The Stories of Leslie Schmidt


The Dream

by Leslie Schmidt

When I first woke up, I thought it had been a dream but the evidence, more than just the sleeping toddler in bed with me, suggested otherwise. As I came back to bed from the bathroom I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the dry but worn pull-ups on the floor. I pulled the covers back and, sure enough, Marie was naked from the waist down. The memories flooded back.

Marie is two and a half-almost three. She's at that in- between age were she only still wears a pull-ups at night. I guess she really doesn't need them. My sister had put her to bed around nine and we had finished up the evening watching the late news and then Jay's monolog. I crashed in the spare bedroom. I vaguely remember the rest.

I was sound asleep when she pushed under the covers next to me. I put my arm around her small frame, the cotton nightie, she cuddled against my side. Somewhere, in the fog, I felt her little hand run along my cock, small fingers and thumb circling the flare of the head through my briefs, tugging slightly. Then two small hands worked there way under the elastic and cupped my rising cock, sliding up and down it, then one ran over my nuts, gently moving them around in the sack while the other hand continued to squeeze and pull on my cock head.

I reached across my chest with my right hand and ran my hand over the side of her face and into her hair, my other hand was on the back of her thighs. Then I reached down and worked my under shorts down over my hips and butt.

It was totally dark in the room, I couldn't see anything, only feel as the tiny little girl rolled onto her back next to me and raised her hips, pushing her pull-ups down, then worked them off her feet. The covers were pushed down with this and I felt the soft paper and plastic pants brush against my thigh, then heard the small noise of them hitting the floor next to the bed. Then she sat up again and, without saying a word knelt next to me.

She grasped my cock again with both hands, her feet were cold in my armpit, her calf along my side, as she leaned over and I felt her mouth on my head. My cock was upside down in the little one's mouth, the top of my bulb against her tongue, the glans fitting into the roof of her mouth. I ran my hand up her back and into her hair, holding the back of her head as she rocked back and forth. She was breathing hard through her nose and sucking hard on my schlong. I lifted the hem of her nightie and ran my hand around her side, my other hand holding the shaft of my enraged dick.

With her bent over like that, on her knees, I wasn't able to push my hand between her thighs, so I just covered her side with my hand, moving with her, my other hand on the back of her head, my fingers interlaced in her hair.

She didn't object at all as I directed movements, humping my cock in and out of her tiny mouth, and as I became more desperate, building higher and higher, she seemed to concentrate harder on my cock. I made two last short strokes into her face and then blew, catching my breath as I filled her mouth. She didn't pull back at all but clamped down, sucking hard and swallowing, working her mouth and throat to get every bit of the sperm I was feeding her.

My heart was pounding like it had never done before as I sank down and we both relaxed. I dropped my hands and she let my dick go.

Then, again, there was movement as she lifted up. She stood up on the bed, then one of her feet pushed on my right shoulder and she sort of fell forward, digging a knee painfully into my other shoulder. More squirming and then her thighs on my cheeks and the softness of her little cunt settled on my mouth, her nightie fell across my forehead.

Instinctively, I pushed my tongue out along her slit. She smelled slightly of urine as she ground her tiny smooth sex against me. I had my hands on her thighs and hips, her hands were on my forehead as she pushed against me and I pushed my tongue up and as far inside her as the tip would go. She gasped, raising off me, just hovering her pussy in the darkness above my mouth, my tongue still flicking over her tiny clit, then sank down again, relaxing, her arms on the pillow above my head, my nose being scrunched by her belly, her chest on my forehead.

Again there was movement as she rolled off of me, then slid back down between the covers and cuddled against my side. That's the last I remember until about 5:50 when I got up to take a leak. I climbed back in bed with the sleeping child and dozed off again-Saturday morning.

A couple of minutes later, Marie got up and went into the bathroom. I could see from the bed as she climbed up on the commode and tinkled, her nightie hiked up around her chest. Then she padded back, leaving to toilet unflushed, and crawled in next to me-I was feigning sleep. She threw her leg across my thigh, her soft pussy was against my hip, my cock lay along her thigh. I cupped her ass with my hand. The clock next to the bed read 7:05.

She looked up at me and smiled.

"Good morning," I said.

She brought her hand up to her mouth and put an upright finger across her lips, "Shhhhhh." Then, laying her head back down on my chest, she moved that hand to my cock and started petting it. My heart started to pound again as it swelled and hardened along her thigh.

I tentatively probed down between her legs with my finger, feeling her soft pussy lips, and was encouraged when she pushed her butt up. I pushed the tip of my finger along the slit and she shivered, then wrapped her little hand around my cock and started jerking me off in earnest. She wasn't really wet at all, more sort of a damp stickiness in the soft folds of her sex, so I had to be really gentle not to pull on any of her sensitive parts and hurt her.

She shivered a couple of more times, now humping against my thigh, then lifted her head up and looked at me. "You must be quiet, we can't wake mommy," she whispered.

Next she climbed up on top of me, her knees on either side of my hips, and pushed her pussy against me enraged cock. She lifted up and pulled her nightie off, her dark hair falling free around her shoulders and down across her flat chest. With her hands on my shoulders, she started to rub along my cock, rocking back and forth giving frontage and grinding against me. As she moved, she started breathing with her movements.

I wrapped my hands around her small ass cheeks and gently slid her foreword so she was now rubbing the head of my cock against herself. I could feel the tiny clam shell opening slightly and, after she moved foreword and then would start to slide back, my dick head would get momentarily hung up in the small socket. She rocked faster and pushed harder, I noticed some small beads of sweat on her forehead and upper lip.

I was building too, now directing her movement, holding her thighs and ass cheeks, as I humped to meet her. She caught her breath and bore down hard against me. At the same time my dick head was nestled in the opening of her pussy and I fired. As she just pushed down, it seemed she was trying to get me inside her, I pumped my semen into her baby sex. Of course, there was no penetration, I was just blowing on the entrance, maybe pumping a few drops of my cum up inside her.

Now she was laying down on my chest, her head nestled under my chin. I pulled the covers up over her shoulders, my cock still against the slimy opening to her sex.

"Well, I see you two get along well."

My sister was standing in the doorway.

"Get her cleaned up, then bring her to me and I'll dress her." She turned and went back toward her bedroom.