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Growing Up to Be A Master - The College Years (but don't hold your breath)

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Hotel Room Disturbance

I've decided to re-write and complete the first story that I ever did.

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Completed Stories

Tired Universe Stories

Tired of Being the Nice Guy

Winner - 2004 Golden Clitorides Award - Best BDSM Story

After being a nice guy my whole life, I finally decided to be the one in charge, the one taken care of, the one whose every need gets met. When I break up with my girlfriend to fulfill my desires, things don't go as planned - they go better.

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Claire Converts

This is a side story off of Tired of Being the Nice Guy. When Claire discovers that her daughter was submitting herself to slavery, it sends her life off in a direction that she had not expected.

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Favor Universe Stories

The Favor

She was my best friend, but not my girlfriend. Then she asked the question that changed our relationship completely.

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The Poor Amy Universe Stories

Important Note: For those of you who have read my stories before, I want to warn you that the Poor Amy series is a different type of story than I have written in the past. No romance, very little caring, and often, very non-consensual. See my Blog for more details.

Poor Amy: Nurse

Amy Jameson, Student Nurse, thinks that this is a regular rotation. It's not.

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Poor Amy: Diary

Amy Jameson has lost her diary, with her deepest thoughts and fantasies in it. Where will it turn up?

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Poor Amy: Snared

Amy Jameson has snared her shirt on the drawer, and can't loosen herself. What will happen to Poor Amy now?

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Poor Amy: Learning a Lesson

Amy Jameson tries to steal another girl's man. Poor Amy learns that is not a smart thing to do.

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The Growing Up A Master Universe Stories

Growing Up a Master

A coming of age story about a boy, from childhood until college, discovering his inner Master.

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The Juicy Jayne Universe Stories

The Adventures Of Juicy Jayne – Part 1 – In Which We Meet Juicy

We meet Juicy Jayne for the first time, and we discover what a naughty little girl she is.

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The Wandering Minds Universe Stories

Wandering Minds

What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you could ride along in people's minds, see what they saw, feel what they felt, experience what they experienced? Two teenagers find out.

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Stories of An Alaskan Doll

The Welcome Wagon

Donna loves volunteering as the welcome wagon, bringing pies and information to new residents. But this time, I had her offer a different kind of welcome.

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The Firehouse

A visit to honor the fireman at a local firehouse turns into something more.

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Her First Event

It was her first event, and her first time meeting him in person, and did he ever have an interesting weekend planned for his dolly.

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Northern Exposure

Donna's latest assignment put her in a precarious and humiliating position.

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Masters, Professors and Firemen, Oh My!

What happens when a girl goes to work and finds someone under her desk? It's it's my dolly, people are going to be having some fun.

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Other Stories

A Month to a Changed Woman

Her boss was a real bitch. Could her friend the hypnotherapist help her out?

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Can You Blackmail a Slut?

She was a slut, even though she wouldn't admit it. He set out to prove that she was.

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A brief conversation between master and slave.

Mdom mastrb

I really needed a haircut, but Susan gave me much more.


A day at work.

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Maid Service

Where was the wife and kids? Oh well, the maid is available.

My House Cleaner

My House Cleaner comes by on a day that I am home alone. Who knew she had it in her?

Office Discipline

When you do something wrong at the office, do you get written up? Kelly Anne gets strung up.

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The Welcome Wagon

Donna loves volunteering as the welcome wagon, bringing pies and information to new residents. But this time, I had her offer a different kind of welcome.

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Incomplete Stories

Hotel Room Disturbance

When a young woman disturbs me in my hotel room, she learns the consequences of her actions.

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