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Welcome to the website of Persianate Erotic Library! This site contains 1000s (thousands) of Indian, Iranian & Arabian erotic stories in all categories. The focus is on Persianate Languages (including Iranian Languages like Farsi, & Persianate Indo-Aryan Languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Hindustani or Hindi for short, Bengali & Kashmiri). Prakritic Indo-Aryan (Marathi, Braj, etc.) & Dravidian erotic stories are also included. We have historical, rare-to-find erotica as well.

(Ananga Ranga)
Pandit Kalyana Malla
(16th Century AD)
Iranic Qajar Lizzat-ool-Nissa
Iranianate Painter
(India, 1824)
Le Kama Soutra, vol.1
(Kama Sutra)
Georges Pichard
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Banu (Girls) Tales Tales by and about Naughty Girls.
Begum (Femdom) Tales Tales by and about Mistresses & Dominatrixes.
Bibi (Wives) Tales Tales by and about Nasty Adulterous Cheating Wives.
Ishq (Love) Tales Romantic, Love and Erotic Tales.
Koonee (Butt-Boy) Tales Tales by and about Catamites, Faggots & Sissies.
Garam Latifas (Adult Jokes) Hardcore Masala Mazaaqs (Adult Jokes).
Madar (Mother) Tales Naughty Mother Tales: Mother-Fuckers & Mother-Whores.
Qarnoo (Cuckold) Tales By & about Cuckolds, Cornutos, Wittols. 100s Tales.
Shudra (Black Males) Tales Sudra Bulls, Negro-Dravidian Stallions & Their Exploits. 100s Stories.
Sanskrit Tales Brahminical Stories
Bengali Tales Bengali, Bangladeshi, Bangalistani Tales
Guzarati Tales Tales from Guzarat, Gujarat.

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Arabian Nights Entertainment
Thousand Nights and a Night
Translated & Annotated by
Richard F. Burton
(1882-4) {External Link}
Perfumed Garden
of Cheikh Nefzaoui
Translated & Annotated by
Richard F. Burton
(1886) {3.8mb pdf}
Kama Sutra
of Vatsyayana
Translated & Annotated by
Richard F. Burton

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