The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Nine: Blossoming Danger

Chapter Two: Siren's Call

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Warlock Faoril – The Golden Hunger, the Nimborgoth

“Is the pussycat eager to be played with?” I purred, stroking Captain Thyrna's wavy-brown hair. She knelt naked on the floor of her cabin, her dark-brown face staring up at me, eyes flashing with dangerous hunger. A purr rose in her throat, far more feline than any human could produce.

Because she wasn't human.

Captain Thyrna was a rakshasa, a race of all-female shapeshifters, deadly, dangerous. They often ruled over primitive tribes, worshiped as living goddess, receiving bloody sacrifices as tribute. Or they came from the dangerous Queendom of Naith, south of our destination. The Queendom was a dark place, the humans slaves to their rakshasa mistresses.

She had left it to be a pirate, dominating an entire crew of hulking, human males. Big, brawny men who all worshiped her, submitted to her. She fucked them, whipped them, took delight in causing them pain. And then she had tried to dominate my lover. But Thrak was too strong for her. My orc had transformed Thyrna into our pussycat.

Submissive and meek. I could feel the power inside her, the howling tiger wanting to roar out of her and claw me to pieces, but it was held in check by her lusts. As much as she liked dominating, she discovered even greater pleasure in being dominated. The crew were still her slaves, but so long as Thrak was aboard, she was his.

And I was so fortunate to play with her.

“Is your nasty cunt dripping, pussycat?” I asked, fingernails scratching at her. I stood naked, feeling my orc's eyes on me. He was behind me, his swarthy body also nude, covered in ropy muscles and puckered scars, the physique of a warrior. You would never know the soul of a scholar lurked behind his brutish gaze.

A mistake I made.

“It is, Mistress,” Thyrna purred, licking her lips. Her thighs shifted.

“And I bet you just want to beg to be used.” I slid my fingers down her cheeks to her lips. Her tongue lapped at my digits like a cat, warm and wet. I shuddered. “Don't you?”

“Being used makes me so happy.” A shudder rippled through her body.

The ship creaked around us. We sailed southeast from the island of Grahata, knifing through the Nimborgoth. Light spilled through the small portholes of her cabin. It was dim, muted, an overcast day as autumn gripped the great sea. I had grown used to sailing, my body rolling with the movements, shifting without me even losing my balance.

“That's good to hear, little pussycat,” I purred. I loved how she submitted. Despite my vast magic, the gold nipple ring piercing her right nub rendered her immune to my power. It was an alloy of gold and a metal called chromium, a secret the Magery Council in Thosi had never uncovered.

Antimagic. It was frightening and intoxicating. She could rip me apart, and I would be helpless to stop her.

But she knelt.

My pussy was so juicy. It dripped down my thighs. My hips shifted knowing Thrak stared at my pale ass. I could tell he was hard, feeling his lusts swelling through the room. The air buzzed with our arousal. We were rested from our nap, recovered from the night's events in the Labyrinth and the garden.

“Do you want me to lick your pussy, Mistress?” Thyrna purred. She leaned forward, rubbing her cheek against my inner thigh, almost nuzzling against my pussy.

“No.” I did, but I had other plans. I needed to be fucked, hard. My asshole clenched. Such naughty ideas. “It's time for you to be used. “Face the corner. You don't deserve to watch us make love.”

“I don't,” she moaned, turning around.

Thrak let out a rumble of enjoyment. He liked to watch me play with our pet. Technically, Thyrna was his. But we were practically married. I wasn't sure we would ever formalize our union, but that didn't change anything. We would be together, traveling. We were both exiles, his self-imposed and mine brought on by dueling a Master Mage. No doubt a warrant had been issued by now, my death ordered by the Magery Council.

I bet that bitch Saoria was excited to sign it.

Thyrna turned on her hands and knees, pressing her face right into the corner of the wall, her ass wiggling. Her skin was a rich, dark brown color. It must be the tone of a Naithian human. Rakshasas resembled the look of their fathers whether human, orc, or another dual-sexed race. Juices dripped out of her shaved pussy, running down her thighs.

“Someone's a wet pussycat,” I purred, rubbing at her cunt. She was hot, her flesh silky. Juices coated my fingers. “Huh?” I jammed two into her cunt's depths.

“So wet and juicy, Mistress,” she purred, supple back arching. She wiggled her hips, pussy clenching on my fingers.

“That's good. I need my orc's cock nice and lubed. And that's all your cunt is good for. Lubing his cock so he can make love to my ass.”

Thrak let out another grunt of approval. His heavy footsteps creaked the decking as he approached. He loomed over me, the tallest member of the party and possessing the broadest shoulders. His arms were twice as thick as my thighs. He could wrap his strong hands about my waist and his fingers and thumbs would touch.

But they were gentle hands.

I loved his dick. The largest cock I had ever enjoyed. Thick, long, the tip pierced by bone like much of his face. It added to his brutish look, heavy brows, woolly black hair. He grinned at me, red eyes smoldering.

I ripped my fingers out of Thyrna's cunt. “Isn't that right, slut? Beg for Thrak to lube his cock in your naughty cunt.”

“Please, Master,” she moaned, wiggling those hips. “Lube that big, thick cock in my cunt. You own me.”

He grunted, falling to his knees. “I do own you, pussycat. You're my favorite pet.” He ran a finger down her spine, bringing a shudder from her. “Purr for me.”

Thyrna did, the sexy rumbles coming from her throat as she wiggled her hips. I brought my sticky fingers to my butt, pressing them between my cheeks. I found my sphincter, groaning as my fingers probed into my asshole. I liked taking it in the ass. There was something so completely intimate about the act. The most complete surrender that I could give to my lover.

The pussycat's purr turned into a yowl as Thrak rammed his huge cock into her cunt. I moved to the bed, popping my fingers out of my asshole, savoring that final, delicious ripple of heat. I spread out on the sheets, watching my orc's muscular back and ass.

Damn, that was an ass.

“Baste his dick with your filthy cunt cream, pussycat,” I moaned. “Get him so ready for me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Thyrna moaned, her mouth so full of pleasure. She wiggled her hips. “I will.”

Thrak grunted. He petted her back as he let his cock soak in her juices. He didn't fuck her, that wasn't the point. His dick was mine. He looked over at me, grinning at me. Approving. I shuddered, my thighs rubbing against my hot cunt.

And then he ripped his dick out of her cunt and stood. It thrust from his crotch, glistening with all her juices. They dripped from his huge shaft. His balls, covered in coarse hair, swung between meaty thighs as he walked to me, ducking ceiling rafters.

“Ravish my ass,” I moaned, wiggling it. My cunt was sooooo juicy. Dominating Thyrna was such wonderful foreplay. I didn't need anything more right now. Just being fucked hard.

Celebrating our love. Our life. The Minotaur was the greatest obstacle we faced in our quest. Only slaying Dominari would be harder. But Angela would be armed with the High King's sword. One piece to go and then this quest would be over.

And then what?

I had no idea, but Thrak and I would find it together.

The bed creaked as he climbed onto it. His hands squeezed my butt-cheeks. I groaned as his lips nuzzled at my lower back. I gasped, savoring the feel as his tongue licked up my spine. His fingers spread my asscheeks apart, brushing my wet sphincter. My pussy clenched.

“Thrak,” I panted as his tongue dragged up to my shoulder blades. “Mmm, love you.”

He pushed aside my short, brown hair to lick up my neck. I groaned, my smile increasing, my eyes staring at Thyrna's ass. She kept her head planted in the corner while I made delicious moans and sighs. Thrak's tongue reached my ear.

He nibbled. “Love you, wife.”

I shuddered. “Wife?”

“Any objections.”

“None,” I breathed, his body moving over mine. I felt his weight over me. His wet cock dragged up my thigh, nudging the bottom swell of my ass. “None at all.”

His cock slid between the cheeks of my ass. I groaned as the bone ring dragged through my crack, hard but slicked by pussy juices. And then the tip of his huge cock reached my asshole. He pressed on it, making me squirm and groan his name.

He was so huge. So thick. My asshole burned to accept him. My nipples throbbed against the coarse sheets. My arms hugged the pillow. It smelled of Thyrna's spicy musk. Thrak's arms planted on either side of me as he leaned his body over mine, his cock pressing on my asshole.

It tried to resist. It failed.

My sphincter surrendered to his girth. I gasped, eyes widening as my asshole spread wider and wider. His bone ring rubbed on my sensitive flesh. Heat washed through me as he pushed harder, his weight driving his dick into my bowels. The head was in, thick, stretching me open. And then more and more of his dick slid in.

“Faoril,” he growled.

“Mmm, yes, you're in me,” I moaned as I savored the friction. His heavy balls thwacked into my taint, full of his cum.

I hungered for cum. I was a mage, using jizz to fuel my magic. And even though I was now a warlock, a renegade, I still practiced my craft. My body wiggled, eager for the pump of heat from my lover's dick.

His muscular chest rubbed on my back and shoulders. I felt so small beneath him but so safe in his arms. I gasped as he drew his dick back. It slid in so slowly, inch by inch, letting me savor his girth and the bone ring. That caressed my flesh, adding rippling delight through my body, my pussy clenching, clit throbbing.

He thrust into me.

“Gods, yes, Thrak!” I moaned, the sound exploding out of me as his powerful thrust expelled all the air from my lungs.

Heat burned in my bowels. They gripped his huge cock as he pounded me. My orc knew he could fuck me hard. He wouldn't break me. I liked it. Primal, powerful. My hips lifted up, savoring his shaft plunging over and over into my depths.

“Gewin's mighty cock,” he growled, the bed creaking from his thrusts. “This is a tight ass, pussycat. An ass that deserves my cock.”

“Yes, Master,” Thyrna moaned.

Her ass wiggled, juices dripping down her thighs as she listened.

I moaned louder. “Yes, yes, fuck me with this cock. I love it in my ass. He'll fuck me whenever I want. I'm his woman, not his dirty pet.”

“No, Mistress,” Thyrna purred. She was so excited to be humiliated.

“I could fuck this ass for eternity. I want you to cum and cum. My woman deserves her pleasure.”

“Thrak!” My voice echoed through the cabin. “Yes, yes, yes, pound my asshole and give me that pleasure!”

His hard strokes pressed my body into the mattress. My clit rubbed on the coarse sheets as my hips swiveled. The little nub connected straight to the core of my body, adding pressure to the pleasure Thrak's cock churned as he reamed my asshole. My nipples throbbed, too. His weight was on me. He was so strong, so hunky.

I grunted and gasped, lost to the pleasure surging through me. It was magnificent. Heat roared through me. It growled with hunger. My tiny body thrashed, matching the primal ferocity with which Thrak fucked me.

“Pound my ass, Thrak! Make me explode! Pater's cock, yes! Love your big dick!”

“You're so gods-damned tight. So hot. Faoril! Cum for me!” Thrak slammed in harder. “Let me feel that ass writhe. Let me know you have been satiated.”

“Yes, yes, yes, satiate me.” My body shuddered. “Give me the pleasure the pussycat never will get.”

Thyrna moaned.

The bed creaked so loudly My clit throbbed. My nipples ached. My pussy clenched. My ass burned. His dick was amazing. The best cock in the world. I clenched my bowels down on his thrusting shaft, increasing my pleasure while my hips humped.

I tensed.

My eyes squeezed shut.


I came.

Pleasure exploded in my pussy. It rushed out of my cunt's depths and through the rest of my body. Both my holes spasmed, my bowels writhing about his amazing cock, clenching on his bone ring. Rapture washed through my body, electrifying me.

“That's how you please a woman, Thrak! Oh, yes! You are a stud! Gods, what a lover! Las has nothing on you, Thrak! Nothing!”

“Keep cumming. Massage my dick with that ass.”


His powerful strokes stimulated me as the rapture exploded over and over through my body. Detonations of ecstasy slammed into my mind. I moaned and thrashed, the cabin spinning around me as he kept hammering me with his dick. He kept making me gasp and moan. I gasped and grunted, drinking in every stimulation.

I screamed out his name over and over, gasping them between gulping breaths. My back pressed into his chest while his strokes hammered me into the bed. It creaked so loudly, shaking, shuddering. Maybe it would collapse, unable to survive my orc's passion.

“Thrak! Thrak! Cum in me!”

“Faoril!” he grunted. “Gewin's mighty cock, yes!”

Rapture. Hot, thick, creamy rapture flooded my ass. His seed splashed through me. I groaned as his balls unloaded blast after blast of his jizz. It spilled through me. It filled me to the brim. I shivered, hugging the pillow so tight as my vision fuzzed with passion.

I was the luckiest woman on the planet to win Thrak's heart.



I drove my cock a final time into Faoril's asshole. The last spurt of my cum ejaculated out of my dick. The pleasure surged through my body from the pulse of jizz racing down my shaft and into her bowels' depth.

I collapsed on her. “Faoril,” I groaned, holding her. Brown hair spilled across her flushed cheeks, her eyes staring at Thyrna in the corner. A pale hand gripped her pillow. Her nose piercing glinted in the dim light of the cabin.

She needed to adorn her body in more piercings.

“Thrak...” She sighed my name, full of throaty pleasure. I felt her cumming over and over.

“Satiated?” I asked her.

“For now,” she moaned. “Oh, Gods, you know how to fuck. That cock... The best. I meant it. Las has nothing on you. The God of Lust is an amateur”

“Better watch out,” I laughed. “He's a jealous god. He might send one of his children after you.”

“Mmm, they're fun to fuck.” Faoril giggled, her bowels clenching on my softening dick. “Those imps in the caldera... Or maybe it will be Chaun. And I can fuck two of you. I liked that.”

I grinned, remembering the time Chaun wore my appearance and we double-teamed Faoril.

I kissed her cheek, bending my spine to do it. I was just too tall. I rolled off of her, my dick plopping out of her ass. I glanced at Thyrna in the corner, my dick lying shiny on my dark pubic hair and belly.

“Pussycat, come lick me clean of Faoril's ass.”

“Yes, Master,” she moaned with wanton alacrity.

“Mmm,” Faoril sighed, her voice sleepy. “Do it, kitty.”

Thyrna turned around and crawled on the floor, her breasts jiggling. She reached the bed and crawled on it, climbing over Faoril to reach me. The pirate captain settled between my thighs, licking her hungry lips as she stared at my cock.

Purring, Thyrna leaned down and took a long, slow lick up my cock, her tongue swiping me clean. I groaned as she reached the crown, brushing the sensitive spot. I savored the bathing heat. Her tongue flicked my cock ring.

“Get him all clean,” sleepy Faoril purred. “That's a good pussycat.”

“All clean, Mistress.”

My eyes flicked to Faoril's pale ass. They were round and tight. I couldn't see my cum trickling out of her asshole, but I knew it was happening. It was leaking out of her. A wonderful, delicious, creamy tide. I glanced at Thyrna licking up my cock.

I knew what she would have to clean next.

My dick swelled beneath her bathing tongue, throbbing with new desire. Her tongue licked up and down my shaft slowly, dragging it, making sure to clean Faoril's sour musk from my cock. Her eyes stared up at me with such submissive heat.

I stroked her wavy-brown hair as she licked. Her purring increased. Her tongue swirled about my crown. She engulfed it for a heartbeat, giving me a single, hard suck. I groaned, my hips rising as I savored her teasing.

“That's it, pussycat,” I groaned. “Get me all clean. Then you have to lick Faoril's ass. I left so much cream in her.”

“Pussycats love their cream,” Faoril sighed, still looking away, half dozing.

“They do, Mistress,” Thyrna purred, hips shaking. If she had a tail, it would be lashing back and forth, eager for play.

Thyrna sucked on the tip of my cock again, longer, harder. Her lips bobbed down until my cock ring pressed on the back of her throat. Then she slid back up it, leaving my dick shiny with her saliva in the wake of her lush lips.

She popped them off. “I think you're clean, Master.” She pouted. “But I can keep licking and sucking.”

“Faoril needs her ass cleaned, pussycat.”

“Yeeesss.” Faoril wiggled her ass.

Thyrna licked her lips and moved to Faoril. She grabbed my lover's butt-cheeks and parted them. She spread Faoril wide. I caught a glimpse of a cum-stained sphincter before Thyrna's hair obscured my view. Faoril squealed.

I grinned, my dick aching now as I watched my pussycat lick my wife's ass clean. Wife. I hadn't thought of my first wife, my first love, in a while. I looked up at the ceiling, wondering if Serisia was watching us from the Astral Realm, a smile on her lips. Her spirit had approved of Faoril. Serisia wanted me to be happy again. To live and enjoy my life. Anger and conflicting guilt washed through me. Anger at the Ghost Wolves for raping and killing her, and guilt that if she hadn't died I never would have met Faoril.

To receive the love of one woman, I had to lose the other. It was so wrong. I wished they were both here.

“Oh, that's so nice, pussycat,” purred Faoril. “Lick up all of Thrak's cum.”

I stood up, feeling restless. I stretched my back, spine popping. An unearthly song drifted through the walls of the ship. It was beautiful, perfect. It wrapped about my senses. My dick thrust hard before me, throbbing with need. There was such sweet promise in the song.

I blinked, shaking my head.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, lick it all out. Probe that nasty tongue into my dirty ass.” Faoril let out a giggle. “Oh, Thrak, she's devouring me.”

I gave a grunt, walking to the door. “Need to... Check on something...”

Who sung this beautiful melody? It promised such rapture. Such ecstasy. I ripped open the door and went to find out.



I dived into the waters of the Nimborgoth. The cold sea engulfed me. I shuddered, kicking for the surface. Even underwater, the song promised such rapture, such lust. My dick throbbed hard before me. I broke the surface, bobbing in the swells, the Golden Hunger sailing by.

I didn't care. I stared at the siren as she smiled at me, her breasts bobbing at the top of the waves, her blue-green hair clinging to sky-blue shoulders and face. She was lovely. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Her lips moved with sensuous grace as she sang her song. One of a dozen. She beckoned me, finger curling as she sung for me.

“Chaun, no, she'll drown you,” my wife called from above.

But she didn't understand. Xandra couldn't. She didn't have a dick. She didn't have an aching cock demanding to be buried in the rapture of the siren's pussy. The beautiful creature's eyes flashed as I swam towards her.

“Help, help!” Xandra shouted.

I reached the siren. Her slim arms went around me, pulling her to her body. Such bountiful breasts pressed on my chest. Her nipples were hard, throbbing with her passion. Her lips met mine in a passionate kiss.

And the song... That sweet, rapturous song still sang from her throat. It hummed through my entire body. My cock throbbed against her belly.

I had to be in her. I had to be buried in her. I had to fuck her hard, fast.

Her hands seized my silver hair, holding me tight as her tongue probed my mouth. I met it, kissing her with every ounce of passion I possessed. Her song engulfed me. The cold of the sea faded away, the frightened screams of my wife, the sound of waves splashing on the Golden Hunger's hull.

None of that mattered but her kiss, her embrace, her cunt.

I had to be in her cunt. All three of my balls ached to unload in her, to give her my seed. I shifted my hips. My dick slid down her crotch, meeting the wet caress of her pubic hair. And then I was between her thighs. She undulated her hips, helping me enter her.

I slid into her furnace. Hot, wet silk engulfed my cock. It was all the pleasure that her song promised. The siren sang louder as we kissed. My entire body quivered as her thighs embraced my waist. Her pussy slid all the way down my cock.

I was in her. Sweet rapture.

The friction was ecstasy. My hips pumped as my hands seized her ass. I gripped her as she pulled us beneath the waves. We floated in azure, our bodies writhing together, loving each other, sharing our pleasure, our passion. I pumped away as we drifted weightless.

Her hair was a fine net spreading about us as we spun. Dark blue beneath us, pale blue above. I couldn't breathe, didn't need to breathe. I just had to keep pumping my hips, savoring the embrace of her pussy.

I distantly felt the burning of my lungs. My vision fuzzed. The pleasure only increased the foggier my head grew. Her fingers dug into my scalp, her thighs locked tight about my waist as I hammered her cunt.

All three of my balls boiled. She needed my cum. Her song demanded it.

The friction of pumping through her cunt combined with my dizzy head. Everything was fading, the sea, the sounds, the world. Everything except the feel of her body. I kept fucking her, slamming into her. The need to cum kept the darkness from dragging me down.

I had to last a little longer.

The friction was exquisite. Pussy. Hot. Tight. Pussy. All that mattered. Nothing else. Balls boiled.

I slammed into the siren. I moaned into her mouth. My vision fuzzed to darkness. My cum exploded from my cock. Rapture slammed through me. I spasmed in her embrace as everything slipped away from me.

Darker. The pleasure fading.

Her hot pussy the only sensation I felt. Her hot sheath milked my cock, sucking out all my cum. Darkness pressed down on me and...



The song pulled me out of my reverie. I blinked as I stood in the crow's nest. I shook my head, ears twitching. Despite the song, my thoughts were still on my problem. Minx. Somehow I had fallen in love with her. And that couldn't be. I was married. This was a mistake. We had spent too much time together.

I peered over the side of the railing. In the water, I spotted two dozen women surrounding the ship. They sang ugly songs, their voices belching gurgles and splutters. I frowned, studying them. What were they? I wasn't familiar with the things that dwelt in the sea.

Xandra cried out in warning. Chaun dived over the railing. My eyes widened in realization. Sirens. The daughters of Las born when his seed fell into the deep oceans. Creatures who attracted males with songs that were supposedly beautiful.

Already, other members of the crew threw themselves overboard, swimming towards the sirens. Chaun reached one, Xandra leaning over the rail, screaming with frantic fear. The siren embraced him, arms locked tight as they kissed.

I moved.

My heart raced as I leaped over the side of the crow's nest and landed on the topmost spar. I swung down, grabbing the rope netting the sailors used to climb. I raced down it with nimble grace, naked nipples grazing rope.

My bow was down on the deck. I had to reach it and help. Xandra's fear sang across the deck as more sailors raced for the decking. They had to be stopped. Minx, landing on the deck below me, pulled out one of her alchemical bombs. She threw it. White-brown foam exploded about the feet of three sailors, locking them into place.

Smart. I landed on the deck beside her. “Keep the crew from going overboard.”

“Yeah,” she snapped, giving me an angry, hurt look.

My heart quivered. I didn't want to hurt her. But she had to understand. My place was in the Deorc Forest with my wife. I had to love Atharilesia. Once I stopped spending every moment with Minx and gotten some distance from her, I would remember to whom my heart really belonged.

Atharilesia. She was the mother of my child.

Another sticky bomb trapped four pirates as I snagged my bow. I limbered it with practice ease, pulling out the elf-hair string coated in beeswax from my belt. I snagged my quiver, throwing it over my shoulder, and raced to the side of the boat.

“No, no, Chaun!” Xandra shouted. “You'll drown.”

Chaun was beneath the water, along with another half-dozen pirates, all locked in the sirens' embraces. Chaun spun as he fucked his siren, their bodies shadows beneath the dark waters. I knocked and drew an arrow aiming, timing their spin.

I released.

My arrow struck the water. It knifed in only a few feet before slowing to a stop and bobbing back up to the surface. My stomach twisted. They were too deep. “Where is Faoril? We need her magic!”



“Keep the crew from going overboard,” I muttered with a mocking sneer, a strange surge of anger shooting through me. “Good enough to boss around and fuck, but can't love. Because of her wife.”

I threw my second sticky bomb, trapping another four sailors in a whoosh of foam. It expanded around their legs in a heartbeat, reaching up to their waists and then solidifying. They grunted, struggling to move.

“No, no, we have to go to the song,” a brawny Thlinian pirate shouted, desperate lust on his face.

“Idiots,” I muttered.

“Where is Faoril? We need her magic!” shouted Xera.

“Where else? With her lover,” I snapped, turning to the cabin.

The door crashed open and Thrak burst out naked, his impressive cock thrusting hard before him. I took one look at his eyes and understood. He was enthralled by the sirens, too. His dick thinking for him. I didn't get how any of these idiots could like the caterwauling rising about the ship. It was disgusting. As painful to hear as fingernails scraping across slate.

He was as stupid as Xera.

I threw my last sticky bomb hard. My aim was off, my hand shaking as I released it. It struck Thrak in the chest. I winced as the foam burst around him, sliding up and down his body, expanding to fill the entire doorway. It came up to his neck, almost engulfing his head. One hand thrust out before him, fingers wriggling.

“Cernere's nimble fingers,” I groaned, staring at the blocked doorway. “Idiot.” Now how would I get to Faoril?



I stared at the dark waters. I could just see my husband beneath the waves. I moved down the railing, the ship sailing past him as he drifted with that damned hussy. That was my man. She was drowning my husband. He couldn't breathe. He was fucking himself to death.

“No, Chaun.” Tears poured down my cheeks. I reached the end of the railing, running into the stern deck rising up over us.

“Xandra, you have to do something,” Xera shouted.

I raced up the stairs of the stern deck. The wheel stood empty. The helmsmen must have thrown himself after one of those disgusting women. I raced to the end of the stern deck, peering back at Chaun twisting in the wake.

“Get Faoril!” Xera shouted.

“Faoril!” Minx screamed. “We need you!”

Thrak let out a bellow. “Need to get to the song!”

I gripped the railing at the stern of the boat so hard. How long could Chaun hold his breath? There had to be something I could do. It was so hard to think. I struggled to breathe. I sucked a deep one through my clenched teeth. What could I do?

Stop being an idiot. That was what I could do. We didn't need Faoril's magic. I had magic.

I shoved my hand into my pouch and seized my water totem. The piece of mangrove wood carved with undulating lines quivered in my fingers. I focused my power through it, stroking the lines. Elementals were around us.

I seized as many as I could. I sent them at Chaun and the other pirates. The waves flowed strangely, sweeping against the prevailing current as the elementals moved under my command. My heart beat faster as I stared at my husband's form. He was so hard to see. The waves rippled, reflecting the gray cloud, acting like a mirror.

“Chaun!” I screamed as my elemental wrapped him up and hauled him to the surface.

The siren broke the kiss and glared at me.

I glared back. “That's right, bitch, that's my husband you're trying to kill!”

I controlled all the elementals, making them my puppets, pulling the other drowning pirates above the surface. But with my focus split between so many elementals, they weren't big, their bodies weak. I couldn't free the men. I could only keep them from drowning.

Something else had to be done. But what? Why was it so hard to think when danger was around? I shoved my left hand into my pouch and grabbed my air totem. The ship was sailing farther away. I had to stay close. Xera's arrow fired, shooting at the sirens closest to the ship. But she had a limit on her range, and the winds were gusting so hard, so strong, driving the ship farther and farther away.

I had to act. I grit my teeth and summoned another elemental.



The darkness fell away in a rush as I breathed. Lips left mine. I blinked, dazed. My cock ached, buried in rapture. The song engulfed me. I bobbed on the surface, embraced not only by the siren, but by the water around me. It caressed me, held me up, let me breathe.

So I could keep enjoying rapture.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned as I pumped away. “What a sweet pussy. Keep singing. Keep making me feel wonderful.”

“Chaun!” a distant voice shouted, almost silent over the waves. “Chaun, stop fucking her. She's trying to kill you.”

How could I stop fucking this wonderful creature? It was ecstasy being in her, feeling her body against mine, the silk of her pussy. I squeezed her nubile body, her thighs holding me tight. She undulated her hips, our flesh smacking together beneath the water. Her nipples were so hard against my chest.

I kissed at the siren's neck. She tasted so wonderfully salty. I licked at her, groaning as my balls built another load of cum to unleash into her fertile pussy. My fingers kneaded her ass, prying apart her butt-cheeks. My fingers dipped in, stroking her sphincter.

Her song grew even throatier. The siren shivered in my arms as I probed into her asshole. She was hot and tight in there. Virginal territory. I could sense it. I rammed my finger in deep, wiggling around in her hot bowels.

“You like that, you slutty siren?” I growled.

She bucked in my arms, her song answering with wordless lust.

“That's what I thought. You just want to fuck my huge cock and feel me finger your ass. Your pussy's aching for more cum. You want me to flood your cunt.”

“You have to stop fucking her, Chaun!”

A shadow soared over me. Xandra hovered above me, held up by an air elemental. I could see up her skirt, her pussy dripping with my cum. It leaked down her thighs. I groaned, thrusting harder into the siren's cunt, fingering her asshole harder.

“Chaun, stop fucking her. She's trying to kill you.”

“Can't stop fucking her! She needs this, Xandra. Can't you hear the passion in her voice?” “Are you tone deaf? She sounds hideous!”

What was Xandra talking about? The siren sounded lovely. Her song burst from her throat. It wrapped about me. Such sweet lusts beckoned. My hips hammered her harder, faster. I shoved as second finger into her asshole.

She loved that.

Her hot pussy spasmed about my dick. She bucked in my arms. Her cunt milked me, desperate for more cum. I fucked her harder, turning in the water as we bobbed. My balls ached. I had more jizz to give her. She needed it. Every last drop.

“Keep singing that sweet song,” I groaned. “And I'll cum in you.”

“Song...” whispered Xandra.



I had heard my husband sing songs of stirring passion, songs of heroic courage, of lulling sleep, and calming peace. He knew the real magic of the song, beyond the technical aesthetics of a trilling voice singing in perfect harmony. He could sing as beautifully as any avian, myself included, but he also understood the underlying principals of song, how to manipulate them in ways I did not. He had to study to achieve what came naturally to my race.

But that study allowed him to go beyond the normal limits of song. To achieve something beautiful. Magical.

And he had shared those songs with me. I didn't understand the philosophy behind his note choices, but I could mimic them. I could pour my true emotions into my song and direct them at him. I focused on my husband as he pumped away in the surgeon's cunt, my fingers dancing on both my totems to keep them occupied. The sirens fought my water elementals.

They wanted to drown the men. And I wouldn't let them.

The wordless song trilled from my voice. I chirped with all the beauty of the birds I was denied in becoming. I stared at my husband. He looked up at me, midnight-black face glistening with drops of sea water, silvery hair matted by waves, black ears twitching. His violet eyes stared at me even as he fucked the siren hussy.

In my song, I put all my love and desire for my husband into the notes, playing the lusty songs I had heard him sing. I mimicked him perfectly, pouring it all out to him. I sang with more passion than I ever had in my life.

I was his songbird.

“Xandra...” he said, frowning.

The horrid, gurgling song of the siren grew louder, trying to drown out my beauty with hideous screeching. I wouldn't let her. I was an avian. I was born to sing. I floated lower, the waves brushing my bare toes as I stared into my husband's eyes.

I put the memory of the night I danced before him. How I moved my body, my hips, dancing naked before this handsome man, hoping he would stir with passion. And he had. He hardened beneath my sensuous grace, his eye landing on me with such lust. And I responded. I poured out my excitement as I slid down onto his lap, rubbing my virgin pussy on his hard shaft. His dick prodded the entrance.

And I sank down him. Uniting us. Taking him as my husband. Beneath Luben's gaze, our passions were welded into one.

My pussy grew hot as I remembered pumping my virgin flesh up and down his cock for the first time, his hands groping my ass, our lips meeting in the sweetest kiss. Juices and his cum leaked down my thighs as I undulated in the air, held aloft by the air elemental.

“Xandra,” he groaned again. His hips stopped pumping. He floated, the siren undulating against him, trying to keep him interested in her deathly embrace.

He shook his head and frowned. He looked at the siren and recoiled. His hands seized her, pushing at her shoulders, struggling to break free of her embrace. But she held on tight. He growled, growing larger, swelling into Thrak, gaining the orc's big strength.

“Bitch,” he growled in the orc's voice, hands squeezing about her throat. “You tried to kill me.”

I kept singing. I couldn't stop. Other sirens' songs filled the air. They could still ensnare him. The siren gurgled, thrashing in his squeezing hands. Her eyes bulged. And then there was a loud snap. Neck breaking.

The siren went limp. The monstrous woman's body sank beneath the waves.

Chaun flowed back into his normal form. “Xandra,” he gasped. “That song... That passion. My songbird.”

Tears flowed down my cheeks. The water elemental holding him surged upward, lifting him until he stood above the water. I hugged him, hands full of my totems, naked body pressing against his dripping form. He shivered from the cold as he held me.

And I kept singing.


Knave Angela

“What is going on?” I asked, gaining the deck naked. Sophia was still in the hold, recovering from our passionate session. The ship turned. Captain Thyrna was at the wheel naked. Faoril was beside her. Thrak hovered in the air, half-encased in foam, thrashing.

“Sirens,” Xera said. She drew back her bow and fired, an arrow taking a blue-skinned woman in the throat. The siren let go of the sailor she held, her blood staining the dark waters of the Nimborgoth. “Two dozen of them”

“Sirens?” I gasped. “In the Nimborgoth? I thought they stayed out in the deep oceans.”

“Perhaps they came up Shilter Straight from the Vilianth Ocean,” grunted the captain. “Someone reef the sails or will never get back to them.” No one sailed on the Vilianth Ocean. The monsters dominated those deep waters, cutting off our lands from the fabled countries to the east.

I gained the stern deck and peered around. Xandra floated in the distance, holding Chaun in her embrace. Over the horrid wailing, I could hear snatches of her beautiful voice. A shiver ran through me, my nipples hardening.

Water splashed. Faoril's magic slammed into the Nimborgoth. Sirens screeched as they were yanked under the water, their songs cut off. Thrak shook his head as he floated in the air, more chunks of foam falling off his body. Other members of the crew were stuck around the deck by more alchemical foam, shaking their heads as they, too, came clean of the sirens' songs.

“I'll hold them under,” Faoril said, arms folded. “Two dozen sirens. A whole school of them.”

“Should never have taunted Las,” Thrak grunted as the force holding him lowered him to the deck.

“I doubt that's why they're here,” Faoril said.

“What did she say?” Minx asked, a big grin on her face.

“That I had a cock to rival Las's,” Thrak laughed. “Then some of his daughters go and attack us.”

“Maybe,” I said. “Or maybe it's not a coincidence. One of my enemies. Slata could have arranged it.” I had defeated both her erinyes daughters and her priestesses accompanying the Knights Deute sent to arrest me. Pain for my relationship with Kevin throbbed my heart. “Or whoever hired Fireeyes to kill me.” Was that you, Lady Delilah? Or someone else.

“Bounty hunters are still after us,” Minx said. “That efreet caught up to us in Grahata. Have to be others on the prowl for us. Maybe they figured out away to attract sirens. Little Damiana in the water or something.”

“Or a spell,” Faoril said. “Or it could have been random chance. I doubt we'll ever know.”

“I hate not knowing,” Minx sighed.

“It is terrible,” Xera said as she gained the stern deck.

“Yeah.” Minx shook her head then hopped off the stern deck. “Used my last sticky bomb. And I won't get a chance to restock for a while.”

I took a deep breath. Another danger overwhelmed. And we would face worse in the Haunted Forest. So many monsters were birthed there. Drakin Castle was the source. What idiot had hidden the final piece of the High King's sword there?

“I have to check on Sophia. She's still recovering.”

“Recovering?” Faoril blinked.

Thyrna let out a knowing laugh, her hair whipped by the wind. I smiled at her. She understood. When you pushed a submissive too hard, they were wiped out, drained, and needed caring for. My Sophia needed my loving to recover.


Acolyte Sophia – Mouth of the Kemoh River

Rolling plains of golden grass spread out on either side of the Kemoh River. Its mouth was wide, but shallow as it dumped into the sea. I could see ripples of submerged rocks and other debris. The Golden Hunger couldn't sail up the river.

We had to get off here.

The sun set behind us, painting the plain with golden hues. Two days of sailing to get here and then we would have to walk. We had no horses. I was not looking forward to it. I missed Purity. I wondered what happened to my mare. Was she still in the stables of the Saltspray Palace? Or had the Doge sold her off along with Angela's warhorse Midnight?

We had to follow the Kemoh River southeast into the Haunted Forest and into the interior.

Supposedly, one of its feeder streams flowed right from the Drakin Castle. All we had to do was follow the river, and we would find the lair of the Biomancer Vebrin, the most infamous warlock the world had ever known. Only the God Las had produced more monstrosities than the Biomancer had.

Tomorrow, we would put the shore and begin the final leg of our quest for the High King's sword.

Then the real quest could finally begin.


Bebhinn the Twinborn Witch – The Haunted Forest

The werewolves lounged around me, curled about each other in the hollows of tree roots or on soft beds of pine needles. They were lethargic, mostly hunting by night. But they were all my bitches. At any time, I could strap on my dildo and fuck them, proving my domination.

It helped to past the time. Angela and her party couldn't travel as swiftly as a bird.

A red conjuration spirit drifted out of my pouch and danced before my face, buzzing with agitation. I smiled at its dance. As a twinborn witch, I could see the energy that abounded through the world as small sprites of varying hues. I grabbed my pouch and pulled out my mirror. Purple energy buzzed around it, enchanted.

“Show me,” I whispered to the conjuration spirit. It had traveled far through the mirror. I left it behind at the mouth of the Kemoh River.

The red spirit did a quick swirl, eager to obey me, and dived into the mirror. The polished silver bled to crimson and then into an image. The Golden Hunger at anchor at the mouth of the river, a figure in a white robe at the railing staring almost at me.

They had arrived. I suspected they would use the Kemoh River to find the Biomancer's lair. They were right on schedule. Around me, the werewolves sat up, all in their human forms, all lovely and female. They stared at me, sensing my mood.

“Soon, you will get to hunt,” I promised them.

They howled their delight. The bounty I would collect on Angela and her companions would make me as rich as a duchess. It was worth skulking for a week or more in the woods.

To be continued...

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