The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Ten: The Flaming Woman

Chapter Two: The Princess's Bard

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Chaun – Unmik, Asunow Princedom, The Princedoms of Zeutch

My three balls boiled. I groaned, running my pale hand through my wife's sky-blue hair. My hand normally wasn't Zeutchian-pale but midnight black. Nor did I normally have a muscular body, broad in chest and shoulders, thick thighs, and sandy-blond locks spilling about a ruggedly handsome face. I was normally slim, wiry, with an almost effeminate beauty that made women's hearts melt.

My wife sucked hard on my cock, changed in size to match the Zeutchian warrior she spotted in the common room. The moment her sapphire eyes had alighted on him, I saw the lust churning in her body. The desire for the man to fuck her hard had kindled in her married pussy.

But she would never break her marriage vows again. She would never lie with a man that wasn't me. Luckily for her, I could take on any shape I wanted. Normally, changelings used this ability to seduce married women, assuming the identity of their husbands gleaned from their thoughts to impregnate her.

And when I stared at my wife, gleaning the man dominating her thoughts, it was me I saw. That was so intoxicating. She loved me even if she lusted after the man whose form I assumed.

Her small hands stroked my cock, sliding up and down the shaft as she knelt on the inn floor. We were in the Mermaid's Song, an inn in the port city of Unmik in the Princedom of Asunow, one of the dozen of princedoms who were united under the loose confederation of the Princedoms of Zeutch. I was a fugitive here. Prince Gruber of Kivnar, the Princedom north of Asunow, wanted me dead for cuckolding him. It was dangerous for me to be in this nation.

But Angela's Quest was too important.

Sophia let out wanton moans. At the other end of the room she was bound to the wall and fucked hard by Xera's elf-cock. The lesbian acolyte had discovered in Drakin Castle she could fuck a hermaphrodite and not lose her connection to her goddess. And she loved it, screaming out her pleasure. At first, she thought it was a man about to fuck her. I provided the voice while Aurora sucked my cock, helping Angela with her naughty game.

But now all my focus was on Aurora. She stared up at me, her eyes sparkling with delight as she bobbed her mouth up and down my cock. She swirled her tongue about the crown. She made me groan. My hand tightened in her hair.

“That's it, you little, married slut,” I growled. “Just want my seed flooding your mouth. What would your husband think?”

She shivered, sucking harder, loving the game. She was naked, her small breasts quivering, her nipples so hard. Her tongue flared around the crown of my dick. A naughty sweep that had me grunting and trembling, the pleasure shooting through me.

My balls tightened. I only had two in this form, but they were both boiling, eager to flood her mouth with every drop of my cum. My hips fucked my cock in and out of her mouth. I groaned, muscles in brawny chest tightening.

I came.

My cum spurted into her mouth. Blast after blast of hot, creamy jizz. She moaned, cheeks hollowing as she sucked hard, eager for every drop. She swallowed it, eyes fluttering. Her tongue swirled around my crown, stimulating me.

Then she pulled her mouth off my dick. “We must hurry before my husband discovers us,” she moaned, panting. “He's so jealous.”

“He should be,” I growled, seizing Aurora's shoulders. I lifted her with ease. This body was stronger than my normal one while her form was so light. She was an avian, capable of transforming into a bird, her bones hollow.

I threw her down on the bed, Sophia moaning louder and louder in the background, savoring Angela's gift. I didn't care. I had eyes only for my wife and our naughty game. My dick throbbed hard before me, soaked by her saliva.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, spreading her thighs. She ran her fingers up to her shaved folds, her slit girlishly tight, her vulva puffy with her arousal. “Take me. The moment I saw you, I knew I needed you. Oh, you made me so wet. Fuck me! Hurry!”

“Your poor husband has no idea how much of a slut you are.” I crawled onto the bed, seizing her thighs. “How much of a wanton whore.”

“No idea,” she moaned, trembling. She reached out, stroking me. “Oh, you are so big and hard. Mmm, I'm going to love this cock in me.”

I leaned down, kissing her hard, claiming her married mouth behind her husband's back. Her eager hands guided me to her dripping pussy. She rubbed my girth up and down her married flesh. I shivered, feeling her urgent desire, the need to be fucked before we were caught by her husband.

I thrust into her, groaning into her kiss. She shivered beneath me, pussy clamping down on my girth. Her hot pussy engulfed every inch of my cock. Her thighs locked about my waist. Her hips writhed, stirring my cock through her juicy cunt as she kissed me with such passion. She needed this. To be fucked by a man who wasn't her husband.

I broke the kiss. “Beg,” I growled. “Beg for me to pound that slutty, married cunt until you explode.”

“Please,” she moaned, eyes glossy. “My husband could come back. We have to hurry. Pound me. He mustn't know.”

I groaned, drawing back my hips. Her lower lip quivered as her pussy clenched down on my dick. The friction burned hot. Then I thrust into her depths, my balls thwacking into her taint. She gasped, thighs tightening about my waist, her nipples hard on my chest.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me! Luben's sacred oaths, I'm such a naughty wife for doing this.”

“But your hot pussy just needed to be fucked by a real cock.”

“So badly.” She bucked again, grinding her clit into my crotch. “You're so strong and muscular. Oh, I love it.” She hugged me tight, undulating beneath me as I plowed into her. “Fuck me!”

The bed creaked and rocked as I pounded her married cunt. My balls smacked over and over into her taint as I savored the sweet embrace of her pussy. The friction burned pleasure through my body. I pounded her as she gripped my back, fingernails clawing. She moaned with every thrust, singing out with her beautiful voice.

She was so hot and lithe. So eager to violate her marriage vows and be fucked by a real man with a real cock. My cock. Her pussy clenched hard. Her husband was such a fool for letting her out of his sight.

But that was my gain.

“Take it,” I growled. “This is what you wanted, little slut. A real cock.”

“I did!” she moaned, fingernails biting into my back, clawing with her passion. “Oh, yes! Fuck me! Pound me! You're such a stud!”

Her fingernails burned across my back. I grunted, loving it. I buried harder and harder into her pussy. The pleasure surged through me. It made me groan and gasp. My balls thwacked so hard into her, full of my cum. The pressure built and built.

Her neck arched. I sucked on it, marking her. Wanting her husband to see proof that another man had enjoyed her passion. Her thighs squeezed so tight about my waist as I did. Her moans sang out with such beauty.

“So close,” she moaned, hips grinding her clit into my pubic bone. “Just a little more.”

“Cum,” I growled. “Cum on my cock harder than you cum on your husband's!”

“Yes!” she howled.

Her body bucked up against me. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. That wonderful, rippling bliss of feeling a married woman's cunt convulse about my cock, eager for my cum. Not her husband. Mine. It was so intoxicating.

“Yes,” I growled, driving into her. “Beg for my cum!”

“Cum in me!” she howled. “I need it.”

I drove into her spasming depths. My balls boiled. I erupted into her, spurting blast after blast.

“Chaun!” she screamed. “Yes, yes, yes, Chaun, cum in me! I love it! Love you, Chaun!”

As the pleasure hammered my mind, I blinked. I was Chaun. Not the Zeutchian warrior whose form I took. I wasn't cuckolding anyone. Aurora wasn't really a married slut. I shook my head, the pleasure boiling through it, staring down at my wife, at the love in her eyes. She loved me. Even in this form.

“Aurora,” I panted, collapsing on her, feeling her body tremble beneath me, her breasts pressed into my muscular chest.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you, thank you. You're such a wonderful man, Chaun.”

“You're a lucky woman. You get to cheat on your husband with your husband.”

She gave a wicked giggle, hands sliding up to stroke through my blond hair. “Mmm, I am.”

She pulled me down for a kiss, her lips gentle, loving. Her pussy clenched down on my cock. It was wonderful to be in her. Our tongues dueled. Xera, Angela, and Sophia had fun in the background. I didn't care what they were doing. I just wanted to hold my wife, to lay atop her, feel her wrapped around me and—

“Angela!” Xera cried out, not in passion, but alarm.

I broke the kiss with Aurora, turned my head, and watched Xera race to the window, her hard cock bouncing before her. Aurora stirred beneath me, blinking her eyes, her pussy clenching down on my cock as she sucked in a sharp breath.

“What?” Angela asked.

“Soldiers,” Xera reported. “Lots of them looking for criminals.”

“Us?” Angela asked, her hands shooting to Sophia's bonds.

“I thinks so. They're surrounding the inn and...” Xera's pointed ears twitched. “I hear magic.”


Warlock Faoril

Metal clanked outside the window. I frowned, turning my attention from Thrak stroking our sex slave's wavy-brown hair. Thyrna sucked hard on Thrak's cock, pleasing my husband. His swarthy chest rippled as he grunted his pleasure. Her nipple ring again graced her right breast.

The metal rattle grew louder. I rolled naked from bed, my body heavy with exhaustion. I had cum hard playing with Thyrna, using my magic to whip her and bind her while fucking myself with it. My butt was still sore from falling to the ground. I was so lost to my pleasure, I burned through the power of Thrak's cum.

I should have paid more attention to my reserves, but I was orgasming so hard.

I reached the inn's window, staring out into the rainy night. It was dark, but torches spurted, held by armored men. More surrounded the torch bearers, carrying long spears as they spread out across the inn.

My heart squeezed. This wasn't good.

Beside a man on horse, wearing a black cloak embroidered with silver thread, stood three figures in red robes. Robes identical to mine hanging on a nearby hook. Journeyman Mages of the Collegiate Tower.

“Las's putrid cum,” I groaned as the mages rose into the air. The rain, which had been pounding on them, suddenly fell around them, striking invisible barriers of air. “Thrak!”

He ripped Thyrna's mouth off his dick as I darted towards my robes and my vials of cum. I needed power. My magic. Three journeyman mages. Could I even take on that many? How good were they? I had the skill to wear the black. I would have worn the black of a Master Mage if I hadn't made my stupid mistake.

I made it three steps when the window behind me exploded. Glass crashed on the wooden floor. Pain cut across my back and thighs. Then bounds of air seized me and yanked off the floor. My arms were pinned to my side, my legs tied together. My heart thudded. I thrashed against the invisible ropes. They pressed so tight.

I was helpless. Feral panic shot through me. I had no magic. What was I going to do? “Thrak! Cum! I need cum!”

My orc growled and threw himself from the bed. His hulking body crashed onto the floor. The wooden boards groaned beneath his bulk. He snarled, lunging for the robe. Thyrna was right behind him, her gold nipple ring flashing.

Thrak slammed into the floor. He grunted, pinned there by an unseen force. Magic. I turned my head, craning to look over my shoulder. Two of the mages hovered just outside the shattered window, working their magic.

“What?” gasped a squat-faced mage.

Thyrna reached my robes. The gold ring piercing her nipple gave her immunity to magic. She darted her hands into the pockets. Glass clinked. Hope surged through me. Thyrna was immune to magic. All she had to do was get me—

The robes ripped out of her hand, hurtling towards the mages at the window. The narrow-faced mage caught it.

Thyrna hissed, “Let my masters go!”

Then she transformed. Her head swelled, orange and black fur sprouting. A tiger's stripped head appeared, muzzle full of sharp teeth. She growled, flexing sharp claws. The mages cursed as she charged across the room at them and—

The wood groaned. Boards flew up, forming a solid barrier across the broken window. The rakshasa crashed into it and rebounded. She hit the ground hard, shaking her head, snarling with anger. She gained her feet, tearing at the boards, but they wouldn't budge, held in place and strengthen by life magic.

The door burst open. Soldiers in plate armor trooped in, carrying swords. Thyrna turned, snarling at them. She was wild, feral, but they were armored. Not that the pirate captain cared. She turned in a low, dangerous crouch, naked and unafraid.

“Thyrna,” I gasped. “No. They'll kill you.”

Her whiskers twitched. She glanced at me and then to Thrak on the ground. His eyes burned. He fought against the magic pinning him down, but the force was too great. I had held Thrak when he raged, when he was at his strongest, with air magic. No one could escape it.

“On your belly, beast,” snarled a guard as he stepped over Thrak. There were seven soldiers in the room, fanning out, their armor clinking.

“Thrak! Tell her to stop. They'll kill her.”

He snorted, growled. “Thyrna! Stop!”

“I can kill them, Master.”

“Try it, beast,” snarled the soldier. “On your belly or die.”

“On your belly, pussycat!” Thrak snarled. “Now!”

Thyrna hissed and spat. Then her transformation ended. She fell to her belly, eyes smoldering as the soldiers swarmed past me to reach her. Their armor jostled my naked form as I hung in the air. My heart hammered. So many soldiers. Who had brought an army after us?


Knave Angela

“They're pouring into the inn,” Xera snarled.

Glass shattered in Faoril's room. Boots thudded. I shivered as I stared at the soldiers pouring into the inn. There were so many of them. Over a hundred surrounded it, cordoning it off. Sophia clung to my back, trembling.

“Faoril's our only chance,” I said.

Xera shook her head, ears twitching. “I fear she's been subdued. She's struggling in her room. The soldiers are coming up the stairs.”

“Las's putrid cum!” Anger and fear boiled through me. We were so close. We were only a week away from reforging the sword. Only a few more days after that to ending the quest. And now this? Zeutchian soldiers after the Doge's bounty. “We should have been more careful.”

“I can get my totems,” Aurora said, trembling against Chaun still in his Zeutchian form.

The armor clanked louder. Boots pounding up the stairs. I glanced at my sword sheathed and hanging from my belt looped over the bedpost. My shield leaned against the wall beneath it. But there were too many of them. I couldn't fight so many soldiers.

“Chaun, stay in that form,” I ordered, my heart trembling.

“What do we do?” Sophia asked, shivering.

“Nothing.” Gall burned my throat. So close. But if we fought, we would be killed. If Faoril was subdued, we were in trouble. And I didn't hear Thrak raging, so he must be as well, we were done. Without her magic and his brute power, it was hopeless.

The doors burst in half, kicked by a soldier, sword in hand. His plate clinked as he charged in. Aurora shrieked. Sophia hugged me harder. Xera's ears twitched as she turned slowly from the window. My heart hammered as I raised my arms.

“The knight,” the soldier spat. “Good. His highness will be pleased.”

“We surrender,” I said, my voice surprisingly clear. I raised my hands. Now we had to be smart. Figure a way out of this.


Aurora Xandra

I trembled as the soldier seized me by the back of the neck and pushed me forward. Cum ran down my thighs. Just moments ago, I was loving my husband. He gave me such a wonderful treat, indulging my desire for another man. And now it was all over. We were seized. It happened so fast. The soldiers were on us, racing through the inn.

Tears trickled down my cheeks.

I tried to be brave. I wasn't weak. I was strong. I had fought, but I felt so naked without my totems. Chaun marched before me, manacled by the soldiers like Angela and Xera had been. I was the last dragged out of the room, the least consequential to the soldiers.

Brave. Strong. I could become a bird. I could wing off to safety. But how would that help my friends? I had to think. Plan. Yes, we were captured, but we had been in worse situations. I was kidnapped and taken into the Mirage Gardens. We faced a horde of Imps and braved the Haunted forest. We ventured into the Labyrinth.

Surely escaping from these soldiers would be doable once we had a plan.

My bare feet padded on the stairs. They creaked behind me as the soldier pushed me forward. His armor clinked. His mailed gauntlet was so cold on my neck. I quivered, trying to keep the panic at bay. We would come up with a way out of this somehow.

The innkeeper and his serving girls watched as we passed through the common room. They trembled, two of the girls crying. They didn't say a word as we were pushed out into the cold rain. There were others gathered in the inn's courtyard, all the other guests, some in sleeping gowns, others naked, on their knees. The men were manacled, the women weeping. Faoril and Thrak were both bound by magic and under the eyes of watchful mages, while Thyrna was manacled hand and feet, trussed up like a deer brought back by a hunting party.

Standing in the center was a tall man in a black cloak, the rain hammering hard about him. He had short, dark-blond hair, a silver circlet on his brow. Beneath his cloak he wore a fine suit of plate mail, polished to a gleam, a raven embossed in the center, wings spread wide.

“The last of the prisoners, my Prince,” reported a guard as I was forced to my knees next to Chaun.

I shivered, the cold, autumn rain striking my naked body. Each one was a needle of pain. I wanted to gasp out from the shock of each one. I trembled, my teeth chattering. Chaun pulled at his manacles, giving me a wide look.


I glanced at the man then back at Chaun. “Prince Gruber?”

Chaun nodded.

My stomach twisted. This was the man who had put a bounty on Chaun's head after catching him abed with Princess Adelaide, Gruber's wife. Chaun had had an affair with the Princess. He even loved her. He hand worn Prince Gruber's appearance when caught and barely escaped the castle with his life. It ended his career as a Bard of Az. The College had blacklisted him for bringing dishonor to their name and because the College of Az, located in the Princedoms, relied on the patronage of men like Gruber to exist.

“No sign of the changeling,” the soldier grunted, “or the halfling thief.”

Minx! Hope surged. She was out in the town, hunting down alchemical supplies. She was still out there. That was something.

“But we found the rest of those on the Doge's warrant,” continued the soldier. “Acolyte Sophia, the elf, the orc seen entering the city with them, and the Warlock Faoril.”

The red-robbed mages in the courtyard all fixed Faoril with hard looks. She managed to look confident despite being naked and bound by air.

“We found these two in the room with the knight, the acolyte, and the elf,” added the soldier, pointing to Chaun and me. My stomach clenched. “And we also have a woman fitting the description of the pirate captain Thyrna, believed to help them escape.”

“The changeling is here,” the Prince said, face twisting with passion, hand clenching. “Allessa, find him.”

The third mage, a slim female, nodded her head. She walked to the nearest person, a Thlinian man with orange skin. The man shivered. She shook her head and moved onto the a Zeutchian woman, her blonde hair matted about her shoulders and heaving, naked breasts. The woman gasped. The mage moved on. She worked down the line, pausing for a moment before each prisoner. She skipped Thrak, Faoril, and Thyrna.

She moved closer. What was she doing? Was there magic that would reveal a changeling? I bit my lip, trembling. My companions were wanted in Raratha for breaking into the Great Vault. But Gruber wanted my husband dead. Tears fell down my cheeks, hidden by the rain. I had to do something. I could turn into a bird and attack the mage.

And she would just seize me with air.

She came closer.

I could fly off and find Minx. Maybe she had found an alchemist that sold antimagic bombs. She was eager to have those after the fight with the gnome bounty hunter in Mount Peritito's caldera. But, if I tried to flee, the mage would just seize me.

The mage came closer.

What could I do?

She stopped before Chaun. He let out a groan, gritting his teeth. His body trembled, spasmed. His skin rippled. His Zeutchian, muscular body shrank as ebony-black bled through the pale skin. Blond hair became silver. His round ears grew pointed, his rugged face delicate. My husband's true form appeared, slender, delicate. The manacles fell off his skinnier wrists.

“Chaun,” Gruber said, a cold smile spreading his lips. “Gather the prisoners. We'll take the pirate captain, too. Everyone else is free to go.”

“What about her?” growled the soldier, pointing at me. “She was in the room with Angela, Chaun, Sophia, and the elf.”

“The doge's warrant did not include an avian trollop,” the prince said. “She's free to go.”

I blinked in shock. I trembled, the rain pelting on me. I opened my mouth to object, but Chaun shook his head ever so slightly. His violet eyes caught mine. And... I saw hope in them. He was glad I was free.

Then I shivered worse. It fell to me to find Minx and rescue my friends and husband.



“This isn't good.”

I couldn't help saying that out loud as I crouched in the shadows of a warehouse, water spilling from its gutter falling behind me, splashing my shoes and pants. I didn't care about the cold spray as I watched the soldiers herd my friends into the back of a wagon. Some were manacled, others were clearly bound by the three mages hovering around the wagon.

“Cernere's black fingers!”

Aurora, trembling naked, watched from the gate that led into the inn's courtyard. I had no idea why she wasn't arrested. Her slim body shivered in the rain, her sky-blue hair darkened as it plastered wet to her flesh. I bit my lips, plans whirling in my head.

There were so many soldiers about. How could I free my friends? I had sleep bombs, smoke bombs, lust bombs, and sticky bombs. But I couldn't get all of them. Not without also hitting my friends and Xera. What good would it do to knock out all the soldiers if I knocked them out, too. I couldn't carry any of them except Aurora.

And she was the only one safe.

Officers barked orders. Soldiers marched off into the night carrying torches as the rain hammered their armor. They rung like bells as they marched down the streets, their eyes casting about, searching for...


I scrambled, darting around the edge of the building then climbing up the wooden walls. It was slippery, but I was nimble, gripping with my fingers and pulling myself up to the roof. I pressed my face flat on the wet shingles. The rain hammered my cloak. I fought the shivers as the soldiers marched past.

My heart thudding, I crawled forward, keeping my body pressed tight to the cedar shingles. I didn't move swiftly. That attracted attention, especially at night. Vision for humans was very motion based in the darkness. After a minute or longer, I reached the edge, peering at the courtyard.

A man on a horse made an impatient gesture. The wagon with my friends rumbled away, surrounded by at least fifty soldiers. The three mages floated in the air. One pulled a vial out of a pocket, taking a drink of preserved cum or pussy juices to fuel her or his magic. Aurora still trembled at the inn, staring off into the dark.

Her knees quivered. She looked about to collapse, but she held herself upright. She had grown in strength since I first met her. She wasn't the frail waif any longer. She had fought, been hurt, and then kept on fighting. And this wouldn't break her.

Which was good, because I would need her help.

I waited for the sounds of clanking armor to dwindle, then I dropped from the roof. I didn't dart to Aurora, but walked, huddled in my cloak, just a child out in the rain late at night running an errand for her parents. Not a halfling thief being hunted by the soldiers of the city.

Aurora jumped when I said her name, screeching like a startled hawk. She whirled on me, staring down. “Minx?”

“Yep,” I said. “I leave the inn for an hour, and everyone gets captured.”

“It was Prince Gruber's men,” gasped Aurora. “He must have come down from his Princedom to the north.”

“Lying in wait for us,” I grumbled. “That dumb warrant from the Doge of Raratha?”

Aurora nodded. “It's why I wasn't captured.”

She joined us after Raratha. “Cernere's dark cunt. The bastard figured out we would come to Unmik once we had all the pieces. It's the nearest port to the Altar of Souls.”

“What do we do?” Aurora asked.

“First, get dressed and get your totems. We're going to need them.”

“Right,” she nodded. Her lower lip quivered. Her voice quavered. “And then?”

“And then we figure out how to pluck the gold from the purse without getting our fingers trapped.” “And how do we do that?”

I shrugged. “No idea. We'll figure it out. But you need to be prepared to do anything to save our friends.”

“I'll do anything for Chaun.”

I nodded. I understand. I loved Xera. I would do anything for her, too. “Get dressed. And hurry. We have to follow them, figure out where our friends are being held for the night.”

She nodded and darted off.

I took a deep breath, trying to control my excitement. A prison was just like a vault, and I had to do this one right. It would be a challenge.



The mattress in my cell was surprisingly comfortable. Not what you would find in a palace, but it was stuffed with hay and only a slightly lumpy. I had paid to stay in inns with worse bedding. I stretched out naked beneath the thin blanket. They hadn't bothered to give me any clothes. I guess they wanted to make sure if I changed forms, they would know it was me. My friends, what I saw of them as they were taken to the other cells, wore gray rags provided by the jailer.

I leaned against the stone wall, the pillow hard in my lower back. My bed was in the corner of the cell. It was chilly in the room, the stones radiating the cold of the rainy, autumn night. I stared at my door, heavy oak with bars inserted in the open window. A torch burned outside my cell, the shadows dancing through my room.

Aurora and Minx were out there. That was something. They would find a way to free me. Prince Gruber was eager to hold court in the morning, to pass sentence on all of us. He must have a deal with the Prince of Asunow to allow him to operate here. I recalled the pair were close, allies united against their common enemy of Norve, a princedom to the northeast which shares a border with both.

I hugged my knees to my chest beneath the blanket, staring at the cell door. Could Minx and Aurora rescue us? We were in a castle on the edge of Unmik. It wasn't a large castle, but it was fortified and garrisoned by soldiers.

Footsteps thudded. A face darkened my door. A key inserted in the lock. Was it morning already? It didn't feel like the entire night had passed. My heart clenched. I didn't want to die. I wanted to see Aurora again. To hold her, to see our child hatch from her egg. My son raised by his father, unlike other changelings.

Unlike me.

He wouldn't have the horror of discovery at puberty that he wasn't human, that he wasn't his father's son, but an impostor. A freak. He wouldn't have to see the horror in his mother's eyes as she realized she had cuckolded her husband with a shapeshifter.

I was looking forward to being my son's father.

The cell door opened. The soldier stepped aside and...

“Adelaide?” I croaked, blinking in shock at the curvaceous princess. The woman I had loved.

It was a blow to see her again. A punch to my stomach to behold her beauty. It had been years, but she still looked the same, her strawberry-blonde hair falling about her heart-shaped face, full lips painted red, blue eyes deep with passion, cheeks rouged with a maiden's blush. Her blue brocade dress hugged her body, her large breasts half-exposed, a shelf of cleavage that I longed to rest my head upon. The two years we were lovers were a dream, cuckolding her boorish husband behind his back, hearing her declarations of love whispered in my ear.

“You are the only sweet thing in my life,” she'd whisper. “I would be lost to despair without you, my sweet bard.”

My heart fluttered. Guilt shot through me. I was married now—I loved Aurora—and yet the rush of emotions I felt for Adelaide, roared back at full strength. Around Aurora, I thought my feelings for Adelaide were weak, something I had mistaken for love in its absence.

I was wrong. I did love this woman. Time had only blunted my feelings, and being around Aurora had buried them.

The princess swept into my cell, looking glorious as she gazed at me with such awe, such wonder. I trembled as she came to my bed. I rose, letting the blankets slip off my body. Her eyes alighted, staring at my slim body. I wasn't weak, but had compact muscles, my body lean and graceful. Her hands reached out, touching my stomach, sliding her pale fingers up my midnight black flesh. The contrast made her digits glow.

“You're here,” she whispered. “My bard.”

“I am,” I said, putting on a cocky grin for her. “And you are as radiant as ever, my princess.”

A tremble ran through her body. Then, with a passionate sigh, she embraced me, pulling me tight, her curves pressing against my body. The brocade of her dress so warm and sleek on my skin. My dick throbbed as her delicate hands ran through my silver hair, her forehead pressed on mine. Her eyes were such huge orbs.

“I missed you so much,” she whispered. “I replay that night over and over, wondering if I could have done something different, regretting my actions.”

“You didn't know your husband would return,” I told her, trembling. I had to be careful. Aurora. I had to remember my wife.

But Adelaide's perfume wreathed her, the same sweet fragrance that had welcomed me into her embrace time and time again. Her lips wet, perfect for kissing. Perfect for cock-sucking. And those tits. Bountiful, glorious, as large as Angela's or Xera's, so pliant and perfect. I ached to hold them again.

Aurora. My slim, graceful wife. My songbird.

I tried to pull back.

“No,” she gasped. “I love you, Chaun. Don't pull away. I'm sorry.”

Her lips met mine in a hot kiss. Joy burst inside of me. She still loved me. I melted into her kiss, her lips as hot and hungry as I remembered. Her hands slid down my back, grabbing my ass, pulling me against her. She loved me. Another woman who loved me. Not just Aurora but...

Adelaide glowed with the white aura of a married woman, just like Aurora. But I didn't see my form dancing in her thoughts. I saw her husband, Gruber. That was to be expected. Changelings always saw the husband in a woman's mind. But I should also see myself if she truly loved me. But I didn't.

I broke the kiss.

“What's wrong?” she asked.

“You don't love me.”

She blinked, eyes wounded. “Of course I love you, Chaun. How many nights did you share my bed? How many times did I proclaim it in the dark of my bower?”

“Whatever you're feeling, it's not love,” I said. The words hurt saying them. “I'm not even sure I ever loved you.”

“Of course you loved me,” she said. “You risked your life to be with me. You loved me.”

“I loved being with you.”

“You loved being with lots of women.” Her face twisted bitter for a moment, her words vinegar. “But it was me you loved. And now you're here. Back with me.” Her hands swept around my waist as she took as step back from me. She grasped my cock, stroking my hard girth. “Mmm, see. You do love me.”

“Adelaide,” I groaned.

“I can convince my husband not to kill you if...” She licked her lips. “If you love me, Chaun.”

Her hand tightened, feeling like silk on my cock. Her free hand went to the laces holding the bodice of her dress tight. My heart beat so fast as she tugged. The lace came undone, sliding through they eyelets. Her large breasts forced open the constraining bodice and spilled out before me, fat nipples pink and inviting on her jiggling mounds.

“Love me, Chaun,” she moaned, grasping my hand and bringing it to her breast. “Just like you always did. I will save you. I promise.”

“The guards,” I croaked, my thumb swiping across her nipple.


I trembled, my cock throbbing. I didn't love her. I loved Aurora, but I missed Adelaide. A lot. She couldn't save me from her husband. But she wanted to believe she could so desperately. She wanted to believe she loved me. She must have agonized over what happened, regretting summoning me to her bower, having to live with her husband, pretending she didn't know I had taken his form. That she wasn't making love to him.

I leaned in, capturing her lips. If I was to die tomorrow, at least I could spend the night experiencing one last taste of Gruber's wife, one final time cuckolding him. I'd rather have Aurora in my arms.

But Adelaide was nice.

Her lips were hot on mine. She wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight. Her lips moved, working against mine. They were hot, aggressive. I groaned, trembling. I kissed her with every ounce of passion I could muster, giving her one last memory of me to sustain her through the cold years of her marriage.

I wish I could give her more.

Her kiss grew aggressive as I squeezed her breasts. She moaned into our kiss, her tongue dancing with mine. She pushed me backwards, keeping her lips locked to mine, until my knees hit the bed. I fell back on it, my dick throbbing hard, her eyes full of lust.

She pushed her dress off her hips, letting it fall to the cell floor in a puddle of blue satin. She was naked beneath save for the black stockings clinging to her lush legs up to mid-thigh. She had a fine thatch of fiery hair adorning her pudenda, her pussy lips shaved bare, and so wet.

“Chaun,” she growled, springing on me like a hungry lioness, her strawberry-blonde hair fanning around her face. She straddled me, grinding her pussy on my cock. “I've missed you so much. You're not leaving this time. I'll convince Gruber to let you stay.”

“And my friends?”

“Shh,” she purred. “This is between us. You and me. Loving each other the way we used to.”

I almost told her about my wife. But why ruin this for her? She needed this. One last night of happiness for her. I seized her shoulders, pulling her down to kiss me as she rubbed her hot pussy on my cock.

I throbbed against her. Her juices smeared my cock as she ground on me. She purred into the kiss, her fingernails raking my chest. My hands slid down her back to her ass, cupping her plump cheeks. It was such a familiar grip. I had made love to this woman more than any other in my life, even Aurora. So many nights of rapture with her.

So many nights of rapture I wouldn't have with Aurora.

She slid up my dick, wiggling, hungry for my cock. She pressed back, my tip sliding into the folds of her pussy. I groaned into the kiss as her pussy slid down my shaft. The hot, silky flesh embraced me. I groaned in delight.

Adelaide broke the kiss. “Chaun,” she moaned, arcing her back, her pillowy tits swaying beneath her. “Oh, yes, you're back where you belong.”

She leaned over me, hands planted on either side of the bed. She slid herself up and down my shaft, slow, teasing. I groaned, the pleasure burning through me as she rocked back and forth. The delight was intense. It shivered through my body. I clenched my fingers into her ass, savoring the slide of her flesh. Her tits swayed, nipples brushing my chest as she rocked faster and faster.

“Adelaide,” I growled. “Pater's cock, you're as hot as ever.”

She let out a wicked laugh. “Mmm, I kept my pussy nice and warm for you. Oh, it's been so miserable without you, Chaun. You're my sunlight. I love you!”

She rode me faster and faster, sliding her hot pussy up and down my shaft. Her cunt clenched on it. The pleasure raced down my shaft to my balls. They boiled as she rocked on me. I groaned, savoring the friction of her silky embrace.

Her eyes shone with passion. Moans escaped her lips. She clenched down as she slid up my cock, then slammed down hard. She ground her clit into me pubic bone, shivering each time. Her back arched, her hair dancing about her head.

“Yes, yes, yes, I missed this cock. Best cock in the Princedoms. The world, Chaun. My cock!” She leaned over me, staring into my eyes. “Say it!”

I gripped her ass, growled, and then rolled her over onto her back. She gasped as I drove my cock deep into her pussy, her pillowy tits jiggling beneath me. I thrust into her, fucking her hard, ramming my dick into her frothy depths. She groaned, undulating her hips.

“Oh, you stud, why won't you stay it?” she moaned. “I'm your princess. You worship me. Say it, Chaun. Say you're mine.”

“No,” I growled, unwilling to go that far. “Enjoy my cock, Princess. Savor it.”

“Oh, I am.” Her pussy clenched on my dick as I thrust hard into her, my three balls smacking into her taint. The bed creaked. “But you need to say it.”

Her fingernails scraped down my chest, not hard, not biting, just giving me a taste of pain. She moaned, squeezing her thighs about my hips, bucking to meet my thrusts. She stared up at me, passion burning in her eyes.

“There's another whore,” she snarled. “Oh, you bastard. You found another woman.”

“Yes,” I groaned. I didn't want to hurt her.

Her fingernails bit. She scratched as hard as Aurora had, leaving fiery lines down my chest. Her pussy spasmed about my cock. She arched her back, her tits jiggling as her orgasm exploded through her depths.

“Who is she?” the princess moaned as she thrashed. “Who's the whore that you love!”

“My wife,” I grunted, savoring the massaging embrace of her pussy. “Aurora. She loves me, Adelaide. Truly.”

“I love you,” she moaned. “This body. This cock. I worshiped it so many times. I gave myself to you.”

“Never your heart,” I groaned, leaning down, feeling her breasts against my chest. My dick throbbed in her embrace. Her pussy spasmed harder. She squirmed, milking my dick. “You never gave me that, Princess. You just enjoyed the danger, the thrill of being with me, the pleasure I gave you.”

“Yes,” She hissed. “Does your Aurora cum so hard on your dick. Does her pussy give you this pleasure. Huh?”

“Yes,” I grunted, burying into her depths. My cock exploded. Rapture surged through me as my cum flooded the princess's married cunt. “I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt you, but she does.”

She hugged me tight, thighs locked about my waist as she trembled. “I don't care. You're my bard. Not hers! Not that slut! Mine!”

Her pussy milked my cock. She undulated beneath me, working her cumming pussy on my dick. I groaned, shuddering as the final blast of my cum spurted into her depths. I grunted, pleasure shooting through my body.

But she wasn't done. She kept working her hips, kept fucking me. And I was a changeling. I stayed hard, pleasure shivering through my body as her fingernails clawed into my back.




Aurora waited just where I left her, in the shadows of a building looking at the castle. It lay on the edge of the port city, sitting upon a small rise. It wasn't a large castle, but it was formidable. There was an outer curtain wall, the towers and ramparts all guarded, the soldiers patrolling back and forth with torches. There was only a single way in. A drawbridge drawn up with a pair of soldiers guarding it on the outside.

No amount of alchemical bombs would get me through that door. I couldn't pick a drawbridge like I could a locked door. I'd have to scale the wall.

And the patrolling guards on the battlements made that difficult. If I used any alchemical bombs on them, they would be found. Probably quickly. This had to be a stealth entrance. I couldn't afford anyone spotting me going in and raising an alarm. I had to get to Xera and my friends without causing in ruckus.

I had no idea how I would even find them. I couldn't see the castle itself. Once over the walls, I would be blind once more, having to make up the rescue on the fly. Oh, this would be so much fun. Such a challenge. I trembled with excitement as I came up to Aurora.


She jumped, but didn't screech and give us away. “Minx, you're back.”

I nodded. “So, it's not going to be easy. Only one way in is the drawbridge.”

“Okay,” she nodded, reaching into her pouch for her totems. “I can get us through that.”

I rolled my eyes. “And awake the entire garrison. We just need to get over the walls. You can turn into a bird and fly. But I need to climb. So I need you to make a distraction.”

“Right,” Aurora nodded, trembling. She opened her mouth, about to ask a question, then shut it. “So, what sort of distraction?”

I shrugged. “Just get all the guards, including those on the parapet, staring towards the front. And don't do anything that would cause an alarm.”

She nodded her head. Then pulled off her blouse. I blinked at that. Was she going to go fuck the guards? “Um...”

“You said I had to be ready to do anything,” Aurora said, wiggling out of her skirt, exposing her long, slim legs. “I'll keep them watching the front of the castle. Trust me. I have learned much about human men and what they desire.”

“Okay,” I shrugged. If she wanted to fuck a bunch of men to save her husband, I wasn't going to stop her. “Just don't take too long. I'll need your help inside.”


Naked, holding her totem pouch, she marched off to the front gate her hips swaying. Well, that would definitely make the distraction. I grinned, staring at the wall, and waited for my chance. I would break Xera, and our friends, out of there.

I rubbed my hands together in eager excitement.

To be continued...

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