My Sister Made the Rules



My sister would always follow me around and I considered her a pest. She was twelve at the time while I was fourteen. What I am about to tell you really started at the beginning of our summer vacation.

My father had rented a cottage on the shores of a lake in a resort area not very far from the city in which we lived, and while my mother remained with us at the cottage, he would commute to work every morning and return at six in the afternoon. One day my sister begged my mother to let her have five dollars so that she could go to PineHill and buy a ticket for a rock concert organized by a group of the local rockers. PineHill was barely half a mile from our cottage and we often went there on foot or on our bike. But she hadn't done any of her choirs during the week and mother, so as to punish her, refused to let her have her allowance money.

Then Peggy in desperation came to see me and asked me to lend her the money.

"Please Jack lend it to me and I will give you back ten dollars."

"No Peggy you will never own ten dollars long enough to give it to me, and beside you never do anything for me when I ask you. So why should I lend you the money?"

I could tell that she was very disappointed and she wasn't going to give up that easily.

"I will do anything you ask if you lend me the money, please," she went on.

"Like what? You know perfectly well that the only things we do around here is to clean our own rooms and mow the lawn and you don't even do any of these. As for having you clean my room, well no thank you very much. I don't want you to touch anything in my room."

She was now desperate and I think that she was on the verge of crying. I was about to give in to her and let her have the five dollars when she suddenly added.

"I will do anything at all for you if you let me have the money all you have to do is name it."

Since I was going to lend her the money anyway, and wanting to know exactly how far she was really going to go, I then added more as a joke than anything else.

"Well if you kiss my butt and lick it all over I will lend you the money."

She looked at me for a few seconds, I could tell that there was shock written all over her face, but I was in for a greater shock when she replied, "OK I will do it."

What had been said as a joke, she had taken seriously, and she was now ready to do what I had dared her to do.

I was about to tell her that I was only joking and not to worry since I was going to lend her the five dollars anyway when I began to feel my cock growing inside my pants.

I will always remember than moment. It was in early morning and we were sitting on a log near the water of the lake. At the time she was wearing a yellow short and a white tank top that did much to reveal the fact that she had large breasts underneath, even though she was only twelve. I must add here that Peggy although not fat, was on the plumb side but since she was tall for her age and having long legs, it only made her look sexier.

Of course she had never gone out with a boy yet and I was aware that she knew nothing about sex.

I looked at her as she sat next to me, she had agreed to kiss and lick my butt and this made me look at her in a brand new perspective. I was now looking at the girl in her and not the sister.

Until then I had never seen her naked, and even though I sometimes wondered how her breasts would look like, I have never felt any urge to try to see her tits.

I wanted to know if she was making full of me and I asked her when she was going to do this.

" I can do it right away," she said. "Or if you prefer give me the five now and anytime you are ready I will do it."

She was serious I could tell. Hearing her talk like that was all that my cock needed, I felt it twitch in approval while it became as hard as the log we were sitting on.

"I don't trust you, once you have your money you won't keep your promise."

"OK then I will do it before you give me the five."

It then occurs to me that this was a form of prostitution. She was willing to do sexual favors in return for money. I was now very exited and since I was not really sure if she was joking, and if she was not, I wanted to know just how far she was willing to go, I added.

"Five dollars is a large amount just for a few licks on the butt."

"You are the one that set the deal. I can do anything else you want if you think it is not enough."

"What do you have in mind?"

She didn't answer right away and I could tell that she was trying to think of something.

This was getting out of hands but there was no way that I was going to stop it. My cock was now twitching continuously in my short pants and I knew that I was on the verge of exploding. This was fantastic, just talking dirty with my sister was having such an effect on me.

She then went on.

"Well I can lick you all over if you want?"

Wow, was I hearing right? Did she really mean this; was she offering me a blowjob for five bucks? But how could she know of such a things, then it occured to me that two of her friends were older than her and one of them, Vicky was even going out with older boys and she had a bad reputation around school. She must have learned these things from her I told myself.

"Where will you lick me exactly," I said.

"You know. I will put my mouth on your thing and suck on it until it explodes."

Was this my little innocent sister talking to me? I was stunned, but at the same time my cock was jerking in approval. I didn't know what to say to her.

For half a second I felt a little guilty about the whole thing, but only for a very short time.

My face must have been very red and I could feel my heart beating exceedingly fast, then before I could think of anything else I was saying, "where will we do this?"

"Let's go under the cottage, no one will bother us there and we will have all the time we need."

The cottage was a wooden structure built on cement posts. The first floor was about four feet from the ground, and all around the foundation there were crossed sections of green panels wood with holes in them, one could enter underneath by mean of a small door at the back of the cottage.

Yes it was a good place indeed since we would be able to hear mother walking overhead and we thus could tell were she was and even what she was doing.

But there was one problem. There was no way that I could walk there with a tent pole in my short. Even if mother didn't see me, I wasn't ready to show to Peggy that her idea was exiting me that much.

"We will meet there in fifteen minutes," I told her.

"Yes, but don't forget about the five dollars."

With this my sister stood up and walked toward the cottage. Ten minutes later, with my cock as hard as ever, I slowly walked toward the back of the cottage. After looking around to make sure that mother was not watching me, I opened the door that led under the cottage and once inside I closed it back so that from the outside it would look normal.

Peggy was already there, waiting for me. She was sitting on a cement block and as soon as I was close to her she whispered to me to remove my pants.

"No I don't think it's a good idea. If we should have to leave in a hurry I won't be able to do so with my pants off."

"As you wish. But you will have to at least lower them."

Now that she was about to do this I was not so sure that it was a good idea. Beside I still had scruples about exposing myself in front of my sister.

But before I had time to think more about it, Peggy reached for my short pants and she began to unbuckle my belt. I was seated next to her on another cement block and once she was done with my belt, she had trouble with the hook just above the zipper of my pants. The pressure of her hands over the front of my short pants as she finally unhooked them and then when she pulled down the zipper, was quite enough to convince me, and with my help we slipped them down around my ankle.

A few seconds later she reached for the front of my underwear and she began to fondle my very hard cock. I could tell that she was very exited as she did this, soon she had her hand inside my underpants and I had to restrain myself so as not to climax right there.

Her hand went on to explore the length of my cock, then she reached for my balls, which she squeezed - a little too hard for my taste - next she pulled my underwear bellow my knees. I was now sitting bare butt on a pile of block, but I was also one block higher than she was so that my cock was exactly level with her mouth. The instant that I felt her lips around the tip of my penis as she held it tightly with her hand, I exploded into her mouth.

At least the first gush went in her mouth, she pulled my cock out of her mouth as soon as she felt my semen erupting. Then four or five gushes jetted all over her face while she just remained still as though frozen.

But much to my surprise she once again open her mouth around the head of my erection and she began to suck.

Even though I had just had a climax I could feel my juice boiling in my balls while the most wonderful sensation took possession of my body.

Most erotic of all was the sight of my young sister with my cum dripping all over her face while her mouth was wide open around my erection. Her eyes were examining my face trying to detect signs of the crisis that she was expecting.

But I was not quite ready yet and while she busily sucked my cock I brought my hands behind her head so as to encourage her in what she was doing. Then one of my hands went to her breasts over her tank top. I wasn't sure if she was going to let me fondle her, after all this was not in the deal, but she did seem to mind and for the first time in my life I was able to feel a girl's breast pressing against the palm of my hand. It felt harder than I expected and also larger, but most of all I was impressed by its weight. Then before I knew it I was once again exploding into her mouth. This time she didn't pulled her mouth away and I heard her swallow three or four times as I poured my seed down her throat.

Even after I was finished, she kept on sucking and she probably would have started working on a third climax if I hadn't stopped her. I was now feeling weak and even a little sorry for what I had made her do, but the deed was done and it was now too late to cry over spill.

"Well," she said, her lips still coated with my cum. " Will you lend me the five dollars."

It disturbed me to see her talk about her payment at such a serious moment. For my taste, she was acting too much like the whores I had seen on TV, talking about money so quickly after the most intense orgasm that I ever experienced.

"Yes, yes. I will let you have the money."

Without saying a word I pulled my pants back on and I got out from under the cottage.

Of course I gave her the money and she was able to go to the concert, but little did I know at the time that she had started something in me that I wasn't going to be able to stop.

I had well over three hundred dollars put away so as to buy a motorcycle, but before the summer was through Peggy had earned most of it by performing blowjobs on me at five dollars each.

Sometimes mother would go shopping in PineHill, we used to accompany her there, but now we used of these occasions so as to remain home by ourselves, and Peggy would then suck my cock in her own bed.

It was on one of these occasions while mother was in Pine Hill and Peggy and I were getting ready to go to her room when I said to her,

"I will give you ten dollars if you let me fuck you."

I could tell that she was thinking about it. Finally, she said,

"No, I don't think I should. I have never done this and now that I started having my periods a couple of months ago, it would be too dangerous, I could become pregnant."

"Don't worry you won't get pregnant, I will pull it out of you before I come. And beside I don't think I could make you pregnant since we are brother and sister."

Of course I knew that this was a lie, but I had to say something since I wanted to have my first fuck before going back to school in two weeks.

"Are you sure of that. I have never heard of it."

"Of course I am. We had sex education classes last year and I learned all about it."

"You will give me ten dollars then if I let you fuck me?"

I now had less than fifty dollars left, all the rest having been spent to pay for her blowjobs at five dollars each. But I badly wanted to fuck her; so far she hadn't let me touch her cunt even though she most willingly let me fondle her breasts each time she gave me a blowjob.

As a matter of fact, except from girly magazine, I hadn't seen a girl's cunt yet.

"Ten dollars and I get to fuck you until mother get back, so what do you say?"

"OK let's do it."

She was so cool about this it was scaring me. All she was interested in, was the money and I knew that if there had been any other boy around who would be willing to pay her for her favors, she would probably have accepted.

We went to her room and as soon as the door was closed she began to undress. When she only had her green panties on, she looked at me, with a naughty smile on her lips and she proceeded to slowly lower her panties down around her ankles.

She was just beginning to have a little hair on her cunt and since it was blond it was hard to detect. But what attracted my attention the most was her two thick lips with the deep half circle at the junction in front. Hers was far different from the cunts that I had seen in magazines.

Of course these had been mature women while Peggy was almost a child still.

"Well, are you going to undress or are you going to fuck me with your pants on. You don't have to worry about me seeing your cock since you know that I probably have seen it more often than you have in the last month."

As soon as I was completely naked she walked to her bed - which was not made - and she stretched on her back waiting for me.

I was mesmerized by the sight of my naked sister waiting for me to fuck her.

I knew that it was not sexual attraction that made her do this, all that she was interested was the money.

"You have to stretch your leg so that I can get between them," I told her.

"Have you ever done that before, you seem to know a lot?"

"Yes," I lied to her, "I did it a couple of times."

"Whom did you fuck, was it a girl I know?"

"Yes you know her but it wouldn't be nice if I told you, so don't ask."

"Oh, I think I know, it must be Vicky, I know she has a crush on you."

That was a surprise, Vicky the slut had a crush on me. Well glad to hear about this, I told myself, Peggy should have revealed this to me earlier, I certainly would have done something about it.

As soon as I was in position between her parted legs she took my erection and placed it between her cunt lips. But when I pushed it against her lips it wouldn't go in and it also seemed to cause her pain.

After half a dozen trials it was evident that there was no use, Peggy was too tight.

But by now I was ready to rape her and I wasn't going to be turned down because of such a small thing. I suddenly pulled my cock away and I glued my mouth between her cunt lips before she had time to realize what was happening.

This had the effect of a bomb on her. For the first time since she was having sex with me she began to feel horny and lewd.

I could tell this by the way that she wrapped her legs around my head, and later by the regular opening and closing of her thighs against my ears. Then as further proof, I felt the juice of her first climax drooling into my mouth. She became very vocal during her crisis and I was glad that mother was not around to hear her.

Her taste was delicious and I wanted to drink more of her so I kept on sucking and toying on her clitoris with my tongue.

Peggy told me later, that on that day she had experienced her first orgasm ever.

About twenty minutes later I pulled my mouth away from her cunt with the intention of trying once again to fuck her. Even though she was visibly shaken by the series of climaxes she just had, she helped me by pulling her cunt lips apart so that I could enter her vagina.

She was so wet and slippery now, that the head of my cock had no trouble whatsoever slipping inside on the first trial. Then I shoved deeper and I knew that her hymen was preventing further progress as I felt the head of my cock hitting a flexible barrier within her.

One large shove from me accompanied by a cry of pain from Peggy and the problem was solved.

As soon as I felt myself completely lodged within my sister's vagina, I began to fuck her.

A couple of minutes later I paid tribute to her virgin cunt, but I didn't stop fucking since I didn't know if she was going to let me do it again without my promising her another ten dollars.

But by now I was pumping into the cunt of a completely new Peggy. Her face had an expression that I had never seen before. I could tell that her expression was one of ecstasy, and soon she had her feet locked around by back and urging me on with the heals of her feet. But worst still was the noises she was making. She was shrieking each time I shoved my erection within her and moaning when I pulled half way out.

After a short while her vagina was so wet that each time that I pulled myself partly out of it, I could actually hear her juice smacking around my cock.

I came two more times within her before my mother got back from Pine Hill. We were so involved in what we were doing that before we knew it, we heard the back door opening and mother shouting so that one of us should help her with the grocery bags. Since mother didn't hear any answer, she assumed that we were outside and she unloaded the bags herself, and even while I heard her moving in the kitchen, I kept on fucking Peggy until I reached my final climax. As for Peggy she was a new girl or should I say a new woman. For the first time in her life she had known the pleasure of fucking and it became like a drug to her.

She became so eager to have me fuck her again the following day that she offered to do it for nothing. We went to fuck under the cottage - by now we had placed an old mattress on a plywood sheet there - while mother was sunbathing on the beach.

I soon discovered that Peggy was becoming addicted to her daily bouts of fucking and just a few days before we were to move back to the city I began to ask her five dollars for each fuck. She had been saving the money that I had been paying her so as to buy a ring, having spent very little of it.

Yes we kept on fucking when we moved into the city and I did get most of my money back.

But once she had none left she began to help mother around the house and she even went babysitting so as to earn money to pay me for fucking her. After all she had set the rules of the game herself and now she had to play by them.

( END )

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