Thanks for stopping by my little place on the web. I'm just a guy who is learning to write, and wanted to put some stories together for friends. My audience is females, and some of the stories read like I am talking only to you. If you have an idea or a situation you think might make a good story, contact me and tell me what it is!

About Me

Just A Guy is simply that... just a guy. Maybe he is the guy sitting next to you on the train, or maybe he's the guy that waves at you when you drive by. I choose to remain anonymous. I can be reached through the site by clicking on the "Contact" link above. If you like my stories, drop me a line. Tell me your fantasy. It is the only payment I get!


Finally, enjoy. I write for me, but enjoy hearing others fantasies as I can weave those into stories I write. Click the Stories link above to see my latest creations.

Special thanks to those who have inspired me! You know who you are, and you tend to show up in stories!