Part 2: Summer

Chapter 10: The Day After

I woke up in the morning with a soft, wet, lovely feeling around my cock. I looked down towards my crotch and saw Rachel looking up at me.

"Am I doing a good job?" she asked.

"Certainly passable," I told her. "Keep practicing and I know you'll get it just right."

She smiled at me and continued her duties. This was the second time in a row that I was waking up to a blow-job. A boy could really get used to this! Even though this year would be about Rachel and her needs, I could at least console myself that I would be enjoying it to the fullest! Meanwhile, I lay back down and enjoyed the feelings that Rachel was giving me. She really was getting better, taking her cues from my moans; I knew that it was important to train her right, and positive feedback was the best way.

Twice I had Rachel back off so that I could prolong my pleasure, but I finally had enough and wanted my release, so I grabbed her head and held myself in her mouth as I shot my cum. When I was finished, I relaxed while Rachel gently used her tongue to clean me off. When I started moving, Rachel asked, "What's the plan for today, Jeff?"

I smiled and said, "Whatever I want, I thought." She nodded and I continued, "Let's get cleaned up and we'll go over to my house for a bit."

I got up and went to the bathroom, and Rachel followed. I stood at the toilet and peed, with Rachel watching intently. Apparently, this was new for her as well. "Fascinating?" I asked her.

She nodded her head and said, "I've never seen a boy pee before."

"What about those statues?" I asked.

"A little willy spurting water out of a stone statue is something quite different from your lovely cock streaming piss," she said haughtily.

My stream petered out and I shook my dick. I said, "Maybe next time you can hold it."

"Can I?" she asked eagerly.

"Yes, my little slut, next time you can even aim for me," I told her.

When I was done peeing I turned on the shower and dragged her in with me. I enjoyed soaping her and rubbing her all over. This was the first time I had showered with a girl, and I resolved to do it with all my girlfriends.

When we were clean, and perhaps a little excited as well, we got dressed; I put on my clothes from yesterday and she put on a short dress, the only thing I'd allow her to wear. We headed next door and quietly went upstairs. I knew that my parents were probably still in bed; they liked sleeping in on weekends. I also knew that Michelle had covered for me last night.

I went to Michelle's room and quietly opened the door. I peeked in and I saw that she was still asleep, lying under the covers. From the look of her shoulders peeking out the top, she had not worn anything to bed. I gestured Rachel to follow me into the room, and I closed the door behind her.

"Strip," I whispered.

"What?" Rachel exclaimed in a strangled whisper.

"Strip," I repeated quietly.

Rachel looked at me in desperation but did what I asked. "My parents taught me to share all my toys with my sister," I explained to Rachel in a quiet voice. "I wouldn't dream of not sharing my latest toy.

"I want you to go over to the other side of the bed and climb under the covers with Michelle. Then I want you to press up against her and wrap your arms around her. I want you to play gently with her breast until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?"

Rachel nodded jerkily and went around the bed to do as I asked. I sat in a chair on the near side of Michelle's bed and watched her. I saw the line of Michelle's nude leg as Rachel got into the bed, but that was quickly covered. I saw Rachel's hand under the cover, and I heard Michelle moan quietly. I was watching Michelle's face the whole time, and I enjoyed the small smile on the corner of her mouth.

Eventually I saw her eyes flutter open, and she tensed as she felt the real hand on her breast and she saw me looking at her. I saw Rachel freeze up as she realized that Michelle was awake.

"What's going on, J?" Michelle asked.

I smiled and flicked my eyes to Rachel, and she understood the glance and began her caresses again. "I know that you always complain that I don't share my toys," I told Michelle, "so I thought I'd share this one."

Michelle groaned and said, "Thank you, but can you give me a little privacy with her?"

"No way!" I exclaimed. "I remember what you did with the toys that I did share. I don't want to get this one back missing a limb, or with its hair cut off!"

"Hey, you were the one that did that to my Barbies!" she complained. "Besides," she said, grinding her ass back against Rachel's crotch, "it feels like this one is already bald!"

Rachel flushed and groaned deeply at that comment.

"Nevertheless," I said, "I'm not letting you get this toy alone. If you want to play, you have to let me watch!"

Michelle looked at me intently. This was not part of any deal that we had made, but she was certainly steamed up. As I said earlier, my relationship with my sister was pretty good, but we did not do casual nudity, and we certainly have never had a sexual relationship. I think that Michelle realized I was pushing Rachel, not her. However it was her body that I was using to do it. But the way I saw it, it was her fault; after all, she was the one that put that image of her with a dildo into my mind.

"Very well," she said after a few moments of thought. She turned over and wrapped her arms around a surprised Rachel and gave her a deep kiss.

"Thanks for the wakeup call," she whispered to Rachel as she fondled Rachel's lovely tit.

Michelle made out with Rachel for a few minutes, and then backed off and asked me, "So what have you done with her?"

I thought about how to respond for a few seconds, then I said, "Suffice it to say that she is no longer a virgin in any way."

Michelle looked over at me with raised eyebrows and said, "Really bro? You work fast!" She looked back at Rachel, who was blushing furiously, then said to me, "I don't think you are quite correct."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You might think that you took all her cherries," Michelle explained, "but has she ever had another girl's fingers up her twat?" I could see from the movements under the blankets as well as Rachel's gasp that Michelle was taking care of that particular cherry for me.

"You are so crude," I told Michelle.

"Me crude?" Michelle asked, her arm continuing to move under the covers. "I am not the one who tried to get his fuck toy in between his sister's legs!"

"That's not what I did!" I complained weakly.

"Right, like you didn't expect to see your toy between my legs!" Michelle told me. Then she turned to Rachel and said quietly, "You do know that is where you are going next, don't you? You've got me all worked up, and I want relief. I want your tongue on my clit!"

Rachel looked over at me with a combination of fear and lust, but I just repeated, "We share our toys."

Michelle smiled at me and started pushing Rachel down the bed. Rachel's head slipped under the covers and I saw the lump moving down to Michelle's midsection. I knew exactly the moment that Rachel's tongue started its work from the gasp that Michelle emitted as well as the look on her face as her eyes glazed over.

Rachel might have been a beginner, but she clearly dove into her task with the same vigor as she did my blowjob. One unexpected benefit was that her wiggling and moving under the covers caused the blankets to pull down, and Michelle was in no condition to even notice it, let alone fix it. I watched as Michelle's tits slowly became exposed, and I have to admit that Michelle had very nice tits.

I was getting very excited, both by the sight of Michelle's tits as well as the knowledge that Rachel was eating her to orgasm right in front of me. In very little time I heard Michelle gasping and moaning, and I saw her take Rachel's head in her hands and pull her tight. Michelle's upper body clenched and bent over as she wheezed quietly. I suppose it was a weird thing to be thinking at the time, but I was amazed at the myriad of different ways that girls cum.

Despite my roving thoughts, my cock clearly had only one thing on its mind. As soon as I was sure that Michelle had finished I hissed, "Get over here Rachel!"

Rachel scurried out from under the covers to stand next to me. In the process, she pulled the covers off of Michelle, exposing her completely to me. I glanced over and saw that Michelle had a tuft of fine blonde hair pointing to her pussy, but her pussy lips were shaved clean. She squeaked as soon as she realized that she was exposed and she pulled the blankets back up to cover all her private areas.

When there was no more of Michelle to see, I grabbed Rachel's head and pulled her in for a kiss. That kiss had the dual benefit of allowing me to feel Rachel's hot, probing tongue in my mouth, as well as giving me a taste of my sister's pussy, albeit indirect.

When I had my fill, I pulled away and told Rachel, "Your show got me really worked up. You gave my sister pleasure with your mouth, now do the same for me!" I pushed her down and she shoved my pants down and dropped her mouth over my cock. She worked me hard for a minute, then pulled off and started licking around the base. She licked up the sides while staring my sister in the eyes.

Michelle watched as Rachel slowly pleasured me; just as this had been my first view of her body, this was her first view of mine. "You're not such a little brother," Michelle said breathlessly, and I wasn't sure if the lack of breath was because of what Rachel had just done to her, or because of the view in front of her.

In either case, I was not in the mood to be teased for Michelle's or Rachel's benefit, so I urged Rachel to stop teasing. In a very short amount of time I was ready to blow again, and I whispered to Rachel, "Don't swallow," as I held her head in place around my cock and blew into her mouth.

When I was finished I pulled back and rested Rachel's head in my lap for a minute. I watched Michelle watching me as I pulled my pants back up. "Go give Michelle a kiss and thank her for being your first woman," I told Rachel. She looked up at me with an evil grin and walked sexily back to Michelle.

Rachel climbed up onto the bed next to Michelle, and without warning, she pulled the blankets off Michelle, stripping her to view again. She swung her leg over Michelle, straddling her hips as she bent over, grabbed the back of Michelle's head, and planted a big kiss on her. I saw Michelle's eyes go wide as she got into the kiss. A moment later Rachel jumped off of Michelle and came back to stand near me. Michelle pulled the blankets back up to her and yelled at me, "You stinker! You told her to give me your cum!"

I smiled and said, "I tasted your cum on her, I thought it was only fair that you get a taste of mine!"

Michelle grabbed her pillow and started pummeling both of us. "Get out of here, and take your fuck toy with you!" she said, laughing. I grabbed Rachel's hand and we ran to my room.

We fell onto my bed laughing, until Rachel said, "Oh no, I left my dress in Michelle's room! How am I going to get it back?"

"Don't worry," I told her, "I'm sure she'd be willing to give it back to you. For a price!" We both fell back onto the bed, laughing.

Chapter 11