The Stories of Leslie Schmidt


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Fourth Time Films P2

By Leslie Schmidt

It was Friday evening and Sally had just returned with two large pizzas. Four of them, Sarah, Joan, Sally, and Ming, were sitting in a circle on the living room floor playing Uno and working on the pizzas when Joan's phone rang. She jumped up and ran down the hall toward her bedroom where she'd left the phone.


"Joan, Joe Anderson here, got a minute?"

Joan immediately came to reality-there was only one reason Joe'd be calling. "Yes, how's it going?"

"Coming along swimmingly," he responded.

After Sally had moved in with Joan and Sarah, she'd stopped working for Joe (too long a drive for just an hour of work a couple times a week). Before, when Joan and Sally were just dating, Joan was more aware of what was happening at First Time Films.

"I assume you're calling because you want Sarah to make another movie," she said, her voice was flat.

"Well, yes, I do," Joe responded (there was no other reason he'd be calling). "I have a new guy and I'd like him to do a shoot with Sarah."

"Charlie not with you anymore?"

"No, Charlie's still making movies, just finished one earlier today, it's just that Rich hasn't been in this line before..."

"So you want my daughter to break in the new guy." There was a hard edge to her voice, then the irony of the situation came to her and she had to smile. "Strange turn ay? Now you need a girl to train the new guy."

"I suppose you could say that..." Joe said. "It's a new situation...and I know I can trust Sarah make a good film."

Joan started walking slowly toward the door. "So, what's different?" She was curious.

"Well, first, Rich is black-interracial thing-and then, he's...he's pretty well endowed, too big to actually have sex with a youngster."

Joan stopped in the door, thinking about what he meant. "Then, what do you want?" she asked.

"Just testing a new concept. I want to see how it will sell."

"You'll have to ask Sarah," Joan said, starting toward the living room.

"Sarah?" she called, lowering the phone, "come here dear."

Sarah looked at Ming with a bit of nervousness...usually if a parent was on the phone and then called a kid it meant trouble. She hopped up and ran back into the house, following her mother into the bedroom.

"It's Joe Anderson, he wants to talk to you." Joan held out the phone to her nine year old.

"Hello?" Sarah said timidly.

"Hi Sarah, it's Joe. How are you darling?"


"School going OK?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Honey, I have a favor to ask you, is that OK?"

"Yeah..." Sarah was still nervous.

"Honey, if your mother says it's OK, would you make another movie?"

"I guess so, with Charlie?" Sarah asked.

"No, with someone else, his name's Rich."

Sarah didn't know what to say. "I'll have to ask Mommy," she responded. She lowered the phone and held it against her chest.

"If you want to," Joan said, "it's up to you."

Sarah put the phone back to her ear. "Ahhh....OK, I guess so."

"Thank you dear," Joe said. "Just one thing I need to tell you first honey. Rich is a black man, is that OK?"

At this, Sarah got a confused look on her face. She pulled the phone away and looked at it, then put it back to her ear. "Well, I guess so," she said. Her tone implied "What difference does that make?"

"You're awesome," Joe responded, thinking to himself that he should have these days don't care about things like that.

"Let me speak to your mom," he said.

It was arranged that they'd be at Joe's office at one the following afternoon. Ming was picked up by her father at 8:30 that night. He had to work late, then they were going to drive to see his parents near San Francisco. They'd stop for the night around Bakersfield, then continue on in the morning.

* * *

It was one of those very rare days in LA when it rains. A weather system (not a storm) had come in off the Pacific. It had started to drizzle during the night and continued for most of the morning. In the mountains it was really raining and there might be a danger of mud slides up around Big Bear if it kept up. But in the basin it was just cloudy with off-and-on light rain.

Sarah and Joan arrived fifteen minutes early. Sally was working the Saturday shift at a children's clinic in Garden Grove. Sarah had been antsy in the car on the way down. They had been quiet, Sarah had long ago picked up on her mother's reticence at the movies, and she understood why, but she kind of liked making them. They made her feel special, made her feel desirable and pretty. She also knew that it wasn't something a girl was supposed to do, so in that way it made her feel like she was breaking the rules...getting away with it.

Still, she was nervous. Joe wanted her to make a movie with someone new-she wasn't sure about that. She had done it with someone else for Joe before, at that party last spring, but she hadn't felt very comfortable about it.

The door was unlocked but Joe wasn't in the front.

"I wonder if he's in the studio," Joan said as they looked into his office.

Sarah went down the short hall and pushed open the door, her mother following. Joe was just coming out of the bathroom.

"Hi! You're here," he said, his face brightening up.

Sarah ran to him and threw her arms around him. Joe hugged the nine year old back as he felt her chest press against his cock.

"I guess we're early," Joan said.

"That's fine," Joe responded. "Rich won't be here until two." He held the girl out. "I was hoping," he looked at Joan, "to do some stills of Sarah here before we made the movie."

Sarah looked at her mom, not knowing what to say.

"What do you mean?" Joan asked.

"I'd like to do a photo spread of Sarah, just Sarah here in the studio."

"You mean nude?"

"Well, yeah," Joe smiled. "We'll start off with her dressed, then..."

Joan looked at Sarah. "Can't hurt...what do you think?"

Sarah looked from her mom to Joe. "Sure," she shrugged.

He looked her up and down. She was dressed in jeans, a sweater with wide navy, light blue, and white stripes. She also had on bright pink athletic shoes. "Maybe if you could brush out her hair," Joe said, "but, otherwise, I think she looks great."

Sarah and Joan went over to the hair dressing chair while Joe rummaged around in one of the equipment closets. He took out a tripod and a hand held camcorder. As Joan brushed out Sarah's hair and put a little lip rouge on her, he set the gear up about twelve feet from the foot of the bed, checked the batteries and memory stick, and then checked out his digital SLR.

"OK Sarah," he said was she and Joan finished up. "What I want you to do is get undressed while I take pictures. Just follow my directions, I'm going to be telling you how to pose for each shot."

"What's the movie camera for?" Joan asked.

"Just an idea I have. As I take the pictures I'm going to splice them in as stills on the movie. The viewer will see the photo shoot from an overall perspective but then, each time I shoot, I'll put in the still for a few seconds, so he'll see what I've captured."

"Sounds like it might be popular," Joan responded.

"Everything Sarah does is popular," Joe replied. "My customers can't get enough."

Joan didn't particularly like that idea.

"Sarah," Joe asked. "Are you wearing a tee shirt under that?"

Sarah had sat down on the foot of the bed. "No, I have a sleeveless top underneath."


"And white panties."

"Awesome honey," Joe said. "Move around to the side of the bed. Now also, every time I take a picture, there'll be a flash from the lights. Don't let it startle you."


"Now, stand up and face the camera...OK, turn around...look over your shoulder at, turn sideways...chin, turn the other way...arch your back...look face me...arms over your head...up on your toes...stretch up...hand on your down some...give me a saucy smile...awesome, OK, sit reach down to untie your shoe, look pull one of the strings straight up...hold it...look at me and smile...take that shoe off...

"Wait," Joe paused. "Let me see your socks"

Sarah was wearing toe socks. They were red, orange and yellow stripes, six or eight different shades in horizontal bands. Each of the toes was a different color.

"Oh, those are great!" Joe exclaimed as he leaned down and took a close-up. "Take your other shoe off."

Sarah did and put them to the side.

"Put your feet together," Joe asked. Then he took another close up of her feet.

"Pull up your cuffs."

Sarah did, the socks almost reached her knees.

"Where did you find those?" Joe asked Joan.

"Sally bought them."

"Those are really cute." Standing back up and stepping away, he lifted the camera again.

"OK honey, lay back on the, undo the snap on your jeans...hold it, look at me...saucy smile...OK, now the zipper (a bit of skin and the white of her panties showed) pull both sides...OK, lift up and work them down just a little...little more...OK, sit up, push them down to your knees...look work them to your feet...go ahead and take them off...(they were left crumpled on the floor) stand up...hands on hips...great, now pull your sweater up, just a little...more...more...push your hands up through the neck so I can see your fingertips (he took a close up of her face with the sweater bunched around her shoulders and neck, her fingertips coming out just below her jaw)...lift it up above your head...arms up...pull one arm out...stretch...OK, now pull it all the way off...

Sarah was now wearing a navy sleeveless undershirt, white panties (quite brief without being a thong) and her colorful socks.

"OK, sit down and start pulling down one of your socks...look up, saucy the other...sit back on the bed...hands behind you...straight back...OK, now I want you to climb up and stand on the bed...face me...put your feet apart...hands behind your head...stretch, look up...(Sarah lost her balance and almost fell backwards, Joe caught her laughing as she regained her feet)...turn sideways...look at me...turn around...hands on hips...push your butt out at me...look back (Sarah bent over, putting her hands on her knees and looked over her shoulder with a smile that asked, 'you like?')...Great! Turn toward me, put your hands on your to the side (Sarah looked at her mother)...OK, straighten hand on across your front on the other...OK honey, stand up straight...face start pulling your panties down...slowly...little more...(the elastic was just above her slit)...pull them down in the front (Sarah uncovered her hairless pussy lips)...hold it (Joe leaned in for a close up of the nine year old sex) work them off your hips...down to your knees...straighten up...hands on hips and let them drop to your feet...OK, I want you to kneel down...back straight...go ahead and kick them off (Sarah worked the panties off her feet behind her, there was a shot of her looking back as Joan grabbed them) pulling off your side...pull it up more...higher (one of her nipples came into view) the other side...bunch it up right below your pull it up to your chin...OK, take it off...stretch it over your head...Great, give it to your mom (another shot with Joan in the picture)...great, now sit down on your feet (her knees naturally came apart) your hands behind you...hold it (Joe zoomed in on her pussy, the full outer lips had pulled apart showing her clit)...pull your legs pull your knees up, no, keep them apart (he bent down and took a couple more close ups of her pussy)...lay back...spread your knees more (Sarah's pussy opened up and Joe got two pictures of her open vagina) roll over on your belly...hold that (Joe again took a series of pictures of her ass and pussy)...push your butt up...on your knees...look back at down on your side...lift up on your elbow (he moved around to the foot of the bed so she was facing him)...pull your knee up...lay back down, no, keep your knee up...OK, lift up on your arms again...

The door opened and Rich quietly came in. He stood at the door, watching the photo shoot. The sight of the nine year old having a nude picture session made his already, swollen cock grow more.

Joe now had Sarah sitting up, cross legged. Joan was standing off to the side and she was startled when she saw Rich. Joe had Sarah stand up and that's when she saw him too.

"Oh!" she said.

Joe looked over and smiled. "Hey Rich, we'll just be a second more," he said.

He looked back through the camera.

"Sarah, turn towards, now wave and we'll call it quits..."

Sarah immediately got off the bed and reached for her panties.

"No honey, why don't you just stay undressed, you'll just be getting naked again," Joe said.

Sarah looked uncomfortably at her mother who shrugged as if to say, 'it's up to you.'

Meanwhile, Joe was greeting Rich, ignoring the naked nine year old. "Rich, great to see you."

"Wouldn't have missed it," Rich said, eyeing Sarah with a bit of a hungry expression and a smile.

"Sarah," Joe turned, "this is Rich...Rich, Sarah. And this is Sarah's mother, Joan." He waved Joan forward.

"Hi," Joan said, not sure whether she should shake his hand or scratch his face.

Joe had released the video camera from its mount and gave it a very quick once-over. Then he held it in front of himself, looking at the view screen and pulled the trigger. The lights came up bright.

"Hey Sarah, this is Rich, say hello." He was filming Sarah where she was sitting on the foot of the bed.

"Hi," Sarah said, looking a bit embarrassed.

"So, Rich, you think you'd like to do this little girl?"

"You bet," Rich said as Joe turned the camera on him. "What ya think Sarah?"

She shrugged concomitantly. "I guess so," she said.

"Sarah," Joe said, "why don't you slide back on the bed and show Rich what he has to look forward to?"

Again she looked nervously at her mom who just watched what was going on-stone faced.

"Go on dear," Joan said in a low voice, "if that's what you want."

Sarah looked at Rich, then at Joe. She pushed herself back on the bed until her feet were on the edge, then leaned back on her hands and spread her legs.

Joe had moved around behind Rich, filming the bed. Even though he was still a good six feet from the girl, he towered over her. He pulled his shirt up and off, showing his broad shoulders and large muscles. Joan was shocked by the size of the ridge in his sweat pants, reaching down almost half way to his left knee.

"Damn, you're one sexy girl," Rich said, his voice was a bit rough. He walked forward and Joe hurried around to the side of the bed, capturing how he hulked over the girl.

"Is it OK if I lick that pussy?" Rich asked.

Sarah gave a nervous laugh. "I guess..."

Rich bent over, then knelt on the floor. He slid forward up between Sarah's legs which she spread more, lifting her knees. His head was huge between her thighs and she looked nervously at her mom, then the camera as he started licking her cunt. He pulled her down some, moving his face up and down and running his tongue along her hairless crack.

He looked up at the camera. "Ohhh," he laughed, "best tasting pussy I ever had." He went back down on Sarah.

As he started moving his tongue up and down along her slit, Sarah looked up nervously at her mother and Joe, then back down at Rich. She hadn't expected that they'd start right away and, frankly, she was a little scared by his size. So far, she'd never had sex with a big man-Charlie was small (although a nine year old didn't really understand this) and Joe was pretty average. The Congressman she'd fucked at the party also wasn't too tall, although he was kind of fat.

Still, the feeling of Rich's tongue in her sex, him running it in circles around her clit, was beginning to tell. She pulled her knees up, lifting her feet off the bed, and then sank down on her elbows, looking down at him.

His eyes smiled up at her as he licked her pussy. The let up. "That feel good girl?" he asked.

"Yeah..." Sarah said, still not too enthusiastically.

He went back down on her, this time running his hands under her ass.

Again, the contrast in their sizes was astonishing-sort of the same as when Charlie made films with toddlers. He would cup her entire ass in his hands and when she lay her feet down, the heels rested on his shoulder blades.

Sarah was now holding his head, her hands over his ears, and was directing his movements as she rocked her hips. She was anxious and wanted to hurry it up, get herself off quickly so she could relax.

Rich's mouth was huge to her, his tongue broad. It felt different rubbing her clit and her lips, not just pushing between them. She was feeling the tingling in her pussy and her nipples, the tightness spreading across her belly and down her thighs. She lay her head back and just experienced the feelings and that did the trick.

Sarah caught her breath and shuddered, a wave moving up her stomach and chest. At the same time a coolness came across her as she broke out in a sweat. She shivered a couple of times, her head up, eyes closed, as she pushed Rich's face against her cunt, then she relaxed-the orgasm over.

Rich looked up form the girl's crotch. "You get off on that girl?" he said.

Sarah nodded with a small smile, then looked up at her mother.

She looked back as Rich stood up. Now his enormous cock was clearly outlined in the fabric of his sweat pants. He undid the draw string and pushed them over his hips and ass, they fell around his ankles.

Sarah face was incredulous. She looked up at her mom. "Mommy, that's way too big for me," she said.

Joan, also, was completely astonished. Of course, she'd heard the jokes about black men, and she'd even seen some pictures, but she'd always suspected that it was exaggeration and photoshop. But here was fourteen inches of proof staring her daughter in the face.

"I don't know what you plan to do with THAT," Joan said, looking at Rich.

"I'm sure she'll think of something," Rich laughed. Then he reached out and took Sarah's hand. "Come on doll, it don't bite," he said as he lifted her hand.

Sarah wrapped her hands around the lodge pole and started stroking it behind the head. She looked up at Rich with an expression of fear.

"Don't worry doll," he said, "I know it won't go in your pussy, but you can still suck it."

She looked straight at the cycloptian cock, then cautiously opened her mouth and leaned forward. Unlike the other men she'd blown, Sarah could barely fit Rich's head in her mouth. It strained her jaw to open wide enough and it didn't fit nicely into the back of her throat like Charlie's cock. She closed her lips around it and started to suck.

At first, the dick hadn't been fully hard. The shaft was a bit soft in her hands as she moved the skin back and forth against the spongy tissue underneath. She was also lifting its considerable weight, a surprise to her. But Rich's hard on quickly became full and she could feel small ridges under the skin of his shaft. His cockhead even grew a little in her mouth.

"Oooo, that's fucking great," Rich moaned as he ran his hand through Sarah's hair. "You really know how to suck a dick."

Sarah moved one of her hands down and cupped Rich's scrotum, gently rubbing.

"Oh yeah," he said, "rub my balls."

She moved both hands down, feeling and squeezing the wrinkled sack and the hard testes within. Rich reached down and started stroking himself. With each stroke he shoved his cock into Sarah's mouth and she was forced to pull her head back each time to keep him from jamming his cockhead painfully into her face.

She brought her hands back up, wrapping them around the shaft and tried to control his movements but he brought his hands up and wrapped them over the sides of her head, holding her. Sarah tried to hold him but he kept pushing too hard and she had to pull back to get a breath and clear her throat. She looked up at him as she coughed slightly, but then, looking up at Joe from the corner of her eye, she went back.

Now, instead of holding her head, rich grabbed two fist fulls of Sarah's hair and, again holding her, pushed his cock into her mouth. Sarah had to fight to keep from being hurt.

Joan looked up at Joe with alarm and he also saw the girl's discomfort.

"Ease up a little there," he said.

Rich realized he was being too rough and he dropped her hair, instead putting his hands on the top of her head.

"Hey honey," he said. "I want to rub my dick on your pussy."

Sarah pulled back and looked up at him. With a forced smile she nodded-her jaw hurt.

"Scoot back," he said.

Sarah crab walked back on the bed and Rich followed her, on his knees. His donkey dick swung back and forth.

Sarah lay down, her knees in the air, as he moved between them. Then he slid his hands under her ass and pulled her up onto his thighs, his cock pushed against her pussy.

Joe moved in, getting the enormous contrast of the black man's shaft against the white torso of the nine year old. Rich rubbed his dick along up and down her belly. With her thighs in the air, her shoulders below her hips, Sarah was completely opened up. As he moved his cock back and forth he pressed the shaft against her slit, rubbing her clit.

This actually began to feel good to Sarah and she put her hands on the top of his cock and pressed it down while she flared her hips up, lifting her legs farther.

"You getting off on that girl?" he said as he shoved against her.

Sarah smiled and nodded slightly.

"That is so-fucking-sexy," he grunted with each stroke.

Sarah brought one of her hands up, wrapping it around the top of his head as she pushed it down, almost into her navel.

"Oooo fuck but you're one sexy little girl," Rich said, obviously building. "I'm going to cum in your mouth, OK?"

Again Sarah nodded, again with a smile.

"Oh man, I'm getting close," he moaned. Then he made ten of fifteen fast, violent pushes as he jerked off against the child.

"Fuck girl, I'm gonna cum..." He pushed her down his thighs, "sit up sit up sit up..."

Sarah pushed herself up on her arms as Rich rose up on his knees. His cock batted against her cheek. Sarah reached up with one hand and grabbed it, then fitted it in her mouth.

Rich's hips were shivering as he jerked his cock in her mouth. "Oh God, here it comes....ahhhhhh...."

The first load of cum completely overfilled the nine year olds mouth and twin streams of semen squeezed out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin, only to be followed by a larger wave of cum that escaped from her lower lip and dripped off her chin onto her chest.

Sarah tried to swallow the torrent of goo but couldn't as more rushed in. Rich was holding her head with one hand as he pulled on his dick with the other. Each stroke emptied more sperm into the child's mouth and, in spite of her repeatedly swallowing, more kept running down her chin, chest and stomach.

It was too much and she started to pull away but he held her as he finished. Finally, back arched, head up, he was emptied. He sank back onto his heals, then moved his hand down and grasped Sarah's chin.

Turning her head from side to side, he inspected the cum covered fourth grader. Her cheeks and chin were wet and there were three of four streams of white down her chest and stomach. Cum was pooling in her crotch where she had her thighs pressed together.

"Fuck little girl, you can suck some fucking dick," he said.

Sarah pushed another wave of goo out of her mouth and it ran down her chin. She looked up and smiled noncommittally.

"She sucks some great dick," he said to Joe.

"Fucking awesome film," Joe replied as Joan started wiping semen off her daughter.

Later they were quiet in the car. It had stopped raining but was still cloudy. Traffic was light for a Saturday.

"Are you alright honey?" Joan asked.

"Yeah..." Sarah responded, looking forward out the windshield.

"That wasn't fun, like the other films, was it?"

Sarah was silent for a minute.

"I don't know,..." she said. "Rich was OK I guess...just...he wasn't nice like Charlie..."

"Wasn't really interested in you," Joan responded.

"Maybe...I guess..."

Joan glanced down at her daughter, then back up at the road. "Honey, sometimes men make love, sometimes they fuck. That was fucking."

Sarah looked up sharply, surprised that her mother would swear. Then she was surprised because she knew exactly what her mother meant.

* * * *

"How'd it go?" Sally asked later while Joan was making dinner. Joan looked out into the living room to be sure Sarah was still in her room playing video games.

"Not really well," she said.

"Oh dear," Sally responded.

"Nothing really bad...just Sarah didn't really like it...he just used her...used her as a place to leave his sperm."

"I'm sorry," Sally said.

"I don't know," Joan went on, "at first, this was fun for her, made her feel like a grown up, but now, well, it's really not healthy..."

"Stop it then."

"Yeah," Joan went on, putting down a chopping knife, "but she really loves Charlie, and looks up to Joe...she won't understand..."