A Bachelor Party

Written By Lusty Vamp

©2003 Lusty Vamp


For those that haven’t read my other stories about my erotic dancer friend Flame this will bring you up to date. Some time ago now, my Mistress at the time sent me clubbing at a near by “dance” club. That’s when I first met Flame, a tall (5’10”) fiery redhead. As we became good friends I learned Flame’s real name was Kathy. At any rate, it soon became apparent that Kathy was quite submissive. And, as some of you may not know I have quite a lot of Domme blood racing thru my veins. Kathy and I became lovers and then D/s partners. I gave Kathy the slave name K.

From time to time “Flame” gets invitations to perform her “act” at private parties. Once she was asked to do a very special “presentation” of her craft for a bachelor party. It was requested that she put on a bi-sexual D/s show. Of course, needing a partner, she immediately thought of me. K called me and asked I could help her out, honestly I was thunder struck. All I could do at the time she called was tell her I’d think about it. Who was I kidding? It sounded exciting, I mean very exciting and the potential for making money also sounded awesome. So the next day I called her back and accepted. Naturally it was decided I’d be the Domme.

As I thought about the up coming “gig” I decided that it would be wonderful if K were quite horny for the party. It’s my theory that lit’ slut girls like K perform better when they are sexually excited. So on the Friday before the planned gig on Saturday I paid K a little visit at her club just to get her “motor” warmed up.

FYI, Tyrone, is the black doorman/bouncer at K’s club. He does a very good job looking out for the dancers and has even looked after my safety from time to time. However, he does expect certain “favors” in exchange for his protection.


Friday Night

Mmm my but it was a dreamy week-end Mistress. Friday nite I did as you required, I dressed to kill. “Killer” heels, short skirt, cropped top and no undies. I was so damn horny that my nipples stood out plainly thru the thin material of my top. Under my skirt I buckled on my strap-on harness. Then I dropped a huge dildo into my purse. After that I left to surprise K at her dance club.

When I entered the club I told Tyrone that I needed to see him later. From the wicked smile on his lips I think he knew what I wanted. I didn’t see K at first so I took a seat at the bar and watched a petite blonde strut her stuff for a few minutes. The blonde had some really sexy moves. Her blonde hair fell to about the middle of her back. She looked very young as she went thru her seductive gyrations. All that she wore was a tiny white g-string and matching white heels. Her smallish breasts stood out firm and pert and her nipples looked rock hard as she swayed her hips to the erotic music. Her full lips were accented with glossy pink lip stick. When the blonde turned around I realized that she had a very round and full bottom for a girl her size. I actually licked my lips as she traced a finger along the crack of her ass. She was very tantalizing to say the least. The blonde turned beet red when she realized I was checking her out. I puckered my lips and blew her a kiss.

Any way, it was about that time that I noticed K walking back towards her dressing room. For a second I watched her bare ass swing from side to side and thought what a “fine bitch she was.” I followed K to her dressing room. She didn’t seem all that surprised to see me. But, from the smile on her face one could tell she was happy to see me. We embraced warmly and kissed passionately. K was only wearing 5 inch black heels.

My blood begin to boil as I felt her naked body pressing hard against me. Breaking our hug I pushed K to her knees and lifted my skirt at the same time. K’s eyes opened wide when she noticed the strap-on harness I had buckled around my hips. Standing over K I spread my feet wide apart and ran my hand thru my drenched slit. K understood my meaning and leaned her head forward and began to give my soaked pus a most wonderful tongue lashing. My body shook as K plied her talented tongue up and down my slit. I felt my juices begin to leak as she sucked and kissed my clit. I ground my hips down right into her face as she began to stab her hot tongue into my pussy. It wasn’t long before I exploded in orgasmic bliss. K, good slave that she is, licked me softly right thru my orgasm.

As I relaxed I told K to get my dildo out of my purse, which she did without question. I could tell that she knew what was coming. When she handed me the dildo I had her kneel and spread her knees very wide. She obeyed me very quickly. Her ample ass was high in the air as I snapped the dildo in place on my strap-on harness. K buried her titties in the carpet and watched me over her shoulder. I smiled down on my beautiful amazonian slut. Her lovely rounded and naked ass was a sight to behold. Her hips wiggled a bit as she waited in her humble position. As I admired her beauty I ran the tip of my foot thru her open and available slit. K’s whole body trembled and she moaned softly in pleasure.

Kneeling behind K I began sliding the head of the 12”x2 1/2” fake cock thru her slit slowly. She ground her hips back at me, as she softly purred. Then I began to slowly slip the fake dick into her well lubed pus. But, just the tip at first. I smirked to myself as K pushed herself back at me trying to get more of the cock. Her head twisted from side to side as the pleasure swept thru her. I slapped her ass with my hand as hard as I could and hissed, “Don’t you dare cum, bitch.” K’s ass and body jerked violently as the stinging spank interrupted her pleasure. The joy drained from her eyes. Slowly, inch by maddening inch I slipped the fake cock into K’s pussy. K was squirming widely under me.

Then without warning I slammed the last four inches of the cock into K. The force nearly pushed K onto her tummy. Using my hands on K’s hips I pulled her back up to her knees as I began to fuck the huge dildo in and out of her drenched pussy. The dildo was rubbing against my clit and was sending lighting bolts of pure joy thru me. Faster, and faster I fucked K’s yarning pussy. Driving the fake dick into her with hard punishing strokes. Slam slam slam slam ... Slam ... SLam ... SLAM ... I drove the cock in hard and fast. Each stroke sent waves of pleasure washing over me as the dildo rubbed on my clit. “Please, ohh please, Barbara,” K begged, “Please let me cum.”

I slapped her ass again as hard as the first time and in the very same spot. K’s reaction was more violent than the first spank, as she thrashed in her stinging agony I began to cum. Reaching round K’s naked form I grabbed hold on her titties and began to maul them as my pleasure cascaded thru me. Her nipples were hard little knobs and I began to pinch and squeeze them furiously. K thrashed wildly under me which only caused my orgasm to reach new heights. As my orgasm eased I slide the fake cock out of K’s pus and repositioned my hands on her hips.

“Please, Barbara, I need IT so bad,” K continued to whimper. I answered by pounded the rubber dick hard into her ass hole. K’s head rose from the floor as the cock hammered into her ass. Using my hands on her hips I pulled her back on to the cock as I pressed my hips forward. I pounded her ass for a good five minutes as K begged and whimpered for her release. I fucked her ass hole with wild abandon as new pleasure began to sweep over me. And K matched my efforts with her own. Driving her hips back forcefully trying to match my strokes. She was one fuck crazed bitch. Then as we thrashed wildly on the floor I was swept away by another mind numbing orgasm. I collapsed on top of K for a moment. She continued to plead for her sexual release.

When my strength returned I got to my feet to helped K back to her knees. Then had her clean my dildo with her tongue. God, she gave that dick a magical tongue washing. K’s break was nearly over when she completed cleaning my rubber dick. I helped her to her feet, and as she left the room for the dance floor I had to smirk at the rosy red hand print in her full right ass cheek. Then I told her to ask Tyrone to come back to her room when he had a chance. And as an after thought I asked, “Ooh by the way, what is the new little blondes name?”

K looked puzzled for just a moment then smiled and said, “Hm, you must mean crystal ... we have been calling her “Crystal Breeze.” Then she was gone.

It wasn’t long before Tyrone came back to the room. “What's you want, baby?” He asked. I told Him I owed Him a little something, as I knelt to my knees and began to fumble with the zipper to His pants. He was already semi hard as I began to run my tongue up and down the length of his monstrous black cock. Then I proceeded to give him a most wonderful blow job. His black dick was throbbing in my mouth in no time. But, he was able to hold back for quite a while. My jaws were aching by the time He finally released his hot load down my throat. Then He simply pulled his mammoth cock from between by lips and wiped it back and fourth a couple of times on my cheeks then disappeared out the door, leaving me on my knees. No thank you, no nothing. He was gone.

After leaving K’s dance club friday nite I went home and got a good nites sleep. Much better than K, I am sure, as I left her with orders not to cum.



Saturday afternoon I began to pack a small suitcase of items that we would need for the bachelor party. I packed a couple of ass plugs, one about an inch and a half thick and the other about two and a half inches thick. Then I packed three dildos and a couple of vibs of various sizes and then threw in my strap-on harness. I packed two pair of black leather cuffs and the links to lock them together and several pair of nipple clamps. Then I packed away my leather strap, in case I decided that I wanted to blister K’s full round ass. I also took a short flexible rod with a small triangular patch of leather on the tip, I call it my “slapper”, it’s great for slapping naked titties and clits.

Then I began to pack the clothes that I would need. Six inch strapy heels, black seams stockings, black leather garter-belt, black leather cropped vest and black leather mini skirt. After packing I showered, making sure to shave my pussy extra smooth. Then I did my hair and put on scads of make-up. After that I began to dress for the ride to the bachelor party. First I put on a blue g-string that just barely covered my sex, a matching garter-belt and smoke colored stockings. Then I slipped into a pretty blue half-cup bra that left my nipples bare. Over this I wore a blue satin blouse with a scooped neckline that revealed miles of cleavage almost to my nipples. Then I slipped into a blue mini skirt that ended about 8 inches above my knees. For shoes I decided on a pair of four inch high heeled pumps. As an after thought I added large gold colored hoop style earrings.

Once I was dressed I took my suit case and drove to the dance club where K and Tyrone were to meet me. K was already waiting in her car when I arrived, damned if she didn’t look stunning. She wore an off the shoulders black knit mini-dress that hugged her every curve like a second skin. The dress was so short that is barely covered her fine ass. K’s huge titties threatened to spill out of her top at any minute. She was wearing black six inch heels. And, I loved the dangly ear rings that she wore, they were beaded and hung at least three inches from her ear lobe.

When K saw me pull in she got out of her car, and after parking I did the same. We openly embraced and then shared a hot open mouthed kiss. I held K tight as we kissed and enjoyed the feel of her ample titties rubbing mine. God, how I wanted to throw her down right then and there and shove her face into my soaked slit. Just as we broke our embrace Tyrone pulled into the parking lot driving his big Lincoln Town Car. He parked near K and I, then got out and opened the rear doors for us. When we were seated he closed the doors and loaded our suit cases into the trunk.

Looking at K I noticed that her dress was so short that she wasn’t setting on it. As I watched K, I cleared my throat. K looked my way and noticed that I was looking at her lap. Without a word she slide the hem of her dress up to uncover her freshly shaved pussy. Then she spread her knees quite wide, giving me an unobstructed view of her steamy pus.

Tyrone took his place behind the wheel and smiled broadly as he noticed K’s naked pussy. Soon we were on our way to the bachelor party. As we drove I scooted myself next to K and ran a lazy finger thru her drenched slit. K’s whole body shivered and her legs fell open a bit more. Suddenly I rammed my finger into K’s eager pussy and she trembled with her pent up passion. I felt her muscles contract tightly on my finger as I pulled it out. Then I presented my finger to her lips. K needed no instruction and quickly parted her full lips and licked my finger clean with her hot tongue. I noticed Tyrone smiling as he watched in the rear view mirror. I teased K relentlessly for the whole trip which lasted about 30 minutes. By the time we reached the party site K was fidgeting in her seat, wiggling her hips like crazy trying to get some kind of satisfaction. But, all I allowed her was continued frustration. Tyrone pulled the car up to a rather large house, the time was about 8:30 pm. We had no sooner come to a stop, it seemed, than the car was surrounded by a rowdy bunch of young males. I allowed K to smooth her skirt and cover herself. Tyrone opened our door and K stepped out nearly stumbling on her weakened legs, as she did so. One of the young guys caught her, then sort of spun her around for everyone’s inspection.

Someone howled, “Will ya look at the melons on that bitch.” Someone else shouted, “Ya she is a fine ass bitch for sure, look at those legs.” Tyrone helped me from the car with far less fanfare. I surveyed the crowd of guys, there were between 25-30 of them. All seemed to be in their early twenties, and all had a can of beer in their hand, or two beers, or three. The lewd comments from our many admirers continued until a guy, identifying himself as the best man stepped forward and took K and I by the arm. He walked us into the house and showed us to the master bedroom where we could change. Tyrone followed with our bags. K and I undressed quickly, as I suspected, K was naked under her knit dress. I knocked on the door and told Tyrone we were ready.

Soon the best man returned and led us to a rather large family room in the basement. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble and built a small stage about 18 inches off the floor. The stage was about 12 ft X 12 ft and covered with a soft carpet. Very sexy music was already playing on an unseen stereo system. K and I both began swaying to the music even before the best man helped us up the two steps to the stage. The young studs howled loudly as we took the stage.

And why not? K was already naked except for her heels and I was nearly the same. Wearing my blue half cup bra that left my nipples bare, blue garter belt, smoke colored stocking and my heels. The comments coming from the young studs were dirty and degrading. But I have to admit that it was an awesome feeling being the center of attention of 30 hard dicks. K and I rocked our bodies in time to the beat of the music. And, I wasted no time unhooking my bra and slipping it down my arms then tossing it towards the room full of men. I made eye contact with one young stud and wet my lips seductively as I slipped out of my g-string and flipped it to him. He winked at me as he snaked out his tongue and tasted my juices on the g-string.

I noticed K squatting on her thighs, her knees were spread very wide several young males were gathered right in front on her where they had an unobstructed view of her pussy. Continuing to move provocatively to the music I watched K slap one male hand away from her crouch. Then she began to slide her own hand up and down her slit. At the same time K lifted one of huge titties to her full lips and began to tongue her own nipple it teasingly. The aroused crowd of young horny studs roared their approval making one demeaning comment after another. Watching K I felt my own lust build. Not wanting to be out done by this well practiced whore I spread my feet and bent my knees a bit. Still moving my nearly naked body to the sensual beat of the music. I took both my bare titties, one in each hand, and began to roll my nipples between my fingers and thumb. Gyrating my hips slowly as if I were fucking some invisible cock I began to suck my own hard nipples, one after the other. Then mashing my naked titties together with my hands, I licked both nipples at the same time.

God, help me but was I ever feeling sexy with all the hard dicks in the room watching me and K. K rolled onto her back and lifted her long shapely legs straight up and opened them into a wide V. Still fingering herself she began to scissor her lags open and closed, sometimes bending them at the knee. Feeling even sexier than before I danced myself to where K was laying on the floor. I straddled her head with my legs and began to finger my drenched slit as I slowly squatted over K’s lovely face. The crowd of young horny studs grew even louder as I nearly sat on K’s face. In an instant K snaked out her tongue and licked my clit, sending white hot flashes of pleasure exploding thru me. After a minute I rose to my feet and then offered my hand to K and helped her to stand.

With our naked bodies swaying to the beat of the music I stood close in front of K and began to rub my titties down the front of her body. As my lips passed her sex I couldn’t help but flick out my tongue to tease her clit. When I did this K’s whole body shuttered. Then I rubbed my titties back up the front of K’s body til I was rubbing her titties with my own. Then I opened my mouth and gave K a passionate kiss right on her full lips. My tongue probed deep into her open mouth as I felt her press her titties back into mine. I pulled my lips from K’s open mouth but our tongues continued to lash at each other even without our lips touches. Judging from the loud reaction from the men they seemed to love it.

Then as K continued to sway gracefully to the music I began to lower myself to my knees, licking K’s beautiful body with my tongue all the time. I made sure my knees were spread very wide as I knelt. Making sure the guys all had the best possible view of my secret treasures. For a brief time I kissed and sucked K’s stiff clit. Her slit was just soaked with her juices and tasted delicious. Then K turned around and I spent a minute or two kissing and licking her full ass. The room exploded in laughter as K reached her hands back and parted her ass cheeks so I could easily worship her ass hole with my tongue.

After a while I stood again. Tyrone walked up to the make shift stage and motioned for K. She spoke to him for a second as he handed her a folding chair. I continued to dance, making every dirty move I knew. K took the chair and opened it up near the center of the stage, then called for the groom to come up on stage. It didn’t take his buddies very long to shove him up on the stage with K and I. He was blushing beet red. K sat him down in the chair and began to give him her best lap dance. I watched as best I could as I continued to dance.

At on point K rubbed her huge titties right in the guy’s face and I could see him sucking them wildly. As K hovered over the groom she slowly began to unbutton his shirt, then opened it bearing his muscular chest. She lowered her head and began to lick one of his nipples. The poor sap looked like he was ready to blow up. Then K slide off his lap to her knees between his legs. I slide up beside the groom and busied my tongue on one of his nipples. I felt him grab one of my hanging titties and begin to play with the nipple.

K opened the groom’s zipper and quickly freed his stiff tool. She wasted no time lowering her mouth onto the hard dick. I felt the shivers of his lust rush over him as I tended to his nipples. He wasn’t going to last long I knew. His buddies were all urging him on with their obscene comments. After a couple of minutes I pushed K away from the grooms cock and replaced her mouth with mine. She went back to licking his nipples, as I plunged my mouth down on his thick shaft. His whole body shook as he took my head in his hands and began to fuck my mouth up and down his throbbing rod. I cupped his nut sack in my hand and gently squeezed. Right then he began to shoot his hot load into my mouth. I didn’t swallow it and felt some of his cum trickle from the corner of my mouth and down my chin.

When he was finished I stood up and embraced K. She eagerly licked the groom’s cum from my mouth and chin. Then I kissed K hard right on the lips. She parted her lips to accept my tongue. But instead I spit the groom’s cum into her mouth. She sucked it down happily. The guys watching went crazy as they watched cum drip down between our chins.

After that we took a short break back in the master bedroom, where we changed for the BDSM part of the show. We freshened our make-up and hair. Then K locked leather cuffs around each of her wrists and ankles. I changed into my black leather garter-belt and black seamed stockings, making sure that the seams were perfectly straight. I then slipped into my leather mini skirt which barely covered the tops of my stockings. After that I put on my cropped leather vest. I buttoned the one button on the vast but, after looking at myself in the mirror decided to leave the button unfastened. K had brought her collar and buckled it around her neck. K carried the bag of “goodies” as we headed back to the stage.

Every head in the room turned our way as K and I took the stage again. I took the “slapper” from my bag of “tricks” as K and I began to move with the beat of the music once more. As we danced I used the “slapper” to play with K. Using it to rub K’s naked titties, then between her legs. Now and then I would give her a playful little slap on her ass or tits.

The horny guys were calling for me to whip the bitch. But, first I took a pair of sever nipple clamps from the bag of “goodies” along with a metal link for connecting K‘s wrist cuffs. After K placed her arms behind her back I used the link to lock her wrists together. The crowd hooted their approval. Then I moved in front of K and lowered my mouth and tongued both of her nipples for a moment. K’s nipples were instantly stiff and I felt her body tremble under the attention of my hot tongue. After that I snapped a clamp to each of K’s defenseless nipples. The clamps were extremely painful and K squealed loudly as each was applied.

Some ass hole jeered that the clamps were fake. That pissed me off a bit so I asked the guy to come up on stage. Being the big ole tough guy that he was he didn’t hesitate. Seeing the bulge in his jeans I knew he was enjoying the show. I asked the wise-guy to unbutton his shirt. Then I leaned in and tongued his left nipple til it was rock hard. Then taking a clamp from one of K’s nipples I snapped it onto the guy’s left nipple. His buddies exploded with laughter as he screamed out his agony and grabbed at the clamp to take it off. I smiled warmly and asked if there was anyone else who thought the nipple clamps weren’t painful. Funny how the room got suddenly silent.

Anyway, the ass-hole gave me back the clamp and stepped off the stage at which point I reattached the clamp to K’s nipple. She let out another agonized squeal as the steel teeth of the clamp again dug deep into the tender flesh of her nipple. Then I gave both her titties a vicious upper cut with the “slapper” catching the underside of both titties and leaving an evil looking red welt. K howled in agony as her titties bounced wildly with the impact.

Standing to one side I used my rod and tapped the insides of K’s thighs, meaning for her to spread her legs, which she did. Her smoothly shaven pussy was now an irresistible target. For a moment I ran the tip of the “slapper” back and fourth thru K’s drooling slit. Then I held the tip of the rod out to the crowd and a couple of lucky guys tasted K’s sweetness and they licked the tip with their tongues. Then I moved the rod back to K’s pussy and rubbed her clit a bit more. K’s “need” was so great that her body was clearly shaking. Without warning I slapped K’s clit violently with the “slapper”. K’s body jerked madly as she struggled to fight off the pain, she yowled loudly and tossed her head in the air. The crowd of young studs roared with delight.

After K settled down a bit I gave her an open mouth kiss, all tongue. Then smiling at the crowd and not wanting K to forget her nipples, I flicked K’s left nipple clamp with my finger. She shrieked as the agony slammed into her naked body and the young studs watching the action howled with sadistic glee. I wasn’t to shocked to see that a few guys actually had their cocks out and were openly rubbing them.

Next I pushed K to her knees and had her bury her face in the carpet of the stage. K’s full ass presented a delicious target for my “slapper” as she held it high in the air. K’s back was arched beautifully as she pressed her face and titties into the carpet. Again I used the “slapper” rod to tap the inside of K’s knees til she had them spread to my satisfaction. K was visibly shaken as she waited for the first blow to fall upon her helpless ass. I wasn’t in any hurry, and so I let the rod slide back between K’s open legs teasing her clit unmercifully. Then I heard K mummer something but I couldn’t hear over the up roar in the room. So I held up my hands indicating for the guys to quiet down, after a few seconds the room was quiet except for the soft music playing in the background.

“What did you say, slut,” I asked K.

“Please,” K, whimpered a bit louder this time.

“Please,” I teased, “please what, bitch?”

“Please, please, Barbara, may I cum,” K whimpered as the room exploded with male laughter.

I left the answer up to the crowd and they responded with every crude remark they could think of. But their meaning was clear NO.

All of this time I continued to rub my “slapper” rod around K’s slit. And, by now she hips were actually grinding against the tip of the rod. Her action didn’t go unnoticed by the young studs watching and they made sure K knew that they saw her trying to fuck herself. When I pulled the rod from between K’s spread thighs the triangular leather tip glistened with K’s wetness.

Crack .... I bought the rod down hard on K’s upturned ass. She jerked franticly and yelped loudly as the stinging pain ripped into her. The crowd chanted, “more More MORE” and I struck again, harder this time ... CRack. K tossed her mane of red hair about and her naked body shook as the pain tore thru her. “Mmore More MORE” the room full of studs howled. Dark red welts across both of K’s ass cheeks already attested to the first two strokes.

CRACK .... CRACK I landed two powerful strokes in rapid secession. K yowled as the agony overwhelmed her. She struggled violently with her bond wrists. Her head jerked upwards and then slammed back in to the carpet. Her full round hips spasmed beyond her control.

I called for a chair and one quickly appeared on stage and I had it positioned at K’s head. Then I asked for the groom to step forward. He didn’t need any the prodding from his buddies this time. While I waited for him to make his way up on stage I unzipped my leather skirt and let it fall to the floor. Leaving me naked from the waist down, except my garter-belt, stockings and “killer cum fuck me” heels. By the time I slipped out of my skirt the groom was on stage and I handed him my “slapper”. Then directed him to give K five of his “best” on my command. Then I walked to the chair and sat down, making myself very comfortable. Crossing my legs I dangled a foot just over K’s head and directed her to worship my foot.

K lifted her head, her tear streaked cheeks brought a smile to my lips. K’s titties hung under her, and the nipples just brushed the floor. Her titties jiggled provocatively as she lifted her mouth to my foot. I winked at the groom and he put the “slapper” in motion towards K’s still slightly upturned ass. The stroke sounded like a shot when it landed on K’s ass. She let out a loud, high pitched squeal and her body thrashed violently as the agony hammered into her. With her mouth open I slipped the toe of my foot between her lips.

The guys in the room roared their approval using the most vulgar terms. Mmmm I moaned in pleasure as I felt K begin to twirl her hot wet tongue around my toes. I watched the groom as he used the tip of the rod to play with K’s snatch. I winked again at the groom and he landed another powerful stoke on K’s defenseless ass. Her body again thrashed violently and her mouth grasped hard at my toes filling her mouth. K’s body thrashed almost continuously now as lash after lash landed on her abused ass. Her titties swung freely under her, much to the amusement of the horny studs watching her whipping.

I pulled my toes from between K’s lips so that our admirers could see her tongue at work. Tears trickled down K’s cheeks after the groom’s five strokes had landed on her bare ass. But, she continued to worship my toes with her hot tongue. And, I have to tell You she made a wonderful picture of submission. With her hands cuffed behind her back she had to lean well forward on her knees to tend to my toes with her magical tongue. K’s naked titties swung freely under her bent body. I motioned for the groom to leave the stage and then I stood up leaving K in her kneeling submissive kneeling position.

I handed the chair to one of our horny admirers in the audience. Then as provocatively as I could I position myself flat on my back and spread my legs wide to allow the best possible view for our drooling audience. Then on command K crawled to me and without hesitation buried her head between my thighs. K’s hot tongue send bolts of red hot lightening shooting thru my body. She stabbed her tongue into my oozing sex and my whole body quaked with lust.

The horny crowd of young males were cheering us on with their vulgar comments. I reached a hand out and cupped one of K’s swinging titties as K began to flick her tongue across my swollen clit. As I groped K’s tittie I begin to finger the metal clamp that bite cruelly into her nipple. Just touching the clamp made K whimper softly. I toyed with the clamp in my fingers and K’s body stiffened in fear. At the same time I began to grind my hips right up into K’s eagerly sucking mouth. Her tongue was darting about at a fevered pitch, driving me crazy with desire. I flicked K’s K clamp hard with my finger, a muffled yowled escaped from between my legs. K’s body flinched as the agony ripped thru her, but her sucking lips became more intense.

I thrashed wildly under her talented tongue. It took all of my will power and concentration in order not to cum. All the time the guys in the room watching were roaring their with delight. Suddenly I felt a hard thick dick pressing against my lips. I opened my eyes and saw Tyrone standing near by, giving the thumbs-up sign. That told me the horny stud had paid for a blow job. I parted my lips and without any formalities the stiff cock was plunged deep into my mouth, forcing the head into my throat. The crowd of studs burst into wild cheers as they watched their buddy begin to fuck my face as if it were a pussy.

As I sucked the huge cock in my mouth the male began to maul my titties. The thick juicy dick pounded my mouth as K continued to tongue lash my pussy and clit. The throbbing cock in my mouth didn’t last long <a minute, may-be two> before it exploded. Just as the pulsing dick began to shoot it’s hot load it was pulled from between my lips. The hot steamy male goo splashed onto my face and ran down over my cheeks. As the last of his load dripped into my open mouth the horny stud began to cock whip my cheeks, smearing his cum all over my face.

I pulled K’s head up to mine as I used my tongue to lick up as much of the male cum as I could reach. K understood and quickly licked my face clean, to the delight of the horny crowd. I felt rough hands rolling me over onto my tummy. Strong, hands griped my hips and pulled me to my knees. Out of habit I spread my knees wide. In the dim light I saw K also being roughly maneuvered to her knees. As I watched K take a hard dick between her eager lips I felt a rock hard cock rub the length of my soaked slit. Then another throbbing dick pressed against my lips. I couldn’t see but heard K’s wild moans of pleasure and realized she was cumming. I opened my lips and invited the stiff dick into my mouth as I felt the throbbing cock behind me press slowly into my ass hole.

Rough hands were mauling my titties as the cock between my lips began to fuck my mouth. I could feel the dick in my ass throbbing as it slowly penetrated my ass hole. The cock in my mouth suddenly grew larger and exploded, shooting it’s hot liquid down my throat. That cock was pulled from my between my lips only to be replaced by another. By now the dick stuffed into my ass was pounding away without mercy. I slammed my hips back and fourth trying to match the pace of the fucking cock. Opening my mouth I took the tip of another huge cock into my mouth and twirled my tongue about it and just that fast hot cum was shooting into the back of my throat.

The room was now filled with the sounds of grunting and moaning males mixed with the slightly higher pitched squeals being emitted my K and myself. I knew from all the male grunting that K was being gang fucked just like I was. Hard rough hands jabbed, poked and prodded my titties. My nipples were pulled and twisted time after time as one dick after another took it’s turn fucking my mouth or pussy. I was lost in the dizzying world of orgasmic bliss. I opened my eyes to see several of the horny young fuck muffins standing over me whipping their cocks. Then I drifted off to the land of bliss again.

Then suddenly I felt hot thick cum splashing all over my body as the masturbating males shoot their hot loads all over my thrashing body. As I lay there on the stage a strange feeling of loneliness came over me. Then I realized that the fuck muffins had finished using their “toys”. Somehow K and I found each other and embraced tightly for several minutes. Then to end the show K and I licked each others body clean of the cum that nearly covered our naked bodies. As the final act played out K and I locked ourselves into the classic 69 position and sucked the male cum out of our pussies. The males roar of laughter was much quieter now but just as crude and demeaning as before. After that Tyrone helped us to our feet, our legs unsteady, and helped us as K and I stumbled back to the master bedroom.

The End

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