Monday, January 23, 2006

Text of Island Of Terror Review

Island of Terror by Dark Dreamer

Island of Terror is a strong work by a strong writer. It's a Lord-Of-The-Flies-esq story of a planeload filled with hot girls from an all-girls school and obnoxious boys from a military school. You can see where this is going. (The author describes the story as similar to "Lord of the Rings," but I think he means "Lord of the Flies.")

Getting marooned on a deserted island is bad enough, but the horny military-school boys are soon raping and dominating girls who wander away from the camp -- when the boys discover a food additive on the island that makes the girls -- well, there isn't really any other way to say this -- dumb and horny -- it all goes a little wild.

All in all I have to say this is one of my favorite stories; one that I've been able to reread enjoyably several times. I'm pretty sure I ran into a better-formatted version at some point, but these four links are the best I've been able to find so far. If anyone turns up a better presentation, I'll update this site.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Island of Terror by Dark Dreamer

We've got a new review up at Master Jack Stories -- of a completely hot tale by Dark Dreamer called Island Terror.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

New Stories Posted!

I've been busy over at We've got some new stories up on that site:

In addition, we've got stories queued up at MJS through the end of June -- so stop by and see what we're doing! We'll also be posting copies of those reviews and stories here on ASSTR -- so check back here later for more stories, or go on over to!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Movin' on up...

ASSTR provides a wonderful service, and I completely support the amazing work it is doing to bring the amazing work of so many authors to the public.

I'm sad to say I'm leaving ASSTR, but I'm happy to announce that I've started my own site,, where I'll have the freedom I want to set the site up the way I want. Since it's a free site with limited resources, ASSTR has to limit the abilities of its authors -- for instance, to run WordPress, which I'm doing at the new site.

I will very likely continue posting reviews and pointers here a few months after they've appeared on In fact, since the content on the address will be released under a Creative Commons license, it can legally be copied by anyone as long as they provide attribution. will continue posting links to free quality stories (we will never have editorial links to paid sites). ASSTR will continue to be a huge resource for me as I continue at the new address, and many of the stories I link to will be on ASSTR. I remain a strong booster of ASSTR. I owe them a big debt for hosting the first Master Jack site.


Master Jack

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How to create a site like this one.

Several people have asked me to spell out how I created this site on ASSTR, and I thought I'd post this message as an answer.

I wanted a way to easily have a site on ASSTR without having to edit HTML, learn a huge new program (Dreamweaver, etc.) or just have a hassle. I wanted a simple way to do a decent site. Oh, and have I mentioned I have no talent as a graphic designer?

Turns out it's not too difficult to set up -- and once its set up, it's dead easy to use. You should know the basics of creating a website -- how to use FTP, how to edit HTML, etc. You won't have WRITE any HTML, you'll just be editing it, so the skill level isn't as high -- but you'll have to have some idea what you're looking at.

When you create a site as an author or collector on ASSTR, you have a number of ways of modifying it. One way is via FTP. The idea is that you create a website on your hard drive at home and then use an FTP program to upload it to ASSTR.

We're going to combine that with a free service called blogger. First you'll need the ftp username and password you received when you signed up for ASSTR. Hold on to those. Go to, and sign up for an account. When it asks you where you want to publish the blog, don't pick blogspot. Pick FTP, and then let it know you want to publish your blog on, and fill in your username and password.

When you publish your blog, you'll find it has several advertisements for Google and Blogger on it. According to the terms of service of ASSTR, advertisements are not allowed. Here's where the HTML comes in. You'll have to go to the template section of the blogger interface, and edit the template that you choose to remove the lines that put in the ads. This process will be different depending on which template you choose, so I can't give more specific instructions than that. If you get stuck you can use the form on this page to ask for help, but be warned -- my response time tends to be measured in weeks, not hours.

I suggest also using a Creative Commons license on your site, as I have done. If you're publishing your own works it's a must -- it gets your work more widely distributed, while still prohibiting (at your option) any commercial use of your work. Well worth checking out.

I also check the stats on my pages with Stat Counter. It's a free service and while it's kind of basic it's good enough for my needs. And it's free.

I hope these quick tips will help -- I'll be updating them as I get questions and learn which parts are unclear.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cherished Memories by Farleven

Cherished Memories is the story of a woman enslaved; a proud woman turned into an office sex slave through control of her memories. Stories of men training women to be sex slaves have always struck a chord with me. This story, like many of Farleven's, has a strong emphasis on mind control, something that's not directly my kink -- but it's well-written enough and the sex scenes are hot enough that I found myself really liking it.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sacrifice by Parker

I came upon Sacrifice today, a Parker story I'd never seen before. A young mother becomes a rich man's sex slave in return for putting her daughter through college. Kind of short, but, like almost all of Parker's work, a damn fine read and damn hot.