The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Five: The Vault's Treasure

Chapter One: Dwarf-Queen's Reward

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Acolyte Sophia – The Lost Mines of Khragorath, Fallen Kingdom of Modan

We were closer to our goal. We had defeated the wraith of the dwarf-queen Kazodi and claimed the adamantium ore we needed to reforge the High King's sword. The ore was safely stored in Angela's satchel with the first piece of the blade. We had four more pieces to find, plus three more prophesied companions, and we had to kill the minotaur and use its heart to power the reforging.

The famed, mighty, bull-headed son of the warrior god Gewin.

It was almost as difficult to accomplish as killing the dragon Dominari, the whole goal of our quest. And we had enemies. Everyone wanted to stop us. Someone hired a dark warlock named Fireeyes to kill us, and that barguest pack that attacked us behaved unusually. And there were the erinyes, the demigoddess daughters of Slata. The goddess didn't want the sword reforged. She hated High King Peter, and cursed him and his descendants to have only daughters.

It ended the High King's empire when he died. He had no sons to inherit, only Lily, Angela's ancestor.

I paused before the skeletal corpse of one of the dwarven miners killed hundreds of years ago by Kazodi when she became a wraith. She had stolen the dwarf's soul and his body had fallen comatose then eventually died. The glowing ball of pink light I summoned with my divine magic illuminated the skeleton. The figure was squat, wearing rotten leathers, wisps of his beard remained.

“Sorry you didn't get your soul back like Faoril did,” I told him. “But I'm sure your soul is happier now that it's passed on to the Astral Realm. Now you can live out your eternity in peace. I imagine you're in Krab's domain, happily forging or mining or building things.”

I really didn't feel right peeing by the corpse. I had slipped off from the rest of the group as we made our way back up to the surface. The mines were safe. The wraith exorcised by my magic, with an assist from Chaun the changeling bard.

I had to admit he was useful, even if I couldn't quite shake the feeling he was untrustworthy.

I moved past the skeleton and squatted down to make my water. I hated the way the liquid's splash echoed through the dark tunnels. It was creepy down here. The ceilings were low and the stone felt like it wanted to swallow me up at a moment's notice.

A bony scrape came from behind me.

My pussy clenched and my heart thudded. A skeletal hand grasped my shoulder. My body froze as I stared at the bony fingers of the dead dwarven miner. It had come to life. A skeleton animated by a dark spirit.

A whimper escaped my voice and a final spurt of pee splashed on the ground.

“Why, aren't you a lush morsel,” a voice said, low and gravely. Only it wasn't a male's voice, but a woman trying to sound masculine.

“Angela?” I demanded, whirling around. Angela stood holding the dwarf's hand, a big grin on her face. I stared at her and shook my head. “What was that? Saphique's lactating tits, that frightened me.”

“But you're just such a lush morsel,” Angela continued in her gravely, faux-male voice. “I couldn't resist.”

“While I was peeing?” I demanded and stood up, letting my robes fall down my hips. I muttered a quick prayer to cleanse my pussy. “Are you okay?”

Angela let out a giggle. She sounded drunk. I cocked my head and studied her. She was naked. She had stripped out of her armor, so that explained why I didn't hear her, but it didn't explain why she was acting so weird.

“Angela, what's wrong?”

“Nothing's wrong,” she said, brandishing the skeletal arm at me. “I feel fine. Wonderful, even. And I saw you, my lush morsel, and I just had to enjoy you.”

“Angela,” I groaned.

“Mmm, just so lush.” She giggled again. She dropped the skeletal arm and squeezed her tits together. “Don't you just love my big tits. I love them. They're so nice and soft. Ooh, yes. Want to touch them?”

“Not right now,” I said. “I really don't feel sexy right now. My heart's still pounding from your scare.”

“Sorry.” She laughed again, her big tits jiggled. “But I have to have you right now. I smelled how delicious you are.”


“Your pussy.” She inhaled. “Mmm, yes, your pussy. Such a delicious treat.”

I squeaked as Angela pinned me against the wall. Her breasts pressed against my robe. Her right hand pinned both my arms above my head. I didn't fight her. She was my mistress. And it seemed like she wanted to play.

Angela's lips pressed hard on mine. I moaned into the kiss. I savored her tongue. It was so dexterous, swirling about my mouth. I groaned, a twinge of excitement banishing my annoyance at her stupid choke. Her breasts did feel nice.

I slid my hands up to cup them. I squeezed them both and moaned into her mouth again. My fingers sank into her flesh. They felt softer than usual, more pillowy. I shuddered as my excitement grew. They were fun to squeeze and play with.

Angela's hands opened my robe. She stroked my flesh, sending wonderful tingles down to my pussy. My juices flowed. They trickled down my thighs. I groaned and undulated, pressing my hot flesh against her naked groin and rubbing against her clit.

“Mmm, that delicious scent,” moaned Angela. “I love that scent. I must devour that scent.”

“I'm not going to stop you, Mistress,” I moaned.

“Mistress.” Angela giggled. “Funny word. Mistress.”

I frowned as Angela fell to her knees before me. Her hands pushed my thighs apart. What was wrong with her? Had she snuck down a keg of beer that I hadn't noticed. Or was there something else down here. Had she been hit by a creature's—

Her tongue buried into my pussy, driving away thoughts. Pleasure burst out of me. That tongue was amazing. Angela licked so hard and fast. Her tongue danced through my folds. It slid and curled, caressing all the wonderful spots inside of me. It felt so flexible and nimble.

“Angela,” I panted. “Yes, yes, you can have all my pussy juices. You can devour them all.”

Angela moaned in delight as she devoured me. Her head moved as she wiggled her tongue deeper into me. Her right hand slid up and brushed my belly piercing before reaching my small tits. She pinched and played with my nipples as she tongued me.

“Ooh, you produce more juices when I do this,” Angela moaned and twisted my nipple.

“Uh-huh,” I panted as the excitement ran down my body. I groaned and closed my eyes, shuddering against the pleasure. “It's nice. Keep pinching and licking me, please, Mistress.”

“Mistress.” She giggled then buried her tongue back into her snatch.

Her left hand reached around me. Her fingers probed into my butt-crack and brushed my sphincter. My pussy clenched and I moaned in bliss. Angela purred, lapping up my juices. Her finger circled my sphincter.

“Another hole,” Angela said. “Wow, how interesting. Such a different flavor.”

“What?” I panted, the pleasure surging through my mind.

“Do you like this? Will this make you produce more juices?” Her finger slid into my bowels.

“Yes,” I panted. “You know that. I love to have my ass played with.”


Angela fingered my asshole, twisted my nipple, and devoured my pussy with that amazing tongue. My hips undulated, grinding my hot cunt on her face. Her tongue wiggled deeper and deeper. I had never felt a woman's tongue caress that far into my pussy.

It was wonderful.

Her finger probed deeper and deeper into my bowels, fucking in and out, stimulating both my holes. Her fingers playing with my nipple engulfed the nub, undulating around it, stretching and teasing me. I tossed back my head, loving her touch.

“Oh, yes, Angela, that's it. I'm going to cum and give you so much juices.”

“Yes. Please, I need them. They're so yummy.”

My eyes rolled back into my head. My asshole clenched down on her finger. Her tongue licked all the way up to my cervix. It was so thick, my pussy stretching around it. My flesh clenched as the pleasure grew inside of me.

Her stimulations teased me to my climax.

The pleasure burst out of my pussy. A flood of juices squirted into her hungry mouth, bringing a deep moan of satisfaction from Angela. The pleasure rippled out of my body, heading straight to my mind and inundating me with bliss.

“Saphique, yes. Thank you for gifting women with bodies that can feel such delights.”

My moans echoed back at me. I shuddered. Her tongue was so thick, almost like a dildo fucking in and out of me. My pussy convulsed about the amazing organ as my pleasure kept flowing through me. My asshole burned, stretched open as she shoved a second and third finger into my bowels. My body heaved as a second orgasm burst through me.

“So much juices,” Angela moaned despite her tongue fucking deep into my cunt. “Just delicious. I love it. I need more.”

“Yes, yes, I'll give you more. Keep fucking me with your tongue. Oh, wow, that's an amazing tongue. How did you make it so big? Oh, yes.”


Knight Errant Angela

“What is taking her so long to empty her bladder?” I asked, peering into the darkness in the direction Sophia went.

A low moan answered. I frowned. “Xera, what is she doing?”

“Masturbating,” the elf said, stroking her hard cock. It had sprouted this morning, and she seemed very distracted by it despite Faoril and I doing our best to help her out.

“Just masturbating? That's really not like her.”

“Uh-huh,” Xera groaned. “Her moans excited me. I...there's someone with her.” “What? Who?”

Xera turned to me. “Why, you.”

“How can I be with her?” I demanded, my sword ripping out of my sheath.

“I don't know.” The elf let go of her massive cock. It was as big as Thrak's. The elf turned, her large breasts and dick jiggling. “Something is pretending to be you and fucking her.”

“Pater's cock. Faoril, I need your light.”

“Yes,” the mage said, sending a globe of light shooting off as I dashed down the side shaft. Xera and the rest of the group followed.

“Sophia, I'm coming,” I shouted. “Hold on.”


Acolyte Sophia

“So delicious,” Angela moaned. She rose, her naked breasts dragging across my body. She licked her lips. Her tongue looked normal size.

“Yes,” I smiled. “How did you make your tongue so big?”

“Tongue?” Angela cocked her head. “But I need more juices. I must stimulate you even more.”

The flesh around her groin moved like molten wax, sprouting into a thick, fleshy shaft, almost like a rudimentary cock. My eyes widened in shock. Angela seized me, her entire body rippling. Her breasts pressed against my tits and oozed around them, sucking and teasing my nipples while her fleshy appendage rammed into my pussy.

“What are you?” I gasped as my cunt was stretched full by her appendage.


“No, you're not,” I groaned as the appendage stretched out my pussy. It pulsed and undulated inside of me, caressing my flesh. Angela's lips met mine. My tart juices lingered. I moaned as her lips sealed about mine, making a waxy seal. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, long and sinuous, undulating around as it explored.

My nipples were sucked and played with by her malleable flesh. Her arms slowed down to my ass, spreading about my cheeks. Another flesh appendage pressed into my bowels. I moaned and shuddered as I was double penetrated by oozing tentacles.

She was an ooze, like the orange blob that had fucked Angela and me a few days past.

My body shuddered in the creature's embrace. Every inch of my pussy and bowels were stimulated. The ooze feasted on me. It speared both my holes. My toes curled as the pleasure rippled through me. I bucked in the ooze's embraces.

I loved it.

The ooze's appendages filled my cunt and bowels. They stimulated me by pulsing, growing larger and smaller. It was so different than being fucked by a shaft. My eyes closed as I moaned into our kiss. More of the ooze molded around the rest of my pussy, caressing my folds and stimulating my clit.

I bucked as the ooze engulfed my clit and contracted and pulsed on it, almost sucking my nub like a mouth. My pussy and bowels clenched on her appendages. I shuddered, drinking in the pleasure as another orgasm swelled inside of me.

“So delicious,” the ooze moaned in Angela's voice. I didn't know how it spoke. “Yes, yes. Give me your juices. I need more.”

“Sophia,” a second Angela shouted.

Out of the corner of my eye, the entire party raced forward, the real Angela at the lead, her flaming hair flowing behind her. She looked so beautiful in her chainmail loincloth and half-breast plate cupping her big tits.

“Ohh, such sweet juices. I'm so close to my orgasm,” ooze-Angela moaned.

I shuddered, moaning into the kiss. I humped against her. The ooze held me. Spreading my thighs apart. Fleshy tentacles wrapped about my thighs, caressing them, adding one more bit of stimulation to the bliss brewing in my pussy.

“Sophia,” Angela said. “Are you okay?”

“She looks more than okay,” Faoril said. “Look at her eyes.”

I moaned and shuddered. My orgasm burst through me. Everyone watched the ooze fuck my body. I heaved in the ooze's embrace. Her sucking flesh and pulsing appendages stimulated every spot on my body. My toes were tickled and sucked by her tentacles, my nipples twisted, my clit caressed, and my pussy and asshole fucked hard.

The pleasure burst through me. Rapture rushed through every part of my body. I gasped and trembled in the monster's embrace. My pussy juices flooded out while the ooze moaned her enjoyment, drinking up my pleasure.

“What is that thing?” Angela asked. “It sort of looks like me.”

“It was a mimic ooze,” Faoril supplied.

A wonderful ooze.

The appendages pulsed faster and faster in me. I trembled and my toes curled as the ooze stimulated my body. More pleasure crashed through me. Stars flashed through my eyes. My head tossed back in orgasmic delight.

And then the ooze let me go. It flowed away from me. I slid to the ground, gasping and panting, my entire body buzzing with delight. “That was amazing, ooze.”

The ooze became a mass of tan jelly. It pulsed and shuddered, then split in half. Two oozes undulated away, one slithering past the real Angela who gripped her sword and swallowed, clearly not sure what to do.

“Oh, Angela, you missed out this time,” I moaned.

“I really need to be fucked by an ooze,” Faoril muttered. “Look at her, Xera.”

“Uh-huh,” the elf said and stroked her dick.

“Xera,” I groaned, “don't jerk your cock off while staring at me.” I should close my robes, but it was so hard to move. I was so satiated. Even Thrak and Chaun stared at me, their cocks straining their kilt and pants respectively. “But, yes, that was amazing.”

“She didn't hurt you?” Angela asked, bending down.

“Only fucked me.” I smiled at Angela. “It was so hot. I wish you could have experienced it with me.”

“Me, too,” Angela smiled. “Well, we did have the bath.”

I laughed and hugged her, giving my lover a hot kiss while my hard nipples pressed against the cold steal of her armor. I was still horny. I had cum hard, but it left me wanting to lick pussy of my own. I loved giving as much as receiving.

Angela broke the kiss. “That will have to wait. Your pee break has lasted long enough.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And I'll have to spank you for letting an ooze molest the pussy I own.”

My smile grew. “Of course, Mistress.”

“Mater's cock, that's hot,” panted Xera.


Xerathalasia – Shevan, Fallen Kingdom of Modan

My dick ached as we stood before the massive doors that led back to the dwarven city of Shevan. They had built the massive door to keep out the wraith and quarantine the mines. The adamantium found in the mines had been the source of their wealth. Without it, the dwarves had retreated underground and cut off contact with the outside world.

“Come on,” I whispered. I needed to cum so badly. I had barely had a chance to enjoy Faoril and Angela this morning. We had marched all day through the mines, eager to get out. I knew we would have rooms for the night and I would enjoy the two women.

Tomorrow would be better. I wouldn't be quite as horny and desperate to fuck.

My toes curled on the naked ground. My sensitive ears heard the dwarves moving on the other side of the thick metal. Then there was a series of loud clicks as the massive mechanism for the door operated. It creaked slowly open, revealing the seven dwarven husbands of Queen Barzidi.

“You survived,” Azken, the first husband and spokesdwarf, said. “Admirable.”

“Thank you for letting us into the mines,” Angela smiled.

“You payed for it.” Azken glanced at Thrak. “My wife has been most eager for your return. She has fucked herself with a massive dildo for the last few days, giving us relief from her appetites.”

“We are most thankful for that,” Erkaz, another husband, said, bowing low so his beard almost touched the ground. “It has allowed us to be most productive without her lusts distracting us.”

“Dwarves are weird,” Sophia muttered.

I agreed. Who didn't like sex? Beside male dwarves. Their poor women must suffer so.

“Come, our wife will want to see you,” Azken grunted.

The dwarves turned. Each wore fine chainmail armor and carried axes on their belt. Behind us, the soldiers of Shevan closed the door. It boomed shut, sealing off the mines again. My eyes went to the palace. I couldn't wait to find my room.

There were no female dwarves to be seen in the city. Only male dwarves going about their labors. Female dwarves were a minority, only one in seven births was a girl, but none were outside their houses. The male dwarves seemed happy, singing songs as they worked. They were all busy. None lounged around. Even the dwarven children worked instead of play, though they had big smiles on their beardless cheeks.

We reached the massive palace. Queen Barzidi awaited on her throne, her body naked save for the myriad gold jewelry she wore. Dozens of necklaces, set with precious gems, draped across her lush breasts. Though she was shorter than any human, she was proportioned to be a busty, curvy beauty, unlike the stouter dwarves. Her thighs were spread wide, and a massive dildo made of solid gold stretched her cunt.

“You're back,” Queen Barzidi moaned in delight as she pumped the thick dildo in and out of her cunt.

My dick ached. Her pussy looked so tiny and tight.

“Thank you for letting us into the mines, your Majesty,” Angela said, bowing when we reached the front.

“Did you see the monster?” Queen Barzidi asked.

“And exorcised it, your Majesty,” Sophia answered. “It was a wraith, the poor, tortured spirit of Queen Kazodi driven mad by the death of her seven husbands.”

“So the mines are safe?” moaned Queen Barzidi. “Truly?”

“Yes,” Angela said.

“Wonderful. Did you hear that husbands?”

“We will investigate,” Azken said. “See if their claims hold merit.”

“Good, good. Mmm, but they deserve rewards. I know what I can...” Queen Barzidi's eyes widened. “You have a cock.”

She stared right at me and my naked, erect cock.

The dwarf queen licked her lips. “You have a huge cock and you're a woman. You're like a gnome, but so tall.”

“I am an elf, your Majesty.”

“Azken, given them sufficient gold as my thanks,” gasped Queen Barzidi. “I shall thank the elf personally. She shall enjoy it.” She pulled out the dildo, covered in her juices, and set it down by her throne. “Elf, your reward shall be to lie with a queen.”

My dick ached as I stared at that naked pussy gleaming between her slim, spread thighs. Her pink hole clenched and relaxed as the queen undulated on her throne. She was a duel-sexed humanoid, like Angela and Faoril. I could fuck the Queen without risking impregnating her. It wasn't cheating on my pregnant wife.

“I would be honored to fuck your queenly cunt,” I moaned, stroking my dick. My pussy clenched. Juices trickled down my thighs.

“Then approach and let me inspect that beautiful cock. Ooh, a woman with a dick. I had heard of hermaphroditic races, but I feared they were only tall tales. But you, elf, you are gorgeous.”

I marched to the throne. Her round tits jiggled beneath her golden necklaces. Her jewelry clinked and chimed as she undulated, creating a delightful song. The scent of her musk filled my nose. My ears twitched as I savored the aroma.

I stopped before her throne. Her small hands seized my cock. She could hardly wrap them about my girth. Her fingers were so tiny. Her tongue licked her pursed lips. She brought them to my cock. She couldn't open wide enough to swallow me, but that didn't stop her from sucking.

“Yes,” I panted as the dwarven queen worshiped my dick. Her mature, though tiny, body undulated beneath me. Her tongue bathed the crown, then probed into my slit.

My eyes widened. I had never had anything slid up my urethra before. I groaned as her small tongue pressed down my tunnel. Stimulation rushed down my cock to my pussy. My cunt clenched and my ears twitched as the pleasure washed through me. I slid my hands through her red curls and let the dwarven queen worship my cock.

She loved it. Her hands stroked my shaft as she fucked her tongue in and out of my slit. Then she withdrew it and sucked hard, moaning the entire time. My cock throbbed as she loved it. Her eyes fluttered and her body shook.

“Ooh, yes, such a magnificent cock,” moaned Barzidi. “It rivals the orc's massive member.”

“Thank you, majesty,” I panted.

“But he didn't have a pussy beneath.” The queen lifted my cock and pressed her face between my thighs. Her tiny tongue fluttered through my folds while her small fingers rubbed at the crown of my dick. “Mmm, you taste so sweet. It's so different than dwarf cunt.”

“I'm told I taste like marigolds,” I moaned.

“What's that?”

“A flower.”

“Sounds beautiful,” the dwarf queen groaned then licked deeper through my folds.

“Yes, your Majesty.” The poor thing had never seen a green plant in her life, let alone the color of their flowers. Only gray-blue fungus grew down here. The dwarves missed out on so much of the beauty of the world grubbing through the caves.

Her thumb ran across the tip of my cock, smearing the precum that leaked out about the tip. My pussy clenched again and my breasts heaved. Her touch was stimulating. I squeezed my eyes shut and enjoyed every second of it.

“Your Majesty,” I moaned. “Yes, yes, your tongue feels so delicious on my pussy.”

“It's so big,” moaned the dwarf. “I could smother my face in your pussy.”

She did. She moaned as she rubbed her cheeks through my folds. Her tiny tongue licked again. I groaned and shuddered. I reached up and caressed my ears. The delicious sensations tingled down my body to my pussy and cock.

“Mmm, your pussy is delicious,” Barzidi panted. Her face appeared, completely covered in my juices. They dripped down her forehead and cheekbones. She licked her lips. “But it is your cock I want to worship.”

Her lips latched onto my cock's head, sucking as much as she could. Her tongue played and circled while her small hand found my pussy. She pushed it into me, forming a fist. She sank her hand deep into my cunt.

My pussy clenched. Her fist stretched me out as she worked it in and out of my flesh. The pleasure shot right to the tip of my cock. I groaned and shuddered. My eyes rolled back into my head, and then my cock erupted.

The queen moaned as my cum flooded her small lips. Her eyes squeezed shut as my pussy contracted about her plunging fist. My large tits heaved. My fingers played with my ears, adding more stimulation to my pleasure as my cum boiled over and over into her mouth.

Cum leaked out of her lips, mixing with my pussy juices coating her chin. My body heaved as a final blast burst from my cock right into her hungry mouth. The queen moaned and probed her tongue right into my slit, gathering up the last drops.

“Delicious,” she said, pulling out her hand from my pussy. She smeared my juices on her tits as she licked her lips. “I need that cock in me. Tell me you have more stamina than a dwarf. Tell me that cock can ream my pussy and make me cum.”

“Hard, your Majesty. You will cum hard on my cock.”

“Yes,” she panted. “Fuck me. Take your reward in my cunt.”

I lowered my body. Her lips latched onto my nipple. Her short stature lined her up perfectly. She sucked hard as my cock pressed against the tight lips of her cunt. My dick ached, eager for another cum.

“Matar's cock,” I moaned in elvish as I rammed my dick into her.

The dwarf queen's pussy stretched before my cock. Her pussy clenched down on me as she sucked hard on my nipple. She was a tight, hot, molten furnace. My eyes rolled in my head as I stabbed deeper and deeper into her pussy, the tight, silky embrace stretching about my cock. My own cunt clenched as I slid deeper into her wet depths.

“Matar's cock, what a tight cunt.”

The dwarf queen sucked hard on my nipple. She nibbled and worried the nub as I drew my cock back and slammed forward again. Pleasure rippled down my shaft right to my pussy. I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting against the pleasure begging to be unleashed from my shaft. She was so tight and hot.

“Your Majesty, what a cunt. Oh, yes. Oh, wow.” My hips drew back and then I slammed in again. “Mmm, that's it. You're so tight and juicy.”

“So big,” she moaned as she moved to my other nipple. Her small hands squeezed my big tits. “Smother me with your boobies and fuck my cunt. Oh, yes. This is so hot. A woman with a dick. It's all the wonderful parts in one sexy package.”

“Yes,” I moaned in agreement, my body shuddering as I pulled my cock out of her tight depths and then buried back in.

I fucked her slow and hard, savoring every stroke. My ears twitched and fluttered as the pleasure of her delicious pussy filled me. My dick felt every fold and ripple in her pussy. My tip throbbed in her depths as the pressure built in my cunt.

It was such a sweet agony to fuck her tight pussy. She moaned and writhed beneath me. Her teeth nipped hard at my nipple while her slim thighs tightened about my hips. She humped into my thrusts as our passion increased.

I fucked her faster.

Our flesh slapped together, mixing with our moans. My ass clenched with every thrust. Her moans on made my nipple tingle. I thrust harder and faster. My dick throbbed. The tip ached to unleash my cum while her little cunt spasmed on my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes. I'm being fucked by elf-cock. Oh, yes. It's so hot.” her fingers dug into my tits. “Yes, yes. I'm cumming so hard.”

“I can tell,” I panted. “Your Majesty's cunt is spasming so hard on my dick.”

“So hard,” she moaned in agreement. “Oh, yes, yes, yes.”

Her pussy rippled on my dick as her orgasm kept flooding through her. She bucked and spasmed beneath me. Her cunt massaged my cock, bringing me closer and closer to spilling my cum into her hot depths. My pussy clenched as my orgasm neared. It swelled in my core. The pressure had to be relieved.

Queen Barzidi nipped my nipple. The spark shot down to my cunt.

I exploded.

Cum erupted into her tight depths. I shuddered atop her as my body heaved. The blasts sent powerful jolts of bliss crashing into my mind. Stars danced as I tossed back my head. My green hair fell about my shoulders and face as my pleasure pulsed out of me and flooded the dwarf queen's tight cunt.

“Oh, yes, that was delicious,” moaned Queen Barzidi. “Mmm, yes. And you're still hard.”

“Do you want me to keep fucking you?” I asked.



Journeyman Mage Faoril

“Fuck my ass,” moaned the dwarven queen. She had turned over on her throne so Xera could pound her asshole.

I glanced at Thrak. My orc lover's cock tented his kilt. I moved over to him. “I guess no dwarf cunt for you tonight.”

He glanced down at my mischievous smile. “Are you enjoying my torment?”

I giggled. He always made me feel so girlish. “Later tonight, I'll make sure you're satisfied.”

“Why not right now?” he asked.

I glanced over at the dwarf kings. “Because I am getting a sample of dwarf cum. I will not take no for an answer. I know what my reward is.”

“Good luck,” Thrak said. He glanced over at Angela and Sophia as they giggled over the massive golden dildo.

“I won't need it. I have the persuasion of my arguments on why they should let me suck their cocks and take samples. It's all for my craft. I need to research and take sample sizes.”

“You plan on appealing to them as craftsman?”

I nodded.


“I know.” I turned and sauntered over to the dwarves, my red robes swishing about my feet. My pussy was wet beneath, my juices trickling down my thighs. I reached the assembled kings. “Hi.”

“We are not letting you get our cum,” Azken said, folding his arms across his long beard. “we have to organize your reward.”

“Let me introduce myself to you properly and explain why you should want to give me a sample of your cum.”

“Because it will feel good?” Azken sneered. “Do you think our wife does not make a similar appeal.”

“I am Journeyman Mage Faoril Lesibourne. I am an expert on cocks, balls, and cum.” I pulled out my journal. “I am studying cocks of all races, writing down their properties and measurements.”


“Like any good craftsman, I need to have an understanding of my materials. In this case, cocks. If I can't fully understand them, then I can't fully utilize them. So you can see why it's important that I inspect your cocks and make you cum.”

“And what do you construct with that knowledge?”

“Magic. I need cum to practice my spells. Cum from different races has different properties. Dwarf cum may be good at working with stone or metal. I need to find out and do my diligent research.” I paused. “Let's say you are a stonemason. You pride yourself on the ability to create anything from sturdy furniture, building materials, to works of beauty. One day, you come across a new type of stone. One you've never seen before. You would have to experiment to know it's properties. It might be a good stone for carving a statue, but a poor stone for a building's foundation. When polished, this stone may have a wondrous hue, or when ground to powder you could make a superior cement. But you have to experiment.”

“Yes, that does makes sense.” His eyes narrowed.

“Now imagine you found this stone, were eager to experiment and expand the skill of you craft, but the owner of that stone wouldn't let you for the silliest of reasons. Wouldn't that frustrate you? It's right there. You just need a quick sample. It wouldn't take much of his time.”

Azken grunted.

“You could give us less gold. Consider it my reward,” I said.

Azken narrowed his eyes. “Fine. For a fellow craftsman. You do show dedication to something. Which is more than I could say for our women.” He glanced at Barzidi as she slammed her ass back into Xera's cock.

“Oh, I'd say she was dedicated to something,” I grinned.

Azken only grunted before he pulled off his chainmail. While he stripped, I produced my quill and a length of twine with knots tied in precise segments. The dwarf was powerfully muscled beneath. His squat body seemed all muscle, half-hidden by his beard that fell down to his belly.

His cock dangled between his thighs, limp, with a small ball sack beneath. I frowned, reaching in and rubbing at his sack. “You only have one testicle.”

“Should I have more?”

I made a note, then I measured his cock. Though I handled his dick, it stayed limp in my grip. I had never had a dick not harden as I took the measurements. Usually, the touch of my lithe fingers stirred any man to full girth.

“Little shy, huh?” I said.

Azken grunted. “Hurry up.”

I was undeterred. I would get a sample of dwarf cum to test on. I leaned down and licked the tip of his cock, then swirled my tongue around the crown. I popped it into my mouth and sucked. And sucked. It twitched.

Life seemed to finally blossom. I kept rubbing my tongue on it as the dick swelled and engorged in my mouth. Azken said not a word. No moan escaped his lips or grunts of pleasure. He just watched, his arms crossed as I bobbed my mouth on his shaft and massaged his one ball.

Salty precum flowed out of his dick. It was a good sign. I let my tongue slide across his slit and then backed away. His cock was smaller than I was used to, but given his shorter stature, it seemed equivalent to an average human.

I took more measurements, recording each in my journal. My pen scrawled, leaving burned text behind. The book was enchanted so friction burned the pages in lieu of ink. The text wasn't as clear as ink, but it also didn't smudge.

Perfect for the field.

“Well, would you say your cock is average for a dwarf, or smaller, or larger.”

Azken grunted.

“You don't know.”

“I don't pay attention.”

I blinked. Then I rubbed my thumb across the crown, smearing his precum about the spongy tip. “And does that bring you any pleasure at all?”

“It tingles, I guess. I thought you wanted a sample of my cum, not to play with my cock. I have work to do.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Even now, with a hard dick, you're still not excited to cum?”

He grunted.

I shook my head, then leaned down and sucked on the tip of his cock. I produced a prepared vial from my pocket as I bobbed and sucked. I moaned about it, savoring the salty precum, my pussy clenching. I shoved a hand into my robe and rubbed at my hot cunt.

His cock was small. I could swallow so much of it. It slipped easily down my throat. I moaned and swallowed, loving his dick. I rubbed at the hot flesh of my cunt, my excitement building and building as I bobbed my head.

But he didn't make a sound.

It was...disconcerting. I glanced up. He was bored. I was giving him the best blowjob in the world, and he would rather be doing anything else. The excitement in my pussy died. I popped my mouth off and grasped his dick, stroking hard.

“Nothing? That didn't make you excited? I'm told I give great blowjobs.”

“You're like my wife. Bobbing and slobbering over my dick. Why?”

“Because it's hot,” I moaned. “Because I want to taste your cum and make you feel good.”

He shrugged. “I'm getting close.”

“Are you?” I frowned at his face. “You're not even breathing hard.”

“I'm not doing anything but standing here. Why would that wind me?”

I ground my teeth. My hand slid up and down his throbbing dick. More precum beaded the tip. I brought the glass vial to the tip of his cock, pressing the glass opening over his slit. He stood like a rock, his breathing even.

He didn't even erupted when he came. Two small blasts of jizz spurted out, barely filling a quarter of the vial. His cock went limp in my hand. I stared up at him and shook my head. “You had an orgasm and didn't enjoy it?”

“What's to enjoy?”

“No wonder your women fuck themselves senseless with dildos,” I muttered as I corked the vial. I stared at the cum. How much magical energy would I even get out of this?

“You have your sample, now I have to get back to work.”

“Yeah,” I muttered, standing up. My knees ached. I walked over to Thrak. He had a huge grin on his face.

“Feeling frustrated?”

“Yes.” I sighed and rubbed at his cock through his kilt. “Well, at least you'll appreciate a blowjob.” I fell to my knees and pushed up his kilt, spilling out his thick, long, swarthy cock.

The excitement returned to my pussy as I opened wide and swallowed his dick.


Lady Delilah – Ruins of Khan, The Kingdom of Haz

My vigil was at an end. Relief flooded through me. I knew the dwarven mines would be one of the more perilous portions of Angela's quest. I feared for her safety in the black depths, but she had accumulated a group of capable individuals.

So far, King Edward had been a good boy. I had seen no more signs of him forgetting the plan and hiring new dark warlocks to kill Angela. My lie about hiring the changeling bard to kill Angela would, hopefully, keep the idiot complacent for a while longer.

I didn't have time to babysit him. I had plans to be about.

The sounds of Angela and her companions grew louder. They were climbing out of the tunnels into the ruins of the dwarven outpost. I had to leave before I was spotted. I glanced up at the sky. The erinyes were still gone.

More mischief I had to deal with. Slata was a jealous cunt. She had caused plenty of harm, but still wasn't satisfied.

Well, not even I could chastise a goddess.

The sounds of Angela and her companions grew louder. They were eager to see the sun. They were on their tenth day since they entered the mines. Their excitement was audible. Sophia let out a cheer of delight and Chaun sang.

I hoped he had proven his worth in the mines. I suspected he would be valuable. I stretched my arms and transformed.



I threw my arms wide and inhaled the fresh breeze wafting through the ruined courtyard of Khan. The air was so sweet. And the sun. It hurt my eyes, but it was worth it to see the beauty of the world and have nothing over my head.

“Slata's sagging tits,” Sophia gasped, her hands clasped over her eyes. “Why is it so bright outside?”

“Our eyes adapted to the darkness,” Faoril answered. “We will need to give ourselves time to adjust.”

“I will sweep for any dangers,” Xera said. “My eyes adjust fast to changes in light.”

“Lucky,” Sophia moaned. “How about you, Chaun? Are your eyes adjusted?”

“Sadly, no. Mine are just like yours. I may look elf-like, but I don't have their senses.”

Xera strolled by. Her cock had vanished when she woke up this morning. I admired her ass as she sauntered by. Perhaps she would like to join Faoril and myself tonight. If Sophia didn't lay claim to the elf first.

I took a deep breath and savored the wind. My eyes squinted against the glare. We had survived the mines. I hoped to never venture underground again. All that stone over my head had almost unnerved me at times, but I wanted to be strong for Faoril's sake.

“Faoril, can you release the spell?” Angela asked. “I want to make sure our horses are fine.”

“Yes,” Faoril said. “Um, where did I hide them?”

“The corner,” I said and took her hand. She still shielded her eyes. “Let me lead you. Mine are adjusting faster.”

“So human eyes are the worst,” groaned Sophia.

“Well, changeling eyes are just as bad. Does that make you feel better?”

“It does, Chaun.”

I stopped near the invisible barrier where the horses lay hidden. Faoril had bent light to conceal them and used air to hide their scent. She had also put them into a stasis so they didn't have to eat or drink.

The air rippled and the horses appeared, lying down on the ground. There was no hint of her magic as it worked. A moment later, four horses raised their heads and snorted. Midnight, Angela's large charger, stood first. The stallion letting out a neigh. Purity stood with dainty steps, the white mare trotting over to her mistress. Sophia squealed and greeted her horse. Buttercup, the dun mare, moved to Faoril, who stroked her nose. Maiden, Chaun's gray horse, lowered her head and munched on grass sprouting between paving stones.

“Let's get going,” Angela said. “I can see well enough.”

“By well, you mean a bright smear that's possibly something?” Sophia asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “I want to get to Rartha. I don't know how we're getting the sword piece out of the Great Vault in the Saltspray Palace.”

“The Silent Thief,” Chaun said. “No doubt our next companion will be a great boon.”

“I hope she's pretty,” giggled Sophia.

“Or a lithe, handsome man with roughish looks,” Faoril purred. “Just to have some variety in the party.”

“Don't I have the roguish good looks?” asked Chaun.

“You're too pretty. You're a gorgeous man, Chaun, and you can seduce any woman, but you lack any danger.”

“Don't I give you enough danger?” I asked.

Faoril moved to me. “Oh, you're my big, strong warrior. But a dashing rogue, a swashbuckler...”

“Someone's read too many romances,” Sophia gagged.

“But don't worry, he won't steal me from you,” Faoril said, patting my chest. “Well, not for more than a night.”

I pulled Faoril too me. “Which is good. I would hate to have to chop the head off one of our companions to get you back.”

Faoril grinned at me then stood on her tiptoes to kiss me on the lips. She was a magnificent woman. I hoped Serisia, my dead wife, could watch us from the Astral Realm. She must be so happy for Faoril and me.



“They're coming,” I smiled at my sister Erinyes.

Ultionae nodded her head and flew across the road through Miliiath Pass to the opposite cliff. Just like I had predicted. Angela and her companions would ride in this direction from Khan. The elf led while the rest followed. The humans, on their horses, shielded their eyes from the glare.

Even better.

The rocks were weakened. The moment Angela and her companions passed between Ultionae and myself, we would start the avalanche. Hopefully, the falling stones would kill or disable most of Angela's companions, leaving my sister and I to finish the rest.

My pussy burned in anticipation of the violence. Mother's vengeance would be brought down upon Angela's head today.

To be continued...

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