The Stories of Leslie Schmidt


The Girl from DR

by Leslie Schmidt

It was about seven AM on Monday, I was in the bathroom, shaving. From the bedroom, my cell phone emitted an electronic version of The 1812 Overture. As Napoleon's army was turned back at the gates to Moscow, I ran, knowing that I needed to get to it before the seventh cannon blast or the voicemail would pick up.


There was a short silence, then an accented female voice, "Hello, Paul?"

I recognized Lupe, a neighbor. "Hi, Lupe, how are you doing?" She and her daughter had moved into the efficiency at the end of the court yard about a month ago. It was obvious that she had just gotten off the boat. She worked cleaning hotel rooms along the beach.

"Ah, Paul, ah...., I need someone to watch Juliana, my friend can't do it and I need to work."

I had never expected her to take me up on my offer of help, I run a web-based business out of my apartment, so I am home most days. I had noticed the new emigrants a few weeks ago and had done my best to be a good neighbor. This had included shaming the landlord into lowering her rent to the same rate he charged other residence rather than taking advantage of her status.

"Sure, I'm not going anywhere today, other than, maybe, the store." I paused for a moment, "Just bring her over."

"Oh, thank you, thank you so much! I be over in ten minutes?"

"Any time."

"Thank you." She hung up.

I went into the bathroom and finished my face, then pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt. I thought about what might be under the sink or in the closet. I checked to make sure the .357 I kept in the top drawer was unloaded, the clip was next to it and the chamber was empty, and put the lemon detergent and roach spray on a shelf. I cleared the miscellaneous bottles of aspirin and cough medicine back into the medicine cabinet. The apartment was moderately kid safe, there was a knock on the door.

Lupe was in jeans, Juliana was wearing a green shift and flip flops, she was carrying a favorite doll. "Come on it."


They walked in. "She doesn't speak good English," Lupe said.

"That's ok. I don't speak good Spanish-we'll get on great."

Lupe laughed, "Good."

"Does she need anything special?" I asked.

Lupe paused for a moment, not really knowing what I meant. "Nooo. She's had breakfast."

"Good. Don't worry, I'll feed her lunch. When will you be back? I'll probably take her with me shopping later."

"I get off at 4:30."

"Ok, is there a number I can reach you at, if I need you?"

Lupe looked a little surprised, as if the idea had never occurred to her. Then, "Oooo...., I guess you can call the Day's Inn."

"Just down the street?"

She nodded. "Ok, don't worry, I've taken care of children before-mine are grown now."

"Ok, gracias." She said something to Juliana which I couldn't follow and the little girl spoke back, then hugged her mother around the legs.

She looked at me with a little fear after her mother had left. "Do you want to watch TV?" I asked as I pointed. The little girl nodded. I found the remote and searched for a kid's channel. She settled down on the floor in front of Fox Kids, I went back to work at my computer in the dining area of the apartment that I used as an office.

It must have been an hour later that I noticed the little one standing in the doorway watching me. I had almost forgotten that she was in the house. I looked up.


"Oh, it's upstairs, honey." I said. I took her hand and led her up the stairway where there were two bedrooms and a bath. She really needed to go, when she saw the toilet, she ran toward it, trying to hike up her skirt and pull down her panties at the same time. I got a really cute look at her little brown ass as she tried to deal with the tangle of clothes and climb onto the toilet at the same time. Suddenly she started to cry, her back side to the toilet, her panties around her ankles and a growing puddle at her feet. All I could do was laugh. I walked up to her and, squatting down held her face to my shoulder (trying hard not to step in the puddle on the floor). The front of her dress and her panties were soaked, she would need a bath. I lifted the five-year-old up onto the seat and there was a small tinkle in the water in the bowl as she finished.

In the back of my mind, I was blessing my luck, in my pants, my dick was testing the strength of my zipper. I had hoped that I could get the cute five- year-old naked, now she had done it herself.

"Here, honey, let's get these wet clothes off you." She let me work her soaked panties off, I carefully held the, still dry, waste band. Then I lifted the wet shift off her, I was able to keep the urine soaked fabric away from face and long dark hair. I turned and started the tub filling. At the same time, I readjusted the bulge in my pants. I turned back to the child.



I lifted the little one up and put her in the tub. As I held her up, I got a good look at her beautiful little pussy. My dick surged.

She stood and watched me as I pulled an old towel out of the cabinet and wiped up the urine. Then I gathered the whole mess of wet clothes, "I'll be right back," and took them down stairs to the washer. Then I went back up.

The little girl had sat down and was playing with the rising water, splashing it against her thigh. She was a site of beauty. Her mother, Lupe, was very dark, possibly of pure African decent. But, it was obvious that Juliana's father had been white. Her skin was a light brown, her hair was dark brown, almost black, curls which cork-screwed down to the small of her back. Her eyes were beige with long dark lashes, a small up-turned nose and wide lips. I was hoping to see those lips wrapped around my cock in not too long.

I took some soap and wetted it, then started to suds up the child, running my hands over he flat little chest, down her arms to her hands and around her neck. Then I gently splashed her and lifted water in my cupped hands to rinse her off. "Come on, let's get the rest of you," I said as I lifted her to standing.

I couldn't believe my luck as I ran my soapy hands up the little girls legs. It was amazing to have such a beautiful little goddess delivered to me. Her legs were thin and straight. I ran my hands, cupping her left ankle, up and down her smooth skin. Then I moved up to her thigh, a little wider but softer above a little bit of a knobby knee. I brought my hands up, one on her hip, my fingers wrapped around to her round ass while I moved my other back and forth, opening her pussy lips and felt her soft inner lips and clit move along the edge of my finger. The child just watched me in silence. I moved to her other leg, my dick was screaming for release. I thought I would pass out as I, again but with the other hand, felt the child's soft pussy, by heart was pounding and my throat was tight. I knew I had to stop or I would alarm the child. With great difficulty, I dropped my hands. "Sit down," I gently pushed the child back down into the water.

After she had rinsed off, I looked around for something for her to play with. No tub toys. The doll she had was fabric-not good in the tub. I told her to stay there, then went down stairs. Some plastic dishes-tupperware sorts of things-and a large ladle and spoon. She got the idea and played for a few minutes. I thought about getting my camera but I didn't have the guts. Instead, I watched the naked five-year-old, desperately wishing I could pull out my crank and blow cum across the room. I especially wanted to stand over her and empty my balls, watch my jez goo up her hair and drip down across her face and flat little girl chest.

This was just too much for me, so I left the room and went into the bedroom, sat down on the bed with my pants around my ankles and started to jerk off. I could hear the sounds of water sloshing and her moving around no more than 15 feet from me. I lay back on the bed, looking at the ceiling and furiously stroked myself. Only after I had let loose with jets of semen, it covered my hand and had run over it into my crotch hair, did I notice that it was quiet. I looked up to see the girl, dripping wet, standing in the doorway.

I have no idea how long she had been standing their, but I'm sure that she had seen it all. All I could do was say, "Oh, hi."

She turned and walked away in silence. I used the sheet to clean up, then went after her (pulling my pants back up). She was just standing in the doorway to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and started to dry her.

"I'll have to wash your clothes, so there's nothing for you to wear for a while," I said. I'm sure she didn't understand a word I said.

"Come," I took her hand, she was wrapped in the towel, and led her down stairs. The laundry is a closet in a short hall between the living room and kitchen-dining area. I lifted her so she could see her clothes in the bottom of the washer, then I put in some detergent and started it. She looked up at me and smiled and nodded, she understood.

"Do you want something to eat?" I got a look of confusion. I tried to remember what little Spanish I remember, "¨Usted desea comer?"

She smiled, "Si."

I'm not sure what children from the Dominican Republic eat, but she seemed very happy with macaroni and cheese with hot dog slices. She also drank a full glass of milk and some cut up apple. She had let the towel fall down onto the chair and I marveled in the site of the naked little girl sitting on a stool. She didn't seem the least bothered when I took out my camera and started shooting. As a matter of fact, like most children, she's a bit of a ham in front of the camera and I got some really sexy shots of her. One is especially good, I get hard just thinking about it. She's leaning back against the breakfast bar, her face down, looking up at the camera with a sweet smile. Her hair is following down over her shoulders, one of her hands is on her thigh, the other is on her stomach. She has her legs comfortably spread, showing her lovely pussy and clit. Later that night I blew an enormous load looking at it.

The phone interrupted my photo session. "Hello?"

"Paul, how's Juliana?" It was Lupe.

"She's fine, we're eating lunch. How's work?"

"It's fine."

"Uh," I paused, "We had a little accident and I have had to put her clothes in the wash."

"Oh, did she spill something?"

"No, she didn't get to the toilet in time."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, that's..., I'm so sorry." She sounded truly upset.

"Don't worry, it's really no problem. I gave her a bath and her clothes will be done soon, then I'm going to take her to the store."

The conversation went on for a little longer, then I put Juliana on and they chatted in Spanish that I couldn't follow. Then Juliana gave the phone back to me.

"It sounds like she's having a good time," there was a pause. "Uh, Paul, can you watch her tomorrow? The, well, my friend who was watching her has moved and I have to find someone else, but I have to work also."

My heart started pumping faster. "Oh, I'd love to; I've had a great time watching her. I miss having my youngsters."

After a few more sentences where she offered to pay me and I refused she rang off. Not much later, the dryer finished and I had the sad task of dressing the girl.

We went to the grocery store, then I took her to a playground for over an hour. When Lupe got back from work, I talked her to her for a few minutes, then they left promising to be back in the morning.

At 7:00 the next morning they arrived. "I think Juliana and I will go to the beach today."

"Oh, I don't have a bathing costume for her."

"Then I'll buy one for her, don't worry, I wont spend much." Actually, I had been out and bought one the evening earlier. I had found a white bikini that I knew would fit-but be a bit tight. Then I had cut the lining out of it.

I fed her Cheerios for breakfast, then again left her to watch TV while I got some work done. At about 10, I was about to take a break, she came padding into the room. "¨Puedo tener algo que beber?" It took me a few moments to translate.

"¨Qu‚ usted tiene gusto de beber?"


I got up and poured the child a glass of milk. It looked like I would have to start buying half gallons instead of quarts. When she finished, she wiped her mouth with the back of her arm.

I wasn't sure of the words, so I fished around for a Spanish-English dictionary as the girl returned to the TV. When I came back into the living room, she didn't notice me.

"¨Usted desea ir a la playa?"

"Oh, Si!" she cried and ran over to me and hugged my legs.

"Well, first child, let's get you in a bathing suit."

I led her up stairs and stood her on my bed. Then I took the two piece out of the bag on my dresser and showed it to her, holding it up to her. She got the idea and started to strip. First, she pulled her top, a yellow tank, off over her head, then pulled her red cotton shorts and panties off together. She plopped down on her ass and gave me a marvelous show of her pussy as she pulled them free of her feet, then started to put the bottoms of the suit on. I took the opportunity and pulled my shirt off, then pulled off my jeans. She stopped and watched me, she may have never seen a naked man before, as I dug around for my trunks and pulled them on. She got her top twisted and I had to help her with that.

It was only a three block walk to the beach where I staked out our claim close to the water. The surf was small and, holding hands, we walked into the water. Soon I was carrying her and, once I was in water that was just over my waist, I started to slosh her around in the water. She giggled a lot and, as we splashed and laughed, I got quite a few feels of her lovely pussy. At one time I held her with her belly down. One of my hands was over her chest (I had slipped my hand under her top) and I had my other hand between her legs from behind. My cock was pushing hard against my trunks. A little later, I got her in the same position but, as there was no one near enough to see, I worked my hand inside her bottoms and cupped her soft puss, holding one of my fingers in her slot. With the fun of being in the water, she didn't seem to notice that I was feeling her up. When I rolled her onto her back I could see, through the clear water, that her bathing suit was almost transparent. God, what a beautiful little girl.

It took a while for my cock to soften enough that I could position it and I carried her out of the water. Sure enough, just as I had hoped, you could see right through her bikini at her puffy lips and little dark nipples. It turned my on to think that other guys may be enjoying the show, themselves trying to control their firming cocks at the sight of this glorious five-year-old, as good as naked on the beach. She played in the sand for a little while and I rested, then we were back in the water to rinse the sand off, then back home.

When we arrived, I made us a lunch of peanut- butter and jelly sandwiches, potato chips and koolaid. Then, with my dick beginning to firm in anticipation, I led Juliana upstairs to the bathroom. First, I pulled off my shirt and trunks. The girl looked suspiciously at me, sort of inspecting me. My cock was at half mast, pointing down at a 45 degree angle and bouncing with my heart. I turned on the water to the tub. Then I squatted down pulled her top off, then her bottoms came down.

I stepped into the tub and sat down, my prick sticking straight up, now hard as a rock. I opened my arms and lifted her, standing her in front of me. My face was at a direct level with her pussy. Her lips were thin, an inch long crease with small wrinkles on either side. Just the tiniest little bit of her clit ridge pushed out from between them just before they disappeared between her legs. We couldn't talk much, this was way beyond my limited Spanish, but she didn't mind as I poured water over her head and shampooed her hair. Then I turned her around and had her lay down between my legs as I rinsed the shampoo out. It felt really good as her hair played around my ball and cock in the water while she looked up at me. She especially watched my aching hard schlong.

Then I scooted down and wetted my hair, forcing her against the tap end of the tub and pushing my balls and dick against her thigh in a tangle of legs. It rubbed against her side and I felt her arm against it. I almost fired my jez right then. She played at shampooing my hair and with a lot of giggles and splashing it was soon time for me to rinse. Again I lay back but, this time, the child sat on top of me, astride my chest, and leaned forward to rinse my hair in the water. God, it was so difficult not to just lift her up and sit her pussy right on my mouth but I knew that that would come later. I was able to look down and get the most marvelous look at her cunt, the outer lips pulled apart revealing her beautiful clit and the inner lips. These were pulled open also and, when I pushed her back and sat up, she slid down my stomach to come to rest against my thighs, my dick up her crack to the small of her back, I saw the pink membrane of her cherry. I knew she was, of course, way too small to fuck, so her maidenhead was safe from me, but, oh, the fun I was going to have at its gates!

I lifted her up and sat her back down between my legs, she eyed my cock suspiciously as it bounced back and forth. I was a little out of my head, next I just took her hands and put them on my shaft. I started moving them up and down, she looked at me with a questioning look, but then began to comply with my nonverbal instruction. I guided her hands, speeding them up and slowing them down as needed, as my cum began to boil behind my cock. I don't know whether she remembered what she had seen the day before, but I think she did as she kept stroking me even after I had taken my hands away and leaned back in the tub. She jumped in surprise when my first shot of cum flew up, then plopped down across her shoulder and chest. She stopped stroking, and I grabbed her hands and restarted her as more jez flowed out of my cock and over her little hands before collecting in the water. When I had finished, I grabbed her and held her tiny body to me, I think she was more surprised by my kiss than my cum. My cock was against her little cunt and I pumped a little more semen with the thought.

It seemed as if I had been taken over by some one else. Next, I was lifting the brown sprite out of the tub and wrapping her in a towel. Then I carried her to my bedroom where I sat her on the bed. The towel fell open and I gently lay her back, then got on my knees and started licking her five year old slit. She smelled and tasted of the soap and shampoo. She giggled and pushed me away, but I went right back. Then she was silent as I ran my tongue along the smooth slickness of her clit and cunt lips. Next, she was looking down at me, her mouth open, she was breathing hard. She had her first orgasm as I ran the tip of my tongue around her clit in circles, moaning and pushing her pussy into my face. Then she lay back, panting.

I lifted up and started to run my cock back and forth on her lips, opening them and fully exposing her new pea sized clit. Obviously, she really liked what I was doing because she reached down and held my cock against her as I humped back and forth. Juliana was humping to meet my thrusts and breathing in time to me when I blew my second load over her little pussy and belly. My jez wetted her crotch, filling the little folds of her pussy with my white slime. I sank back onto my heels and looked at the five year old cunt that I had soaked with my seed.

For a little while longer, we wrestled and tussled on my bed until the feeling in my stomach made me aware that she must be starving.


"Oh, Si! Bueno! Por Favor!"

After cleaning us both up with the towel, we dressed then walked down the street to the golden arches. She did know enough English to say "Hamburger Happy Meal," and "Coke."

That afternoon, I had the first of several photo shoots with the little girl. So may children really enjoy having their pictures taken and Juliana was no exception. First, she just posed for the camera, then when I motioned for her to pull her shirt off, she did it with no questions. Soon she was pulling her shorts down, then showing off her Pokiman panties, sticking her ass at the camera and laughing. Next, she worked her panties down, showing me her butt and pussy. In the last shots, she was laying on her back on the floor, her knees and feet up in the air. I even got a close up of her cherry.

By now, I had my cock out and rock hard again. I sat down, then pulled the child to me, standing between my knees. Again, I had her stroking me but, this time, I gently pushed her face down and she took me in her mouth. The warmth and softness of her lips and tongue was exquisite. She didn't seem to be bothered at all, sucking me like it was the most natural and normal thing. That's not to say that she was practiced, I had to pantomime licking along my shaft and I held my balls out for her to suck on.

I took a few pictures of her sucking me, a couple, where I held the camera out to the side and just guessed at the aim, came out quite well. In one picture, she is looking up at me, smiling around my cock with bright, laughing eyes-if there were an award for pictures such as this...

As I started to build, she concentrated more on sucking and met my thrusts with willing movements. I brushed her hair back to watch her as she concentrated, her little hands still wrapped around my shaft. She jumped back when I fired into her mouth, and my second shot to cum splashed over her face. I pushed her back and she took the rest of my jez (there wasn't much this time) in her mouth and swallowed. I got some pictures of her cum covered face also. When we were finished, she fell back giggling at me.

Later that day, when Lupe arrived, I talked her into staying for dinner. I made spaghetti and we had some wine. I directed the conversation to her life before she came to this country and pretty well confirmed my suspicions that she had been a hooker in Santo Domingo. She also told me how hard it was to make it here because people didn't want to pay her for working and they overcharged her for things too. A little later, I commented on how she really can't complain too much, especially to the government, because they would just make her go back.

Later, we parted on good terms, Juliana hugged me and Lupe thanked me for dinner.

For the rest of the week, I watched Juliana and had a marvelous time. I got many pictures of her, one with her showing me her cum filled mouth, a white sheet across her lips, more jez on her cheek and chin. I also, several times, pumped her tiny pussy as full of sperm as I could, holding the tip of my dick against her open pussy lips and pushing semen past her cherry into her child-womb. Once she sat on my lap, facing away from me with my cock up between her legs, we got off while we watched Sesame Street-Big Bird never had it so good.

It was on Friday that I noticed that Lupe's attitude changed. She seemed kind of distracted and cold when she dropped Juliana off. Our day went as you would expect, I ate her hairless pussy in the morning before she swallowed a load of my cum. Then shopping, then home for her to model taking off the new clothes I had bought her, only to finish up with my empting my balls on her belly and chest.

I saw them on Saturday morning, Juliana ran to me and hugged my leg while Lupe was distantly polite. I went out that night and then slept in on Sunday, staying in bed until about noon. It was later that day that I noticed that their apartment was empty. A neighbor told me that Lupe had gotten a job in another city and she had given them a ride to the bus station on Saturday evening.