The Stories of Leslie Schmidt


My Brother's Child

by Leslie Schmidt

I was watching a movie I had picked up, some forgettable thing to use up the hours before bed. Lisa was rolling around on the floor, tormenting my old tom cat with too much 9 year old love.

"Oh! I love you, I love you, I love you, kitty," she said, snuggling the friendly tiger cat, his tail twitching as he hoped for something more interesting, like a bug, to come into view. Lisa rolled again, for the 20th time putting herself between me and the TV.

"Hon, why don't you let Lester go and watch the movie with me?"

She looked up, "But I love kitty Lester."

"Well, Lester might appreciate some time alone." I patted the sofa next to me.

The fourth grader got up and padded over, plopping down in the crook of my arm. Her very long red hair was still damp from her bath. I would have to comb it out again. She smelled of Irish Spring and Pert, her cotton nighty pulled up above her knees.

"Can I sit on your lap?"

I lifted her easily, just 60 pounds of lithe beauty, and positioned her in my lap. My cock firmed just a little more. It had been interested since I had watched her in the bath an hour earlier. She slouched down, putting her knees on the outside of my thighs. I put my arms around her, feeling her small rib cage with my right while I put my left hand on her opposite hip. She wiggled back and forth, I took a ragged breath when I realized that she was positioning my cock between her ass cheeks.

We watched for just a few moments in silence, then I ran my hand down the outside of her thigh, feeling the firm muscles through the cotton, the bump at the leg band of her panties. Lisa swiveled her head around and looked up at me, an inscrutable expression.

She turned back toward the TV, then took my hand and led it up into her crotch. "Rub me there, I really like it when Daddy does that."

I gasped and my heart raced. I was shocked and so totally turned on at the same time. Just as I wondered whether she knew what it was pushing up against her ass, I thought that there was something else my kid brother and I liked.

I pushed my fingers against the fabric and felt her pussy through the thin material. I could clearly feel her lips, the cleft between the twin ridges. I felt an indentation at the opening of her pussy. She lifted her knees slightly and wiggled more, humping slightly against my finger. Then she pulled up on her nighty. I lifted my hand as Lisa pulled it up, uncovering her belly. Then she lifted the waist band of her panties. I looked down over her shoulder at her beautiful hairless pussy. Her mons rise was bisected by her slit. Clear pinkish skin with beige freckles.

"Please, rub me inside my panties."

I put my hand down her underwear, feeling the smooth softness of a nine year old. Her clit was a firm bump in her slit. Below it was a slipperiness. I rubbed up and down a couple of times and felt her heart start to race. I had brought my other hand up onto her chest. There was no rise there, just the small bumps of the tips of her nipples.

I pushed lower and my finger slid inside her. No cherry. She started to hump as I ran my finger in and out of her. Although it was small, still, it was obvious that my brother's cock was no stranger to his little girl's charms.

"Let's take our clothes off," I said.

The child was too far gone to answer as she came, shivering and holding my hand against her pussy. She relaxed and I pulled my finger out of her.

"Daddy always likes to put 'it' inside me," she said.

"Yeah, that'd be great," I said. My voice was horse.

She pulled my hand away, then stood up. Turning to face me, she pulled her night gown off over her head, then pulled her panties down. Lisa is a little skinny, her ribs are clear under her pink freckled skin. Her nipples are almost invisible on a completely boyish chest. Skinny arms and legs. Her mons rises nicely, but her slit is obviously a little stretched out. My brother has been fucking her quite a bit.

She has a small face with a pointy nose between green eyes. Her red hair falls to her waste. She leaned forward and started tugging at the waste band of my gym shorts. I lifted up and helped as my dick stood up, bouncing with my over revving heart. I pulled my shirt off.

Lisa looked down, then took my cock with both hands, inspecting it. "You're not as big as Daddy," she said.

"Well, I'm sorry."

"That's OK. Maybe you wont hurt as much going in."

"Do you do this with Donald much?" I asked.

"Only when Mom's away. Then Daddy lets me sleep with him."

"Oh," I said.

My niece started to stroke me, up and down with well practiced moves.

"I'll suck on you if you promise not to squirt your stuff."


She leaned down and I felt her little lips closing around my dick head, her tiny teeth scraping it slightly. I had to pull her hair back to watch as she sucked my cock. I started to hump into her face, the cum building inside me. She seemed to know what was happening and lifted up, looking at me, still holding my cock but not stroking it.

"You have to cool down if you want to make it last. Daddy always does that."

"Uh huh." I said. I pulled her against me, hugging her and kissed her. She was expecting my tongue. She was so light and frail against me, like holding a little bird. My cock was hard against her thigh. We kissed for a long time, I cupped one of her ass cheeks, then reached down with both my hands and pulled her knees up. The head of my cock ground against her smooth clam.

Lisa lifted up and looked at me, her hands flat on my chest. "Do you want to do it now?"

"Yeah." My voice was husky.

I started to feel disappointment when she moved down, climbing off of me, but she leaned down and, again, sucked on the head of my cock. Then she lifted up and spit on it. Next she climbed onto the sofa, standing with her feet on either side of my hips, and she squatted down. I knew what to do and held my enraged dork up, aiming it as she lowered herself. Her little girl pussy lips pulled apart, opening her vagina just before the tip of my dick made contact. They easily spread over the head, enveloping it. I watched in amazement as half my dick disappeared into her hairless preteen cunt.

In spite of the fact that she was no stranger to being fucked, she was still incredibly tight and smooth. I pushed as far inside her as I could go, then she lifted up, only to drive me inside her again. She started a regular bouncing, driving me into her and giving me the most awesome view as I slid in and out of her. As we both built, she flopped forward onto her knees, now rocking up and down, sliding her chest along mine. I wrapped my hands around her thighs, just below her ass, pulling her further apart as I humped my cock deep inside her.

She threw her head back and yelped, jamming herself down on me as I exploded deep inside her, filling her preteen womb with my sperm. I felt her cunt clamp down on me as she shivered and groaned, then fell on top of me, panting. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest as my own made a slower and deeper thudding in my throat. We were both drenched with sweat and, after a few minutes, she fell asleep, her face on my chest, my half hard cock still deep inside her.

I managed to turn us sideways, laying on the couch and keep my cock inside her. I pulled a blanket over us and we both dozed until the movie ended.