The Stories of Leslie Schmidt


Bath Time Part 1

by Leslie Schmidt

It started out as a pretty typical "baby's bath" video. The water was filling the tub, making it hard to hear what was being said. A man, probably in his early thirties, dressed in jeans and a "T" checked the temperature of the water, saying something to his wife who was apparently holding the camera. A tot comes into view.
"Get ready for you bath, honey," a woman's voice, now loud, says.
The little girl, somewhere around three, looks at her daddy. "Come on honey, let me help you."
He lifts the little girls green shift up and over her head, she raises her arms as it goes over her head, pulling her long dark hair up. Her head comes free, then her hair falls down her back.
"Oh, I see those little ribs!" the man says as he pokes her sides.
The girl screams in laughter and pushes his hands away. "Stop that!" she giggles.
With more laughter, he pokes at her belly.
"Stop that! You big bully!" the child yells again between peals of laughter. She slaps at his hand.
The man continues laughing quietly, "OK doll, let's get you clean." He quickly pulls the little girl's white panties down, now her round butt balances her less round belly as we see her from the side. He picks her up and she kicks her panties free from her feet, then he places the child, standing, in the tub.
Now we really can see her properly. She still carries some of her baby fat, there are small creases under her arm pits and fake fullness under her almost invisible nipples. Her belly is still rounded and her navel hasn't decided whether it's an inny or an outy yet. Her pussy lips are puffy and soft looking, her soft thighs have just lost the wrinkles halfway between her crotch and knees.
"Is the water alright?" her Daddy asks.
"Sit down, honey," the mother says from off camera.
The little girl sits down as her father picks up a cup which was on the edge of the tub. "Are you ready, hun?"
He dips the cup in the water, then pours it several times over the girl's head. She doesn't seem to really notice, looking down into the water. Next the man squirts a crown of shampoo onto the child's head and starts to suds it up.
"Be careful John, don't get any in her eyes," the mother says from off camera.
"Don't worry dear," he says.
As he works the soap through the girl's hair, she picks up the cup which was floating in the water. You can see a mischievous look come across her face. Suddenly, she lifts a full glass of water out of the tub and dumps it over her father's head.
Everyone erupts in laughter as the water streams over the man's head, soaking his shirt and thighs.
"OH-H-h-h-h!" John laughs. The camera shakes with his wife's laughter and the child giggles. Then she uses the cup, still in her hand, to spray water across the room. Droplets hit the lens-more laughter.
"Oh yeah," says John, "I'll get you back for that!"
He splashes his daughter with his hand, sending a spray of water across the tub and against the wall. Not to be undone, the girl splashes back, this time soaking her father's entire front. The room is a riot of laughter, the camera shaking.
"God, I'm soaked."
"Get in here," says the little girl.
John looks back at his wife, a questioning look on his face.
"You might as well, you look like you've been in a shower anyway."
John stands up and pulls his shirt off. He is a well built man, not exceptionally muscular, but he has no real fat and his muscles are well defined. Obviously, from the whiteness of his skin, he works inside. After he has his shirt off, he looks at his wife and grins, sort of a leer, then unbuckles his belt and undoes his pants. He is wearing cream colored boxers which come down with his pants. As he quickly steps into the tub and sits down, we get a brief view of a larger than normal dick, but not exceptional, and a very firm and small ass.
In the tub, his knees stick up, his three-year-old daughter is sitting between his feet.
He takes a wash cloth and gently wipes some shampoo suds which are threatening the little girl's eyes, then goes back to massageing her hair. The camera moves forward, now we can see down into the tub. The water covers the little girl to just above her waist but doesn't reach nearly as high on the man. A thin channel of water extends over his thighs just where they meet his trunk, his dick floats out, bobbing with the little waves. Some soap suds mix with the reddish-brown curls.
"Ok, hon, let's rinse." He leans forward as he gently lays his little girl back to rinse the shampoo out of her dark hair. As she leans back, she slides down and lifts her legs free of her daddy's thighs. As he holds her head, keeping her face out of the water but sloshing it around her hair, her pussy lips, now completely visible and pulled apart, push against her father's dick. He looks down at the site of his cock against his little girl's cunt, we can't see his face, but, we can understand what he's thinking because he doesn't push her away and his dick starts to swell.
He carefully pushes some soap off her forehead, then pulls her back up, sitting. Because her legs were over his thighs, this squeezes his growing cock between her tiny cunt and his belly. For a moment he holds her, hugging her against him and savoring the feeling of her soft skin against him, then he gently lifts her off his lap and sets her on her bottom in the tub. His cock has swelled to at least 8 inches, it is semi-hard, floating in the water between the three-year-old and her father. The girl doesn't seem to notice it, but the man and his wife are quiet, except that we can see that his breathing is a little deeper than it should be.
He picks up the soap and starts rubbing it on his daughter's chest, then her arms, then he washes her hands. The child, again with a mischievous look, picks the bar of soap up from out of the water and starts to rub it on her father's chest.
The little girl moves her hands down and rubs the soap into her father's belly, her arms accidentally hits the head of his dick a couple of times. This just brings him to full mast. His cock has swelled to at least 10 inches and almost two inches in girth. The little girl doesn't really seem to notice.
"Well, looks like you kind of like being washed by your daughter," we hear from off camera. "Here Jessie, wash you fathers pe-pe." The camera shakes as the photographer shifts hands, then we see a woman's hand reach out and move the little girl's from the man's stomach to his dick.
"Wash it like this."
She directs her baby's hands to move up and down the enormous cock, now she does look at her father's manhood with a sort of wondering expression.
John looks at the camera. "If you keep this up, I'm going to blow all over her." His voice is raspy, his skin is getting flush.
"Do you want to have some of Daddy's milk?" the mother says as she continues to follow her daughter's hand job with the camera. "Daddy's have milk just like mommies, but it comes out of their pe-pes instead of their breasts." There is a pause and John leans back. "You used to love drinking Mommy's milk when you were a baby, do you want to drink Daddy's? I drink it all the time, you can drink it too."
The three-year-old stops stroking her father for a moment and looks at her mother. "Ok." "Here you go, darling," her mother says. "You have to suck his pe-pe to get the milk out." The mother's hand appears again and, cupping the back of the child's head, directs her mouth down to her father's cock.
There is no way the enormous cock head is going to fit in the toddler's mouth, all she can do in encircle the end with her lips, we can see her cheeks and mouth working as she sucks. "Move it in and out, hun," the mother says.
The child starts to bob as best she can on her fathers enraged cock, sliding her mouth over the head, then pulling back. We can occasionally see that she has her tongue slightly forward, moving along the bottom between his dick and her lower lip. "You have to keep rubbing it with your hands too," the mother adds.
The child picks up her pace, moving her hands up and down the shaft as she sucks. John leans back further and sighs loudly. The camera pulls back some and pans over the scene. John's head is leaned back, his eyes are closed, his hands clutching the edges of the tub. Next, the mom reaches in with her free hand and starts to help her daughter stroke along the massive cock.
"Oh, God," John says, breathlessly as he starts to hump slightly into his three-year-old's face.
"Oh,....God, honey, ....I'm about to...."
The mother quickens her strokes and the little girl picks up too. She moves her hand to the back of the child's head, now gently moving her to match her father's humps. The little girl, her mouth as wide open as it will go, is watching her father's face with an alarmed look, not knowing whether she is hurting him.
As the pace quickens, she looks down, sucking hard, moving her father in and out of her mouth as best she can.
The tot jumps back as her mouth is filled with an eruption of her father's semen. His second shot sprays in her face. "Keep sucking, honey," her mother says as she pushes her daughter back down. As the child opens her mouth again, another huge wad of jez flies into her. She covers the dick head, working her mouth furiously to suck and swallow more sperm. The man grunts incoherently as he pumps his balls into his daughter's mouth.
When he has stopped cumming, her mother lifts the child's face to the camera. "You did wonderfully. Did you like your daddy's milk?" The child's face is covered with smears of white goo. A long drip is stretching down from her chin to join more balls of semen floating in the tub around her pussy and his balls.
"Yeah?" the child says, not enthusiastically.
"Oh, honey, that was wonderful," her father says. He picks up a wash cloth and wipes his semen from his daughters face. "You can drink my milk anytime.
"Wait, you have to save some for me!" his wife says.
"I'll always have some for you," he says to the camera.
He reaches down and pulls the little girl up across his chest and belly, now his quieting cock is along her belly and pussy. He runs his hands up and down her, over her back, butt and thighs. He probes his fingers down between her legs, obviously rubbing the little one's pussy. Now her mother's hand starts petting the child also.
As he feels her tiny baby cunt lips, he asks, "Do you think a three-year-old can get off?"
"I don't see why not," her mother replies. "I started playing with myself when I was four or five."

Part 2