Delilah's waist and groped her butt, pulling her tight.

She moaned into my lips, her tongue dancing against mine. I shivered, shuddered. My clit throbbed in Sophia's mouth as she kept nibbling on it. Her tongue swirled through my folds, teasing me, making me tremble and ache. My hips shifted as the pleasure shot through me. My eyes fluttered, excitement beating so fast in my heart.

Lady Delilah broke the kiss, her dark eyes smoldering as they peered into mine. “You look so much like Rose. I miss them so much.”

My heart ached. “I'm so sorry.”

She kissed me again, harder, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I shivered, my clit throbbing as Sophia's pierced tongue batted it, the hard end of the stud rubbing on my sensitive nub. My hand tightened on Lady Delilah's ass.

Her hand climbed up my breast. She reached my pillowy mound and squeezed hard. I groaned, my eyes fluttering from the pleasure of her touch. My entire body buzzed with excitement. Her fingers were so delicate. Her hips wiggled, grinding her cock against my hip.

She broke the kiss. “No talk of the past. This is about you, Angela. You and the future you shall make with Sophia.”

“Yes,” Sophia gushed, looking up at me, licks sticky. Then she licked my clit again, making me shudder.

She was eager. She had learned the joys of hermaphrodite's cocks. We had shared Xera. And now she was eager to have that joy from me. A cock I could summon when I want. We could make love as pure women or as something more.

My body swayed from the exhilaration. Dizzy heat washed through me with the sheer possibilities of our future lovemaking. Sophia dug her tongue through my folds, batting my clit. I shivered, the pure passion burning through my body.

Lady Delilah lowered me to the bedroll. I sank down on it as Sophia moved. She deftly unstrapped my greaves and pulled off my boots while Delilah nuzzled at my breasts. Her hands cupped both my mounds as her tongue danced across my nipples, licking them, flicking them, swirling about them. Pleasure teased through my body.

“You grew up into such a radiant beauty,” she moaned.

“Mmm, she did,” Sophia moaned. Then her tongue licked up my calf, her hands sliding up my leg before her.

Shivers raced through me as Lady Delilah sucked on my nipple. Her cheeks hollowed. Pleasure sped through me. My pussy clenched. My hips rose into the air. Sophia reached my knee as I squirmed, licking past it and sliding down my inner thigh, her fingers dancing across my flesh, reaching for my pussy.

They both teased me. My eyes fluttered as I tensed. Sophia came closer and closer to my pussy. Her fingers slid around my shaved folds, stroking my plump vulva, coming so close to touching my labia.

“Slata's cunt,” I groaned, shivering as Lady Delilah nipped my nipple. Her eyes flicked up to me. She sucked harder. “You really hate her.”

“The goddess is a whorish cunt. She usurped Matar's position as the Queen of the Gods, stole Pater away from her forcing Matar to become a Hermaphrodite to fulfill her purpose and give birth to her children.” A smile grew on her lips. “Making you into the first human hermaphrodite helps to right that wrong.”

Lady Delilah sucked on my other nipple, her breasts pressing on my stomach. I reached out, squeezing those lush, pillowy mounds as her tongue swirled and danced across my nipple. I groaned, squirming, my body trembling.

And then Sophia reached the apex of my inner thighs.

She licked my pussy.

She knew just how to pleasure me. The long, slow lick through my slit, her soft tongue contrasting with the hard point of her tongue stud, sent shivers racing through my body. My nipple throbbed in Lady Delilah's mouth. I moaned, humping against my concubine's devouring tongue as she licked again and again, stirring such rapturous pleasure through me.

My hands clenched on Lady Delilah's breasts as I squirmed. I groaned and gasped, my thighs quivering. My toes curled. Sophia's amazing tongue plunged into my pussy, swirling around, the stud so hard, teasing me. Pleasure fluttered through my body.

“Sophia, yes. You're so eager for it. You want me to breed you.”

“So badly, my Queen,” she moaned in answer.

“You will savor it,” Lady Delilah purred, lifting her lips from my nipples. “You will find ecstasy as you slide into her pussy.”

“With my girl-cock.” My hand shot down from her breast to grab the big shaft thrusting from her crotch. I stroked it, loving how it throbbed. It felt like a man's shaft until I stroked down to the base and felt her wet pussy folds wrapped about it. “I'm going to do it. I'm going to breed her.”

Saying those words built the excitement in me. I shuddered, humping against Sophia's tongue as Lady Delilah kissed me again. My pussy clenched as my body shuddered. I jerked the girl-dick, stroking it faster and faster as our tongues dueled.

“Oh, I can't wait,” Sophia moaned. Then her tongue assaulted my clit while three of her fingers jammed into my pussy.

I gasped, my eyes widening in the joy of penetration. Her three fingers sank into me, rubbing across the top of my pussy until they found that special spot. The place of concentrated ecstasy. She massaged it.

My clit burst with sparks. My pussy spasmed with rapture.

My orgasm exploded through me.

I moaned into Lady Delilah's kiss, my body heaving. Our breasts rubbed together. My hand tightened on her cock while my pussy spasmed on Sophia's plunging fingers. She flicked and licked my clit, massaging it with her tongue stud.

The pleasure flowed through my body. Stars burst before my eyes. I savored the bliss, my body twitching. Lady Delilah moved as I spasmed, her lips locked to mine, her body shifting over me. Sophia moved out of the way, pulling her fingers from my pussy.

“Make her into a hermaphrodite,” moaned Sophia as she grasped Lady Delilah's cock. “Please, please. I want her to breed me.”

I still trembled, still cumming, as Lady Delilah's cock rubbed up and down my pussy. But her hands were occupied, sliding up my sides, caressing me with hot fingers. It was Sophia guiding the hermaphrodite's cock into my pussy.

She was so eager.

“Do it,” she hissed.

Lady Delilah broke our kiss, staring into my eyes. “Are you ready? There will be no going back. You will be changed.”

“Ready!” I moaned.

She thrust.

My spasming pussy embraced her girl-dick. Lady Delilah's thick cock speared into my depths. I convulsed about her, new pleasure bursting through me as she spread my sheath open. I groaned, my thighs tightening about her waist as she drew back and then slammed in again. And again.

“Lady Delilah,” I moaned, quivering beneath her, our nipples kissing as she writhed atop me.

“Oh, my sweet Angela,” she groaned. “I have dreamed of this moment for so many centuries. To unite with Peter's flesh again, even if it is in his descendant. Thank you.”

“Yes!” I gasped, quivering, her dick pounding hard in and out of me. She fucked me with abandon, her hips rising and falling, our flesh slapping together.

“Oh, that's so hot, my Queen,” Sophia moaned. “Your pussy lips are spread so wide apart. And her cunt looks so juicy, especially with her big cock thrusting from it.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, trembling, my pussy clenching so hard on Lady Delilah's cock. “It's amazing.”

And then it got better.

“Sophia,” I gasped as her tongue slid around my pussy lips, teasing me.

Another orgasm convulsed through my body. Sophia lapped at my pussy and Lady Delilah's cock, her tongue fluttering pleasure through my body. It washed through me as my pussy drank in the friction of Lady Delilah's plunging cock. My body twisted with rapture. It was so amazing. So stirring. It flowed through me.

Every stroke of her dick brought me closer and closer to another eruption. Her face twisted as her hands cupped my cheeks. She stared into my eyes, groaning and gasping. She loved my pussy. She was driven to pound me. To cum into me.

To make me like her.

“Cum in her,” Sophia moaned. “Oh, please, Lady Delilah. Transform my queen.”

“Transform me,” I moaned, my pussy clenching hard. “I need it. I do. Please, please, change me.”

“Yes,” Lady Delilah moaned. “I will. I will make you into something new. Something amazing.”

“Good,” I gasped, my cunt on fire. Her every thrust sent waves of pleasure washing through my body.

Sophia's tongue flicked my clit. Lady Delilah's cock thrust into my pussy. My nipples throbbed against her. I trembled.

My orgasm exploded hot and hard through me. My pussy spasmed. My body bucked. Rapture shot through me. Stars burst across my vision. I screamed out Sophia's name. I hugged Lady Delilah tight to me as her dick kept pumping, stirring me up.

“Yes,” she groaned. “Pater's cock, yes. I'm going to cum. I'm going to change you, Angela!”

“Yes!” I howled. “Change me!”

Her hips thrust forward. Her cock buried into me. Her cum erupted. Blast after blast of jizz flooded me. My eyes rolled into my head as I drank in the rapture. The heat burned so hot inside of me. It made my eyes roll back into my head. Stars burst through my vision. Such stupendous bliss shot through me, making my pussy convulse with such passion about her dick.

And more than jizz flooded me. There was energy. Heat. My clit burned as her cum splashed into my depths. My body drank it in. I bucked again. Another orgasm swept like a hurricane through my body. The tempest howled with ecstasy.

“Gewin's mighty cock!” I screamed as my clit burned. It throbbed. It pulsed, shooting rapture through my spasming body.

I bucked into Lady Delilah's form. I held her tight as the final blast of her jizz spurted into me.

And then I felt it. My clit swelled. Grew. Transformed.


Warlock Faoril

“Do you trust her?” I asked Thrak as he held me in his arms. Angela screamed her head off, lost to the rapture of Lady Delilah's cock in the next tent, Sophia moaning her glee. I had no energy to have sex. Not after casting the ritual. I just wanted to sleep.

But I couldn't. Not yet. An idea had blossomed in my thoughts.

“Her answers were all logical,” he answered, his voice rumbling. “They made sense.”

“So you don't trust her,” I stated.

“She is hiding her nature.” He stroked my hair. “She would not say exactly what her origins are, just that she is the only living member of her kind and a daughter of Matar.”

“So a demigoddess?” I asked, my stomach twisting. I had missed the implication of her words, but they struck me now.


“There is a race of hermaphrodites who can change shape,” I whispered, trembling as fear rippled down my spine.

To be continued...

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