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My Penname 3000

Hello. I'm just a guy who likes to write. And who enjoys dirty stories. So, I've decided to write my own. Hope you enjoy them and remember they all are fiction. Comments are welcomed at Or you can visit my blog.

The World of Erasthay - The Knight and the Acolyte
A prophecy threatens a king's life. Angela, a kngiht, and Sophia, a lesbian acolyte, are plunged into danger, adventure, and intrigue when they leave on a quest to kill a draogn.

The World of Erasthay - The Rogue's Harem
800 years before the Knight and the Acolyte, a roguish adventure, his sexy priestess sister, a catgirl sex slave, a wicked princess, a playful faerie, and a hermaphroditic warrior are embroiled in the schemes of a despot and a cruel naga!

The World of Erasthay - The Triad and the Kidnapped Virgins
A dark warlock is abducing the young virgins from the surrounding villages to enact a forbidden spell. It is up to Fiona, a witch, and her twin sister/wife Aoifa and paladin husband Seamus to save the day. But the insatiable appetites of her husband and sister-wife may make saving the day difficult.

The World of Erasthay - The Triad and the Gorgon's Hypnotic Gaze
In a mining village, a gorgon is kidnapping miners and prostitues. The Triad is on the case to figure out the mystery of the gorgon's behaviou. Why is she taking women? Gorgon's only prey on men.

The World of Erasthay - The Triad and the Virgin's Passion
The triad's newest adventure is their strangest yet when a special girl is kidnapped by a dryad.

The World of Erasthay - The Triad and the Village of Pregnant Beauties
The triad's newest adventure kicks off when they learn of a village entirely of pregnant women!

The World of Erasthay - A Girl and Her Unicorn
Cherise has grown up friends with the unicorn Willoweyes. Cherise fears the day of her marriage. The taking of her virginity will mean more than loss of her maidenhead, but the loss of her friendship with her unicorn.

The World of Erasthay - The Mermaid's Courtship
Aryal, a nubile mermaid, is fascinated by the old stories before King Triton appeared. Her father, the first merman, has forbidden any mermaid from courting the fishermen who ply Calthin Bay. But Ayral can't believe humans are as terrible as her father's stories claim.

The World of Erasthay - The Rakshasa's Heart
Princess Malakisha, a member of the violet rakshasa ruling family of Naith, plots with her lover and her slave-warriors to gain the throne.