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Just to make it perfectly clear up front. These tales contain scenes of explicit sex and violence; if you find such descriptions offensive, I suggest you leave the site now. Also, if for any reason whatsoever you should not be permitted access to this material (for example, due to your age and/or the laws of the area where you either live or are currently staying) then you should leave the site now. I can and will take no responsibility for any consequences if you don't. Continue to the stories

My thanks to ASSTR

It's excellent that there is a forum for publicizing these works, whether you're a serious author or someone who scribbles for fun, whether you're a connoisseur of erotica or just read the tales to get turned on. So keep supporting ASSTR please!

Why Write These Stories?

It's often asked, but as far as I'm concerned it's the wrong question. They're obviously written to be read, so why do people like to read stories involving not just sex but also elements of danger or violence that no sane person would choose in real life? Personally I believe such escapism is an important safety-valve in the psyche, quite likely linked to a physiological need stemming from the fight-or-flight reactions of our distant ancestors. We need a bit of adrenalin now and then.
Does it desensitize us? No, I don't think so. Fortunately almost everyone learns to separate fantasy from reality at a very early age: even a six year old can be much more shocked by a body under a shroud on a news bulletin than a murder scene in a film. So: relax, read on, and enjoy...

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