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Hello. I'm just a guy who likes to write. And who enjoys dirty stories. So, I've decided to write my own. Hope you enjoy them and remember they all are fiction. Comments are welcomed at Or you can visit my blog.

Editing Reality
When the Most High decides reality needs livening, he gives one man the power to edit reality three times a day. What will Steve Davies do with this power?

Mommy's Hypnotic Discipline
A Mother decides hypnotism is the way to fix her family!
  • Chapter One: Hypnotized Daddy Spanks His Daughter - uploaded 12-02-18
    Story Codes:
    (Fsolo Mf Mff inc mc oral spank D/s)
    Description: An angry mother, tired of her daughter's disobedeince, hypnotizes her husbnad to do something about it!

  • Chapter Two: Mommy's Hypnotic Delight - uploaded 12-09-18
    Story Codes:
    (Mf MFf Ff FF mc inc bond exhib voy anal rim oral)
    Description: The naughty mom has to iron out a few kinks in her husband's programming.

  • Chapter Three: Mommy's Hypnotic Surprise - uploaded 12-16-18
    Story Codes:
    (Mf MFf mc inc oral spank D/s disc)
    Description: A mommy gets a hypnotic surprise as she spreads her influence through her neighborhood.

Converting the Family
Bill gets the perverted family of his dreams when he invents a mind-control device!
  • Chapter One: Mind-Controlled Cum-Sluts - uploaded 09-09-18
    Story Codes:
    (mFf mf mF Ff inc mc oral humil cuck)
    Description: Billy turns his sister and her hot friend into his mind-controlled cum-sluts!

  • Chapter Two: Mommy's Pussy-Slut - uploaded 09-09-18
    Story Codes:
    (mF Ff mFf Msolo FF mc inc oral anal rim exib rim titty creampie)
    Description: Billy expands his harem and mind controls a mother to make her own daughter into her slut!

  • Chapter Three: Billy's New Slutty Family - uploaded 10-07-18
    Story Codes:
    (mF mFf Ff fsolo mc inc cuck exhib titty oral anal breed A2P preg voy)
    Description: Billy has converted the family to be his horny sluts! But what happens when Dad comes home and discovers his wife and daughters are Billy's whores?

Time Manipulation Mind Control
Everything changes for Justin, an unpopular high school student, when he discovers he has the power to freeze time!
  • Chapter One: Slut's Frozen Passion - uploaded 05-09-18
    Story Codes:
    (mf mc oral nc school)
    Description: Everything changes for Justin when time freezes! He gets the opportunity to get revenge on the sexy cheerleader!

  • Chapter Two: Slut's Submissive Passion - uploaded 05-23-18
    Story Codes:
    (mf mc D/s exib public school oral)
    Description: Aurora finds her mind changed by the words Justin whispered to her while time was stopped. Now she wants to be his slut!

  • Chapter Three: Cheerleader Slave's Naughty Idea - uploaded 06-06-18
    Story Codes:
    (mff mf mc cuck exhib voy oral school D/s anal A2M public)
    Description: Justine and his sex slave don't know who froze time, but they're not going to squander this opportunity to fuck with their classmates!

  • Chapter Four: Transforming His Busty Mom - uploaded 06-20-18
    Story Codes:
    (mF Ff msolo fsolo mc inc oral facial cuck wife voy)
    Description: With time frozen again, Justin is eager to show his mother all the love and passion denied her by Justin's abusive father!

  • Chapter Five: Time Manipulated Mother - uploaded 07-06-18
    Story Codes:
    (mF Ff mFf mc inc cuck oral exhib wife cheat facial)
    Description: Justin's mom is manipulated into being a whole new woman!

  • Chapter Six: Hot Teacher's Frozen Passion - uploaded 07-18-18
    Story Codes:
    (Ff mFf mc oral teacher school inter anal rim)
    Description: Justin and his little sister can both stop time, and they both want to enjoy the same busty teacher!

  • Chapter Seven: Incestuous Commands - uploaded 08-01-18
    Story Codes:
    (mmmf mFf mc exhib voy inter school cuck wife cheat inc oral 1st)
    Description: Justin gets quite a surprise with how an incestuous command is followed!

  • Chapter Eight: Hot Paused Fun - uploaded 08-15-18
    Story Codes:
    (Fff fsolo mff mc oral creampie inc exhib toy)
    Description: While time is paused, Krystal gets naughty with her mother and Justin takes his sex slave into the girl's locker room!

  • Chapter Nine: Begging to be Owned - uploaded 08-28-18
    Story Codes:
    (mmmf mfff Ff ff mff mc voy inter oral D/s toy anal DP)
    Description: Justin's commands drive one girl to finally beg to be his!

  • Chapter Ten: Slut's Frustrated Passion - uploaded 09-12-18
    Story Codes:
    (mf ff Ff Mf fsolo mc oral A2M voy inter school toys exhib)
    Description: Justin has to deal with the consequences of his latest commands while a mind-control slut can't find her pleasure until she submits!

  • Chapter Eleven: Mind-Controlled Teacher's Passion - uploaded 09-26-18
    Story Codes:
    (Ff mFf mc school oral 1st titty)
    Description: Justin and his nerdy girlfriend have one hot study session with their busty teacher!

  • Chapter Twelve: Sex Slave's Naughty Plan - uploaded 10-10-18
    Story Codes:
    (ff mf mc viol exhib voy spank D/s BDSM)
    Description: Things heat up when the government agents have tracked down Justin!

  • Chapter Thirteen: Mind-Controlled Virgin Sister - uploaded 10-24-18
    Story Codes:
    (mffff Fffff mff ff orgy mc inc oral creampie anal rim 1st inter voy exhib)
    Description: Justin's little sister has been mind-controlled and wants him badly while more sex slaves than ever crave him.

  • Chapter Fourteen: Slave's Incestuous Passion - uploaded 11-08-18
    Story Codes:
    (ffff mf mFf mc orgy oral exhib inter inc)
    Description: Justin's mind-control powers are spreading!

  • Chapter Fifteen: Sister's Wicked Pleasures - uploaded 11-21-18
    Story Codes:
    (mf ff fff mff mc voy oral creampie inter femdom bond D/s anal 1st)
    Description: Justin and Sam are chased by a horde of crazy girls led by his insane little sister!

  • Chapter Sixteen: Sister's Naughty Twin - uploaded 12-05-18
    Story Codes:
    (fff mf fsolo mc oral anal rim school fdom D/s inter viol)
    Description: Justin and Sam have to find a way back to their own reality and deal with the crazy version of his little sister!

  • Chapter Seventeen: Sex Slave's Wild Passion - uploaded 12-18-18
    Story Codes:
    (ff mff mf inc mc oral exhib D/s spank)
    Description: Before turning off the machine, Justin and his sister Krystal enjoy paused reality for the last time!

  • Chapter Eighteen: Cheerleader Slave's Naughty Choice - uploaded 01-02-19
    Story Codes:
    (mf mc D/s oral spanking)
    Description: Justin, Aurora, and Sam struggle to understand the events of the last few days.

  • Chapter Nineteen: Mind-Control Delights - uploaded 01-16-19
    Story Codes:
    (ff mf fsolo mff Ff mF oral anal exhib D/s voy inc)
    Description: Justin adjusts to his new life as he takes Sam out on a date.