The Stories of Leslie Schmidt


Cute Pussy

By Leslie Schmidt

"Cute pussy, huh?"

My heart jumped into my throat. I was incredibly embarrassed that he caught me looking at his little daughter.

"It's alright. I look at her pussy all the time."

I was totally speechless. Here I was, sharing a beer with a new friend and discussing his four year olds' pussy. We were quiet for a few moments. The child, wearing just a longish tee shirt kept playing on the floor. She was facing away from us, on her belly. The shirt had ridden up, uncovering her ass. Her legs were spread, giving a great view of her puffy little lips.

"She sucks a mean cock too."

"Ahh, yeah. Uhh, she's a cute kid," I said.

"Jessi, honey," Bill said, "Come show Mr. James your pussy."

The little girl looked over her shoulder at her daddy, "Oh Kay."

She stood up and padded over to me, standing about four feet from me. She had a serious look on her cute face, her blonde curls framing her cherub face. She bunched the hem of the tee shirt in little fists, then raised her shirt up to her chest. She was naked from the ribs down. She had straight lines, no hips. Her tummy stuck out some, topped by her oval navel. Down lower the soft rise of her vulva was bisected by her slit. Chubby pink thighs below that.

"Go on and get naked, dear," Bill said. Jessi lifted her shirt over her head, then pulled it free, shaking out her hair. She dropped the shirt.

"Give us a diddy show honey."

Jessi looked at her father, then sat down on the carpet, her knees up and wide apart. She leaned back on one of her hands and put her other hand over her pussy.

"Do you want to see my clit?" she asked me.

Again, words wouldn't come.

"Don't worry Scott, I saw you watching her in the pool." He paused. "She just wants to show you herself."

"Uhh, sure honey," I managed to strangle out.

She leaned forward, still her knees up. She reached around her thighs and with the tiny fingers of both hands, pulled her lips apart. Her inner lips, a sharp V with the pointed hood of her clit came into view.

"See? Daddy loves my clit."

Then she ran a finger along her slit, turning it and pushing it up inside herself. "Daddy says I?m still too small for him."

I was absolutely blown away as I watched the preschooler push her pointer finger deep in her vagina. She pulled it out, then started rubbing herself, again leaning back against her free hand and letting her legs flop further apart.

"God, I love to watch her do that," Bill said.

The child was beginning to get into her masturbation. Her eyes drooped as she started to breath harder, a far away look on her face. Her supporting arm gave way and she fell back on the carpet, still fingering herself. With her hands free, she started using them both. She bent her knees then spread her little pussy lips with the fingers of one hand while she diddled her clit with the other. She was looking up at the ceiling, breathing harder. She pushed her finger back inside her, then started running it in and out. Suddenly, she arched her back and moaned as she jammed her finger deep inside her baby pussy, then sank back, breathing hard.

"Did you cum honey?" her father asked.

"Uh huh."

"Come here and suck your Daddy's dick, honey."

I hadn't noticed that Bill had opened his fly, his schlong sticking up. The little girl pulled herself up then walked over and grasped her father's tool with both hands. She looked into her daddy's face, then bent down and took him into her mouth.

"Oh, God," he said. "This is the best part."

Bill brushed back the child's hair, giving me a better view of her sucking him in and out. She really couldn't take more than his head in her mouth. She looked up at him as she sucked. Then, still watching her father's face, she licked the full 7 inches of his manhood, then took one of his balls in her mouth as she continued running both her hands up and down the shaft.

"Oh, honey," Bill was obviously getting ready to blow, "you'd better get ready."

The child rose up, still stroking her sire's cock as she held her mouth open over him. Bill started uncontrollable little thrusts up to meet his little girl's strokes as he pushed back against the chair, straightening his legs.

"Here it comes," he grunted as he humped harder.

The child opened her mouth wider as the first shot of her father's seed shot through the opening and onto her tongue and into the back of her throat. She leaned down as he fired again, this time her mouth was on his head and I could see droplets of semen squeezing out around the corners of her mouth. Bill humped three or four more times, each time pumping more slime into the preschooler's mouth before he sank back, breathing hard.

"Here honey," he said. "Show me my cum."

The child lifted up and opened her mouth wide for her father, a dollop of jez running down her chin.

"Show Mr. James."

She turned to me, showing me her cum filled mouth, smears of creme on her cheeks and a long string now stretching off her chin.

"You can swallow now," he said.

She closed her mouth and looked at her father, then swallowed hard. Again she opened her mouth for her father's inspection.

"Show Scott," he said, nodding toward me.

She showed me, her face was still slimy but not a bit of her father?s goo was still in her mouth. She wiped her face in the crook of her elbow.

"She wants you to rub her pussy with your dick now," Bill said. "Would you like that, honey?" The child nodded, then went to an overstuffed chair and climbed up in it, her ass on the edge, her spread legs dangling off.

"Go ahead," Bill nodded toward her.

"Ahh, Ok."

"Just don't try to fuck her, she'd be hurt."

"Sure," I said as I stood up and walked over to stand above the child. She was spread out below me, smiling up at me.

I unbuckled my belt, then pulled my shirt off over my head. Next I jerked my jeans down, stepping out of them. My cock was rock hard, sticking straight out. The overhead light made it cast a shadow over the girl.

I kneeled down and was amazed at the softness and smoothness of her little girl pussy lips against the head of my cock. I started humping, her thick lips spread for me as I ran along her tiny clit.

The sight was just too much, the naked child spread before me, her tiny pussy opened for me to rub the glans of my cock against. I built amazingly fast and, after less than a minute, was ready to blow. The child humped up to meet me and that pushed me over. I shot a long rope of cum across the four year olds' belly and chest. I pulled back and the tip of my cock pushed against her inner lips as I fired again, this time filling her tiny love canal with my sperm. I grabbed my cock and stroked it furiously, holding the tip against her inner lips as I pumped more semen into her, over filling her and filling the creases and crevices of her little girl parts.

I sank back on my heals, staring at her overfilled pussy, dripping with my slime. A thick drop worked its way down the inside of her thigh to the crack of her ass.

"Pretty awesome little pussy, huh?" Bill said.

"Yeah," was my breathless reply.