The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Seven: Illusory Passion

Chapter Five: Desert's Passion

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Knight-Errant Angela – Halani Desert

Camels moved differently than horses. Their gait rolled, rocking me back and forth as I clutched to the saddle behind its hump. No smooth canter. No proud walk, but a plod across the shifting sands of the Halani Desert.

Hargone fell behind us. The sands started an hour from the city, at the edge of the farmland. It was a distinct boundary when we rose out of the floodplain and into the desert proper. The moisture vanished from the air. The temperature soared. The horizon melted into ripples like an ocean hovered in the sky before us. It all looked the same. Rolling dunes, the sky stark blue. No clouds drifting overhead. No landmarks with which to navigate.

Wind blew from the north. Sand swept before it, blowing off the top of dunes. I covered my face with the end of the turban. It was black cloth, draped over my head, shielding me from the sun's rays. Thrak and Xera both walked, not caring about the sun. Chaun and Xandra rode side by side, he strumming his lyre while she hummed a song, making beauty together. Faoril had the hood of her robe thrown up to shield her face as she rode bent over, reading from one of her books, not paying attention to where her camel walked.

It was content to walk with the rest.

Aswunt's servants walked beside the pack camels. They were a different breed from the ones we rode, having two humps piled with goods to trade at the oases with the various desert tribesman. The ebony-skinned desertmen of the Halani were famed for the prowess of their cocks and the beauty of their women.

Minx yawn. She was so small, she stretched back on her camel, her eyes closed, covered by the turban. “Going to sleep the entire journey?” Sophie asked as she perched on her camel in her white robes.

“Beats sweltering,” the halfling muttered. “I'll just sleep through the heat.”

“Yes,” Sophia said, fanning her sweaty face.

“Watch out for that Farson,” Minx added. “I don't like the look of him.”

“But his slave...” Sophia let out a purr. “A lamia's tongue is so rough. Feels amazing licking through your pussy.”

Minx snorted. “Is eating cunt all you think about?”

“It is,” I answered quickly, a smile on my face. “That's all my concubine thinks about.”

Sophia gave a wicked giggle.

My gaze looked ahead to Farson in his black armor as he rode at the head of the column. He was one of the guards hired to protect the caravan. His sex slave, the lamia, curled in front of him on the camel like a cat, her tail swishing back and forth. She was naked, but her pale body didn't seem affected by the sun.

There was an umbral nimbus about her, a faint darkening.

“Xera, do you see anything unusual about the lamia?” I furrowed my eyes. The more I studied it, the more I noticed it around her like the rind around a bruise.

“Yes,” Xera said, ears twitching. “Something protecting her.”

“He's a shadowmancer,” Faoril said, not looking up from her book, her words distant. “It is an arcane art practiced in the Shizhuth Empire. He's a warleader.”

“What's he doing here?” I frowned. The Shizhuth Empire was a closed place. Rumors of the cruelty of its rulers, the nagas, had percolated out of the nation. A land of darkness and pain. Lamia were kept as slaves there, given to human males who pleased their naga rulers.

“No idea. Ask him.”

“Exiled,” Minx answered. “He did something bad and was smart enough to flee.”

“How do you know?”

Minx squirmed. “It just makes sense. Why else would he be here?”

“A shadowmancer,” Sophia said, worrying her lower lip. “I don't like the sound of that.”

“It's not a well known branch of the esoteric. It's something the naga gift to humans. It's not like magecraft or the shamanistic arts. It cannot be studied but known. An inherent power, like the twinborn witches of the Tuathan. He does not need external totems or power sources to manipulate shadows.”


“Of course, Angela. All power is dangerous.”

Faoril hunched her shoulders, looking down at the book but her eyes closed, thinking. On what? What was she studying? I glanced back at Farson. If he was an exile, then he made his living as a mercenary. I was glad word of our bounty had only just reached Hargone last night. Farson probably hadn't heard of it. Yet.

He could be a problem when we returned.


“Yes, Angela,” groaned the halfling. “Trying to sleep. I was up all night, remember?”

“Did you hear anything about Farson among the thieves' chatter.”

“Nope. It's a big city. He doesn't have much of a reputation. Or not one the thieves care about.” Minx sat up, frowning. “Why?”

“Just nervous.” I lowered my voice so only her and Sophia, and Xera with her keen ears, could hear. “If he learns about the bounty, he sounds like he would be dangerous.”

Minx sank back down. “Won't hear about it out here. We have bigger problems. Like getting into the Mirage Gardens.”

“I have a plan for that. I'll be the sacrifice. Sophia and I figured it out.”

“Between bouts of your seasickness,” Sophia grinned. “Oh, the efreet'll have a hard time taming you, my Queen.”

“And where do we make the offering?” Minx closed her eyes. “Do you know?”

“I don't. Faoril?”

The mage shook her head, still absorbed in her research.

I pondered that as we rode south. It would be a week or more before we reached the deep desert where stories claimed the Mirage Garden lurked. As the day wore on, the sun climbed and the temperature soared. Even Chaun and Xandra fell silent before the oppression of the heat. Only the plod of the camel's wide feet on the sand and the curses of the handlers could be heard until I found myself riding beside Aswunt.

The merchant stroked his oiled beard when I lifted myself up from my lethargic doze. “You are the ninth group I've ever led out in search of the Mirage Gardens.”

“Oh,” I said, my heart beating in excitement. “How did they fare?”

“Poorly. Only two ever brought the appropriate offerings.” His eyes glanced over his shoulder. “Not a problem for you. Very beautiful women you brought. Exotic.”

“Exotic?” I snorted.

He touched his face, his skin a dark umber. “Pale skin is exotic for us. And for the efreet.”

“So two of them made it in.”

“I didn't say that.” He stroked his beard again, his gold rings flashing in the sunlight. “The efreet left behind a brass lamp, trading one of his lovely jinn for their proffered woman. But they never mastered the jinn, so she never opened the way into the Mirage Garden for them to enter and see its delights, to be guests of Riad.”


“Jinn yearn to serve. They need to be seized and forced. They resist all who try to claim them. You have to venture into their lamps. But they are seductive. If you submit to her, well, you do not escape, and the lamp will return to Riad.”

“And the offerings?”

“Kept.” He laughed. “Efreet do not bargain fair. I doubt the price is even worth entry into the Mirage Gardens None have ever seen it. We just have the stories of Riad and his wealth. Ridiculous.”

“I don't see it being a problem.” I glanced at Thrak, the orc walking back straight, ignoring the sun. Or maybe he just disdained.

Aswunt followed my gaze. “You think he'll dominate the jinn?”


The man laughed, rich and mocking. “The jinn are seductive. Only the efreet can ever dominate them. They are compliments to each other. Jinn need efreet, though they hate being controlled, and efreet need jinn though they burn for more pliant vessels.”

“So that's why he gives away his jinn in exchange for women?”

Aswunt nodded. Then he frowned, staring off at the horizon. It was my turn to follow his gaze. A brown smear covered it, a haze that extended across it. I arched an eyebrow, wondering what could generate such a large dust cloud.

“Not the desert tribes?” I asked. “They could not raise such dust across such a distance. It must extend for miles.”

“No, no, a dust storm. They happen. It'll probably hit us as we near evening. It will be a noisy night.”


“Not usually.” He tugged on his beard. “Though the tribesmen like to use them as cover to raid caravans.”

“The same caravans they trade with at the oases?”

He snorted. “Yes, the very same. But oases are holy to them. Places of sanctuary. Water is such a valued commodity out here that even the bitterest of enemies will not spill blood within a half-days ride of one. It is a game to them. If they can steal the goods before it reaches an oasis, they win.”

“And you win if you reach an oasis.”

He laughed again. “Only if I trade well.”


Acolyte Sophia

“Where do you think you're going?” I asked, snagging Minx's arm.

The halfling thief turned, “With Xera. She's getting it on with Chaun and Xandra. Sounds like fun.”

The wind howled around us. The strange tents set up, round domes covered in camel hide, rocked as the edges of the dust storm blew around us. The wall of brown was closer. It looked so dense, so smothering. We had to get inside and probably could not leave until the winds died down.

“Nope, you're coming with me.”

“But...” Minx's face fell.

“Nope. I want to devour that tiny cunt.” I licked my lips. “Trust me, I'll make you squeal.”

“She will,” Faoril said, peeking out the tent I was sharing with her tonight. Thrak and Angela were spending the night—my Queen always had those uncontrollable urges for huge cock she had to satiate periodically.

Well, it meant she was missing out on a hot night of lesbian passion. Faoril, at least, had her priorities straight for once.

Minx bit her lip, glancing at Xera disappearing into Chaun and Xandra's tent. Then a mischievous grin crossed Minx's lips. “You really think you can make me squeal better than Xera?”

My tongue, pierced with a silver stud, flicked out. “Trust me. I was trained by the priestess of Saphique. For thousands of years, we have perfected the art of sapphic love, passing it down in an unbroken chain of gasping, panting, lesbian sex.

“You will not be disappointed.”

“Bold.” Minx arched her metallic-red eyebrows. “Let's see if you can deliver then.”

Minx pulled me into the tent. The floor was covered in dyed red felt. Faoril jerked the heavy cover closed and tied it. The sides rippled as the wind hit it. It howled outside, cutting us off from the rest of the world. Isolating us.

Just three hot women—two humans and a halfling—passing the time in the sweetest way possible.

Minx broke away from me, skipping to the spread out bedrolls, her hips shaking, undulating. My pussy grew hotter as I watched her. She was so small, the size of a child, but with all the curves of a woman. I licked my lips, loving the way her hips rolled back and forth. She wiggled out of her tight britches, bending over, shaking that metallic-bronze ass at me as she pushed it down her thighs. Peeking between those thighs was her tight slit, beads of moisture glinting in the balls of light conjured by Faoril's magic and floating throughout the tent.

“Well, well, well,” I moaned, licking my lips. “What a cute, little pussy you have.”

“So cute,” Minx purred. Still bent over, she shoved a hand between her legs and parted the lips of her pussy, revealing pink depths. My pussy clenched, the heat rippling through me.

I salivated.

“What a tight snatch,” Faoril moaned, sidling up to me, already naked, her breasts jiggling before her, nipples hard. “She's getting juicy. I think she wants to feel that tongue of your reaming her pussy.”

“Oh, I do. That tongue stud looks amazing!” Minx giggled, hips wiggling, her butt-cheeks clenching. She shoved a pair of fingers into her pussy, her lips sucking tight around them. “You have me all juicy and horny. Censure's nimble fingers, I need to cum. It was soooo boring riding on the camels.”

“And we have days more,” the mage said. “Weeks.”

I groaned at Faoril. “Let's not think about that.” I unbelted my robe and let it drop off my body. My hands stroked my flat belly, brushing the charm dangling from my pierced bellybutton. “Let's focus on pleasing each other.”

“Yes,” Minx groaned, fingering herself faster. They pumped in and out of her cunt. More and more juices glinted on her flesh. The scent of lavender brushed my nose.


I licked my lips, tongue stud pressing against them. I shuddered, moving my fingers lower, brushing across my shaved pudenda and grazing my clit. A shiver went through me. My pussy grew juicier.

“I'm going to make you howl, Minx,” I moaned. “Ooh, you were so bad for avoiding me for so long.”

“Just obsessed with Xera,” laughed Faoril. “I guess she does offer everything—cock, cunt, and tits.”

I wrinkled my nose in disgust but didn't comment as I fell down behind Minx. I seized her ass, my hands looking so large on her small butt-cheeks. I licked at her pussy around her plunging fingers, savoring the lavender musk of her pussy. My tongue stud dragged across her flesh as I licked higher, parting her butt-cheeks and tonguing her sphincter.

She gasped as my tongue stud pressed against her back door. I swirled it around, savoring her sour flavor. Oh, it was so naughty. I worked my tongue into the halfling's bowels, swirling it around. She gasped and shuddered.

“Cernere's black cunt!” Minx bowels clenched about my tongue. “Gods, Sophia, that is amazing.”

“You've been missing out,” laughed Faoril.

“I have,” moaned Minx, humping her hips back into me.

Faoril knelt behind me. Her breasts pressed into my back, nipples hard. Her hips undulated, grinding her pussy against my ass. I shuddered, savoring her hot juices smeared across my butt while her hands wrapped around me, stroking my stomach.

I moaned into Minx's asshole as Faoril's hands climbed higher. Her fingers caressed me as her face buried into my hair, breathing in. She ground harder when she brushed the bottom slopes of my small breasts. Her fingers walked up my mounds.

Found my nipples.

“Faoril,” I moaned into Minx's sour asshole. The naughty mage's fingers pinched and rolled my nipples. The pleasure shot down my body. I gasped, undulated, and shoved my tongue as deep into Minx's bowels as I could.

“Oh, yes, Sophia, that's nice. Oh, wow. Oh, Gods. Cernere's sneaking steps! Yes, yes, yes, tongue my dirty ass. Oh, yes. You're such a slut, Sophia.”

“She is,” Faoril agreed, fingers rolling harder. Her lips found my neck, kissing my flesh through strands of my hair.

I gasped, her fingers pinching harder. My tongue caressed Minx's bowels. The sour taste excited me. So filthy. So dirty. I licked and nuzzled deeper. Her fingers kept pumping in and out of her cunt, making wicked, wet sounds.

I loved them.

Faoril moved down my body. Her tits sliding down my back, her lips kissing across my shoulders before she found my spine. I loved it. The mage's tongue licked, sucked as she moved lower. She traced my spine, her hands sliding down my sides, fingernails lightly scratching. Such wonderful flutters shot down to my pussy. Juices ran down my thighs. I moaned and gasped into Minx's ass, my body trembling.

Faoril was such a tease.

Her hands moved around my hips and grasped my asscheeks. Her lips reached the small of my back, nuzzling at the divot right before the swell of my butt. Her fingers pulled my cheeks apart as she kissed lower and lower.

“Eager for your own taste of ass?” I moaned between licks.

“Yes,” Faoril purred. Her tongue licked lower. She reached my sphincter and swirled.

“Good,” I moaned, savoring the wet thrill of her tongue caressing my back door.

I buried my tongue back into Minx's asshole. The halfling shuddered, butt-cheeks clenching. Her fingers squelched with every rapid plunge into her cunt. Her moans grew louder and louder. I sensed her pleasure building. I was trained to read women.

I fucked my tongue in and out of her bowels, the stud caressing her flesh and driving her wild. Faoril's fingers dug into my butt. She moaned as she savored my sour flavor. Then she forced her tongue into my bowels. The burning sensations rippled through me, a wonderful delight that made my pussy clench.

Pleasure swelled in me. My excitement grew as I tongue-fucked Minx's ass. Her moans were wonderful. Her hips humped back into mine. I stroked her thighs, feeling her muscles writhe beneath her skin as she undulated.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Minx moaned. “Oh, Cernere's nimble fingers, that's good. Fuck my ass with your tongue, slut. Oh, Gods, I love it. Yes, yes, yes.”

“Cum on her face,” Faoril moaned between licks of my asshole.


Minx shuddered as her orgasm built in her. I tongued her faster, her fingers pumping harder. Her head arched, short hair flying, the metallic locks glinting in Faoril's light. Her legs tensed beneath my fingers.

“Gods, yes!”

Minx came. The smell of her lavender musk filled my nose, mixing with her sour ass. Her bowels clenched on my probing tongue while her tiny body contorted and convulsed. She pitched forward, falling on her hands, body spasming. She rolled onto her back, hands rubbing at her stomach beneath her leather vest. A line of metallic fire ran down her pubic mound to her pussy, hairs so soft.

I leaned over, pressing my ass into Faoril's delicious, licking tongue. She fucked my bowels as I seized Minx's thighs. Still shuddering in orgasm, I yanked the halfling towards me. She was so light and small, my hands almost wrapping about her thin legs.

“Oh, you are good,” moaned Minx as I pulled her beneath me, my brown hair caressing up her stomach. “Going to give me more pleasure?”

“I haven't made you howl. Yet.” I grinned at her. “But I will.”

She shuddered, licking her lips, and nodded her head in eager enthusiasm for my assault.

I stroked up her legs and stomach to the band of cloth tied around her breasts. My fingers pulled at the knot between her small breasts, her nipples hard dimples into the fabric. The cloth fell away. Her tits were a light bronze than the rest of her skin, hidden from the sun by her simple top. Her nipples were cute. So tiny. Just little sprouts. Her nipples dark, glinting.

I leaned down and sucked.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped as my tongue stud pressed against her small nubs. Her hands, fingers so tiny, slid through my brown hair as I sucked and nibbled. I could take so much of her breasts into my mouth. “You wicked dyke. Mmm, yes. I love your tongue stud. I need to make Xera get one.”

I smiled around her nipple, my hips humping back into Faoril's wonderful tongue.

The mage's right hand slid around my hip, reaching down my crotch to my pubic mound. I tensed, my pussy clenching as her fingers neared my clit. Faoril moaned as she grew closer and closer. I sucked harder on Minx's nipple, anticipating Faoril's caress.

She brushed my clit.

I moaned, bucked, my eyes squeezing shut. She grazed me again, the momentary contact shooting wonderful delight through me. My mouth popped off Minx's nipple, leaving it glistening with my saliva, so I could pleasure her other one. I sucked it into my mouth while Faoril's teasing finger brushed my clit a third time.

The wonderful sensation stirred through my pussy. I wiggled my hips more, savoring the wonderful build up. The pleasure trembled through me. It made me gasp and moan. My eyes rolled back into my head as I humped against her wonderful licking, tonguing, amazing mouth. Her finger made permanent contact, swirling small circles about my clit, driving me wild.

I moaned so loud about Minx's nipple as I sucked. My hands stroked her side, savoring the silk of her skin. She shuddered, fingers tightening in my hair. I flashed my eyes up at her, watching her face contort as more pleasure built up in her.

“You're going to make me cum just by playing with my tits,” Minx gasped in awe.

I flicked my tongue piercing over and over into her small nipple. My other hand slid up, brushing her other nub. I let my fingernail graze it, flick it. She shuddered, eyes widening, head tossing back. She squirmed against me, rubbing her hot cunt into my ribs below my breasts.

Giving her pleasure swelled mine. Faoril rubbed harder and harder. My growing release propelled me to love Minx hard. My tongue flicked back and forth, a furious blur batting her nipple over and over. I pinched and rolled the other, stretching it, giving her a tiny bit of pain to enhance the bliss.

“Cernere's nimble fingers,” gasped Minx. “Yes, yes. I'm going to... Oh, gods, again. You are wonderful, Sophia!”

She came. Juices squirted hot out of her cunt, bathing my stomach. I savored the feel as she squirmed beneath me. I sucked her nipple into my mouth as staccato gasps escaped her lips. Her face contorted as the bliss crashed through her.

I pushed her body up with my hands, kissing at her trembling stomach. The lavender scent of her pussy juices filled my nose. She still heaved, still buzzing with her orgasm, when I pressed my face between her thighs and tongued her pussy.

Minx's body jerked. “Sophia!”

I smiled and dragged my tongue through her folds, letting the stud caressed her. Give her pleasure. My pussy clenched and my bowels contracted on Faoril's wonderful tongue. Her finger rubbed at my clit, the pleasure growing and growing.

“Saphique's delicious cunt,” I moaned as my orgasm crashed through me.

I shoved my tongue deep into Minx's small cunt, swirling it around as my pleasure bathed my body. Faoril moaned in delight as she nuzzled at my asshole. Her finger rubbed faster and faster at my clit, keeping the pleasure crashing through me as I bucked and moaned.

“Yes, yes, cum,” Minx gasped as she humped against me. “Oh, I love you. You're moaning into my cunt. Oh, yes. Gods, this is so hot. Make me cum again and again, Sophia. I want to keep exploding.”

My orgasm intensified. I loved bringing pleasure to a woman. Angela most of all, but I found almost as much joy with others. And now it was my chance to really show Minx what I could do. I channeled the bliss bathing my mind into devouring her pussy, sharing my rapture with her.

Minx's small thighs tightened about my head. She humped so hard against me. Gasping, moaning, groaning. Such sweet noises escaped her lips. She heaved and bucked, desperate for more pleasure to shoot through her.

Faoril abandoned my asshole as my orgasm died. My body buzzed and my pussy tingled from my bliss. Her wonderful tongue licked down my taint to my cunt. Her breath washed across my shaved folds. And then she licked.

“Mmm, tasty,” she groaned. “Pater's cock, but you have such a delicious cunt.”

“I know,” I panted between licks.

I slid my tongue up to Minx's little clit. I flailed against it like I had her nipple while shoving two fingers into her tight depths. Her pussy contracted on my fingers as her tiny body exploded in bliss. She bucked and shuddered as a mini-orgasm shot through her body.

“Cernere's nimble fingers and tongue! Gods, Sophia. Oh, gods, yes. Keep licking me. I really want to explode. I want to burst with bliss.”

I tongued her clit harder as Faoril nuzzled at my pussy. Her licks were gentle, nothing like the furious flailing of my tongue on Minx's clit. My fingers pumped hard and fast. My left arm wrapped about her waist, holding her down as she bucked in bliss. Her orgasms crashed through her. One after the other. She spasmed in delight.

I kept pleasuring her. Tonguing her. I wouldn't relent. Her moans grew louder and louder. They resounded through the tent. She screamed at the top of her lungs, small tits heaving as cum after cum erupted in her depths.

“Sophia... you... oh, yes... I can't... Gods... Cernere's... Just...” Her words were incoherent, scattered by the bliss shooting through her.

I smiled in delight, pleased at what I had wrought.


Warlock Faoril

“Oh, you wonderful slut,” gasped Minx, lying exhausted on the bedrolls, the lavender scent of her musk so strong I could smell it even as I nuzzled at Sophia's tart cunt.

My pussy burned. I needed sex now. They had ignored my pussy. No longer. Magic swirled in me. I had sucked Thrak off while we waited on dinner. He had dumped his yummy cum down my throat. I seized the power contained in his sexual fluids, fashioned it into magic.

I formed a flexible, whirling vortex twice as long as Thrak's cock. I rose, guiding one end to my pussy. I gasped, my excited cunt caressed by the howling winds. Then I forced it into my sheath. The swirling tornado spread my cunt open, teasing the walls of my pussy with its vortex. My body shuddered, finally receiving pleasure after suffering through Minx's noisy orgasm.

“What are you up to?” Sophia asked, throwing a look over her shoulder.

She saw the mass of swirling winds, gray-white from the moisture sucked out of the air—mostly from Minx's pussy juices. She wiggled her hips as I bent the air before me like my own cock. A storm-dildo ready to fuck Sophia's cunt.

“Ooh, are you going to pound me?” Sophia moaned.

“Yes,” I grinned, my clit throbbing as the edge of the swirling air caressed it.

Sophia, still kneeling, wiggled her ass. I licked my lips, the sour taste lingering, mixed with her tart juices. I brought my vortex to her pussy and slammed it in. She gasped, back arching as the howling dildo entered her cunt.

“Slata's hairy cunt,” groaned Sophia. “Oh, yes, I love your magic, Faoril.”

“So do I.” I smiled, drawing back my hips and thrusting forward. I groaned, my end of the tornado-dildo reaming deeper into my cunt as I fucked it into hers. It was so wonderful not to be afraid of my magic. To use it. To embrace it.

My magic was me. I controlled what it did. It wasn't evil unless I made it evil.

And it could do so much good.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Sophia moaned as I fucked her cunt from behind. “Pound me. Oh, yes. Pound me with your air-dildo. Oh, Angela is missing out. She and Xandra need to feel this.”

Our flesh slapped together. Her butt-cheeks rippled. I stroked them as she humped back into me. My tits bounced and jiggled, my nipples waving in my vision as I stared down at her. My clit throbbed, teased by the vortex, and my pussy kept squeezing down on the howling wind, trying to squeeze shut, but resisted.

The feel of the wind was so different from a cock. It was almost indescribable. The winds swirled inside of me, teasing and caressing me as I pounded Sophia's cunt. My body shuddered as the pleasure rippled through me, an orgasm quickly building in my depths.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Sophia, rocking back harder, making her ass writhe when it slapped into my crotch. “You naughty mage! I love it. Saphique's sweet snatch, yes. You're going to make me explode.”

“Do it,” giggled Minx as she lay on the pillows, her voice thick with sated exhaustion.

“You love squirming on my magical cock,” I moaned. “You love the feel of my howling dick reaming your cunt.”

“Dildo!” moaned Sophia in correction. “And I love it. Gods, you're so amazing, Faoril. Oh, wow. I...I... Yes!”

Sophia came first. I groaned, fucking her harder, eager for my release. She bucked back into my thrusts. I could feel her pussy walls clenching against the vortex I controlled. She spasmed over and over as she moaned and gasped her pleasure.

My clit ached. My pussy clenched on the dildo. I licked a pair of my fingers as I stared at her ass. Then I shoved them into her convulsing bowels. Sophia's head threw back, brown hair flying, and screamed even louder.

“You wonderful slut, Faoril! Finger my ass! Oh, gods, yes!”

My pussy spasmed about the vortex. The spinning, whirling, howling mass of air plunged into my orgasming depths. I slammed forward, driving it deep into both our cunts. I made the wind swirl faster. My pussy drank in all the sensations, transforming the caresses into waves of pleasure that washed through my body.

“Pater's cock!” I howled as the rapture reached my mind.

I trembled, my body drinking in all the sensations as my pussy spasmed over and over. The spinning wind made me multi-orgasmic. One shuddering climax after another rippled through my body. So much bliss. I clutched Sophia's ass, vaguely aware that she gasped and howled and screamed as much as I did.

So good. It was wonderful. I drank in the pleasure. My tits heaved before me. My pussy clenched and spasmed. I grew more and more sensitive the more and more I came. The pleasure swelled and swelled as the bliss shot through me until it almost hurt. Agony and rapture.

Delicious bliss.

“Faoril!” gasped Sophia. She wrenched herself from my hands. “Too much. Oh, gods, too much pleasure.”

Minx laughed as I let my spell die.

I slumped back, gasping for breath. “Never too much pleasure.”

“No,” giggled Minx.

My head swam. The tent rocked around me. My body was so tired. Wonderful, blissful sleep crashed down on me.



I nursed from Sophia's breast, suckling her milk as the pleasure of my orgasm faded from me. Her humming dildo stopped vibrating in my cunt with a word. After Faoril passed out, Sophia pulled out her strap-on, and I rode the marble dildo, enchanted to vibrate, until I came and fell across her stomach.

She held me, stroking my hair as I lazily suckled on her milk, savoring her creamy pleasure. I could fall asleep like this. So many orgasms... Sophia did not lie. She was skilled. No woman had ever wrung such bliss from me.

And yet I wished I was lying on Xera's stomach, my heads pillowed on her breasts.

Not to say I didn't savor Sophia's milk. I did. I shuddered, my pussy clenching down on the thick shaft. I didn't understand it. The elf wasn't in heat. Her cock hadn't sprouted. So I had no need to be obsessed with her right now.

“I'm glad I finally pried you away from Xera,” Sophia said.

I lifted my lips. “Well, if you grew a cock that spurted delicious cum, I would be equally attached to you.”

“No you wouldn't.” Sophia laughed. “It's sweet that you love her.”

I blinked, my heart racing. “What?”

“You love her.” She smiled. “It's so beautiful the way you are with her. I can see it in your eyes.”

“I don't love her,” I scowled. I was suddenly so awake. Xera appeared in my mind, tall, lush, cock thrusting hard before her. She moved with such grace. She was so observant. Skilled. The only person who could track me.

“Right.” Amusement tinged Sophia's tone. “You don't love her at all.”


“Okay.” It was clear Sophia didn't believe me. “Well, it's for the best. She's married. Even has a daughter.”


“Well, the daughter should have been born by now. Her wife was pregnant when we left.”

My stomach twisted. I didn't like that at all. I furrowed my eyebrows. Why did I even care? I didn't love Xera. That was foolish. I couldn't grow attached to the party. I was here on a mission to steal the High King's sword from them. It would make me so rich. It was all Adel's plan, but that redheaded elf expected me to do all the work.

Then I would keep all the reward.

So I couldn't love Xera. She would hunt me down when I stole the sword. And if I loved her, I would want her to catch me.

Press me down. Kiss me. Fuck me with her cock.

“I'm glad she has a wife and daughter,” I said. My heart clenched as it beat so fast. It hurt. “I don't care. I just like her cock.”

Sophia gave me a sympathetic smile.

I groaned and rolled off of her. The dildo popped out of my cunt. What did Sophia know? She had the weirdest relationship with Angela. Always eager to be bound and spanked and whipped and hurt, devoting herself to Angela. The way Sophia said “My Queen” was so submissive. Sophia obeyed Angela.

It was weird. Who wanted that?

And then there was Xandra. The way she loved Chaun, so clingy. It was rare not seeing her at his side. I had seen the changeling working on her, trying to broaden her sexual horizons. He had gotten her to bed Xera last night while I was slinking through the city.

But she only did it to please him. Another girl devoted to the person she loved.

I didn't want to be Xera's simpering, begging, submissive lover. I just wanted to be her friend. To walk with her, learn from her, and teach her new things. To enjoy that wonderful cock and lay my head on her pillowy tits.

We were just...friends. Friends who fucked. Nothing wrong with that.

I turned my head towards Chaun's tent. Was she fucking them right now? Was Chaun's cock in her as she devoured Xandra's pussy? Was Xandra licking his cum out of Xera's pussy? I should be in there. I should be with her.

Not because I loved her, but because I loved fucking her. Sophia was so wrong.



The days dragged on as we headed deeper southeast into the desert. Summer drew to an end, the autumn equinox drawing closer and closer. On our fourth day of traveling, we reached the first oasis—Ulai. It was a large island of green surrounded by yellow-white ocean. The driest ocean in the world. At the heart of the greenery—a mix of bushes and date trees—was a crystal-blue lake. Not a big lake, but still significant.

Trade happened. The black-robbed tribesman exchanged the spices they harvested out of the deep sand for goods not easily obtained. It lasted all day. The women bathed in the oasis, and Xandra's song-like moans were heard as Sophia went down on her.

The next morning, we were back on the sand, heading deeper. My eyes scanned the horizon, searching for any bandits as I walked in the heat. Water kept us going. There were camels devoted just to carrying the precious resource. You would drink and drink all day and hardly urinate. Sweat coated my body, evaporating as fast as my body produced it.

Two days later, we reached the next oasis, Uchmehn. It was much the same as the first, with the same dark-robed desertmen and women waiting for us. Well, they were probably different tribes but wrapped up in their black robes and turbans, it was hard to tell. Most humans looked alike anyways.

I often found Farson staring at me, studying me. It was a warrior's scrutiny, sizing me up, working out plans to fight me. There were men like that who always thought about how they would fight any one they met, whether to prove their prowess or to be ready if the worst happened.

My eyes narrowed when I noticed him. He never looked away immediately. Eventually, his lamia slave would say something, drawing his attention away. He stroked her hair like a pet as he rode. Sometimes she walked beside his camel, scampering on all four with far too much energy given the heat. I ignored her.

Farson was dangerous.

Did he know about the bounty? He worried Angela. I noticed she always made sure our group stayed together. No one going out to do anything alone. Her eyes watched Farson far more than she watched the horizons.

In bed with Faoril as we camped at Uchmehn, she told me about shadowmancers when I asked. “They have the ability to seize the substance of shadows.”

“I thought shadows were just caused by occulting a source of light,” I told her, stroking her hair as she lay pressed against my body, our pavilion smelling of sex.

I loved the scent.

“Light has substance, too,” she said. “It can be bent by a prism, reflected by a mirror. Shadow is the opposite of light. It is far harder to act upon. But the naga know how and taught it to him. He can use it to dim light's effect, which is how he's shielding his slave from the sun's rays.”

“It would be a shame to burn that body.” A rumble rose from my throat as I laughed. The lamia was delicious, sleek and pale, with a great ass and dangling tits. “I know Sophia yearns for her.”

“I hope she's not stupid enough to try. Shizhuthian warleaders are possessive about their slaves.”

“What else can he do with shadows?”

“He can blind you. He can disorient. He can make illusions, to trick you in battle. Your eyes will be deceived if you fight him.”

“Can the shadows harm directly.”

Faoril shook her head. “It doesn't have enough substance for that.”

“But even a little distraction in a fight can be lethal.”

“Thinking about fighting him?”


Her hand paused in stroking my chest. “Is he a threat?”

“Maybe. Angela doesn't trust him. I don't either. He's...sizing me up.”

“Well, shadowmancing isn't a match for magic.”

“What is?” I laughed.

She bristled. “Captain Thyrna and that damned nipple ring of hers.”

“Is that what you've been researching?”

“No. Something else.” She bit her lip. “I'm trying to find a way to let you rage without you losing control.”

I blinked in shock at her. She had mentioned it before, but I thought it was an empty boast. Hope rose in my chest. I hated the rage. The way it took hold, drove me to kill and kill and kill. I could hurt my friends if I ever lost control.

The rage did not care who I killed.

“Is there really a way?”


Wouldn't that be wonderful if there were? I wouldn't have to fear my true nature. I could embrace it the way Thyrna wanted me to. I pulled Faoril close and kissed her hard. I loved this woman so much. She dwelled in my heart along with Serisia.

I hoped my first wife watched us from the Astral Realm. I hoped she was happy. She was right about Faoril.



I was glad when we stopped for the night. We were a day from the oasis Uchmehn, back to camping in the deep desert. Twilight fell. The stars were so brilliant. I slipped off my camel, my turban jostling on my head. I landed barefoot on the warm sand.

Chaun slipped off his, a grin on his face. My cheeks blushed. He wanted to have a threesome with Thrak. He had been nudging me in that direction for days, always pointing out the hunky orc and reminding me how hard I came when Chaun took on his appearance.

I kept putting him off, begging him just to take on Thrak's appearance. I was too scared. Xera was still mostly female. I could twist myself into believing I wasn't breaking my marriage vows to Luben. Yes, Chaun did when he slipped his dick in the elf and came in her depths, but that was between him and the God of Love.

And I did enjoy the thrill of licking his cum out of her pussy. It was such a new experience. Maybe I could just limit Chaun to having threesomes with women. We could invite Faoril or Minx into our bed tonight.

The servants set up the camp while the more martial members of the caravan—Thrak, Xera, and Angela included—surveyed the perimeter, looking for any signs we might be attacked. I just waited for supper to be readied, bored.

“Hey, Xandra, I need your help,” Sophia said, running up to me.

“Oh?” I asked.

“Yes, your totems.” Her grin grew. “I used a divining spell to find some water, but it's beneath the sand. I need you to bring it up. Then we could have a sponge bath.”

“We bathed last night at the oasis,” I said, glancing at the dark. “We're not supposed to wander off.”

“Oh, you have your totem magic and they're making the perimeter safe.” Sophia took my hand. “Come on, don't you want to feel nice and clean?”

“I guess.”

I glanced at my husband, but his attention was on the lamia. Farson left her behind as he patrolled the camp. She licked herself, her body contorting so she could give herself a tongue bath. According to Sophia, cats did that. She was so nimble, bending around. I bet she could lick her own pussy.

Sophia led me into the dunes, past the edge of the camp and out of sight. She settled down on the sand, the stars shining brighter, the moon rising silvery full. She gave me a smile as she unbelted her robe and slipped out of it.

Moonlight painted her body. I licked my lips, a wave of heat flashed through me. I remember the one time we made love back at the aerie. She had the same hungry—

Sophia was on me. She seized me and pressed me down into the sand, her hands pulling up my top before I had a chance to stop her. She threw it aside as we landed on the soft sand. She was atop me, hand squeezing my breasts.

“Sophia,” I gasped as she kissed at my face. I squirmed beneath her, my pussy growing hotter. “Wait.”

“Shh, it's okay,” she purred, fingers rolling my nipples. “Let's just have a little bit of fun while they set up camp.”

“But Chaun...”

“Won't care.” I rolled her nipple. “And I'm not a man, so this isn't breaking your marriage vows.”

I shuddered, the sensations rippling down to my pussy. I wanted to object, but she was so right. I had made love to her and Xera. Chaun certainly enjoyed watching last time Sophia and I made love. He approved of it.

And her touch was so wonderful. My pussy so hot.

“Okay,” I whispered, surrendering.

She grinned at me, her hands sliding down my body. I lifted my ass, letting her slide the skirt off my hips. I settled back down, the sand warm beneath my butt. Her hands caressed my body. She leaned down, sucking hard on a nipple.

“Sophia,” I moaned, my pussy growing hotter. “I...I...”

She sucked harder, nipping and nibbling. Her hand reached between my thighs and found me wet. She toyed with my curls before stroking my pussy. I groaned, my clit throbbing. My heart pounded. My head arched as I sang out my pleasure.

I hoped Chaun heard and would come find us. I wanted him to watch me with those hungry, loving eyes.

Sophia's tongue stud brushed my nipple as she circled it. Such wonderful pleasure crashed through me. In the distance, ululating cries exploded. They rose around us. I shuddered in shock. I heard the slap of camel feet on sand.


She sat up, looking around. “What is that?”

Cries of alarm erupted from the camp. “The tribesman,” I gasped. “We have to get back.”

Sophia nodded. She stood up and hauled me to my feet. I clung to her, trembling in fear, our naked bodies pressed tight. We took two steps when fire erupted before us. It howled and crackled, lighting up the night.

A man formed out of the fire, skin dark-crimson. A gold turban mounted his head, dotted with rubies. He stroked an orange beard, oiled to a point like Aswunt's. He was fit, strong, as big as Thrak, wearing pantaloons of bright orange and tasseled slippers. Wrapped about his right arm was a coiled torc made of bronze and cast in the shape of a serpent.

“W-who are you?” Sophia asked, thrusting me behind her.

I needed my totems. But they were in the pockets of my discarded skirt.

“I accept this delicious offering,” spoke the creature.

The efreet. Riad. Master of the Mirage Gardens.

“Offering?” I gasped.

Fire surrounded us but did not burn us. I felt it press in and...

Took us.

To be continued...

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